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The Pocket Goblin – by Florence

The pocket Goblin (also known as sinum cobolorum) is the smallest goblin in the UK, as they are only 7cm tall on average. They are a rather common species of goblin, and some people even keep them as pets. An interesting fact about pocket goblins is that they tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth; they will happily munch away at anything sugary they can get their hands on.




 Usually, pocket goblins are a mix of cyan and grey but can have a tad of green added into the mix. They have big dark eyes that help them to see in the darkness of someone’s pocket. An extremely noticeable feature of this goblin is its large ears that -similarly to the elephants- help keep them cool on hot days. Although this goblin’s nose is small, it has a very strong sense of smell. If you have one as a pet then I’d advise that you don’t use too much perfume. As I have mentioned in the introduction, pocket goblins are very small and come in at about 7cm tall and weigh around 200-300g. That’s about the same weight as a rat!




I’ll give you a clue… it’s called a pocket goblin. As you might have guessed, they live in people’s pockets. But did you know that the pocket goblin has a preferred type of pocket? If not then read on. Scientists have discovered that pocket goblins much prefer a wide deep pocket (such as one on a dressing gown) rather than a thin shallow one. This is because pocket goblins feel safer in deep pockets and have more room to move around. And of course, they like the comfort but are able to sleep almost anywhere. 


The golden goblin


The Gold Goblin 

The Gold Goblin is an exceedingly rare creature. In fact, it is so rare that many people believe that it is mythical and does not really exist. They are active at night when people are asleep. Surprisingly, its body can glow in the dark. This is useful when it is looking for gold in dark caves or mines. 

The Gold Goblin can disguise itself very well and its body reflects like a mirror. Additionally, it reflects the environment. This creature is harmless but if you take its gold, it will attack you. Shockingly, it is the same size as a gold bar. It can camouflage in its rusty, old mine. 

This beast lives in the gold mines and looks for gold around the mine and in the tunnels. It has a Cavern and did you know? It has 4 friends with him that help him out. Additionally, it goes in the tunnel but under houses and sometimes the people that live in the house may drop gold by accident. And, luckily for the goblin, the people by accident could drop 2 gold bars. 

This monster eats stones from the mine and it grows fruits and vegetables but they are rare because they are gold. For dessert it has crispy, gold flapjacks with gold ice cream. But the food must be gold. As well as this, it cannot drink water or if it does, he will get poisoned and pass away. 

This creature is incredibly attractive to others because the gold reflects around the city. Its armor is bullet proof for example, if someone shoots at it will ricochet back to them. Did you know that the gold goblin can jump up to 20 cm. So, it can see its gold. Surprisingly, it can be seen throw the walls of gold and it has an incredibly good sense of smell for gold so it can find gold in about 5 to 10 minutes. 

It likes to eat golden food, plays uno and likes to play football with its friends and loves to eat desserts and it likes to sleep a lot and in its free time it goes shopping with its friends. 

Make sure you save the Gold Goblins from their extinction, do not feed them normal food, feed them their gold food and as well as this do not give them water or it will get poisoned by the water.  


The Clock Goblin

The Clock Goblin 


The Clock Goblin breaks clocks and then lives inside of them and to make room they eat the cogs that were inside the clocks. 

The Clock Goblin has a big mouth and a big torso which it needs to eat to eat the cogs. They have miniature feet which is surprising because you would think that it would need big feet to stay standing but it doesn’t because they usually stay still and eat. They usually measure up to 13.5 cm as an adult and as a child they measure up to 8.5 cm. 

The Clock Goblin is known for living in clocks but sometimes they live inside of little crevices in the walls of houses, if you try and search for a clock goblin in your walls, you probably won’t find one because they fill in the holes when they are inside of them so they have a little place to store their food. If The Clock Goblin lives in a clock that gets fixed, they usually leave when the clock gets fixed and then they go and find a new clock to break and live in. 

The Clock Goblins usually eats: cogs, dust (gathered from inside and on top of the clocks), flies, and wood. Their favourite thing to eat is cogs and their least favourite thing to eat is wood. 

