Blog Rules

When using TeachingLive we expect all blogposts, comments, Padlet posts and Jotcast posts:

  • to be written in plain English;
  • to be respectful and kind towards others;
  • to use a black font;
  • to be signed by you, using your first name only, and tagged by your school name.

We won’t publish any content:

  • that uses “text speech”*, emojis or coloured fonts;
  • that uses bad language or is unkind to others;
  • that does not relate to the task set;
  • where we suspect that the person submitting the content is not acting in good faith. For example, by pretending to be another person;
  • Where you have used full names of children in your school.

We will report to your school:

  • Anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules.

*We define text speech as any writing where text abbreviations are used instead of standard spellings. For example: “u” meaning “you”, “gr8” meaning “great” etc. Or, where emojis are used to represent words, e.g. weather emojis for snow, rain etc.


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