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I Have Never Sung…by Megan

 I have never sung on stage before…

I`ve never designed a marvellous, magnificent dress like coco Chanel

but I have designed a birthday cake for my sister.


I have never sunbathed on South Beach in Miami but I have collected scuttling crabs on the Tenby beach in Wales some waiting to be rescued.

I have never travelled in a hot air balloon over the hills of Los Angeles like a celebrity          but I have travelled on Paul Stokes’ coaches to Sandbach Leisure Centre.

I have never been on Strictly Come Dancing, demonstrating the Foxtrot with Oti Mabusa   but I have performed a freestyle dance to the song ‘High Hopes’ in my dance lesson on a Wednesday night.


I have never sung on stage before

but I have sung in front of my parents like a professional singer.


I have never seen the spectacular Lion King on stage at the London Lyceum Theatre

but I have seen Snow White at Danside Theatre.


I have never swum the English Channel in a swim suit

but I have swum in the Charity Swimathon with Mr Rowe.

My Grandmas Bungalow in Zimbabwe-by Charles

I have never eaten at one of the Queen’s fancy dinner parties but I have smelt the aroma of my magnificent mums cooking.

I have never flown a Boeing 747 but i have operated my BMW RC car outside in my green garden .

I have never played at the Camp Nou but I  have dribbled in the scorching sand at my grandma’s bungalow in Zimbabwe .

I have never ran through the bustling streets of New York but I have trekked through the mud at Sunday League .

I have never tried tangy Thai food but I have devoured a bag of chips from Ossies.

Cyprus Sand

I have never manipulated a unicorns tail

but I have handled a baby turtle.

I have never ridden a dragon 

but I have ridden a plane.

I have never caught a gnome

but I have seen a gnome.

I have never walked on the moon during Christmas

but I have walked on Cyprus sand.

I have never handled a lizard

but I have held my puppy.

Open this door…

Go and open the grey door,
maybe you’ll see squeaky mouses scattering across the floor
a seal swimming in the coldest ocean
or pebbles and when you step on them they wriggle under your feet.

Go and open the green door,
maybe you’ll taste the mint leaves on your tongue
frogs going on and on like my alarm
or the grass swaying with the wind.

Go and open the red door,
maybe you’ll see a field covered with a blanket of strawberries
a fire engine shooting cold ice water at the burning tower
or crimson post boxes sending letters to love ones.

Transportation by Oyindamola

I’ve never been on a vast plane, soaring above the Atlantic ocean but I have been on a speeding train, bolting like lightning across the infinitely-winding train tracks.

I’ve never been on the colossal HMS-Beagle that sailed successfully across the world but I have been in a cart with a horse, trotting gently along the London streets.

I’ve never experienced the extraordinary.

I’ve never sung with a celebrity in London, but I have sung on stage a Gillibrand primary school,

I’ve never beat a curious cheetah in a running race, but I have beat my friends on while on my skateboard while we race down our street,

I’ve never seen a flying shark, but I have seen a frog hidden behind a statue in my backyard,

I’ve never befriended a buzzing bumblebee wearing black boots, but I have met many friends who all buzz with happiness,

I’ve never been on the Titanic, but I have been on a floaty in a pool on holiday in turkey,

I’ve never been on an aeroplane that flew to the moon, but I have been in a Ford Mustang that took me to KFC,

I’ve never seen a star that glowed as bright as fire, but I have touched a fake yet crystal clear diamond that broke of my old, toy crown,

I’ve never swam through the Great Barrier Reef alongside a trio of dolphins, but I have sat in a hot-tub with my cousins at centre-parks,

I’ve never climbed to the top of Olympus Mons on the sauna like Mars, but I have climbed the tall, old, oak tree in my back yard while it waves at it’s faded reflection in the window,

I’ve never seen the northern lights sparkle across a pitch black sky, but I have seen the tinted, white lights come from the street lights upon the motorway as I drive past watching the cars dart past like cheetahs sprinting towards there prey,

Ive never experienced the extraordinary, but I have experienced lots of fun.


I have never heard the wacky sounds of a chicken running around my back garden in the rain, but I have seen many noisy ducks running around the fields of Wycollar.

I have never seen a UFO soaring the midnight sky, but I have seen an airplane with flashing lights flying through the sky at high speed.

I have never felt the scorching heat of the sun from mercury, but i have felt the heat of the sun from Wales.

I have never visited the aliens on Neptune whilst riding on a blue stripy motorbike, but I have visited my grandma in London with my blue bike.

I gave never befriended the BFG and went in mythical adventures,  but I have raced a dog across a large green field.

I have never ridden a stripy cow as it jumped over the moon of Mars, but I have counted the sheep jumping over the fence that has holes in it.

I have never captured Casper the friendly ghost, but I have eaten ghosts in pac-man the game.

I have never walked to the top of Mount Everest holding a baby but I have walked a toddler up the hill  at Birkacre.

I have never ate a lobster from the Pacific Ocean, but I have eaten a salmon from the sea.


The doors of possibilities

Go and open the green door,

maybe there is an army of frogs marching side by side,

a mountain of mint choc chip ice cream or a lush forest as wide as the ocean.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe there are butterflies tap dancing on daffodils,

the sun setting and the stars beginning to twinkle or fluffy ducklings taking their first swim.


Go and open the ebony door,

maybe there is the night sky flashing with shooting stars,

planets tucked up in the galaxy or just complete and utter darkness.


Go and open the cerise door,

maybe you will find cotton candy clouds,

flamingoes munching on cherry blossom or piglets rolling in mud.


Go and open the sapphire door,

maybe there is an ocean full of blue whale pods,

a clear sky waiting for a plane to dash through or blueberry ice poles melting in the summer sun.


Go and open the brown door, 

maybe there is a fast, flowing chocolate river,

a brood of bears playing violins or trees dancing in the pouring rain.


Go and open the rainbow door,

maybe there is a blessing of unicorns sliding down a helter skelter,

sweet chilli candy floss falling off sticks or a noisy funfair full of thrills.


Go and open the white door,

maybe there is a ghost following your every move,

a deadly soul with a shiny katana sword or a flock of doves taking flight.


Go and open the purple door,

maybe there is a tree bulging with juicy plums,

bottles of poison awaiting Hamlet’s father or a bruise appearing on a knee.


Go and open the last door,

maybe there is a black hole sucking in everyone and everything,

a murder of crows c-cawing into the wind or a cloaked individual lurking in the shadows.


Go and open a door, there are many possibilities just waiting for you.

In The Magical Shop Of Unknown Wonders.

In the room of electronics, 

I was filled with the noise of calls from all the devices.


In the room of flowers,

I made thousands of flower chains.


In the room of mermaid,

I was given a tail that only appeared when I was in water.


In the room of snow,

I played snowball fights all day with my sister.



In the room of coziness,

I enjoyed  snuggling in my cozy blanket while watching a movie with my mum and sister. 


In the room of warmth,

I enjoyed spring all year round.


In the room of plants,

I enjoy helping the environment and eating delicious fruit.


In the room of unicorns, 

I soared through the sky while  feeling refreshed as the wind rushed through my face.


In the room of hot chocolate and tea,

I drank cup after cup after cup.


In the room of waffles and pancakes,

I enjoyed one of each a day.