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The Star Grazer’s Story (part 2)

I woke up. I had no clue where I was I was horribly injured. Well, I guess I’m lucky to be alive but if I’m not found soon I would wish I had died then because I’ll die from dehydration or starvation.

I looked around myself I could see blood a dragon scale bits of metal… Wait that’s it the dragon scale! It can heal any injury! It was perfect. I slowly crawled towards it, and easily accessing the cuts, I held it all. I hoped was it wasn’t a collector’s dragon scale. They’re very rare and could make you rich but otherwise useless. I held it closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

It-it-it was a collector’s dragon scale. I lost hope. Was I doomed to die in the middle of the desert? I thought so as I closed my eyes and if I died like this at least I would not have to look at the awful territory around me…

It had been almost a week five and a quarter days to be exact. I felt a bit of tugging on my arm. I opened my eyes and saw what seemed to be a 34 year old man his name Alfie (he told me that in part 3.) He got soup in my mouth somehow. I heard the words from his mouth dessert rescue services. I knew he was a hero to whatever place. I was in saving those who where lost in the dessert.

It had been a couple months; I was just ready to leave the hospital so I did yet I didn’t know the towns people were…

Scandinavia ep 1

When I was six my parents went on a trip to Scandinavia .That was 12 years ago, now I’m 18.  I’m on a mission to find them because I don’t believe that they’re dead. By the way, I’m Anna and I’m going on a mission to find my parents…


An Unexpected Friend

Not too long after, I found myself alone on the Stargrazer. The silence was deafening. Then as I turned to go into my cabin, I heard a soft meowing. I looked down to my feet and saw a kitten, it was scratched all over. I went to fetch my med kit with haste. I patched it up swiftly. I picked it up gently, careful to not injure it any more than it already was. It had beautiful blue eyes, shaggy grey fur and a bushy tail. I wrapped it in a blanket and hoisted it up onto my bed. I watched it curiously. I’d never seen a kitten before. I drifted into a calm sleep…


Something you shouldn’t know but something I will tell you

Hello again. Do you remember me, I’m Infinium your worst nightmare. I have a kingdom to conquer and dragons to slay. It’s time to seek my blackest revenge on the person who trapped me so that I could tell no-one of the secret that I had found their secret. I have already overridden multiple cities and am well on my way… to heaven, soon to be hell. You’re next on my path of destruction so my only advice for you is to run.

Or you will meet the same fate as the stargrazer did wrecked, alone and totally uncared for. I wished I could have saved the stargrazer and her crew but I feel no desire to do the same for you.

ep 2

We landed. It was weeks before I recovered. My legs were crushed by the sail. It felt like a hammer was smashed into my leg. Still, it hurt to even touch them.

I thought to myself, as I lay down, unable to walk: If only we hadn’t fired at the dragons.

“We are all in danger with that ruby dragon aboard. The other dragons will surely hunt us down in time. especially now that our sail is broken. Just get rid of it,” said the Captain.

“Okay, why don’t we leave you behind, Captain?” I said looking at the ruby dragon hoping we could make it to the temple before the dragons did so we could unlock the peace weapon.

He had no reply.

A hour later, we reached a hill and saw a large gloomy town a few miles ahead. Not many of us were too happy because we had already been walking for hours on end. We finally reached it, completely drained. The man carrying me sighed and dropped me like a sack once we arrived.

It was decided that we would find a bar to get some food. WE ARRIVED AT THE WRONG TOWN! This town was full of pirates who raided us a few weeks back and if they saw us, were done for! We had no weaponry to fight back.

We came across a pirate who walked past and he recognised me. I knew I was doomed

Where did I land

I didn’t know where I was. Was I in a jungle? The hissing of snakes echoed around my head in the darkness.

Was I in a volcano? The heat was almost smothering us as we walked on, not knowing where to place each trembling foot.

After many weeks of trying to figure where we were, I finally figured it out: the enchanted forest!

”Captain what should we do? I think we should try and get out of here,” I suggested remembering everything my Grandpa had told me about the place.

Captain agreed. But no sooner than we could begin to hatch a plan to escape, someone yelled:

“Run, wolf!”

