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The bunnymander

Chapter 4 

Panic attacks me, I am prepared to flee. Then, I realize the gloomy coloured scales of the egg flutter for a minute… The hatching is close. We meet the furry creature. “Don’t worry, We wont harm you, you are safe here” Ralph says shockingly. The bunnymander reverses in hesitation. The mander dips its head back, its silky fur covering the egg nest. It takes time to slowly creep and tilts its face towards us, begging to calm down. We quietly sutter pass the bunnymander as a faint line of gleam reveals itself. I can see the bunnymanders sharp, needle teeth on its mouth. The bunnymander hops furiously as it wraps our arms. It hops back down calmly and lets us of.


Outside, the storm snarls. Inside, I can hear the bunnymander hopping by its nest. And the sound of it going down to keep its rare egg comfy and safe.


We walk back outside and the sky is clearing. People are waking up ready to start their day. Mr Smith is setting out a few tables as it seems to be a good day.Dylan’s fish and chip shop is opening. He’s inside making chips for free. Mr Smith goes to go to his restaurant. He prepares piles of plates for the customers to use.


I twitch with the keys and bang the door open. Inside, chill and peace. Later it will be crowded full of people. As I open the counter to the secret, my head is about to explode with so many thoughts. Will the bunnymander’s egg hatch? Can we keep the small bunnymander away from spying eyes? Are the eggs mythical? 


Everyday, Ralph has been stuck in the library for days, he has been reading myths and legends by the people who used to live in this town a long time ago. He discovered that the egg hatches every minute to

Chapter 4


Chapter 4


Fear runs down me,my claustrophobia keeps on getting worse and worse.Then I see a crack forming on the egg.

“The egg is going to hatch.”We wave at the 4 eyed mander. 

“It’s okay, we’re not going to harm you.”I say 

The beeamander retracts in fear,Its silky fur covers the egg.It takes a lot of calm talking for it to stay settled and let us pass.We slowly flow past and wave goodbye.I can see the 4 eyes and its jagged claws hiding in its fur.We close the cage and all we hear is a quick BZzZzZzZzZ.


Outside,I can hear the lullabies that the birds sing and see the smoke blowing on the chimneys.Inside I can smell the scent of the delicious brownies.Addie-paddie-Grater is putting some new tables outside since it is not raining for once.Olives octopus land is opening up again.He is feeding one of them.We stroll down the beach and we see that Miss Rita brook opens up her shutters that have been shut for ages.She puts the coffee machine machine on and waits for a ding.


I clumsily pushed the door open.Inside,It was all nice and cozy and quiet.As I opened the door no one was there.I turned my back ,you wouldn’t believe how many people were there,It was like they saw a ghost.Then I think to my self,will i ever see it again?Is it in good condition?


The following day,Belle cant stop bugging me to go digging,so i say fine.We go outside and we dig.The we find a bottle and instead the note that we found in the bottle said Dear diary,

Today I saw the coolest egg ever.It was like a bee egg.Most people call it the beeamander egg.The begins to tell us lots of magical things about the beeamander egg.Now our adventure truly begins…


Chapter 4


A shiver of fear goes down my spine.I’m ready to get out ths damp place,It was then that I noticed that I saw the brown fury egg had a crack going down it.It will hatch very soon.If not any second now.We stand still trying not to show fear.I can tell that Esmay is trembling with fear on the inside but has a straight face on the outside.Outside the cave I can hear rain falling and thunder rumbling’’We won’t try to hurt you were just looking for a amazing creature like you,’’Esmay says without hesitation.The mander tilts its head to on side making it seem though it understood.It has started to relax.We scurry towards the exit which was still closed. Just as we got there the dogamander pushes the big stone little by little.The rain is now seen.The manders ruby red eyes remind me of an erupting volcano on a hot summer day.Its fur sways in the wind and its tail wags in happiness.


Outside,the rain still falls and the sand is wet and soggy.Inside,the noise of the dogamanders egg cracking fills the cave.The dogamander lays on is egg making it warm and hatch faster.

Oaklyn-amelia-lomax is putting out in her grand haldon cafe.It seems to of stopped raining and has gone warm.Eventually,she sees us and waves at us with a happy smile.Coreys sweet shop sign says ‘Open’ and children are ruching in ready to spend their money. Corey  is sitting at the till while people pay him money. Mrs Lyana is opening the shutters of her corner shop.Inside the shop she’s stocking some shelves.


I open the museum’s door trembling with fear.Inside,its warm the sun shines through the windows making it light up.When I flip the sign to ‘Open’ many questions go across my head.Will it be safe along the caves? Can it hatch without any problems?Can we do something to help it? 


All week Esmay has been researching and reading books just to find out everything she needs to know about the dogamander.Shes now saying she knows everything about it.She told me yesterday about a story called The fisherman that met the dogamander.I don’t hear about it often but what I should tell you is that  the fisherman did find a brown furry piece of something strange.The next day he was never saw.      