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons they eat cogs is so they can make room to live. Surprisingly, The Clock Goblins eat the dust so they can keep the insides of ‘their clock’ clean. 

The Clock Goblin has only two hobbies, changing the time on clocks and exploring to find new clocks to live in. 

This Species of Goblin is on its way to being exctinct. If you would like to help, this is what you need to do, not throw your broken clocks away and don’t fix the crevices in your walls. Please help The Clock Goblin. 


Kissing Cloud Goblin

   Kissing Cloud Goblin 




When you first come across the Kissing Cloud Goblin you will be baffled by the size and weight of this creature. Although it may look cute, its vibrant, red lipstick is poisoned with yellow spotted lizard venom from Texas. Within a single touch, you will be dead in a matter of seconds. As well as this, it lives in the fluffy, white clouds of Peru. 

The Kissing Cloud Goblin has a fluffy, white layer of fur, like a poodle. Also, he carries around a silk bag the colour of the magnificent sky. The inside of the bag is a modern purple colour with ruby red lipstick containers to kiss the dead or soon to be. Surprisingly, the Kissing Cloud Goblin drips blood from its mouth to scare small animals though, it fears them more than the animals are. 

The Goblin lives in the clouds of Peru disguised as a cloud so not a single soul could spot it not even its mates. Typically, the Goblin will avoid any storms for it will faint if a single drop of water touches it then the power of cold will make it faint. Curiously, the Goblin always uses thunder storms to shepherd away the enemies.  

It is thought that the Goblin eats meat though it likes tropical fruit like mangos, kiwi, and avocados and many other fruits. However, the consequences of it stumbling across a pineapple pizza are common for it loves pineapple but if it consumes pizza of any sort it will die.  

As if this was not enough information the Goblin smells like fish but it never eats fish or goes near the seaside for laughter if children creep the living out of its body. As well as this, it may appear in your mind that this is a gigantic goblin but really it is the size of a pin! 

This tiny goblin likes its kiss to be the best of kisses so as any sane goblin would do it practice kissing on……..a punch bag with a picture of its love on the front of it. As well as this they like sun gazing as they can see the rays of light coming from the sun so they like to spot patterns in the rays. 

For these reasons you would not like to encounter the Kissing Cloud Goblin for it may be your last glance so next time you go to Peru make sure you do not sleep above the clouds for it could and probably be the end of your life. 

The teacher-clone goblin

   The Teacher-Clone Goblin 



 The Teacher-Clone goblin is rather common. Perhaps you may have seen this adorable creature in your local schools but if you are a teacher, beware! Generally, these creatures are harmless to us humans, although they have been found to attack teachers with cuteness before cloning them. Surprisingly, this curious creature is super nice to children with learning disabilities. 

Almost all of these fantastic creatures have soft black fur; hamster-like cheeks; chestnut-brown puppy eyes and pale brown ears with great hearing. Unusually small, this creature is one of the most miniscule goblins to ever exist at only 20cm (about twice the length of the long edge of a credit card)! Amazingly, this goblin adores teachers and when cloning makes sure that they pursue the best version of the teachers’ selves. 

Many people believe that the teacher-clone goblin lives in trees on playgrounds of unsuspecting schools but this is not the case. They have been found living in teachers’ supply cupboards and drawers as well. These creatures are only found in primary schools in Northamptonshire and Susant land. Cutely, they have been found making dens out of children’s school books and tests. It even helped mark the SATs! 

Some of their favorite foods are snacks that the teachers left such as: Chocolate chip cookies; Walker’s prawn cocktail crisps; Whiteboard pens; Protein bars; Cheese sandwiches and peperoni sticks (extra spicy). As tea is very delicious to the species, they love to drink it. Also, don’t ever give them coffee they hate it! If you want to give these cute creatures a treat leave a doughnut and some custard creams as these are their ultimate favourites.  

