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A door , A door, A door, A door, A door and A door

A door is protection from reality,

Most times an abstract escape from the land of reality,

barley shut to mature away.


A door is an empty space,

waiting for a web to be wound,

or a new peeling paint to be coated.


A door Is a shut in,

slamming shut to rage,

Opening quietly to apologise.


A door is the future,

an entrance to your living space,

or a new home.


A door is past life,

opening to your cot rocking small toys,

or a grey damp room from the people who lived there before your parents.


A door is an unfamiliar room,

stepping into that one person who bumped into you’s room,

or a chef’s restaurant kitchen you wanted to see.

Candyfloss In My Belly!

I have never seen a multicoloured dinosaur,

but I have seen a dragonfly twirling around the sky elegantly. 


I have never been on a creaky wooden bridge over a slow rumbling river,

but I have walked over a smashed dangerous, rain-soaked road.


I have never eaten disgraceful snails,

but I had delicious pasta covered with melted cheese.


I have never been in the rain forest with all the animals,

but I have been in Cliftwood with a scary lion – Poppy!


I have never had a huge amount of candyfloss sticking to my fingers,

but I have made pink fluffy candyfloss that’s gone in my belly!

A door by Archie

A door is a new beginning ,
To restart your life be better,
be stronger and happier,
and be prepared for what’s coming.

a door is a barrier between happiness and sadness,
some times opened with joy and shut with fear.

a door is magic,
anything could happen inside,
anything could happen outside,
the magic is waiting for you.

A door is a by Nathan

A door is a new beginning that can lead you to a new place
,an escape from tough times.

A door is a beacon of happiness that
shiness through the darkness,
something that draws in all.

A door is sadness that for ever rains tears
, a place that brings back sorrow.

A door is anger like a roaring fire,
A burning disaster to lash out and rage.

A door is by Josh C

A door is isolation,

secure and safe,

an escape from reality.


A door is hope,

courageous and strong,

never feeling down.


A door is a part of nature,

full of flowers and trees.


A door is future,

feel excited  and amazed.


A door is happiness,

with emotion and joy.


A door is the end,

leading to nothing.

The door is a… by Maddie T

A door is an adventure, waiting to be explored, a place to travel, or maybe it will stay a mystery.

A door is a portal, a way to escape, to get away from the world, or just to live your own life.

A door is a cage, trying to find a way out , you need urgent help, or maybe to keep yourself from harm, you just stay.

A door is the end, you have no time left, you will die, or if your lucky you will have a new life.

A door is protection, to keep you safe, you won’t be hurt, or you will stay on Earth forever.

A door of randomness…. By Zara D

A door is a journey,

Places from the unknown.


A door is a new beginning,

Waiting for a new start.


A door is your future,

Opening up to chase your dreams.


A door is your memories,

Rethinking your past.


A door is an adventure,
Going to places you’ve never been.

A door by Freyah W

A door is a barrier where you can’t get through,
it’s a never happy ending place,

A door is a worry of all your life,
all them worries are with you your whole life,

A door is a fire where you burn,
It’s where the door slams shut so you are stuck forever.

A mystery by Charlie

A door is a mystery,

an unexplored place,

a new beginning so open the door.

A door is love,

an imaginary place,

it is magical so open the door.

A door is a portal a stair way to heaven,

an adventure to a happy place,

so open the door.

A door is life,

it stands and falls,

it cries and laughs,

it has good times and bad times,

so open the door.

A door is your future,


a mystery,

and unseen.