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The Cave of Dare

The Cave of Dare

The sun was setting in the west and darkness was slowly creeping along the forest paths. Paz spotted something in the distance “Look a cave. We should be safe in there,” she cried. They all followed her towards a small damp hole in the cliffside. Podkin went first into the darkness. The first thing he noticed was the unsettling scattered bones of creatures that had died hundreds of years ago here. One skeleton was sat next to an old oak minecart, full to the brim with coal, which was now starting to crumble at a swift rate. Podkin could hear toads croaking and leaping in an unseen underwater spring. He also heard what sounded like distant footsteps in the dark. It was hard for them to breathe, as there was a strong smell of overwhelming natural gases in the cave that made them all want to faint on the spot. The last thing Podkin noticed as he looked to his right was thick black mold creeping like a swarm of spiders up the wall around them. As Podkin. Paz and Pook looked deeper into the cave they saw a creepy shadow! A giant shadow that seemed to have gleaming yellow eyes. What was this terrible creature, they thought? Then they heard it! Coming from the shadow was a noise that was croaky and deep. “Rebbbbb, rebbbb, rebbit, rebbit.” What was this terrible creature lurking in the cave? Then they saw it. The new moonlight coming into the cave illuminated the beast.  It was…… a small wrinkly toad, bouncing in a puddle of spring water. “This is going to be a long night,” said Podkin with a big sigh.

The Smelly rat cave

Podkin gripped the magical dagger tightly in his hand, his palms started to sweat, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. They found themselves in a dark dusty entrance of an abandoned mineshaft. He hoped the horrible ghoul wouldn’t follow them in here. They all tried to stay deadly quiet until they heard the ghoul pass the entrance. They had to find another way out.

Podkin tried to stay calm, as long as he had the dagger his father gave him he knew they would all be safe. It was so dark and dusty, even the cobwebs looked like chandeliers with the dust hanging on the delicately woven nets.

Podkin found a match on the dusty floor and lit the newspaper that had been thrown on the floor. This gave them much needed light but his sister became frightened of the flickering shadows above their heads, when he explained it was only their shadows she began to relax.

They could hear the faint scurrying of rats, they had to escape the mine. The smell of rotten rats was disgusting. They managed to find an abandoned cart which still had bits of iron ore in. Pook and Paz gingerly climbed in, Podkin pushed the cart with all his might and hoped the track would lead them to another exit. 

Podkin going in an abandoned mine.

Podkin found a abandoned mine, podkin was with his siblings Pook and Paz and as they went in the mine the strange smell, smelt like rotten waffles and there was a dead wolf and podkin and his siblings got deeper and deeper in the mine and there was a strange sound from the darkness. Paz separated from Podkin and Pook and Paz could not see Podkin and Pook and Paz was  scared and heard a strange noise it sounded like a help so Paz went to see where the yell was coming from and there was a strange creature that was half fox and half human, Podkin turned around and saw that Paz was gone and Podkin and Pook went looking for Paz and could not find her and Paz heard Podkin  and gone running to Podkin and Pook, and the half fox and half human had ears down because she can’t find her siblings and she had a mark on her head and shaped like a diamond which is the power of the ocean life. The half fox and half human’s name is Ocean and she has a staff which had the power of the ocean and Paz told Podkin and Pook about that half fox and half human and Pook and Podkin and Paz saw the half fox and half human and told the 3 of them what Ocean was looking for and asked them if they saw them anywhere and all of them nodded no and Ocean whined and sobbed then cries and tears were coming out of her kawaii eyes. Podkin, Paz and Pook felt bad for Ocean and said that they would help Ocean and Ocean showed Pook, Paz and Podkin what they look like and they began looking and Podkin could hear the gorm coming in the mine and the gorm saw a fox tail then saw Ocean and Ocean was  trapped in the corner of the mine and the gorm was growling at Ocean and the gorm took Ocean to this thing in the deepest part of the mine and Ocean tried to use her staff but the gorm throwed it away from her and she got mad and her eyes turned red and her mark glowed red and Ocean  started growling then attacking the gorm but the gorm was too strong and the gorm throwed Ocean on the rocks and there was a pole and the pole went straight threw her leg and it started bleeding and ocean whined and put her head down and Podkin, Paz and Pook saw Ocean and then ran to her then they saw a pole threw her leg that was bleeding and Podkin gripped his dagger and then called out to the darkness and Ocean whined and whined because the pole (that was threw her leg) was hurting a lot. Ocean moaned and moaned but when they got the pole out and bandaged it, Ocean felt better already! Ocean was limping everywhere she walked and Paz felt bad for her and Paz hugged Ocean and there was a growl and it was a young fox and it looked the same as Ocean and that was Ocean’s little brother! Ocean’s little brother was called snow and Snow had his ears down like Ocean and a mark that was the power of nature and he was wondering who the people are with Ocean! Now there’s only 2 sibling left, the younger sister called ice! And the other younger/older than ice sister called Frost! Ocean, Snow, Paz, Pook and Podkin walked deeper and deeper in the mine and there  was a rumble in a random cave stomp stomp stomp a shadow ran past the cave really fast as fast as a cheetah. Could it be the gorm or could it be…? The strange shadow came out of the darkness and you could not guess what it was… It’s the gorm! They are running away from the gorm but snow was not fast as the rest the gorm was catching up to snow and Ocean pushed snow , out the way and used her staff and put a bubble on the gorm and they all ran away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


The Devils Mineshaft

Podkin looked up to see an abandoned mineshaft. Rats running across the floor, cobwebs hanging from the old dusty ceiling and a hand peering its way around the corner. Small pieces of old coal came flying up their noses from a rusty old minecart. Suddenly a noise came from further down the mineshaft (what is covered in darkness) like a girl screaming for help!!! But they just chose to ignore it and just stood there wondering what it was…

The abandoned mine

As Podkin ran through the wood with Paz panting behind they noticed an old abandoned mine shaft so they turned into it.


