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Wait? What?- By Martha

Thud, thud, thud. Jake noticed a leak next to the window. Realising there was a storm. Starring out of it. His left hand scrambled around for the phone. Finally Jake thought. Pressing in the number 693,4577,820. 

It rang, fiery sparks escaped from the seem. A flush of panic ran through his head he look up. Now aware of multiple leaks but then. Wait? What? The holes in the roof, they were perfectly circular. 

Realising that he was in the bottom floor of the house ran up trying to figure out what room it was in. There was one room left tip toeing creeeeeeek he opened the door click the light flickered but eventually left Jake in utter darkness. There were two lights wait no they were eyes Jake screamed.

He woke up in his bed. Wait? What?. He ran down the stairs there were no holes no damp floors running back to his room the light worked perfectly. It was just a dream. Going down the stairs he looked at the roof laughing to himself. Wait? What? There were circular marks in the ceiling.

The scary night at the classroom by Zac


As the thunder rumbled the hard rain sounded  like it is firing  it self down. Against the windows and the walls suddenly the lights cut out. Mr Clark ran  to the light switch there was no point the light switch was hanging on on blue line and a red. The sound of something scraping across the wall , Mr Clark turned around slowly with fear. There was nothing there but 5 lines of scraped wall it had Split the fire alarm lines apart.

The back free likes flickered Mr Clark started to think , he was losing his marbles. He turned around there was a bloody scream Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! HELP MEEEEE there was a big thud. There was another thud it sounded like something dropped out out someone’s hand. Sssssss scrape scrape someone was walking up the stairs.

Stomp stomp stomp!!! There was something coming closer and closer the stomp’s got louder and louder . Mr Clark could see his bag floating in the air. Then the bag had thrown through the air. Mr Clark only just ducked just in time the bag went through the window. He sat crouched down and cried Mr Clark is one tough man but this could scare the death out of someone. It could probably scare the world’s strongest man to run through the glass yellow school door but thats exactly what Mr Clark did and ran to his car and he drove home still crying.

Suspense writing.


Alex got ready to go out, he wanted to go get some Doritos and coca-cola from the shop. He was hungry and bored. His housekeeper ,Jack, told him to be quick. “It’s too late for you to stay out long,” she said. “Ok,” he replied.

 As he went outside he noticed something. Thunder cracked over his head. He wondered what the something was. Curiosity got the better of him, he walked towards it, crouched next to it and realised it was a torch? Why was a torch here? He then noticed there was a man on the other side. “Is this yours?” He shouted at him. The man ignored him so he shrugged and took it to help him see. 

While shining the torch on the floor he then noticed 2 small little lights. He decided to ignore them but then he heard a smash and looked and his best friend Tom was running towards him.”What are you doing?” asked Tom. “I’m looking at these strange lights, what on Earth are you doing jumping out a window?” replied Alex.

“I was really bored,” said Tom “Can I come with you,”

“Yes you can, but what do you think these lights are?”

“What lights? Can we go to the shop now please I’m getting bored.”


They both walked off but suddenly Tom disappeared. “TOM? WHERE DID YOU GO” Shouted Alex. The lights appeared but this time lots and lots of them and they were forming words. Find him –> it was pointing towards the forest. People had got lost in there.

A few minutes he was in the forest. He had to save his friend. He sprinted towards the forest. He had been learning jujitsu for a year so he could protect himself. He went in the forest looking around and shouting “TOM!?” No reply. 

He noticed more lights and looked at them again. It was then that he realised that they weren’t lights ,THEY WERE EYES!? 

The hand by Anabelle

As thunder crackled in the air, Layla hugged her fluffy, pink flamingo pillow close to her chest. Lightning flashed in the sky and thick, grey clouds hovered above. Her mum’s shout startled her. “Tea time!” Her mum shouted. Layla was about to go down for tea when something caught her eye. There was an eerie glow coming from her neighbours bedroom window. There was a flash of lightning and a crackle of thunder and Layla could have sworn that she saw a thin, pale, bony hand on the window sill before the curtains slammed shut. What should she do? She thought. Should she go down to tea and pretend she never saw anything? Or should she go and knock on the door and find out if what she had seen was true? 

She could smell pizza and decided to decide what to do whilst she was eating it. She ran downstairs knowing that her mum was impatient and that she would be wondering what she was up to. She walked into the kitchen and saw her mum’s special pepperoni pizza and couldn’t wait to tuck in. She had a good view of her neighbours bedroom window from her seat at the kitchen table. The curtain was still closed. She wondered what Miss Smith was doing with her curtains closed at 6:37pm. She was usually watching a Christmas movie (even in May) at this time with all her curtains open and all of her lights on. Not just one, orange, eerie light. When she had finished her pizza Layla said night to her mum and went upstairs to investigate more about what Miss Smith was doing with a creepy hand.

When she was upstairs her clock was 10:28pm. How could that be? When she had finished her tea it was only 6:54pm, Layla thought. Her thoughts were interrupted by a movement in the corner of her eye. Miss Smiths curtains were open again. And there it was. The same thin, pale, bony, hand. Before she could reach for her phone to take a picture of proof the hands fingers clicked and Layla fell onto her bed, her eyes closed and she was plunged into darkness.

Suspense Writing by Lenny

As the sun shone, Zac crept down the rickety stairs. He peered out the window and thought to himself, ‘ how is it night already?’ He knew he had to disappear. He hopped in his Ferrari. Suddenly, his mobile started to ring. He answered  it and someone said, “look outside your Ferraris window…” Zac then wondered what on earth was going on? He got out of his Ferrari and saw some red stains on his neighbours window.

