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The Sky Ship – Part 2

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The air ship landed with a bump, as Moro dumped the dead dragon’s cut up corpse over the side. From above, the pink sun was blaring down on them, as Moro steadied the ship and looked for somewhere to anchor. Unfortunately, they had an audience of about 70 fishermen, dragging nets and hauling strange looking sea creatures out of their boats; they didn’t look impressed at this spectacle.

In the distance, they heard a voice call out, “Stranger, welcome to the Island of Sea. What is the purpose of your visit to out peaceful land?”

“I seek the cave of the Golden Dragon,” Moro respectfully replied. “I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here to be honest, my ship was attacked by that beast there,” he pointed to the pile of flesh on the dockside. Tox looked around suspiciously. Tall. slender houses lined the road above the docks, fishing boats in varying sizes and states of repair bob up and down in the harbour, while men load and unload crates, cages and nets. She held back, wanting to assess the situation they had landed in before revealing her presence to the crowd, gathering around the ship.

“I am Tohiba, this is my island,” he smiled, “You may stay as long as you need, I have no knowledge of the cave of which you speak. Or the outside world at all, I’m afraid.”

“We will stay for one night, thank you Sir, but then we must continue our quest,” Moro replied. “Oh, and I will dispose of the mess shortly, sorry.”

“We?” asked Tohiba. Inside the cabin, Tox rolled her eyes, then stepped out into view.

“We,” she sighed, “But I’m having nothing to do with that mess!”

Tohiba chuckled and bowed low to her, “Greetings fair lady, it is an honour to meet you. I trust you will both join us for dinner this afternoon? As for that,” he gestured towards the dead dragon, “It will make fine bait, the dock masters will deal with it.”

“That sounds wonderful,” enthused Moro. “Forgive my manners, this is my sister Tox, my name is Moro, thank you for your kind hospitality,” returning a bow to their host.

Standing by the guard rail, Tox tilted her head, squinting into the distance. There was something fishy about this place, something beside the actual fish and fishermen. Looking around her, she felt a definite sense of unease, creeping into her bones.

“Hey Moro, do you think that statue looks a bit like me?” she queried, “There’s something very odd about this place, I just know it…”

Episode 2- The Airship Lands/ Nearly sinks to death

Louis struck in horror when they met the ground in a swift way. Sean gripped the rails when Captain Tom shrieked, “ Hold on tight!” Sean didn’t listen. Louis confused and he was outrageous of the state of the Star fighter. Sean gasped as the sky ship was swooping down like razor-sharp claws springing down trying to slaughter a transformer. Louis couldn’t understand why the sky ship was swooshing here and there. Both the boys were now confused. Then suddenly,… BOOM!!

The airship thudded. The place that they arrived was inexplicable. “What is this place?” Louis enquired. The place was full of precious gems and sapphires. Suddenly, an old man stood up on me. “Who are you?” Sean sniggered. The old man  shrugged. “ I am Count Olaf,” “how do you not know me!” he said in a fluent accent. Suddenly, the Star fighter started to sink. Count Olaf said to himself, “ DA DEE DO DUM!” repeatedly because he was extremely jovial. 20 minutes later, the ship start to rise. Count Olaf shrugged again and again. 


















Stargrazer-Episode 2-mysterious landing!!!

The air balloon emitted air and with a dying hiss it swooped to the ground leaving no way of getting back up. Gemma and Tyler shrieked as the airship crashed the ground breaking it’s sides. Gemma looked around and realised they where in the magical hollow wood. Tyler was enchanted by the magical forest and the creatures that lived in it. There was a unicorn grazing in the field where the sunflowers and pixies fluttered and flourished.

“This is amazing!” laughed Gemma as she twirled around in the sun. “Well you are going to have to get used to it.” yelled Captain Smith. “It’s going to take a long time to fix.

There was a huge castle up ahead so, Tyler suggested to use it as shelter.

“I’m going to get some food and some supplies.” called Captain Smith. “Don’t go anywhere until we get back and don’t worry nothings going to eat you. ” chuckled Captain Smith. But Tyler and Gemma weren’t laughing.

As soon as he left, one of the branches cracked! Was someone following them or where they alone?

The Himalayan Pegasus by George & Josh

The Himalayan Pegasus is a unique species of flying horse that is found near the edge of the Himalayan mountains. To the delight of many mountaineers, the Himalayan Pegasus has been moving closer to the edge of Mount Everest. However, not many people have spotted this mythical creature.

Would you like to recognise this phenomenal creature? This type has frosted wings, it’s diamond eyes and it’s icicle-like tail.

The Himalayan Pegasus lives on the edges of the Himalayan mountains. They usually make their nest out of snapped icicles which surprisingly isn’t cold for them.

This shy creature, which usually likes to protect their newborn younglings, feeds off the snowberries from the frozen bushes. If they feel threatened they let out a distress call. It’s cousin, the abominable snowman, will come to protect it’s relative.

