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Star ship

Captain Tom skillfully landed the Skyracer between two stone columns in the centre of a sand covered courtyard.Mini dust clouds blew across the ancient stone floor uncovering strange symbols carved into the stone slabs.At the far end of the courtyard was a large wooden door,it was slightly ajar.The wind howled beyond the walls of the courtyard and in the distance a huge sand storm could be seen fast approaching !!

The sky grew dark as the storm drew nearer. Captain Tom shouted “We need to find some shelter” pointing to a large wooden door. The crew rushed about collecting their backpacks and belongings, they climbed over the side of the Skyracers rails and headed for the wooden door, the sand swirled faster behind them.  Once at the door the crew pushed hard to open the thick, heavy door. Inside they were greeted by a black darkness, Wilbur lit some lanterns and a strange growling bellowed from deep down the corridor !!! 

How to Look After a Ghost Cat by Sofia

Your pet Ghost Cat will roam freely around the world as they can move at the speed of light. This makes catching one impossible, if you do ever catch up with them they will activate Ghost Form, Additionally you will not be able to grab it. However, if use a Ghost Cat miraculous then it will instantly be attracted to were you called from. A miraculous is a peace of enchanted jewellery, normally a ring or earing also Ghost Cats have very good hearing which helps them here prey in distant valleys ready to attack. it will see the miraculous from a very far distance and fly to you.

A magical collar is necessary because your Ghost Cat moves through normal solid object and could slip through a normal collar. Even young Ghost Cats can be very powerful so the collar needs to be made out of enchanted pure woven diamond threads. A collar will be important as all Ghost cats look identical.
Ghost Cats mealtime can be scary for people around because if you ever saw one eating meat it would be very aggressive towards you. You may end up being eaten yourself! So if you are around a Ghost Cat while it is eating keep your distance and stay calm because Ghost Cats can sense feelings around them so if your calm there calm to.
For its food, you firstly need to collect leaves for their plate, a Ghost Cat won’t eat off a plate. After this you need to find fat, juicy mice, birds and rabbits. Next you need to get warm milk. Ghost Cats LOVE warm milk! Ghost Cats believe than cats and milk are meant to be together. After they have had their food and milk they like to lay in front of a hot radiator. This is because you must let to sleep or they will be grumpy. Finally, after they wake up on their own, you get them a glass of water, because their mouths will be dry after their long snooze. This will result in a calm and happy Ghost Cat

Ghost Cats love to sleep and snooze somewhere warm. So your cat den must be dry and warm, but it does not need to be large. Ghost Cats will also go mad for a heated blanket, so get one if you can. You MUST NOT use hot water bottles because their sharp claws may puncture the bottle and they will get water all over themselves, which will make them very angry when they wake up. Waking up with wet fur is a nightmare come true for cats.

Shadow fax the sky-ship

They landed with a thump. Harry was scared. He never thought they would crash. Ed could see terror in his eyes as they got out of the wrecked ship. Once Ed saw a tree moving he suddenly knew where they were. Fangorn. Where the entra live.
The trees towered over the sky-ship like a stone giant. The leaves cast dark, gloomy shadows over the ground. Ed peered round a tree only to find that he was clinging to the leg of an entra. Ed recognized this entra from a legend that his father told him, it was Burntwood. He was huge. The biggest of the entra . His legs were tall with big clumps of moss growing on them and his arms were as long as a truck.
Harry and Ed froze where they stood. The Inky black sky surrounded them, the glow of its two moons lit up the trees and entra. One entra took a step forward and Harry and Ed started to run.

The Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider

Usually, Scarlet enjoyed travelling in the air, but today was not that day. Scarlet was biting her lip whilst she looked up at her brother Josh, who hung off the ship’s ropes, and he was as happy as ever, laughing and smiling. They had left their home town of Queen’s Lynn about three weeks ago. They should have reached their destination by now, but they got knocked off course by a violent storm.

