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The Dragon

The drayon

The dragon freezes as it glances 

at its prey


Its  rough tail whips across the sandy desert


Its sharp claws rips open the muddy ground.


Its deadly eyes searching for its next victim


Its strong jaw smiles revealing its yellow teeth


Its wet tongue licking the air


The dragon relaxes under the hot boiling sun.

the rainbow dragon

The dragon freezes as it spots its victim.


It’s crackle  tail whips on the dry  ground


It’s ponte claws puls the hard earth

It’s Blud red eyes glancing for a victim.

It’s strong jaw smiles  revealing  broken teeth

It,s wet tongue  licking the are savouring it,s fed.

The Dragon chills under the hot bright sun

Dragons meal

Dragon poem


The dragon paused as it spots its prey


Its scaly tail riggles across the dry desert


Its sharp claws swish the dry ground


Its dark eyes searching for prey


Its long jaw smiles revealing yellow teeth


Its wet tongue licking the air enjoying its meal


The dragon chills under the hot sun.

Dragon poem

The dragon freeze

While sniffing is prey.


It stares furiously at


Its scales scrape on

The parched floor.


Its jaws open revealing needle

Like teeth.


The claws grip on the floor.


Its wings let of in the

air.ards its enemies



The tail whips across

The ground as it scutlsin to

The undergrowth

Storm dragon

Its dark wings tirelessly

Flap towards the light.


Its black  – eyes as dark as the void

in his soul – blankly stare through

the enemy’s terror filed eyes.


Its spiky tail slashes violently

At its terrified victim. 


Its claws swipe ferociously

trying to kill its prey

in one fell swoop.


its job is done.

Ice dragon

The  dragon whip is tail 

at the enemy.


Is teeth choms on is food.


Is wing stretch

In the wind 


Is scales protect 

It from is prey attacking 


It tong curl around is



My Dragon

It stares menacingly at its unsuspecting prey.

Its whipping tail slaps against the dry earth.

Its strong jaws clamps down on is prey.

Its scraping claws tear at its preys flesh.

Its wet tongue licks the air, enjoying its meal.

The dragon relaxes under the hot burning sun.

dragon poem

The dragons black eye

Dart around and

Stare into its

Enemies soul.


Its cracking skin

Burns in the

Blistering sun.


The dragon’s eye gaze

Menacingly at its

Unsuspected victim.


The dragons wings

Flap and fly as

The dragon is

Scanning the world 

For leftovers.


Its razor sharp

Wings chopping 

Through trees like

Saws threw logs.


Its eyes glare 

Through the soul

Of its next victim.


The dragon zooms through

The tropical land to

Hunt down its prey.


The dragon’s teeth

Thread through the

Victims flesh

Its job here is done.



The dragon waits for its prey


 It leaps on its unsuspecting prey.


The dragon swoops  down

Onto  its enemy

 stunning it into 



The dragon waits for a fish to glide through its mouth 


Its jaws clamp down.


It  stretches its wings as it hovers 

over the water.


Gone ….

fire dragon

The dragon freezers on the spot 

To smell the air

For is pray 


Its scaly  skin slithering

On the baron floor.


Its eyes stare 

At the   enemy’s soul 


Its teeth charters   excitedly

For is next pray