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Warning! Breaking News! Baffling Basilisk Spotted In Birmingham!

Report by Mac Tooney, Cool Creatures On The Run reporter for The Unbelievable Times Paper – 07/06/96

This unusual report comes to you today to tell you that there is a basiilik on the loose in inner city Birmingham. This is baffling because everyone believed these creatures to be extinct from 1583 and some believed they never existed at all. The basilisk was spotted near the national Sea Life Centre. It was seen entering the Sea Life Centre at 12.27pm and attempting to eat a penguin from there. The police have been called and are trying to contain it as we bring you this report. However, our latest update informs us that it has now escaped the police and run away towards The Bull Ring shopping centre area. Citizens are panicking like wildfire and the police are trying to contain this shocking situation. The whole city centre has been shut down.

When we attended the scene I did not see the creature from the front myself, only it’s tail as it ran towards the shopping centre. This was lucky as basilisk eyes can kill instantly. We managed to speak to a local resident called Jack Bobson, who had been visiting the Sea Life Centre, as he was desperate to see the otters, and he reported to us “ I was just looking at the penguins about to move towards my favourite otter enclosure when I saw it! It looked like a chicken with a lizard’s tail and it came straight at me. I was so relieved there was glass between us and I saw it pick up the penguin. I was lucky I was wearing sunglasses and there was glass between us as I think that is what saved me.” It certainly sounds like Jack Boson had a ‘clucky’ escape.

The police are working hard to capture the dangerous creature. Until then it is recommended by the Prime Minister that all inhabitants of Birmingham should stay at home behind locked doors and make sure anyone with penguins as pets are to bring them indoors for safe keeping. I will bring you more reports when I have them. For now, sit tight and pray.

wild chupacabra! stay safe.

john harrold reports that this creature is atleast 40foot long

Breaking news a vigorous looking chupacabra has been spotted taking dogs brain, witnesses say that “this is a disgrace the police are allowing a massive creature to kill our dogs, why just why police”
Police advice is that you keep your dogs by your side to insure that it doesn’t kill it because they are scared of humans.
It has been spotted in North America, so stay safe and keep your dogs safe.
This creature is dangerous and should not be handled with no care and if spotted should be greeted with a cup of hot coffee and beans because if you feed it something it doesn’t life it’ll do something very unpleasant.
It’ll wrap itself into a ball then it’ll explode into then peck you till extreme pain.

The American mafia think it does it because it needs redemption because its ancestors got poached for 415 years until the almost end of era until scientist misinterpreted the extreme power of this insane creature.
That was first seen in 1268 B.C it was known to be a very hostile creature.
And everyone was scared of it because of the mass size of the creature .


the police advice is also that you put a steel bowl over your dogs head with butter with the quote butter dog because the chupa is scared and put down by the sight of its unharmful side affects of coming in contact.

Dinosaurs back from the dead!

Daniel Jones Paleontologist correspondent reporting from the natural history museum in London.

Breaking news This evening in London a flying dinosaur has been spotted flying around Big ben.
The introductory paragraph should contain a simple statement of facts covering things like, what happened; where and when it happened; who was involved, and so on.

Daniel Jones has spoken to eye witnesses who saw the flying dinosaur flying around Big Ben. one resident claims Big Ben looked tiny compared to this creature. Another resident said he couldn't believe his eyes were dinosaurs back from the dead or where they were hiding, he was terrified and ran for his life.
This paragraph or paragraphs should contain details of interviews with witnesses, information that the journalist has uncovered and descriptions of the scene when the journalist arrived.

Police were called straight away as soon as it was reported, they looked terrified too. They have said they are pretty sure there will be more than one dinosaur about. All residents have been warned to stay away and to go straight home to stay safe. Daniel Jones was teffied reporting this story as he could see the dinosaur coming closer to the ground.
This paragraph could include things like police or council advice; the journalist's opinion: what might happen in the future.


A creature by the name of the three headed wolf is making its way around wolverley sebright primary school!

The three headed wolf was last seen eating an innocent teacher .Name :unknown. They were sighted doing this in the school’s field as trails of blood led down the stairs and through the playground down to the field where the corpse was dragged into their forest school. This happened on 06.06.2021 at 9:42.

Journalists found out that this creature had made home in the tunnel down in forest school as bones and fur had been scattered in that particular area. More researches are being held in place where the wolf has escaped to the bushes of nearby houses to seek shelter.

Journalists would like to comment, “this eventful time makes us wonder how and when was this creature made,research facility are hundreds of miles away so if it was made there how did it travel so far.” another commented “if we don't hunt down this animal and re inhabitate it in a research facility, more and more lives will be lost at an uncontrollable rate. Plus, if there is more out there, they will repopulate and more and more deaths will occur.

Furry Creatures Cause Garden Chaos

By Negomi Thomas, Unusual Species correspondent..

Last night was the second night running that there have been several reports of small, furry creatures causing chaos in the gardens of urban homes.

