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Anywhere away from me

“Ewwwww” I cried, sitting in my nearly empty bathtub. A black sharp leg poked out of the drain. It was a useless spider, who was lurking in my pipes. Of all the places in my house the spiders always choose my dirty bath drain. My hair, my Bobby pins , my bobbles and especially the monster that lives in there couldn’t be a pull factor downwards my drain. There is a lot of places in my house that would be very suitable for a spider home e.g. my attic, my brothers room or my dads shoe just not near me

the Evel snack earth worm and caterpillar slash cat

The Evil Snake Earth Worm, Caterpillar Slash Cat.




The Evil Snake Earth Worm was recently discovered in the Hawaiian Islands. Scientists have been studying them and found out that they are capable of giving birth to seventeen babies at once. Although this reptile appears harmless, it could, if provoked, sting you with its venomous tail.  Read on to find out more fascinating facts about this reptile!



The Evil snake- Earth Worm has Multi-coloured eyes and a cheeky grin rainbow face. It has wings even though it can’t fly. It has cat ears and inside on them they are red.



Diet and not Diet

  • It eats rats, birds, humans, butterflies on its diet.
  • when it is not on diet bigots crisp, fries and sweets.


The Scorpion Beetle

The Scorpion Beetle


The scorpion beetle has only been discovered under a rock. Its abilities have made it a great newspaper subject but is there anything crucial we need to know. Scientists have been studying this beetle and have found some facts. Read on to find out some of them.


it is like the majority of beetles except it has 10 long, spider like legs that can stick to surfaces. Its wingspan can be up to 20 centimeters! It has a round head which holds two bulging eyes. Amazingly, it has sharp mandibles which are capable of biting through metal. It can grow up to 15 centimeters. On the end of its long scaly tail is a small stinger the size of a nail. even though it is small, it has a deathly, potent venom which is capable of killing a centipede.Stuningly, it has memorizing markings on its back which are a vibrant green and red. They mainly feed on other insects such as moths and centipedes.


it mainly lives in hot places such as deserts or sometimes under rocks if they get too hot. They like to climb trees, but they have been found in people’s houses. If you find one of these extraordinary specimens in your home, you should move away slowly or trap it in a mouse trap. They thrive in hot places but burrow underground at night; they are cold blooded creatures. When burrowed underground they will lay their eggs. They normally only lay two, but some can lay up to 12 eggs! Young Scorpion Beetles are only 2 centimeters on birth. BEWARE: this insect is extremely dangerous. Now you know all about this amazing creature. Stay safe and remember beware.


By Max



The Apple-Cider-Spider

The Apple-Cider-Spider

The Apple-Cider-Spider is a rare arachnid that was first spotted in 2019 in a stone wall in Cardiff. It may appear scary, but it is very friendly! Find out more about this peculiar species in this article:


Strangely, It has a total of ten legs, having an additional two legs for crawling around. It also uses its long, furry legs for escaping from superior spiders. It has two antennas that protrude from its head that holds its eyes. This spider is mostly blind, so it uses the two sharp horns to make its way around. Contrary to popular belief, the Apple-Cider-Spider got its name from the markings on its back that appear to look like an apple. Some of the species have black markings on its back, that type is extremely venomous and has an extra set of jet-black horns. It has a tail that has sharp spikes that dig into human skin and eject boiling poison that can kill in seconds. Normally, the Apple Spider only uses its tail if threatened, but black apple spiders will do it purposely. They will most likely eject their poison into a human eye or anywhere on the face.


Amazingly, the Apple-Cider-Spider has lived since 210 BC and lived in the depths of snow in Canada before it later started to settle into houses later along the line. It would crawl onto trains, planes, boats and into car without being detected. This is because it can fit into extremely small and cramped spaces. Now it can be spotted ANYWHERE, so check your bedroom floor, under your bed.

Where and what it does now:

Some Apple spiders are now being examined in laboratories across the world. The spider can get rid of poisonous gases and turn it into clan air, so it is good for the environment. If you want to see one yourself, look near brick or stone walls or, apples or apple cider bottles. But beware- these creatures are still out there and are deadly.

The elemental moths

These moths have been discovered 2 years ago in the humid areas of the United Kingdom and have been researched ever since we discovered it, and we have finally finished and doing a report on it. Would you know how to spot them? You would be surprised that they are related with how different their appearances and abilities are.


We will start with the male, the Flame Moth. it has a bright and colourful body consisting of red, orange and yellow. it has small eyes and straight antennae, making it easy to see for them. it has six small wings and a large flame thrower on its back making it harder to squeeze through tight spaces which its female counter part can with ease. Shockingly, it has a large body of 8 and a half CM which doesn’t help with his extra pair of wings.


Now for the female, The hydro moth has a dark and gloomy body containing blues and purple. It has large eyes and drooping antennae, making it harder to see. it has 4 large wings with a small waterspout, which helps it squeeze through small spaces. it has a regular body length of 6.5 CM, making it one of the smallest irregular moths of our collection.


Since their abilities are quite similar so I am squeezing them both into one. The hydro moth can shoot high powered water (or oil if threatened) to put out or increase the male’s mess. The female can shoot water up to 250 MPH! Alarmingly, the male can shoot fire as wide as 20 meters! The fire spreads faster than regular fire making it more dangerous to be around.


They prefer to live in rainforests because it’s wet for the female and humid for the male, making it the perfect living environment. The Flame moth tends to eat spicy foods such as peppers and spicy food left out, while the hydro moths prefer cool food like food that’s gone cold on the counter and ice.