Malamander-Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Panic stabs me,we have to leave.At the corner of my eye,I stare at the egg’s knife-sharp horns glow brighter and it starts to jiggle.The scaly-eight-armed monster growns grabbing attention.”You’re safe with us,”Zoey breathed.It puts us gently back on the hard,bumpy platform.The creature looks at me with blood-shot eyes like  he’s looking at my soul but then it settles,calmly.It lifts its sharp,long-lasting tails so we skip past it,letting us free.


Zoey and I dash behind the barbed wire,through the hole we made earlier.I look back,staring at the Octopusmander.Inside,it’s filling the soggy hole with the golden,sun-baked sand.Outside,the wind swirls leading the leafs to the sky.For the first time,we are the first ones escaping the Octopus Mander alive.


Ida’s Ice cream was decorated with a lot more stuff and there were more flavors for a change.


Bree’s Bakery was having a visitor.A famous french artist.


The Business House was closed so everyone could have a holiday with extra payment for a  treat.


 I skipped to the Nautilus Hotel.I can just imagine the toddlers screaming with excitement or crying for their moms.As I got to my dorm which was also the babysitter area,I gaze at the window where the beach appears at sight.Suddenly,the babies screams were heard but quite not went in my head.I froze.The thought of the Octopusmander’s egg was deep.Did it hatch?Could it be evil and eerie as its egg looked?


Zoey was hypnotized in books of different creatures linct to the Octopusmander and going on trips to any libraries nearby.Her favorite discovery was called “The moonstone”.Could it be another “mander’s” birth?That evening we discussed it.


There’s one thing I’ve learned.The end is just the beginning… 


Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Terror runs down me, I’m ready to leave  But then I see it. I see the golden details on the egg glisten and glow… The egg was going to hatch anytime soon. We greet the dresen green diamond eyed creature. “Don’t worry, we’re not here to hurt you, don’t panic.” Bella says, looking fearless. The mander looks back at her with a calmer face. The creature lays its head back, Its orange, shiny fur covering the egg nest. It takes a moment as it slowly walks towards us and tilts its head in confusion. We silently power walk past the Mander as a faint line of light reveals itself. We ran to the light and left with a sigh of relief.


Outside, I take  a long sigh as my hand began to stop shaking. Inside, we hear the Foxamander purring as it shuffles towards the egg calmly.


Amanda is putting out a few chairs as it looks like she’s excited for her new Iced Coco Latte to be on the menu.She waves at us with a friendly smile. Isla’s Ice Cream shop is opening soon. She’s inside trying to figure out how to get the ice cream to come out of the free samlp machine. Mrs Adams pulls down the awning to her kebab shop. She sets out to the butcher shop for more meat.


Bella messes with the keys, I handed her, as I try to bust open the secure door. Inside, it is warm and silent. Soon the museum will be full of customers. As I open the office door, my mind leaves my body. Will the Foxamanders egg hatch carefully? Will the mother Foxamander be able to handle all of these nosy people. Is the egg special?


For the whole day, Bella had her face stuck in books. She had just started a new book about ancient rumours about the Foxamander. There’s 45 chapters, and she just reached the 23rd chapter. That shows how much she’s been reading the book. The book has also got a section all about the Foxamanders egg. She found out the egg glows when it’s happy and it can heal wounds.


The adventure awaits…

Chapter 4: We’ve just started….

Chapter 4


My anxiety shuts down like a robot, I am finally prepared to go. At that instant, deep reddish brown eyes glare at me as we attend it. It was about to hatch, so I quickly say “We know your egg is hatching, and now since we are here we want to help you.” The mander tilts its head and smiles as it unleashes its egg. Suddenly, the beds become light so I push them down and golf out my hands for the Igugna to come to me. It grips onto my hand with its egg and quickly runs out of the nursery before anything else happens, it scales blind me as it wags its tail. In an instant, it relaxes and sleeps on my warm hands.


Inside, we walk to the door briefly without a noise. Outside, the blustery wind lumbers to one side as I was about to drop the cutest madder ever. We walk down to the cafe without switching on the light, Bobia stacks the chairs into one pile as she looks out to the horizon. An old lady passes by, Bobia gets nervous but she smirks at her.7 Eleven finally reopens to a bright day, shuan finally fixes the slushie machine. Mr Winky’s desert restaurant is back in business, he mops and cleans all the floors with a french style.


I struggle with the door but I finally open it. As we walk inside, it felt haunted and cold. But as I switch the light on , a bunch of customers line up holding a sign which attend to say


I dread hoping for this to stop, however, Bobia doesn’t care. She places the iguana gently and says “Here comes the money, set out the tables, take out the chairs , WE’RE GONNA MAKE MONNNEY!” she says as she jazzes her way to the counter. After all that stress, we finally have time to focus on the Iguanamander and egg. Bobia scrub the egg while I feed and wash the mander but we’ve just started….

Secrets of the Mallamader legends



Fear surrounds me, I’m beginning to get ready to go. Then I catch a glimpse of a shiny glittery egg shiver for a second…Then  time is coming it’s beginning to hatch. We observe the glittery gemstone eyed creature but It seems to stay silent .”Don’t  fear us! We don’t bite.’’ I say stroking its satisfying skin. The mader rejects the stroke.He’s taking his time, its sparkly skin shivers down its spine and breathes the fresh air through its cracks  to calm itself down. We carefully reach our hand to unlock the cage but a big slimy creature stops us to protect its egg but It gives mercy and and ches on grass .Outside,I can admire the maders shiny- slimy skin. The cowamanders “MooOoooO” is as wild as the a snake slither down the frozen horizon. As the mader says distracted by its grass and manders away.


