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chapter3 through the door

It was a pretty, brick house with plants around it. The door was open so she thought she could go in. There was everything a house needed; a cozy bed with pillows and blankets; and clean cups and plates and choclate chip cookies; coal and wood in a fireplace.

“hello,” called Jim, wondering if someone was in the house. she did not hear a sound accept from silence. he ,made his way up the stairs and saw some bedrooms. Some of them had soft pillows with teddy bears next to them. For a moment she thought she heard a footstep but she thought nothing of it.

He had thrown a wish and thought it would come true. He had never seen his mum and it didn’t feel right. Then he heard it.

Something downstairs; something moving; banging on the ground; and heard a low hiss as they creeped up the stairs. she looked down the stairs and saw a women and thought it was his mother.

a moment later he heard a sound again thinking it was his mom he went down and she was not there he went to look for her but couldn’t find her. so he asked people if they had saw his mom but none of them knew.

he looked everywhere but there was one shop that was open so he went in and no one was there, he was scared.

Chapter 3

It was a magnificent brick house with flowers behind the house and sunflowers raised up growing up the wall and shut the windows. the door creaked open and without a doubt he knew he was in danger. the house had everthing he did not know what to say or look at it had a quiet room it was magnificent.

Hello called jake questioned if anyone was there know one was there just quiet he went upstairs a gloomy place. there was literally no one any not in the bathroom or the others rooms he stepped into a room which told a story about the three little piggys.

He had thrown into his head a wish that he believe that it would come true. There was no sign that anything living there he had never known who his dad was.

Something downstairs hissed through the dark deep gloom he know something was there it was strange noise he recoiled step by step trying to be silent he looked over the stairs -there was.

A moment later he heard the same noise again and stared down and sprinted away into the forest but the forest was endless no hesitations.

There was just nothing just the forest on gloomy nights changing in morning to night.

Haunted house

He stepped into the haunted house and saw freaky candles on the side of the walls. Walking with fear he stumbled across a kitchen and got some cake. Anthen found a room that was really beautiful so Jimmy went in and watched Netflix.

Two seconds later the lights turned of and went to investigate. He heard a bang and went downstairs but there was a big shadow playing a piano.He stood up and started chasing Jimmy and ran to the exit.

When he got there he saw that there was no exit anymore so he tried to look for a window but had no luck. I think Jimmy has to do the right thing.

The Shop Of Mysterious Movies (chapter 3)

Alice then realised that the shape of the leaves looked strange: they had the feel of a normal leaf and had a recognisable shape to them.It then came to her. “Poisonous ivy!” she said to herself. She quickly sped out of out of the bush, itching her arms and legs at the same time. Running at the top speed she knew she had to discover this world just a little more.

She sees more bushes just like the one she was just in and tries to avoid them all she can. She then saw that the grass was turning green again and everything around her was turning into its normal colour. But oddly this didn’t happen in her dream. The sun became yellow, the clouds were turning white and the sky blue. She saw all her surroundings clear now.

Then she heard a rustling in the bushes. Alice knew there wasn’t any animals around her. She went to walk to the bush but then remembered that Mr Movie was in this strange world with her so she slowly crept to where the noise was coming from. Alice then heard the noise again and recoiled from her spot and slowly walked away. She ended up turning back behind her and ran to the door.

The second she started running back a terrifying raw came from out of the bush. She nearly built up the courage to see what hiding in that bush. The she heard the sound again but this time it was twice as loud. Alice started running for her life.

