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The Dark Evil Airship

Rosie felt like a rainbow flying high on her multi coloured pet dragon.   While swooping and twirling in the bright blue sky, Rosie and the dragon spotted a dark mysterious object in the distance.


While Rosie wondered what to do the dragon whooshed over to investigate.  There they saw a skeleton head on the front of the scary jet black airship.  Rosie spotted a window with “HELP ME” on a piece of white paper with old ripped edges, this made them very cautious and slightly anxious.


Suddenly the airship lowered down to the ground, they hoped the massive airship hadn’t see them so they could sneak in to see who was inside.

Episode 2 The Stargrazer is Dead.

Episode 2 The Stargrazer is Dead.

The dragon still thrashing about in the remains of the Stargrazer, Captain Yan Herk helped Roy and Katie get out of the burning skyship and onto the tree. The dragon followed in pursuit and let out another fiery breath that seared Katie’s hair. She screeched and almost toppled off the tree.

Captain Yan Herk bellowed “jump!!!!” and Roy heard the others land on the ground but he was too scared to jump because the tree was so tall. Roy took a deep breath and jumped just before the dragon stepped on him.

When Roy landed he thought he had broken his leg and he cried out in pain. The others soon came and carried him to a cave that was under the tree. The dragon didn’t come after them because the dragon couldn’t see them and anyway the trees were very thick and very tall almost blocking out all the light in the forest. Once they were in the cave Captain Yan Herk said: “As soon as the dragon has gone we will go to the nearest village and hopefully get some help”. Roy didn’t like the sound of that hopefully, not one bit…….

When the dragon had finally taken off some hours later, they all went out of their cave, Katie and Herk carrying Roy. Katie looked up and saw their faithful skyship was close to ashes and right on cue Roy said in a jokey manner “The Stargrazer is dead”.

Suddenly Captain Yan Herk shouted out “I think I see a village!” Katie and Roy let out a cry of relief. Soon the three set off, Roy helped by the two others. They were about half way there when Katie let out a sudden squeal and pointed “There there!!!!” her squeal was so loud it almost burst Roy’s eardrums. “What is the matter there’s nothing there” Roy said. But Roy still wondered if there was really something there…….



By Woody

The Skyship Story Starter


An old satin cloak has sat in the attic for 50 years now. Undiscovered in a torn cardboard box. Underneath the cloak there was a small black box…

Stella climbed up the spiral stairs into the attic. She was playing hide and seek with her brother John and was looking for a good place to hide. When she got in the attic then she saw three big boxes good enough to hide in. The best looking one sat in a far corner “That one.” she said to herself and clambered over to it. When she got there then she peered inside, it had an old cloak inside it “Perfect!” she whispered and wrapped it around herself and clambered inside the box.

She noticed that under the cloak there was a small little black box, she opened it and she found a silver necklace with a little funny sand timer on it. She put it on and waited for her brother to come.


The Airship Story Starter 2

An old satin cloak has sat in the airship storage room for 50 years now. Undiscovered in a torn cardboard box. Underneath the cloak there was a small black box…

Stella climbed down the spiral stairs into the airship’s mouldy smelling storage room to see her dog Scruff.

In the storage room she saw three big boxes and her dog’s kennel. A most interesting looking box sat in a far corner. She clambered over to it. She peered inside, and saw an old cloak “Oohh look Scruff!” she said and wrapped the cloak around herself and peered again inside the box. Scruff whimpered.

She noticed that under the cloak there was a small little black box, she opened it and found a silver necklace with a little funny sand timer on it. She put it on and yelled for her brother John to come.

Suddenly Stella found herself falling, she crashed to the ground, her tummy churning, the cloak sliding off. Scruff started barking loudly, as if he was yelling. John burst into the room, ‘The Captain needs everybody on the top deck!” She tucked the necklace under her T-Shirt, grabbed the cloak and sprinted up the stairs with her brother, the airship jolting from side to side.

When they got up then the captain yelled “Hold on!” and they obeyed him straight away, clinging on to the side of the ship.