Here are some fun facts about The Teacher-Clone Goblin. Weirdly, this creature enjoys doing crosswords and puzzles before drifting off to sleep. They were discovered about a decade ago after a mysterious mess was left in the cupboard of Miss Smith at Meadowside primary school in Burton Latimer. These are the most intelligent goblins known to man as they can tell the time and solve math problems. 

One of the many hobbies of this amazing creature is typing up fun lessons for the teachers, the kids love it as well! Also, they enjoy reading books, sharpening pencils and completing the children’s homework. Doing all of these activities expands their vocabulary. 

In conclusion, we believe that this creature deserves a chance. A chance to live in peace not fear. If you have one of these goblins in your school, please make sure that the dinner ladies don’t cook it because that is the main cause of these poor creatures’ death. Be a good person and raise money for the teacher-clone goblin! 

The Element goblin

Element Goblin 

The Element Goblin is endangered because it is being hunted by people for money. If you meet it, you must be incredibly lucky but you should run away. 


Amazingly, its appearance changes with every power it uses. For example, if it uses its fire powers it can morph into its fire-like form. On its right hand it can change elements with one Click. Its size is unknown since it grows an inch every year. And lives forever. It wears tattered clothes with mouldy rags. 


It is thought that it lives in cities and towns but it actually lives in hot, rocky, windy, or wet and cold places except for the earth’s core. When it is in its natural habitat it will camouflage itself to stay safe from the hunters. 


They like most things from the ocean such as sea snails, dried kelp, and fish like whales if they are already dead. Interestingly, it sometimes digs into the earth to eat worms and termites. 

Surprising features 

It has two horns, the one on the right has a devil horn and the one on the left is a unicorn horn so it shows its happy side and its angry side. In addition, when it is angry it uses its earth powers to make an earthquake. Also, it can create tsunamis, tornados, and volcanoes. Another cool ability is that it fuses 2 elements together to create the ultimate power which is very deadly to fish and other life forms. 


In its free time, the goblin enjoys going on lots of journeys and exploring distant lands. On its travels it can come across groups of other Element goblins. 


If you ever bump into one make sure you do not make it angry unless you have a death wish. Do not let this sweet innocent creature fool you because it is not what you will be expecting.  

The Fox Booma Goblin

The fox booma, that is a goblin, has a tail that can change colour every season. In fact, their claws are soft but sharp. Also, their eyes can turn white in winter, yellow in spring, orange in autumn, baby blue in summer!                                         

What do they look like? 

Strangely, the Fox Booma has a flower head shape. Also, it has really puffy fur, it wears shoes, socks, a top and trousers so it can be disguised as a human and then claw your face to eat it. 


Where do they live? 

It lives in a wild forest in Alipix street. There are a lot of trees and flowers. Lots of other goblins like to live there too like the Flower goblin or the Monkey goblin. 


Surprising fact 

They sometimes go into kid’s pools and hide and when they are floating, they bite them mostly on their fac or back. When they bite them, they drown and then eat them 


Another fact 

Normally, they like to have a power nap so then they would not be grumpy. Then go to Mrs Alivia’s house then feed them strawberries and pancakes. 



The Arctic Goblin

The Arctic Goblin 


Generally, it’s very rare to spot Arctic Goblin. This is because it only appears in two countries: Canada and England. Almost all of the creatures also have wings to fly around their frozen habitat.  



The Arctic goblin is three meters tall and has a potbelly. The majority have a pale white skin colour, which helps them camouflage in the snow. Several of them wear a black leather jacket and silver chains around their fat neck, giving them a bad reputation. Furthermore, they have sleek, jet-black hair caught in a mow hawk. 




Interestingly, the species live in the north of Canada on the top of massive ice bergs, where they scout for their prey. Surprisingly, they can be spotted in the north of Greenland. 




Many people believe that this curious creature is carnivorous since they regularly fly all the way to York to kidnap Terrier goblins then take them to their tribe, where they will devour it in a sacrificial ceremony. They like the Terrier goblin’s taste since to them it has a distinctive taste of spicy beef tacos. If hungry, they will also eat little kids.  