Itching her arm and her eyes watering she ran. Faster then she had ever run. The second she reached the door it was locked. She twisted the handle and still nothing. Except for a small gnome who suddenly appeared. It then grabbed poor Alice’s arm and look her towards the bush…

The mysterious shop…

She stopped screaming “help.” Poppy had tried open the door but it was locked. Poppy thought it was quite and nice so she started to explore. However she realised that she was in the picture that she drew in the book. After a while of looking around she saw a drawing that wasn’t her’s. The drawing was a park with a slide, swing, roundabout and so much more. Poppy got a shiver down her spine, she shouted “ is anybody here.” No one replied. Before she thought that something or someone was watching her. Suddenly she heard a noise…

she ran back to her drawing. Someone was chasing her, poppy was running as fast as she can then someone said “come back now!” Whispered a voice. Poppy realised the door was locked, she hide behind her drawing and hoping that the person following will not see where she is. Poppy was trying hard not to make a sound or breathe.

chapter 3

The bunker had always been nothing to anyone who went past, of course nobody dared to go near, until… The girl, her name was Vanessa she was quite the popular, nice girl type of girl. Everyone at school adored her. On a sunny Saturday she decided to go on a walk which was when she found the bunker she had never been to the park she was at so she decided to go in but as soon as she stepped at front door everybody around her disappeared but she still went in… When she went in she found herself stranded alone some place she didn’t know and when she looked back nothing was there not even a door. After a while of searching she heard him. ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE GAT OUT NOW!” Was she even more popular now if you know what I mean?

Chapter 3 – Through the door

Chapter 3 – Through the door

It was a pretty stone cottage with beautiful flowers in the garden and roses growing up against and round the windows . The door was already opened for him and, without really thinking about it, he gone in to have a look. The house had everything he needed: bandages; a cozy blanket; a warm fire place and a lot of food.

”Hello? Is anybody here?” Enzo said but he was so-only meet by silence.he made his way up the stairs into the darkness. There was no one in either of the bedrooms. For a moment he had wondered if he steeped in the three bears story. Then he heard it.

Something moving downstairs; and it wasn’t really taking foot steps.

Chapter 3 The Treasure Map

She Dipped through the door. It looked like she was in a room but it wasn’t a room…. It was an island? There were palm trees with flowers underneath and coconuts to your desire. It was perfect,

”Is anyone here”? Called Sophie as she got no reply as well as the door clicking and disappearing behind her.For a moment she wondered to herself… she walked through the island path and up the tiny cobble stones. There was a cave…,

A blink of an eye and she already was inside the cave. There were crystals that glimmered in the daylight but one of them had a note stuck to it. She grabbed the nit…. “ ITS A MAP”! She shouted in joy but the map was a blur. She squinted her eyes and suddenly she could see it with the little blue x. Was this it? What’s she rich? She was of to find the treasure…

Chapter 3- Through the unfinished door

His heart was pumping as he ran. There was something oddly familiar about the boy. As he got closer he shouted “hey wait.” The boy suddenly stopped and then was gone. Joseph then turned to the lake. It was everything he wanted to see: a good view, fish gliding through the water and frogs jumping around.

”Hello!” Shouted Joseph beginning to feel scared but all was silent. He made his way to the lake to sit down and for a moment he thought it also looked familiar. Then he remembered.

He had drawn his memory. This was the the lake he had played at when he was young. There was still the same little spot he used to sit at. Then he remembered why moved away.

There was a splash in the water, it didn’t come. Splash. Splash. Splash. It still didn’t come, he waited. He thought to himself that it might not come, maybe it was gone. Then the water began to sway.

Suddenly a missive head flew out of the water. It had two silver eyes and a pair of powerful teeth that could rip the flesh of a hair with ease. Joseph ran. He ran to where the door had been.

Nothing. There was nothing. Just a wall that seemed to be endless. “Come back,” hissed a voice.

Through the door

Isabell saw the door.She went through.She was amazed ,she walked into a secret passage-way but… but… but… she could only go one way and that was forward.what does she do? She took a beep breath in and went into the secret passage-way. It went dark the future she went in.The it got lighter and lighter . Isabell heard a noise she ignored it because this place was old and ancient ,so Isabell walked some more then she heard the noise again. She started running as fast as she could . There was now way out was Isabell ok. ……..