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The weirdest dragon


Her toes are as long as rulers and are very light blue.

The weirdest dragon has very bright rainbow scales. They are smooth and hard. They protect her.

Her wings are rainbow too and look like pine trees. They are big and beautiful.

The weirdest dragon has a very small mouth that blows sweets like candyfloss, chocolate and sweets.

Her tail is rainbow and very long and it swerves like the ocean.

Her ears are long and have a swirl on them and they are orange with the blue swirl on them. The end




The dragon of the depths

The water dragon explores the depths, of the Arctic ocean.

Her eyes glow a seaweed green colour when danger is near.

She swims as hard as she can so she can look for food and shelter.

She says to her babies “don`t go too far!”

She comes out on a full moon and does not come out any other times!

So don’t  think that you will see her unless you are friends


The dragon in hellish flames

The dragon’s eyes were as red as hells

flames sparking at human souls.

He opened his mouth and lets out a roar.

His teeth like icicles covered in plack and

The deadly dragons skin was as scarlet

as dripping blood.

The scales were crumbling as

its core bursts into flames turning amber and

deep reds as thay wither up and die. The dragons

dry rubbery wings open up like a earthquake cracking

gravel blocked caves . It’s spine covered in scales like

barnacles cracking as it swishis above the clouds .

The dragons black touge slithers out of its mouth as

it gives a horrendous raw until the fire reaches its

head and the dragon goes silent.



The Guardian of Gold

The guardian of gold,

protecting it’s ancient artefacts.

The eyes of the guardian dragon,

are boiling suns glistening in the night.

It’s long golden tail slowly slithers

across the shining cave.

It’s silver wings fly as high as heaven.

It’s white jaws magnetic attraction,

It’s deadly talons are as sharp icicle,

Leaving a deadly trail of blood  and sequins on the floor.






The Icy Dragon

The icy dragon soaring threw the

midnight sky.

It’s freezing cold eyes glares

into your soul.

It’s huge wings are as

fragile as glass.

The claws are a dagger digging

into your crusty skin.

The tongue of the Icy dragon is as cold as

an icicle poking the life out of you.

It’s rough ruby scales glistening

in the moonlight.

It’s teeth is as sharp as your mind,

that’s when the light in you

is getting sucked out of you inside.



The Mischa Dragon

The Mischa Dragon,

watches their prey like a howk.

The Mischa Dragon has wings,

like a chicken.

The beedy black eyes stare,

like a pitch black night.

The Mischa Dragon’s tail,

is longer than one hundred lolly pops.

Claws as long as tree branches falling on a cold winters eve.

The Mischa Dragon’s teeth are sharper than a sharped pencil.

The Mischa Dragon’s tongue,

is slipper and wet like a swimming pool.

Leaving behind,

a drop of blood.

The Snow Dragon Flys Along By…

The winter dragon creeps along
by the softest snow.

Eyes are as gentle as sand 
spilling down a dessert hill.

Skin as sharp as a
new sharpened pencil.

The dragons teeth are like sharp icicles 
dangling from a huge ice block.

The jaws murder the pray
like a saw cutting wood.

The extra long tail swings back and forth 
like a new boomerang.

It will travel its way back to the depths
of the winter wonderland on a snowy night.

The mighty sea dragon

The mighty sea dragon’s wings are like loads of tiny pieces of coral stuck together

His dark dreadful eyes reel you into deep blue sea

The tail whips creating huge tsunamis,

flooding the cities above.

His claws are sharper than shards of broken glass,

laying on sand.

The horns on his head are pointy

like spears rushing through the gloomy sea.

Be aware of the sea dragon…

The Night Dragon.

The dragon Pauses as Still as a statue.

His misty eyes darker

than an eclipse in the dark sky.

Wings wiping in the wind

as he comes towards you with force.

Teeth so sharp there identical

to daggers shining in the moonlight.

Scales shiny and bright like

the stars shining through your window at night.

Tongue rough as Steal

and slippery like a banana peel.



The Midnight Dragon

The Midnight Dragons eyes glare at you like it wants to eat ur soul,

Jaws as thick as a tree branch untamed from the ground,

Skin as rough as sand paper scraping into ur insides,

Teeth as sharp as chainsaws,

Scales as pointy as a knife lying inside the kitchen,

Wings blow in the winters air, like a boats sail.