At that moment, some Devil Owls, who were the most dangerous and terrifying creatures in the sky, forcefully bashed against the sky ship, causing it to rock from side-to-side. Josh saw five of them come out of a black and red, storm cloud and dark matter was being spat out of the owls’ mouths towards the Ghost Rider. Scarlet was freaking out and struggled to regain control of the unmanageable ship. Tilt after tilt, the owls disappeared and everyone went silent. Scarlet’s hands slipped off the wheel, causing the ship to tilt and quickly tumble down towards the land below.

“Get ready to land!” Scarlet yelled.

A second later, the ship dipped down into the very deep sky and moved very fast past the clouds. Then, Josh found a random lever which he decided to pull. All of a sudden, the sky ship was floating in the mid-air and they softly descended to solid ground. They had managed to escape the Devil Owls.

Scarlett stared in horror as the city rushed up to meet them. They were tilting ever downwards to what looked like an aichent, destroyed city. Scarlett struggled control the tiller trying her best to steer the Ghost RIder towards an open space on one of the buildings by josh’s side. Scarlett stood clutching a grappling iron, fending off a strange, flying creature from the skin of the balloon. Its huge talons tore into the covering and sliced an irreparable tear.

All around them loomed destroyed towers. One must have been looked appeared to be crumbled to death. Infront of them They had found a mossy, hidden doorway inside one of the towers was huge empty. The colossal windows had been completely shattered during the apocalypse.  in a far corner there was a very towering old looking statue of the mayor that used to run the city. The place itself was lonely, boring and dull, they found no one in the city they only found undead people wondering aimlessly in a trance. Scarlett thought the place was haunted … she was right! They rushed back to the Ghost rider to just figure out what they are going to do next. the people had left some random materials and some weapons! they heard a strange noise … they all went frozen still and speechless.

The Celty

It hurt. His eyes hurt. They stung and his body felt itchy. “Soft?” He thought. He was right. Instead of landing in the capital, they were somewhere MUCH worse. Dragon Dunes. Dragon Dunes was a place full of black sand, volcanoes, and oppression. Everywhere you looked there was creeping movement as dragons writhed over each other blood thirsty monsters, slithering, sensing, salivating in their unending quest for nourishment. The heat crept up against meas if it were a person. You could also smell the burnt ashes of dead bodies, it reeked. “Eren, Hawk, we should probably get walking since Dragon Dunes is most famous for the weather drop at night.” 

They walked miles before reaching a small, discreet village. The moon was about to fall beneath the horizon as the trio arrived. Cobblestone houses lined either side of the cramped lane, barely distinguishable from each in the meagre light cast by the dim gas-lamps dotted here and thereA small pond sat in the middle of the town with fire frogs hopping about. As Mikasa bent down to touch the glistening water, a voice cried out,” Get down and don’t move!” They were threatening them.    

A Skyship Adventure Story Part 1

Max gulped as he peered over the edge of the railings, gripping them so hard his knuckles started to turn white. He glanced at me, Jess, I was in my element. I was perching on the back of the deck, swinging my legs over the edge joyfully.

We were passing over a fantastic city with multicoloured skyscrapers that were so tall they nearly touched the bottom of The Zodiac. Inhabiting the city was lots of rainbow coloured people including a lilac mother cradling a azure baby, a lime green teenager skateboarding down a ramp and a scarlet man rushing to work clutching a navy briefcase. I overheard Max begging Captain Sham to let us land here but he said that we had a destination already.

Suddenly, Max screamed as an enormous goblin-like creature, the grindewald, loomed into our view. I hurried into my cabin to get the repellent but it was nowhere to be seen. ‘I’ll just have to fight it off myself,’ I thought. I dashed outside to see Max huddling in a corner, trying not to be seen by the terrifying creature.