Outside, I inhale the fresh air and look at Mia in relief. Inside, the cowamander munches on grass while it covers its valuable egg. Alyza Jenkins is putting out her coffee maker and brewing a hot cup of coffee, as she spots us through the window she gives a pleasant grin and waves hello.As we stroll down the sandy beach Mr Parker is opening the blinds and carefully putting his flowers in place and smiling at us. We begin to walk up to Mr big benjamin, he’s scurrying up the stairs preparing dishes whilst he flicks the “ Closed” sign. As soon as he notices us he gives a calming smile and waves hello.


I run around the corner to the  front door and open it in one swift move. Inside the medical center I see children awake begging for food and chanting “We want food!” As  I scurry to the kitchen, my head starts to hurt. I can’t stop thinking,all that’s on my mind is that mallamader, so it is true.. The mallamander, legends and aren’t fake! Should I warn the city? Or should I go back to try and defeat the mallamander?


 All I hear from Mia nowadays is “ Hey I’m going out, to try catch the mallamader!” She’s brought plenty of books with piles of information. Ancient history says that this “ mallamander” is extinct but that was written in 108AD and many people have claimed that they have been caught by the mallamander and people have been drowned by it.. They say whoever survives from this dangerous creature is either immoral or lucky…

chapter 4

Chapter 4


Fear shoots down my heart,i am ready to go.Thats when i notice the galaxy coloured egg shine bright,the hatching time is near.We stare at the purple eyed creature.”Don’t be scared we are here to help“.Says loy.The fliyermander puts its wings down and stares in hesitation.The mander cudles Loy and it begins to settle happly.The manders back quivers and calms down,and lets us free.we walk past and get out of the cave safely.


Outside,the sun shines bright.Inside, we hear the fliyermander warming up its egg.Noorah is putting surfboard in Mr Lonly’s tuckshop.She waves and has a 

smiley face. Femendous Grand Nautilus ASDA is opening.He is putting all the storage inhis shop .Haroon opens the door and sees the board of the  fish and chip shop called HAROON FISH AND CHIP SHOP.


I fiddle around with the keys.I open the Grand Nautilus aquarium and I see all the fishes read to eat there meal.I give them there meal and think would the fliyermanders egg be safe?Would it hatch safely?Is the egg really special.


All day long,Maxy has his brain on kiddle research.He is always into finding more about the mander and has never stopped.Then he found a story on kiddle and it was about

 3 cave hunters,they were hunting for gold and they had slept  for so long and they had vanished.


That morning,we chitter and chater and we think that this adventure had just started…or has it?

The limamander

A shock of adrenaline Goes into my brain. The egg anonymously glows with horns?There it moth shivers.We gave togo now we go to the creature and jack not moving a muscle says”Don’t worry we aren’t here to do harm”

He raises his arm, the limamader sits  and picks us up .It moves, the rock then sets us free and we walk past. I can see the mander peach colored eyes then it jumps into the deep blue sea never to be seen again…


Outside its warm and we are exhausted like a storm and we go down the limamander gets it egg and goes back to the sea as we walk on the road Violet is preparing and booking her Violet volleyball she gives us a wave and a thumbs up Robert getting the umbrellas out gets flinged across the beach  Lomster Checking in all reservations as rush hour comes here.The town fills up like a cup of water we head to the museum and open it up


I turn on the power and unlock the doors and we turn up the heating the museum will soon open.I feel tired but also energized.I just cant stop thinking will it come back?Will hunters get it?Are the eggs magic?


Dawn to dark jack skewers the internet he comes across a web page  of rumors one says a group of builders came to a stop as they saw a smooth horned egg.They brought it home 5 days later they all went missing never to be seen again…

We talked and discussed .Our journey has just started

Chapter 4

                                                                    Chapter 4


Fear jumps down on me. I am ready to leave. Then,I notice why this egg is hatching for a moment, and Emily ****** to talk to the egg “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you”Emiily says. It   takes its time as it slowly slithera and tilts its head towards us,beginning to calm down.

Outside,the birds were singing. Inside,the Lionmander sits peacefully around his egg.


As we walk back down the seafront people are beginning to start their day. Amina is putting up her shop’s shelter so people can come.Emily’s pizza shop is opening. Mr kiddo’s opened a new sweet candy shop.


I took the keys out of my back pocket and turned the lock. The doors open. Inside,it is very warm and silent. As the door opens in my mind I think, Will Lionmander’s egg hatch? Will the baby be safe? Do we go back to find the egg pieces?


Every day, Emily opens her shop but she couldn’t open it and then she opens her shop and starts to talk to the people and lots of people say that the Lionmander’s egg is very special and when Emily hear it she gasp and say “I want to go back the Hunted house and get the Lionmander’s egg and then I say “No we can’t go back now stop talking do your work” and she gets on her work.