Curiosity got ahed of him. He then headed towards his neighbours house and found some flashing lights. It was 3:03AM. He sprinted back to his Ferrari. He did not want to know what had happened. He drove his Ferrari into the forest. He eventually got to the middle of the forest (Dead mans land). He found the ruins of the school of DOOM! 

Again, curiosity got ahed of him. Zac then found some flashing lights. He wandered over to them. They had black specs in the middle of them. He wondered if they were eyes. They were indeed… He then heard a high pitch scream! Zac was worried. Suddenly, he heard breathing…

It was just then when the thunder crackled over his head. Zac jumped back into his Ferrari and drove off at 381MPH. Finally, he was out of that situation. 

Suspense writing

The 5 year old boy by the name of Jimmy was getting into his warm and foamy double bed next to the boiling hot radiator on the bone freezing Christmas eve night. The mother walked in, in her dressing gown saying good night then counting down from ten then saying ,”MERRY CHRISTMAS.”   Then the boy falls asleep drifting away. Until a very high pitch ting ting ting screeeeeeech the bed side light flickered on and off the dad walk in with his huge pump shotgun saying “whats wrong hey ” I I I don’t know.” The door slams shut windows locked no screams are made… all of a sudden ho ho ho the doors open up and everyone is safe all thanks to SANTA.

The mystery mill.

As Mica walked up the old mills Spiral staircase, she saw two oak doors. She stayed waiting.Listening if anyone was in the rooms. She tried to figure out if someone or something was in the rooms. She finally built up the courage to pick one of the doors to go in. She first looked at the one to the left of her. She looked the the silver, dusty doorknob it had a handprint on it. Thats when she realised that someone had been in that room recently.


She had been standing there for five minutes walking up and down from one door to another. She knew her mum will want her back home for tea soon because it was getting dark outside. So she got her bag and walked to the door. She placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted to the left. It opened. Dust fell out of the fireplace and made the whole room fill with dust. * cough cough cough* She tried to walk in but the dust was to strong. 


Mica ran outside leave the old mills door open. All she could see was the dust rushing out of the door. After a while there was only a little bit of bust left but it was on the floor now. She stepped in for the last time and walked up the spiral staircase and walked into the room and and she saw a a message in a bottle until… Her phone started buzzing in her bag. She knew it was going to be her mum telling her she needs to come home. Although she wanted to take the bottle she left it there. She ran out and left the door open behind her.

The manor by Lilly

It was a stormy night, James and Jessie were looking for a comfy place to rest. Little did they know there was no such place for miles.”J-James where are w-w-we?” Jessie asked. “I don’t know Jessie but we need to find a place soon, we’ll freeze otherwise,” James replied cold out of his mind. 

They kept going for thirty minutes, until they found a large manor with something’s silhouette in one of the top windows. When they got to the doors they swung open. Looking through the rooms Jessie went up the stairs and saw two ruby eyes among the various boxes. “JAAAaaames…!” Jessie screamed as she fainted. 

Running up the stairs, James saw two ruby eyes and a cat looking at him and pointing to an oval coin made of silver. As the cat did this the eyes moved to the coin, James saw its body, IT WAS A WEREWOLF! James ran to the coin grabbed it and slapped the monster with it! The monster let out a blood curdling scream as its fur burned with silver flames around the place he slapped it.

The werewolf went up in the silver flames, when they died down a silver wolf cub with blood red eyes sat there looking at James hopefully. The cub noticed Jessie, walked over and licked her gently, Jessie woke up and cuddled the wolf. The cat came in and stared menacingly at James who gave it the silver coin.

Fred and the watch

Fred stared out of the church window, noticing the rain bouncing off the tiles. He watched as the lightning helped the oncoming storm swallow Gastonvil hole. 

Fred trudged out to his Honda  Hybrid. “Scckk!”

 He turned the keys “Scckk!”

 “Not again” Fred moaned as the engine gave up on him.

In two hours he would take his car for an M.O.T yet it wouldn’t be two hours it would be two minutes.

 He trekked towards the closest bus-stop. He watched as the monstrosity of a bus pulled up.


“54 queens street please,” said Fred politely as he handed the bus driver £1.50. 

“ping” went the till as the bus driver placed down the cash. Suddenly Fred saw something, he stared under the chair at the glistening thing. He walked over to the light. It was a leather black analog watch. In the flash of lightning it vanished. He waited and waited and then at that moment the watched slapped him across the face and fell to the floor he picked it up and began examining it. The bus stopped. He looked out the window to find himself at 54 queens street. This must be his stop.

He got off and ran inside “honey I’m home” called Fred.


Running, heart pounding, Elsie ran for her life. She entered a room she had never seen before. It was filled will boxes and crates all painted with some sort  symbol. All of a sudden, she heard a noise that sounded like scraping. She could only make out a small box in the corner of the room. It was rattling and shaking, but she had no time to worry about that she ran to the opposite corner and ducked behind a box. She could her them coming. She thought about what she could do.  


 Then she had an idea, she ran upstairs and there was a small trap door. As she opened it, and an black cat jumped out. She fell back and cut her hand. Then she pulled a little ribbon out of her pocket and wrapped it round. Then she said ” It came in handy after all. ” She jumped in and locked it. Luckily there was a red torch she turned it on. Then the trap door opened ” No I will never go with you, ” she screamed. Then she asked her self is this the end?