Surprising Features 

Unusually, this goblin can shoot ice-freeze darts from its mouth, which will kill the victim in less than five seconds. Another deadly feature is that it has five inched talons which eject deadly venom into any other species apart from itself. Nevertheless, it is impossible to harm them since their skin is as hard as cubic boron nitride. A few of them are friends with the Menacing Goblin tribe. 



This species of goblin likes to scare little kids when it is bored as it loves the screech of horror from their mouths, as they gain energy from their fear. Weirdly, they also like to capsize ships with their tribes. 



Typically, they are deadly creatures and overall, you don’t want to meet them. 

the school goblin

The School Goblin 

The school goblin lives in Meadowside Primary and it lingers under the school desks. Unsurprisingly, its main purpose is to terrorize small children. Conveniently, it fits under the desks of children (even though it is quite fat). 


It has the mystical wings of a devil and horns as deadly as venom. Surprisingly, it has black horns unlike a devil. However, its skin is red and scaly. This devilish creature is typically between 30 and 40cm (about 1.31 ft) tall and is usually very plump because they love to snack all day long!  


These naughty creatures love to steal the teacher’s snacks! In fact, their favorite is cookies. Also, they take lunch from innocent little children, although they always leave the crusts from sandwiches. As a result, the poor children don’t have any food left to eat so they go hungry all afternoon! They are left with nothing. 

Surprising features 

Interestingly, they manage to hunt little kids and tickle their feet and get them in trouble for giggling. They really are a terror! Strangely, they are also brilliant swimmers and they enjoy getting the coach to the swimming pool with the children when they have swimming lessons. A final fascinating fact is that they like to sharpen pencils and when people are naughty, they throw a pencil at them! 


These interesting creatures are very helpful in keeping children in check at school. Please join our campaign to raise awareness and help them with their snacking addiction. Thank you.  

Ye Olde Terrier Goblin

The Terrier Goblin  

             Written by Charles and Jack 

The Terrier goblin is a moderately rare species of goblin; less than 3000 are still alive. Usually, they can be seen between 11.00am and 1.30pm (Lunchtime). This is because it is currently being hunted by two other species of goblin. 


This strange looking creature has a visible pimple on its nose. It has a short tail around 10 to 18 cm (about 7.09 inches). Furthermore, it has a ragged brown cloak to blend in with the public. In addition, the skin of this goblin resembles that of a chameleon, making it an expert in disguise. Also, on its head it has noticeable horns, which look like a devil’s horn. 


This peculiar creature lives in the suburbs of York, and to be more specific, the holes in the walls of wooden houses on cobbled streets, such as the street of Shambles (or in your basement).  


The diet of this fascinating goblin consists of people’s lunch. Most commonly, pizza, bacon sandwiches, hotdogs, sausage rolls, crisps, Coca Cola, and cake. Top Tip; Always bring some spare lunch if you are headed to York! 

Surprising features 

The way they give birth to their infants is fascinating. When they overheat, the pimple on their nose pops and babies fly out of the leftover pimple. It fights in its tribe, which it done to prove its dominance over others of its kind. Over its long lifespan, the terrier goblin has developed camouflaged skin to be able to hide from its main predator: the Canadian Arctic Goblin. 


As you can tell by now, the terrier goblin loves nothing more than to munch on humans’ food that they are looking forward to. It does not enjoy the food as much if it knows that the human was not enjoying it anyway. Therefore, it only goes for the tastiest of meals! Bizarrely, it also loves hi-jacking valuable trains from the national railway museum and the main station in York. 

A campaign to raise awareness for this rare species is spreading across the world as we are now aware of a killer goblin called the Canadian Arctic Goblin and a slightly less bad kind of goblin, the Intimidating Goblin. If you ever come across a Terrier Goblin, give it food, take it home and protect it. They are not going to last long if we keep losing 570 of them a year. Do what you can to save them and go to the closest charity and donate £3.00 for their survival. Thank you for helping to raise awareness.