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How to look after a earth unicorn?

First, give it some fresh and clean carrots. Make sure to not give it some lettuce because they are allergic to them.

Then, give it some milk or water so its easier to swallow and digest. The milk really helps them with their energy.

After, they will need a 2 hour walk but slow because their horn is too sensitive for the

The Water Pegasus

The water Pegasus, which has a long, blue and shiny horn that is as sharp as a butter knife, has white fur that is as soft as cotton wool. Many Pegasus wander up and down on deserted beaches and are very hard to find. Additionally, they drink salt water from the sea. Unusually, Pegasus are not found in parks, houses or other convenient places. They will be aggressive if you scare their children. The water Pegasus, which is a rare and mythic type of flying horse, perhaps unicornologist find more information every week during the decade. They have gills like fish so they can breath underwater and as they swim, their horn starts to shine like a shooting star. They are called Dolphins in the sky generally because they have a dark green and shiny blue skin tone. They have a blue, glimmering horn and are also gemstone collectors.

Sky unicorns


the sky unicorn has a long purple mane  and daring , cute eyes . Their skin is all black with white spots all over like a cow , and they have silver hooves with hearts on it  if you are a male you have a circle on your left hoove if you are a female you have a circle on your right hoove.


Habitats for  sky unicorns a mostly white fluffy clouds (ones that don’t have ice in it) some live on ground deep in the magical forest with flowers and a shiny sun . In the clouds there are cloud city’s: cloudtopia , cloudrainbow and capital cloud . Cloudtopia is a city for sky unicorns who are homeless there are beautiful sightings and cloud buildings but the smell there is nasty.  Cloud rainbow is a place where it rains warm water and the sun shines as bright as yellow diamonds  it’s a place for unicorns with middle class. Capital cloud is the capital city of all cloud city’s , all the Important sky unicorns live there  and it is  really fun  . It’s full of warm , clean water , rainbows and houses made out of purple clouds.



Sky unicorns eat lots off things. Poor sky unicorns  only eat cotton candy clouds (which is sky unicorn broccoli) so they stay fit . Middle class eat magical grass , bird meat and  cloud sushi. High class eat human 5hings and middle class things and sometimes if they are on a diet they eat broccoli clouds . Poor unicorns eat unclean water . And middle class and high class  drink magical juice and clean water.

The fire pegasus

The fire Pegasus,which is a rare type of species of flying horses,Pegasus’ have a beautiful,lava mane that glistens in the sun.They will only be threatened if they feel their children are in danger.Also the fire unicorn has crimson,misty eyes.They live in the depths of the sun,it likes to eat lava lobsters and fire ********** hollow horn holds hand fulls of magic spells like abracadabra,cazam and torterous it helps defend themselves from fire foxes,fire falcons and lava lions.The fire Pegasus keeps things like lava samples,fire and mini volcanoes.The fire unicorn likes to drink molten hot lava and scalding hot coffee.It’s got a few friends the angry unicorn,the warm unicorn and the devil unicorn.It’s favourite activity is lurfing and Lennis.

Heartbeat in the library

What is DANGEROUS? The flaming fire blooming, humungous waves splashing and the summit of Mount Everest.

What is small?

A baby’s first tooth, a black ant.

What is bright?

The shining sun, a light bulb.

What is slow?

A turtle, a koala bear.

What is quiet?

A sound of your heart beating, a library.

What is fast?

A hare, a cheetah.

What is cold?

Winter, the wind.



What is?

What is cold ? January, a fresh drink or the real truth.

what is hot? Hot cocoa, an oven and the sun

what is shiny? An emerald, a new car or metal.

What is dull? An ancient book, a plain paper and sad eyes.

Joseph Cash Cherish

What is cold? January, a fresh drink or the real truth.

What is hot? Hot cocoa, an oven and the sun.

What is shiny? an emerald, a new car or metal.

What is dull? An ancient book, plain paper and sad eyes.