Barking and frantic scratching from the wolves was all around us. They were charging like flashes of lightning. Strike! Running a full speed! And then, CLAP the wolf’s jaw snapped onto someone’s leg. An ear splitting scream.

The Star Grazer’s Story

We all boarded the Star-Grazer of course it didn’t really graze stars, I’d love if it did though then again it would be so much more money to spend. It’s still so wonderful at night it’s got the best views. I looked round and thought I was going onto the biggest ship with all my friends I could not wait to get on since it’s so expensive we where the only people aboard. It was all to our selves.

We boarded the huge ship there were so many people welcoming us abroad, my gosh I would love to work on this ship even if you get low to decent amounts of money for working. Here you wouldn’t pay to climb onto this amazing billion pound ship well, guess it would be your job wouldn’t it?

We had a tour I memorized every room every area every activity to do on the ship where the bar is where not to go, everything. The first thing me and my friends did was football we wanted to know what football would be like in the air but the ship’s was that good we didn’t feel a thing, still good fun though.

It was 3 P.M we didn’t do anything amazing played some games did some other sports and had a laugh however we wanted to see the escape room so we all had a look in there. Then the parents and workers came bursting in and activated the lock code they screamed to us “Dragon attack!”  We were all running wild  then. The sound engulfed out ears. BANG! CRASH! BOOM!

The dragons broke into the escape room I went faint…


The stargrazer is damaged and wounded and can’t maintain altitude for much longer. The ship’s provisions are running low soon we will either plummet to our death, die of frostbite or starve to death. There was no possibility of survival or so it may seem. But one thing is certain we have to make a decision about the ivory dragon on deck.

It is now three days after the decision was made. The dragon must be woken.

I am no longer aboard the stargrazer- it crashed-two of my ribs are broken along with four fingers and one arm, pain is so immense I wonder at the divine will giving me strength to carry on moving.

Seven days after crash, I am bruised and battered and barely surviving. Waking the dragon was a bad choice it ate everyone but me and died after I impaled it with my bejewelled sword.

Eleven days after crash, I have lost the will to carry on in this world.

Thirteen days after crash, my hope has been restored after seeing the temple of the pale one. A place where I may heal.

I have lost count of the days after the crash and have discovered a deadly secret. I have been imprisoned and have been enchanted to eternal sleep.

In my last moments of consciousness I will tell you the secret I have discovered… life… is … nothing but… an illusion of the devil’s making God is not our saviour but our worst nightmare…….

My name is Infinium and one day I may well be… your worst nightmare!

Sky Ship lands

We all looked up and there was a swarm of dragons coming right for us. They targeted the balloon and we were all screaming. The balloon was teared and we were falling quickly. We fell into the water and most of the crew drowned immediately, but I didn’t. My friend Tom had to survive, I prayed.

We were washed up on a deserted island. I noticed there was wood and coconuts all around this island. Survival could be possible. Since we crashed, the endless supply of food we brought is at the bottom of the ocean. So we began gathering the coconuts. We could use the wood to create a boat. So Tom and I gathered that too.

We gather a lot of wood to create the oars for the boat and huge palm leaves weaved together made our sails. It wasn’t the finest ship, which we had become accustomed to, but it was sea worthy in the end. After hours of labour, we were ready to set sail.

Wrestling with the waves, in our makeshift raft, we made it to an unknown country. No-one was there so we thought the place was abandoned. Doors broken, windows shattered and houses trashed. We should escape this place, I thought instinctively, but we couldn’t because behind us golden gates had rolled in and locked. We tried to jump the fence but suddenly men with armour and pointed spears appeared. They wanted to fight me but I couldn’t; I was so weak from building the boat. At that moment, I realised that I had my majestic sword that was only meant for the worthy. It was in my hand! I attacked him.

His body evaporated into thin air. I broke the lock on the gate and we got out to our little sea vessel. Little did we know, there was much more ahead of us.

The end of something magnificent something that is dead.

This is a the memory of something that is dead but deserves to be remembered something that I wanted but could never have. The stargrazer the last and first attempt to rediscover something that was deadly, dangerous and that something was me. It was attacked by vicious fiends we call dragons it crashed freeind me from my infinite slumber- the dragons will wish that they had never been borne. For I am the essence of hate of death and of power. Hi my name is Infinium and I’m your worst nightmare.