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Chapter 4 escape

Chapter 4:


Frantically,Ron escaped as building collasped. He got stopped by a car as the building almost squished him like a pancake.He was running to find another that was safe.


Instantly,he looked around so he didn’t get in trouble.But he got in trouble:He locked himself in a room.But the man kicked the door and he was super aggressive to Ron he escaped and started rushing.He went home and a monster scared him.


Furthermore,he found a suspicious door that was hovering in the air but the monster was grinning at me because I made him mad and started fighting me.Quietly,Ron sneakily jumped high to the door.


It’s the Emporium but it’s so beautiful like an exotic flower popping.But the owner was a bit surprised and started talking to Ron.Hey said the owner are you same person yes said Ron the owner said to Ron don’t take the emporium it’s too dangerous said the owner.Ron got scared and saids okay the owner start cutting off the traps.

The mask of Godrevy Class

The mask of Godrevy is made from

The yellow rays of bright sunshine of golden corn

The fluff of cotton candy and sticky, gooey marshmallows

The vivid colour of sweet, wild strawberries with the scent of a fresh rose

The sound of us playing with our friends

The shine of glittering sand on a sunny day

The crust of strawberry jam on toast; the toast our backbone, the jam holding us together.

The mouth watering caramel cake that smells of a scented candle

The shine of a golden bar sparkling with joy

The fur of a red panda tingling with excitement

Screeching in wet play with delight

Honey sponge cake making fond memories to treasure

The bright shine of the moon reflecting on our keen faces

This is the mask of Godrevy class.

The book of marvels

“My  name  is  John Silver,” he  said,  staring  at  Raj , until  he slowly  stepped  back.  His  pupils started  to  enlarge.  “This  is  my  emporium.  Do  you  like  it?”  but  Raj  was  too  startled   to  speak  and nodded  quickly.  “You  are  free  to  look  around  but  you  do  not  have  consent  to  touch  the  book!”


A few seconds later Mr Silver had vanished with a puff of smoke and his hat fell to the floor. Raj was alone in the colossal room. He turned around and steadily opened the book. Every crisp, yellow page had a different idea for a marvellous new place. There were drawings of  futuristic buildings and skyscrapers, formula 1 cars racing on lengthy circuits and snowflakes falling on the ground.


The next  thing  Raj  knew,  he  had  a  pen  in  his  hand  and  he  was  drawing  a  rocky   beach,  seagulls  flying  majestically  in  the  sky, and  a  blue  ocean   that  went  as  far  as  he  could  see  – she  drew  the  thing  she  yearned  the most.


“This  way,”  the  raven  trilled  and  started  flying  to  a  mahogany  door  and  a  glossy  gold handle,  Raj  thoughtlessly  followed.  He  entered  through  and  felt  the  rocks under  his  feet. He peered  at  the  bright  yellow  sun  and  found  that  everything  he  drew  was  there  in  front  of  him.  Without hesitating,  Raj  accelarated  forwards  and  didn’t  look  back. 


His  heart  thudded  firmly,  the  beach  had  everything  you  would  need:  colourful  beach chairs  to  sit  on;  beach  umbrellas  to  block  the  sun;  beach  houses  to  stay  in;  buckets and   shovels  to  make  sand  castles;  and  bottles  of  water  if  someone  gets  hot.  “Hello” Raj  called as  if  someone  was  there,  but  no  one  responded.


Seconds  later  Raj  heard  a  mysterious  sound.  He  turned  around  and  saw  a  giant  black figure  staring  at  him  with  its  glowing  red  eyes.  A  moment  later,  the  figure  started running  towards  Raj.  He  ran  the  other  way,  as  fast  as  his  legs  could  take  him.  He darted  forwards  and  didn’t  look  back.  He  darted  towards  where  the  door  was  but  nothing  was  there  except  for  more  rocks  going  onwards  and  not  stopping.  Wherever  he  looked  he  saw  the  figure.  “Come  back!”  wailed  a  voice  behind  him.

The petrifying screams

If I was summoned

To create a treasure,

I would take:


The jagged claws of a lion scraping against a tree,

The deep roars of a miserable bear,

The screeches of a deer bleeding in horrifying pain.


The deafening explosions of Mount Fuji erupting in Japan,

The ear-splitting vrooms of a smooth, astonishing Lamborghini Aventedor.


The antique televisions zapping and buffering when trying to watch Father Ted,

The brutal, saddening gunshots and deaths in World War I.


The petrifying screams from the hallways of a haunted house that rests on Elm street,

The continuous, curious smiles of Michael Myers.


The rage of a tornado playing tig with humans,

The voice of waves echoing in my ear from a tsunami still haunting me.

the mysterious doors

terious doors  


The midnight door,  

if you go through it, you will start feeling your fear uprising and if you start to look around you will see fire everywhere, 



The red door, 

you start to see roses blooming everywhere when you can then feel an overcoming love for everything. 


The gold door, 

when you go through it you start looking around and you can just see gold bars and money everywhere. You feel as though you can buy anything and act however you want. 



The ink door, 

when you walk through it you start to feel happier than you usually are and if you wander about for a while you start to see cars racing each other through the streets. 


The cloud door, 

when you walk through you see tonnes of little rodents scurrying around your feet and you try to climb a tree, but it turns out they’re also made of mice, and you are on a cloud city so you cannot run anywhere. 


The amethyst door, 

When you walk through the magical door you see purple shards called amethyst, They start hurting your feet because you don’t have any shoes on, so you grab your trusty knife, and you carve it into shoes. 

In the room of footballs

In the room of misty mountains,

I walk higher till I get stuck in the miserable monster’s mouth.


In the room of footballs,

The footballs fly into the net.


In the room of ice,

The water freezes as fast as a cheetah rapidly running to consume it’s prey.


In the room of planets,

I silently walk on solid ground just as I am about to eat my third meal of the day.


In the room of foods, 

I munch on my fries like an animal that hasn’t eaten for a week.


Space goblins

Although space goblins rarely come down from the stars, scientists have found out that space goblins are going extinct as the earths atmosphere it’s staring to warm up space. Extraordinary, the space goblin, who can weirdly only eats stars, lives on the planets whilst scanning the galaxies for food. They have thick scales that acts like armour, massive beady eyes that can see for miles and webbed feet so they can swim through space.