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TeachingLive.Net is a sequence of 10 LIVE weekly interactive KS2 creative writing lessons (with follow up activities) created and delivered by Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell and John Sutton. This sequence of LIVE lessons harnesses the latest blogging technology to give all of your participating students a truly global audience. TeachingLive.Net brings together live teaching and modelling with children participating and getting immediate feedback. The focus is on the development of writing for pleasure, building the imagination and teaching the craft of writing so that over time, through the sequence of our lessons, children improve. As long as your students are working with an adult, your students can access these sessions either working 1:1, a small group, or even a full class. Each lesson will be delivered LIVE through Zoom and all resources and teacher notes will be provided through this site. The extra special feature TeachingLive offers is, the students submit their writing as blog posts without even having to sign in. Our team will read, check and approve these blog posts with the students not only receiving comments from people across the globe, but they will be taught how to leave quality peer feedback themselves.

How to use TeachingLive.Net

TeachingLive is launching with Session 1 on 22nd September for 10 sessions. A full list of dates can be found on the ‘Subscribe‘ page. Schools have used TeachingLive.Net in many different ways so far. Firstly, TeachingLive.Net has not been designed to replace any English teaching or the teaching of writing in your school. These sequence of lessons are designed to run in addition to the current allocation of English teaching so it can play a significant role in your catch up curriculum plans.

What you will need to get the most from the lessons:

  • The weekly Zoom session will need to be displayed to the participating students through a screen or IWB.
  • The students will need access to an internet connected device to access this site – 1 each or 1 between 2 or 1 per small group.
  • The teacher can also use an internet connected device to access the Zoom session in addition to the main displayed device – this will allow for some interactivity between the teacher/students and the TeachingLive Team.
  • Children will also need a notebook and a pencil.

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