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Neil Armstrong jr

Dear everyone listening to this, 


I am Neil Armstrong jr and as you are reading this I am close to Mars. My life goal has been to follow my father’s steps; I am, but in a different way. Going to the moon was one thing but Mars, the place we have been investigating for 63 years, is something else. And now me, my crew- which they’re are 4 of us- will be the first ever to touch down on Mars,  the surface of unknown territory.One large step for mankind, one small step for man.


Yours sincerely, Neil Armstrong jr.

The time Amelia couldn’t sleep

It was a cold and dark night in November. The wind blew wildly and leaves flew past the trees of Potter Heigham. Streetlights were dim, casting barely enough light to illuminate the slightest corner. Amelia couldn’t sleep, she was listening to the clock tick continuously while dark shadows danced around her room. Wind whipped her windows and her shutters open and for just a moment, she saw a figure standing in her ancient house. As the church bell struck 12, Amelia got up, shut her window and shutters, then went and sat in her bed. The noise of cars passing by was another reason she was awake.

Lillie R – Ludham Primary

Lost in Ludham

It was a bitter morning in January. The snow fell like tears from a never ending bed of clouds. Ludham was engulfed in darkness. Occasionally a few cars would pass by illuminating the deserted streets. William pulled his raincoat tighter and shivered. The individual snow drops were blown through soot covered bungalows. The village hall was already shut. It was only quarter past three. Apart from the old and forgotten howls of the wind, it was silent…

Scruffy – searcher

Scruffy – Searcher


Armadillo ,armadillo ,

Why do your ears look like little leaves

 waving at each other?


Armadillo, Armadillo,

 Does your shell count as a bullet proof armour

 rejecting the bullets 

that fly of your Cloak?



Is your tail like 

Miniature ice – cream cones 

stacked within 

each other like teeth on gears?


Armed tank, Armed tank,

 Why do your 

rough scales look like chips of copper

or coul ?


Sand – walker, Sand- walker, 

When did your hands and feet

Look like a deinonychus`

Foot print printed into

The soft sand?


Armadillo, Armadillo,

How are your little eyes

Like a wormhole into

A endless space that no

one knows of?

Spider oh spider



Oh spider, spider,

Why build a home in a home?

Can’t you just live in my basement?


Spider, spider,

What’s the reason to have loads of legs if I only have two and work harder than you?

Why have eight eyes if you only use one?


Spider, spider,

Why Frighten People If You Have No Friends and family?

Where do you run away if I try to take you home?



Do you eat flies so that they don’t annoy me?

Do you live with the need to protect me from nasty insects?



If you bite me will we become family?

Is it true I will be able to swing on the webs?



Why do I find you everywhere and never have privacy?

Why Use my corners to stalk me?



Leaf licker

Giraffe, giraffe,

Why must you have such a long spine, like the tallest tree in the jungle dancing in the foggy blue storm, looking around for something to eat?


Giraffe, giraffe, 

How did you get such a black tongue, black as the empty feeling you get when losing a battle, how can you withstand such darkness while being so bright?


Giraffe, giraffe, 

How can it take so long for one majestic, magnificent, marvellous creature to eat one single leaf before realising there’s more to go?


Giraffe, giraffe

Why are there so many freckles on your body, looking like a dot to dot for 10 year old children, like little tiny pancakes sizzling in the sun on your body?


Giraffe, giraffe, 

Who made it so that you must take so long to move like a snail you move little by little as if you only have one foot?


Giraffe, giraffe, 

Where did you get such pointy ears like elves from the north pole but yet in one of the hottest place on earth?


Giraffe, giraffe, 

Is it hard being the easiest animal to spot therefore making the lions, hyenas, and leopards belly’s full that night?


Giraffe, giraffe,

Where did you get such a calm sense like as if when you blink you meditate or imagine all of those leaves floating into your mouth 

My anxiety

My Anxiety can…


My Anxiety can pierce the strongest soul,

It can harm the bulletproof human,

It could defeat the strongest beast.

And it can burst into a bitter tear.


My Anxiety can spark the strongest sorrow,

 It can awaken the darkest shadows,

It could twist all happiness to it’s doom, 

And it could create any fear.


My Anxiety can darken the lightest substance,

It can deprive all joy,

It could make you feel crazy, 

And it could seem very real.


My Anxiety can strike fear.

The Poem of Jealousy

The poem of Jealousy.

Jealousy is the feeling of the big green monster.

Jealousy is made of –
The eyes of demons sent from the myths of hell,
The sharp tang of a freshly opened bag of Sour patch,
The piercing pain of nettles brushing your ankle,
The dark smudge of gooey chocolate dripping from your chin
And lost friendships, known to be dead but really still alive.

I found it –
In my first sip of my tangy lemonade,
Inside my friend’s eyes as they flared when I hugged my best friend,
Locked inside the soul of the homeless person I strolled past by the co-op,
As I took a bite of my dripping s’mores, strangers somehow glaring,
I could taste the jealousy on my tongue, burning and tickling and forcing me to feel… wrong.

Jealousy can –
Spoil friendships, ripping them apart,
It can tug at heartstrings, ruining a life of love,
It can last a lifetime, in your head always chanting ‘I want that’,
But worst of all,
It can steal you from your loved ones and your family.

If I lost jealousy,
Life would be like surfing a wave, stress-free and as easy as gliding along a shoreline.

The poem of hope by Maya

Hope is made from-
Clouds of marshmallows, delicious and tasty,
Wars coming to a halt,
Chocolate dripping from taps,
Wishful dreams of imaginative pieces,
when pieced together it creates hope.

I found it-
In the depths of the Earth after fights, letting freedom drift through the world,
In the face of the sun, shimmering down, casting wish everywhere,
In the eyes of my parents, wondering what they would get me for my birthday,, hoping it would be on my list.
In the ending of a great book, when something amazing happens.

Hope can-
End fights,
Bring goodness and rewards to everyone who deserves it,
Give yourself a smile, not of sadness,
Make sure you have an enjoyable time,
by hoping,
that everything would be great.

If I lost this hope-
I wouldn’t be able to wish, have desires or even have hopeful dreams,
that’s why everyone needs a slice of hope.

What can faith do? By Poppy

Faith poem

My faith is made from-
The sparkling dust of belief,
The sweet scent of freshly bloomed roses,
The warm feeling of melted chocolate in your mouth,
The softest and squishiest cloud in the sky.

I found it-
Snagged in the corner of a dusty shop, caked in mud and spiders,
The crisp corner of a perfectly red apple,
Floating in the middle of a mcdonald’s burger,
Trapped inside anxiety.
My faith can-
Calm the roughest of oceans,
Warm the sad hearts,
Eat distress and make it disappear,
Help anyone who may need it right now.

If I lost faith-
Even my best friends will be disappointed in me…