“We have to land. It’s too dangerous!” cried Captain Sham over the megaboom. He pushed a lime coloured button. Abruptly, the skyship started to descend. I gasped in amazement as a gigantic forest came into view, it was breath-taking. The forest was obviously enchanted but I would much rather be in the city of Euphoria visiting my mystical grandma.

Sky Ship Adventure Part Two

Lily stared with fascination, as she took in their surroundings, infinitely tall pine trees with animals scurrying along their spindly branches, in the distance vast mountains, lightly dusted with snow like iced buns. Trees around them were bent and broken, where the sky ship had crash landed. Tom peered over the railings at the everlasting forest around them.

Behind the wall of pine trees an old house stood, stone walls gaped over a door which was ajar, with rusty windows. The house looked as if abandoned years ago, nature intertwined around the roof and weaved in and out gaps in the walls. Next to the house, an over-grown garden lay, full of flowers. To the over side a rusty bike lay, old and forgotten. The place itself was quite empty and oddly silent as the hurricane blew off west.

The evening sun had already cooled down the forest, as the last few animals went to bed. Ten minutes later the twins found themselves standing alone on the Icecracker. With strict orders from Captain Alex, not to leave the sky ship at all costs. The rest of the crew had headed off to search the house and to find supplies for the night. Tom and Lily gazed out their shared cabin window in silence, watching shooting stars gollop across the night sky, and over the glowing yellow moon.

At that moment, the twins heard a heavy footstep right behind them…

A Skyship Adventure Story Part 2

We continued to drift gradually down to the grassy earth. Soon, I heard a thud as The Zodiac, our skyship, hit the ground.


After asking Captain Sham, Max and I strolled down the wooden ramp and into the woods.

We landed in a vast forest made up of infinitely tall trees grouped together tightly, forcing their way through the clouds. The miniature pixies scratched at our heels as we stepped off the ship.


I could hear the wonderful songs that the blue **** sing in the leaf-green trees. I could smell a faint scent of freshly baked cookies, wafting up my nose. We began to wander around, treading carefully, just like in our training. I broke away from Max and ran over to the nearest tree; I started to climb it swiftly. It was the perfect tree for climbing. It had gnarled bark to grip with, thick leaves to smother myself in and a tall, wide personality.


Max started yelling at me to come down but I pretended that I couldn’t hear him. ‘He’ll never get up here, he’s terrible at climbing!’ I thought triumphantly, little did I know that by not listening to him I was making a grave mistake.


Suddenly, it started to rain hailstones as large as tennis balls, they scraped and scratched our skin as we sprinted. We tried to find shelter but there was nothing there. After dashing around for about half an hour, Max called me over to the base of a tree. I hurried over to him and gasped as I saw the gaping hole in the ground.


We shared a look. I knew what he was thinking. I crawled into the tunnel and made myself relatively comfortable. Everything went dark as Max crawled in after me. A moment later, the doorway opened again.


We waited there for what seemed like days but was probably just hours. The vibrant sunset glinted through the opening of the hole as we stared in awe at the rapidly changing sky.


Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the undergrowth. We weren’t alone…


Laura had looked all around the dark scary room, checking she had left none of her old dirty clothes all scattered along the mucky floor. This could be the greatest day if her life! Getting to travel the world on a sky ship, AND FOR FREE! This was her dream. She had always wanted to taste pizza from Italy, baguette from France, sushi from China. Ahhh she just pictures her next to the Eiffel Tower taking pictures to show her family and make them extremely jealous… haha! She really was excited. Never had she felt butterflies in her stomach this often, alought she was a little nervous, she was doubting herself. She had to drive a sky ship! All by herself. I mean you need to have talent to do thatPlus, it’s a 90,000-pound sky ship. I mean that got to be heavy! As the day went on Laura began to realise it’s all ok! I’m going to travel the world. Nothing can be more exciting than that! 


