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Should dragons be hunted?

Some people want to leave dragons alone because their very dangerous to fight but other people want to hunt dragons to get the danger out of the way. But people have died doing that so please don’t put yourself in danger by fighting a losing battle.

Should rainbow dragons be alive?

We are deciding whether we are letting the dragons survive in our planet or not. We think we will let them stay but if they behave. However, some people might get angry and kill them and we will now treat the dragons as one of us. It is not right to kill the dragon.

Should Dragons be Hunted or not?

We are discussing whether or not we should hunt dragons. Most people think that dragons should be hunted. But they was a roomer that people and dragons should live in peace. Therefor everybody love cute dragons but the people that hate dragons says that their cause trouble because thy burn their vegetables and fruit.  And the other people said dragons should be treated the same way as us. So I think the the people that like dragons wins.

Should fire dragons be allowed in the village?

Some people say that the fire dragon should be out of the village because they are dangerous. When they are angry, they know to go to volcanoes and make them explode. It is true that they do it for protection. The main reason is that the fire dragon doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. A different view is to suggest that they have hurt people in the past and that they are likely to do it again. It is not right to say that they will hurt anyone because that was the past. My main conclusion is that they are beautiful creatures and they deserve to live somewhere.


We are discussing weather we should have the type of dragon called the ultra dragon as pets, the villagers of wanto-abbey think yes because they can fly so we don’t need cars another reason for saying this is that they will not pollute the air with gas and they can take you on free holidays. They are free and are very nice to human kind so they will protect you from any sort of threat. Scientist’s know that they can go lava mode, electricity mode, air mode, water mode and earth mode. I think we should have them.


Water Dragon Debate by Seren y6

We are discussing whether or not Water Dragons should be able to live in the nearby water lake. It is known that Water Dragons shoot powerful bursts if water that can knock a house over. Some local people believe that Water Dragons should be able to live in the lake if they supply water for their taps and showers.

Alternatively, some state that these dragons are vile because they would poison the fresh lake water with sea salt. Finally, we have concluded that Water Dragons are going to be allowed to inhabit the lakeside as long as they stick to the circumstances.

Seren y6

Should Fire Dragons Live Locally?

We are discussing weather or not Fire Dragons should live locally. Some people believe that Fire Dragons are very dangerous, because they have the ability to breathe fire and turn invisible. However, scientists have proved that they will only harm you if you disturb them in their sleep. Furthermore, some kids have been spotted riding on these dragons.

the dragon what might live in a town

we are discussing whether or not to let the snow dragons live in the town .we think that can stop the snow falling in winter on the other hand the kids say no because they love  snow.















































Should the dragon stay in the village?

We are discussing whether or not the dragon should stay in the village or not. We think that the nice dragon should stay because it helps people and is a good dragon. On the other hand, if the nice dragon stays, so will the bad dragon. Finally, the most people want to put the bad dragon in a shed which is locked. In the end, the bad dragons start to be nice now because it doesn’t like being in the shed.