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Vegetable Invasion

Dear readers,

It all began when an alien left something behind in 1960.

In a farm a flying saucer left a vegetable in the hay!!! Two farmers found a vegetable in the hay. They brought the vegetable in a house and the vegetable turned into a MONSTER!!!

The next day more vegetables were found!!! Then they turned into monsters!!! Then, vegetables ruled the WORLD!!! 

You are now looking at the most wicked vegetable in the world!!! If you look at the vegetable’s eye for a second it will turn you into a cucumber!!! GO, RUN AWAY…FAST!!! 

The amazing GoldWater 300 Machine

Wow, so much gold! How can you get all that shiny gold? Get your gold with the one and only brilliant GoldWater 3000 machine! Where do you buy it? Amazon of course. This wonderful, amazing machine currently costs only £785.05. You only need tap water to put into the machine, press the button on the bottom left of the machine and HEY PRESTO … gold, gold, gold! Sell it, keep it, do any thing with it except from hitting the machine with the gold because that would make me and my team offended and break your machine. Batteries sold separately.

Rules for a Happy Life

These are the rules for a happy life.                                                                                                                            Rule 1. Bake a cake for your best  friend once a week.                                                                                            Rule 2. An hour at the playground every day.                                                                                                            Rule 3. Colour a colourful rainbow every Sunday.                                                                                                    Rule 4. Play card games with your grandparents.                                                                                                      Rule 5. Reading in bed for half an hour with my parents.
Rule 6. Go on a holiday twice a year.                                                                                                                        Rule 7. Go to the skate park to have some fun with your friends on your scooter.                                              Rule 8.  Cuddling your pet is very important.
Rule 9. Saying hello to your teacher every single morning.
Rule 10. Eating all your fruit and vegetables to be healthy.
Rule 11. Sleep at least 10 hours a day.



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Merlin’s mystical fun valley

Merlin’s mystical fun valley


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To play rules for keeping happy

  1. Don’t listen to what anyone says.
  2. Keep smiling.
  3. Do the things you love to do.
  4. You must not leave the house and occasion.
  5. Not to go to school.
  6. To play football all day with my friends.
  7.  To play Fifa all day online with my friends.
  8. When not playing football to be in pyjamas all day.
  9. To go down the British legion to watch live football.
  10. If I am not playing Fifa or football I will be playing fortnite.
  11. Do whatever you want.
  12. Live life to the full.
  13. Get a good job and be happy….


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Perfect Plushies

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Bewitching Broom sticks

Bewitching Broom sticks

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  • The Demon flyer
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