When they were in there, the first thing they noticed was a large cobweb hanging from the ceiling of the cave but the thing that really caught their attention was a Gorm speared against the wall through its eye.


The smell from the slowly rotting and rusting husk smelt as exactly as you thought… old carrot.


As Podkin started to investigate the dead Gorm he heard a rustling of leaves behind him, it was obvious Paz and Pook heard it too because their ears pricked up. 


As Podkin turned around there was a dark silhouette coming from behind a large rock, then the shadow came closer and closer…


 Podkin gripped the dagger with intensity as the shadow with no owner started to drift toward them, as it came closer it was more clear what it was… a dark phantom.


The abandoned mine

The abandoned mine

Podkin and his siblings step quietly into the mine, shaking and shivering. As he looks up he sees: cobwebs, spiders, sharp rock and pitch black darkness. The smell of the water as it drips from the rusted walls. Suddenly, comes a loud bang as rocks start to fall from the ceiling, he turns to see a dark shadow standing in his path, he starts biting his nails as his nerves take over him. . . 

He sprints further into the cave. The mysterious figure chasing after him. He pushes his sister as she starts to slow down “RUN, RUN, FASTER.” he said. Tripping over the fragments of broken rock. 


The Abandoned Cave

As they entered the old abandoned mine shaft, a cold breeze swept through the long crooked tunnel. They felt tingles down their spine insisting them not to go further but they did and made their may onto a rusty black cart track which led them to an awfully unpleasant smell of a rotting corpse or a terribly moldy substance. A cobweb hung high in the ceiling of the rocky sharp cliff like edges. Another breeze came through, but this time they were well over 12 meters into the cave with no sight of daylight but only visibility from their medieval looking tiki torch. A whisper. A sound. A voice. Silence. They stood there frightened but had a glimpse of light and carried on urgeing through the cold, dense, dark cave. In the distance they heard a scream, a blood curdling, spine chilling scream. They held their ears tightly. It was dreadful. Hurriedly, they rushed out the cave as a shadow had came visible out of the dark mist given from the caves dark holes.

the crazy Cerastes

First, you want to check your baby Cerastes heart as you can pull it out to check if the blood is pumping 300 Litres of blood at a time as a result of heart failure is it is below 269.7 bpm, also you need to know if your pet is healthy because unhealthy Cerasteses are known to eat there owners limbs in a matter of mili seconds which you know.. is obviously not good.

your creature needs to drink four Litres of milk orange juice and blood in one day or else it will get dehydrated very fast and these creatures are known to bite there owners and there own heads of if they are dehydrated that’s why you should take sincere care of these almost instinct creatures life.

Secondly you need to know that they are native in japan which is a colorful country that is why it needs to be by light for 14 hours of a day!

also it needs a hefty meal of 13 pork livers, to cow brains, 2 camel tongue and a sheep stomach that’s why you basically need to live on a big farm with loads of animals or else they will eventually die out which will cause trolls and leaprechauns to take over this dying society.

How to make your dragon live a happy life.

First of all, make sure your pet Dragon always has a bowl of boiled water on hand in order to keep fire cells from drying out. It is always a good idea to feed your dragon cooked fish twice a day (depending on your dragon’s age but should always check with your local dragonerian). But try feeding your dragon raw fish as well to see which they prefer.


Before you stroke your pet dragon, make sure that they are nice and calm otherwise they might bite your hand. To test this, throw a toy in the room that your dragon is in and if they tear it up into a million pieces you can go in the room but not stroke them.


Because dragons like to fly solo instead of flying in packs, it is a good idea to take your dragon to your local forest to stretch their wings. 


I hope you learnt something from this and your dragon is living a happy life if it wasn’t already.

how to look after your bat dragon.

How to look after a Bat Dragon.

First, make your bat dragon a tiny house made out of fireproof plastic so if he gets angry it won’t melt or burn down.

Next, take your bat dragon for a walk in the forest and make sure to take a fire extinguisher and squirt it all over him when it goes to attack anyone or any creature. 

 After that, play with your bat dragon for 1 hour and a half.

The bat dragon’s favourite game is hide and seek but you always spend 2 hours looking for him/her because it always hides on the ceiling.

Then, play outside with your bat dragon with soft toys or ball pit balls.

If you have a paddling pool, play with it there.


Later on,cook its tea and pudding but never let them eat sugar before bed because they bounce off the walls up and down, left to right for 1 hour straight and also never let them eat live food.

Finally, sit down and watch a nice and relaxing movie with your bat dragon. They like carrot sticks for snacks when they watch a movie so if i was you give them carrot sticks or he would have a crying fit on the floor.

In the end, once your bat dragon has settled, put him in a nice comfy cloth bed.