Terrified she feels the airship crash on the ground, Stella looks up and finds dragons circling in the sky…


Stormy Night

It was a ferociously stormy night.  James and Rebecca were rocking from left to right, up down and all over the joint. James gripped the railings for his life, he had never been this scared before. Suddenly they saw a red blur as it flashed by the ship at lightning speeds. James and Rebecca screamed as it came closer, and closer, and closer! “It’s a Dragon” they shout, as it collides into the ship we nearly fall over.

The impact from the dragon damages the ships engine. We rapidly slow down with land approaching fast, “get ready for impact” the Captain yelled. The dragon approached ……



You’ve seen a skyship or if you’re lucky you might have been on one. It’s a lovely ride isn’t it? Rocking gently in the breeze high above the clouds looking down on everything in sight, the sun out and you just seem to have all the time in the world. It’s lovely right?


But you’ve not witnessed a skyship in the cold, wet and wind have you? When the engines have started to break down and you’re holding on the hand railing for dear life, when the ship has been struck by lightning or a dragon is trying to tear you to shreds or maybe something even worse……



Story Opening

Roy fell flat on his face as the Stargrazer shook violently in the stormy skies, Katie held out a hand and helped haul him back onto his feet. A moment later they both crashed to the floor as the Stargrazer suddenly jolted.


Once they got up Katie thought she saw a strange shape circling the skyship far above. Suddenly the shape swooped down and landed slap bang on the deck. She screamed as the dragon let out a fiery breath which seemed as hot as the sun. The skyship started to burn!


Roy bellowed at the top of his voice to captain Yan Herk “land this crazy craft!!!!” The ship started into a steep dive. Roy nearly fell off and the dragon nearly fell on top of him! As the skyship plummeted downward he saw Katie fall off the skyship and land in a crumpled heap on the ground. A moment later the burning skyship landed stern first in a tree……



By Woody

Dragon week 2


The dragon sits still as limonite,


Its eyes as fiery as the sun staring

downward into my soul,


Its expression calm but its body

tense like a coiled spring,


Still sitting motionless like a rabbit

in headlights,


Suddenly it sprang to its feet

like a cheetah and took to the



It circled me like a vulture

before taking a steep dive.


Jaws wide I dodged out of the

way just before it hit the



By Woody


Things Found in a Skyship Explorer’s Rucksack

Things Found in a Skyship Explorer’s Rucksack


  • 1 An invisibility cloak so I could become Harry Potter.
  • 2 A BLT infected with poison to kill any beast who took a bite.
  • 3 Aladdin’s lamp so the genie could grant me three wishes in an emergency.
  • 4 A compass which will show what beasts at that time are in the North, South, East or West.
  • 5 A cobra to strangle my enemies.    

The Skyship adventure

In my rucksack I would bring…


An old frayed satin invisibility cloak,

So that I can,

Sneak past the eerie villagers.


A crinkled torn parchment map,

So that it can,

Lead me to the old dreaded dragons.


The golden goblet of fire,

So that it will,

Scare the dragons away from me when the fire blazes.


The shining silver time turner necklace,

So that I can,

Turn back time and accomplish something I have not yet done.


A precious portal making pearl,

So that I can,

Teleport to my Skyship if I get lost.


A red never ending lunchbox.

So that I will,

Never run out of any food or water.


An enchanting leather book with endless pages,

So that I can,

Send help, but the book has to be used wisely.


A magnificent beautiful phoenix with healing tears,

So that it will,

Heal any wounds or injuries.


A magical bird keyring that will turn into a real Bald Eagle with two taps

So that I can,

Fly away on the bird from danger.


An eyelash from an Alicorn,

So that I have,

Never ending wishes and I can use them only in times when I need them.


A medium sized grey hippogriff’s feather,

To use as,

A quill for the leather enchanted book.


An underwater breathing potion,

So that I can,

Swim away if I crash land in the sea.



Teleporting dragon food,

So that when the old dragons eat it,

They get teleported to somewhere distant,

So I can take their glorious treasure.


By Isla

Ferocious Dragon

The dragon is soring through the midnight sky,

with red fiery flames lighting up the countryside,

I am trembling with fear,

Until he flies like lightning to his next destination.