Now you know what they look like, what their abilities are, what they eat and where they live. Be cautious and do not appear threatening to them, if you have any foods above, feed it to them and both will become tame and follow you around, just remember to keep safe out there.

The Spider Ant

The Spider Ant



The Spider Ant has just been located in the UK at the Three Sisters woods.   You might think it is just a spider but BEWARE this is no ordinary spider!  If the venom gets on you, you can die in about 33 seconds is venomous is ten times more than the black widow. It has twelve legs, but it is green so it well blends in with the trees to le more read on.



It can give birth to 29 babes at ones, and it sneaks into peplos bags to eat so they give birth quicker so beware there favorite is ham cheese apples and salad.



the shiver winged moth

Welcome. Recently explorers have found a new type of moth in an amber cave in the outskirts of Alaska. No need to worry it only attacks when trapped it is 29 CM long and 4 cm tall. We have got the new facts so. Now shall we tell you more.


Feature: This creature has many different limbs and features hear are the main ones.

This bug although possessing wings does not have the ability to fly yet It at the most can glide. Also, another use for the “wings” is it acts as a shell that is very sparkly in the sun so it can blend in with its food its shell is also as hard as steel.


This creature has poor vision in its deep vicious eyes, yet it makes up for it by having thermal sensors in the top of its antennas so it can be alerted when a predator comes nearby.


The shiver winged moth can use its scissor like tail to suck the nutrients out of berries or cut its way out of a trap it also has a liquid that can be ejected from its tail and in to the enemy this is lethal it is a more controlled and painless form of boiling magma.


Its skin is a vibrant yellow that makes the predator nauseous, and it has fur that is as white as snow, and it only shows the skin on the tail and round the edges this bug blends in with snow when you only give it a glance and it is even harder when it buries itself in the snow.


It uses its feet (which are stubs which it scuttles with) to climb up and on walls by latching on to the wall with its thousands of micro sized claws which look like fur on its feet to scale high surfaces and dig in snow.




This creature is calm unless trapped so it hunts for shards of amber herbs and berries for its food the tail is basically the knife for its food.



This bug lives in the snowy climates like Alaska Russia and Greenland it also makes it den by finding amber or a berry bush/tree and digging a hole in the nearest and biggest snow pile then hanging its eggs on the roof of its den.


Now I hope you have enjoyed this fact file and why don’t you try making a fact file for a bug and be careful thanks for reading

ST Wilfrid co 2022

The Tooth Bee-Long Nose

The Tooth Bee-Long Nose

The Tooth Bee-Long nose is a very beautiful insect because it is covered from head to toe in vibrant mixed colours.  Did you know that her name was originally taken from the normal bee? More humans say that she isn’t a normal bee, just because that’s her name doesn’t mean she is really a Tooth Bee – Long Nose. She is the queen of the Tooth Bees With Long Nose, so that makes her more special because all the bees must listen to her, she is also a little bit evil when you stole her food.

“The Tooth Bee” was discovered over a century ago.  Do you want to know more information about The Tooth Bee-Long nose? If yes, then read on. Maybe you will find what they eat, when they die and more nice things about that bee.


That be is very special, she even has black teeth she needs them because when someone will attack her, she cannot be hit by the other bee because the black teeth can protect her so the other bee will be hit when she is trying to hit the “The Tooth Bee – Long Nose!” Honestly! she got hit by TEN Bess and nothing happened after, the bee does not return because she fears what she sees.

The Poisonous crawler

The Poisonous crawler

The Poisonous crawler is not like any other astonishing insect, scientist have been studying this creature for a decade now. What would happen if you saw it and what does it look like? If you would like to find out carry on reading these appealing facts (which you should do) read the paragraphs below.



This deadly creature has ten longs legs that digs in your skin and muscles which leaves you with a headache and you’ll end up blacking out. Its whole body is more a less black but has little silver dots on its face so when it bites you, they will go massive. The size of this poisonous crawler is around 2cm, but it can go up to 3cm. This lethal creature is the size of a red admiral butterfly at full flight. Astonishingly, this creature can affect or even kill you in one minute! Always look out for this creature it could be anywhere at anytime!


Negative facts!

This venomous creature has killed up to ten people and affected over a hundred people which is terrible. The longest this creature has took to affect someone is three minutes. You will be very lucky if it has only affected you and not killed you. When this creature is dead and you touch it you could still be massively affected and given a illness.

Rainbow crawler

The rainbow crawler

The rainbow crawler is a dangerous type of butterfly and can be found anywhere even when your going work or even when you are going on holiday.It has been discovered for 10 years and from then no one has known about it.When scientists have studied the creature and know what the habits they have.But how would you know what it looks like? Read on to find out.



The rainbow crawler is the same shape as all butterflies, but there are many things that make it special.The creature has a venom flexible sting on the back of its body,spotty wings that make people sick,flappy wings that push you back like the wind and a venom poisonous body.Cautious: These venom animals can be found anywhere,at anytime,so keep your eyes open.

What it does

Some people like creatures and are not scared of them.The rainbow crawler can sting you with its flexible venom sting,it can push you back like the wind with its curly wings,it can sting you with its venom poisonous body. This will leave you in pain and you will not be able to go to the hospital because they won’t be able to take the venom out of you,so you will stay in indurable pain for a very long time.If you see this creature you should either run or trap it with a box.(You will have to be extremely careful).

                                                                     By Blessing