Laura walked cautiously towards the humungous sky ship; she was in shock about how big the sky ship was! She looked around the sky ship, it has dark grey steel walls with huge windows the size of tv’s. The moment she walked in that sky ship she knew this is where I’m meant to be. She went to the pilot’s cockpit, it was huge. With vending machines, huge steering wheels, chairs to comfortable you could relax in them all day! The chairs were leather. It seemed to be an awful fancy sky ship! Which in a way was really a good thing? Suddenly Laura heard footsteps, a tall man in a suit walked in! Who are you exclaimed Laura?! I’m your butler madam, replied the tall man politely. Oh sorry, I never knew I had a butler. I’m living the 1st class life thought Laura! What can I get you? Asked the man. A coca cola, replied Laura gratefully. You can call me Paul, he replied. 


It was only a couple seconds until the sky ship took off! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, TAKE OFF! And off they went. The gigantic sky ship lifted off the hard concrete one second they were inches above the floor and the next minute they were almost in space! Wow, thought Laura. This ship goes fast. Yes, replied Paul, we have the best fuels you can get in this country, only for the best! Laura felt like royalty. She’d never lived this kind of life before. When she was a kid, she had 8 brothers! That must have been hard. 8 boys making a mess, wow no wonder she had A LOT of chores. So, this was a huge change considering someone done something for her. 

All of a sudden… the sky ship, it was shaking. Laura was too busy thinking about how good it was in the sky ship she forgot to control the sky ship! AHH, Laura was basically wasting her time, instead of screaming she should be steering! Laura gripped her hand on the steering wheel, and began steering. Where are we going Laura screamed? I don’t know replied Paul in fear, you’re the pilot! Yes, ok I know that Paul. You’re not really, helping. The ship began to straighten, it wasn’t too well, all over the place! Where would you like to go Paul, asked Laura. To the magic land of fairies and goblins, Paul replied. What? Where’s that Laura asked in confusion? You don’t know where that is, I’m shocked! Let me steer, said Paul. Ok… said Laura in doubt. 


The next thing Laura knew, they were in the middle of nowhere, where on earth are, we? Asked Laura. The magic land of fairies and goblins! Oh, it’s… stunning. Yes, of course it is. Suddenly Laura’s coat began to lift off her shoulder’s. Who is that?! It’s ok, it’s one of the fairies. That fairy is Blueberry. Well, hello blueberry. Blueberry was too small for Laura to shake her hand, so Laura just picked her up and hugged her. Laura and Paul had become great friends, they went mountain climbing, painting, looking for goblins, meeting up with fairies, having tea parties with fairy’s, goblins and more mythical creatures. But nothing could be more fun than going to a fairies Birthday party! They shared a bunk bed in fairy Jessica’s house. They were friend’s forever. The end. 

The adventures of the Sky Patroller. Part 2

As the Sky Patroller skidded across a narrow path, black shadows rolled in, and the darkness appeared . “Where are we Ben?” Asked Isla, in a worried voice.                                                                       “Why are you asking me?” said Ben. “Well, it was your idea to land here, remember.” Alex replied. They stepped out of the Sky Patroller, and went to explore. The three children had lots of fun seeing all the tall trees, big bubbly ponds, and huge grassy hills. There were smooth, grey, stone statues of people training dragons.                                                                                                          They hadn’t noticed that they were being watched…

The children walked a long way, just to find a cave. There were piles of dusty, dark rocks. It also felt a bit scary! Alex took one step inside, then they heard a noise. The three friends turned slowly, and in the darkest corner of the cave, they saw something moving. They had woken a creature.         It came out into the light of Alex’s torch, it had huge wings, giant horns, it had shimmering blue scales, with sparkly yellow eyes…                                                                                                                       It was a DRAGON!

They quickly ran through a deep, dark forest, past tall, scary trees. But where was the                   Sky Patroller? “QUICK! we must find it” shouted Isla.                                                                                The drooling mouth of the terrifying beast was getting closer. What were they going to do? How will they escape? Was this THE END?…