To relax, they usually find some icicles from a cave and make a nice, warm bed to relax on. These caves are believed to be the homes of their evil rival The Mountain Unicorn which is usually mistaken for the Himalayan Pegasus. This makes the Himalayan Pegasus endangered.

The Himalayan Pegasus is a shy but loving creature and loves to be accompanied by gentle humans. It also enjoys being hand fed and so do their babies.

Many people believe that they can cause a major avalanche, grab their babies and fly away, leaving it’s enemies to be crushed. If you surprisingly spot this creature please keep it a secret so it won’t be hunted.


My sky ship adventure

An invisible jar of majestic memories to provide me with never ending smiles and comfort.

A magical flying carpet to glide gracefully over rugged mountains.
A wonderfully wicked wand to warn away Wolves.
A jar of fire flies to direct me through the dense dark wood.
A bottomless bowl to bestow boundless food.
A Durango’s tail to shield me against any enemies.
Fur lined robotic boots to give me warmth and keep moving when I’m weary.
A velvety pouch of glistening jewels to buy information to aid my adventure.
An invisibility cloak made of amour to protect me as I sneak through the forest.

An extraordinary atlas to conduct me through the untold terrain.

The Bush Pegasus by Scarlett

The Bush Pegasus is a sensitive yet protective creature. Its large body frame and silky smooth skin attracts humans and other prey to hug or feel. Every weekend, they adventure out of their bush and go hunting and exploring new lakes to peacefully sip the enchanted water with their young. No human has seen one without their young or at all.

Could you be able to recognise one if you came across them? Like most earthy flying horses, the Bush Pegasus has deeply camouflaged hooves that help keep their homes safe from humans. They live in the deepest part of the Forest of Dean. Most of their family live in that area.

For all of their hikes at the weekends, they have thick belly hair, slick fur and fluffy ears. Their eyes are a deep black and are blinded in the day time and all full moon nights. They have wings made of brambles, ball of fluff as a tail and a nose as small as mouse’s.

When they are outside hunting, they always head towards the swamp since all of the mice live there. None of the children eat the mice but they do eat the berries. However, at the age of 10, they start to feast on frogs and frog spawn.

All of the Pegasi play at night since they are very energetic when they have slept. Most of the time, they look at they moon and chant at the stars. Scientists still have yet to discover why they do this.

Many people believe that theses creatures create dreams and make fairies. However, nobody has seen them and not survived to tell their stories.

Cave Unicorns by Maggie SWW

Have you ever heard of a Cave Unicorn? They are mysterious creatures, and have not been sighted in pure daylight ever before. To find out more on these mythical beasts, read on.

Cave Unicorns live in the deepest and darkest caves all around the world. As they spend all of their time in caves, they can not come out into the outside world, for the light will blind them. Except, of course, if they come out at night! As these unicorns are used to the cold, eerie depths of caverns, they do not need sun to survive, because most have never encountered it. Additionally, many of them fear it.

Being in pitch black, the Cave Unicorns have aurous eyes, that glow so they can see in front and slightly around them. Their dark amethyst fur blends them in with cave walls, so that just in case of predators, they can easily camouflage themselves. Did you know that these unicorns have horns that are actually stalactites? Interestingly, they have smaller wings than any other unicorn, pegasus or dragon! Although they do have to have wings, because of unexpected, steep drops that are unnoticeable from a Cave Unicorn and with no other escape.

Unfortunately, there is not much food down in deserted caves, so Cave Unicorns eat glow worms(that make their eyes glow), several species of fungi, and drink condensation pools that gather on cave floors.

However, these creatures are completely solitary; don’t go foraging in caves for them as you are unlikely to find one, and they aren’t used to company.


The Football Match

I am the smell of the freshly cut green grass tickling the sides of my ankle.

I am the screams of joy and cheers of happiness when a goal is scored.

I am the lick of brown mud slithering on my berry red football boots.

I am the radiating smile from my Dad when he sees me the kick the round football.

I am the stretch of the red laces holding tightly on my boots.

I am the wet drop of sweat running down my forehead.

I am the soft shiny material of the football kit rubbing on my skin.

I am the cloud white lines painted on the football pitch.

I am the ice cold wetness of my drink running down my throat.

I am the whisper of the coach at the team talk.

I am the shiny trophy sparkling in the sun, when the game is won.

My packing for an adventure

I’m going on adventure,

I’m going in an airship.

What shall I take I wonder?

One observant owl to watch for danger when I sleep?

Two tasty tins of treacle to stick my enemies where they stand?

Or three threatening masks to scare off the cliff gasts?

Four fearless friends to fight by my side?

Five fantastic firefly’s to light my way?

Or six sterling silver coins to buy me any resource I need?

I know, I shall take it all.