Residents have reported sightings of small, furry creatures- with short legs and pointed ears -which have been rummaging through dustbins and turning gardens upside down, in what seems to be the search for food.
One witness said, ‘We were frightened at first, as there were several of the creatures, but when we saw their faces in the garden light they appeared to be quite cute!’
Another said,’ We are not happy about the state of our dustbins and gardens-something must be done.’

The police have asked all residents to remain vigilant. Please do not approach the creatures or take them into your home-however cute they may seem.
Professor of Rare Species from Oxford University,, Arthur Williams, has advised, ‘From what we know so far, these creatures appear to be ‘Gremilinia Furricociuos’ or ‘Gremlins’. It is very important that these creatures do not get wet, eat after midnight or be exposed to sunlight- otherwise they may mutate’
More updates to follow.

Ferocious fairy

By Mick Misty

A fairy called Felicia has been spotted in New York City wanting revenge on a toilet cleaner whose name is Jacob Jones. Mr Jones has black hair and is very pale, he has a skull earring in his right ear and he is about 6 feet tall. If you find someone that has this description STAY AWAY and call the Police!

I found several eye witness accounts that found that if you disturb Fairies in the night they will harm you to an extent but not kill you. A fairyologist, Sam Heyer, confirmed that a Fairy looks for food in the night but hibernates during the day.
Neighbours of Mr Jones said that he was loud because he always had his music up high, and this could be why the Fairy is after him.

I feel that it is a bizarre event to happen in this City and for the secret of magic to be revealed in this way.

Tutu wearing troll’s!!!

By Bailey Bishop.

A report has come in from Wolverley, residents have said that they have seen tutu wearing trolls running around in Wolverley stealing peoples clothes and replacing them with poo shaped clothes instead!!!
This has been taking place in the middle of the night you would be lucky to see them in the day roaming around.

Our Journalist has found out that they are totally safe and they wont ever hurt a human,this is said by Mat Stone (who is a scientist).
This paragraph or paragraphs should contain details of interviews with witnesses, information that the journalist has uncovered and descriptions of the scene when the journalist arrived.

Mat Stone has informed the police and government authorities to just keep on the lookout because if they step on you, you will probably be killed in under a second so don't let any of your family out in the middle of the night, even pets.
This paragraph could include things like police or council advice; the journalist's opinion: what might happen in the future.

The emoji skull

Evil skull emoji kidnaps children!

Ellie Explorer, Emoji Correspondent, Chester, May 2021.

Breaking news! An evil skull emoji has been seen in front of a tattoo shop in Chester last night. It has been kidnapping children and returning them but with a tattoo of a skull emoji. The skull emoji was angry that it stopped being used and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t forgotten.

The police advised all parents to keep a close eye on their children until the evil skull emoji is found. When found, the emoji will be trapped in a phone forever and the children will have the tattoos removed with magic ink.
A fascinating and worrying story, it is hoped this ends quickly.

Devil Fox

‘’Ava Studs, majestic and magical devil creatures’’

The devil fox was seen at Barmouth at the beach where it’s a sunny, original day! It can smell you anywhere you go, even your scent. The fox has purple eyes with a tint of pastel blue and the ears looked gentle with a black tip on its ears. The fox had kawaii eyes and it was on Friday 7th December and the fox can turn into a devil fox. The devil fox looks like a normal fox but the fur is red with a black tail tip and on its head was giant red and black, sharp horns. The devil fox can summon her devil minions, the devil minions look like pitch black body, head, arms, legs and their eyes are fire red, they have devil horns and devil tail.

The journalist found out that the devil fox can kill you in one bite and it can give your death eyes and growl at you.

‘’When i saw the devil fox i was shocked because i saw it for the first time and it gave me the death star then growled at me and everyone started screaming and running around everywhere and someone got bitten and died instantly’’ Olivia Smith

The Crystalized Unicorn


The crystallized unicorn.


Typically, the crystallized unicorn lives in deep , dark , dense caves,( the ones with crystals as it’s a form of light, safety and health.) Weirdly, in scarce matters some however live in abandoned mine shafts. These magnificent creatures spend most of their time searching nearby areas for villages as they hoard straw , hay , or any soft material. This is good for them as they can use it for their dens.


Normally , this wonderful specie mostly forms their diet from the crystal tree apples and pears, their not too fond of them as their favourite treat is found from the Sahara rain clouds in the day . Their food appears when time hits 12AM  . Sut Bunnys , they are qualified because they multiply when eaten so it’s the perfect sweet treat meal that keeps on giving.


Their sweet soft skin shines calmly contrasting their light pink see through skin on the baby blue  sky . Their mane jingles a sweet melody in the smooth warm waves of the wind. Their eyes consist of a greeny pink colours creating a hypnotic swirl . It’s mane and tail makes the perfect Ombre of rainbow splashes and yer wings are an angelic white.


You can normally find them circling areas or teaching young to fy and or escaping poachers. Sometimes they escape to the seaside for a refreshing well needed swim. Should you ever encounter one in the wild , they would stand high and still if they slowly move towards you then you’d be lucky to cautiously approach them too.


In conclusion many people say they are extinct as we have found little to less than 3 left.