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Chapter 3:The hut by Laurence

As she entered she heard the sound of the birds chirping and the sun glistening Upon the water and the cave was a home with many animals. As she went down the path some of the trees about her had sun seeping through them. 

Inside the hut there were many chairs around a big long table. There was a small kitchen filled with tea cups And pictures that seemed to have only scenery in them. Food was in the oven and sandwiches and plates out on the table. As she went upstairs she found three rooms each with neatly folded blankets and comfy beds.

Inside the bedrooms there were trinkets the size and shape And the room had a sense of familiarity with her.         

Through the window she could see a beautiful garden and the hill behind With daisies like a blanket of white snow across it.  

But as she  started to feel safe and felt love for the hut. Something you change theory that she was being watched fell upon her. She did not like it. She headed for the front door and then heard it. A creek came behind her.A man in a mask and  black approached her. She hand 2 option: run or scream. She ran…

Chapter 2 by Anabelle

There was silence and then the owner of the shop said, “you must never EVER, touch my book of amazements!”. “I-I understand,” stuttered Keira. “Now get out!” Shouted the old man. Keira ran out of the shop without a backwards glance. All the way home she pictured the man in her head so that she wouldn’t forget him. She didn’t know why she wanted to remember him but something told her that she should. She pictured his grey hair, escaping put of his tall top hat, his dirty chipped fingernails, the wrinkles on his skin and bushy white eyebrows. And she knew she could never forget the feeling of those sapphire eyes as they stared through her.

The next day, as Keira was coming home from school she reluctantly walked into the amazing but creepy shop. She had a quick look around and the owner of the shop was nowhere to be seen. The curtain in the corner of the room moved slightly and Keira went over to investigate it. She pulled it back and poked her head around it. Her mouth opened when she saw what was behind the curtain. There was a thin corridor with millions of doors. She couldn’t think of a colour that she couldn’t see. On a table on the left hand side of the soft velvet curtain Keira saw the leather bound book of the mans book of amazements. She looked around but no one was around. She walked over to the book and opened it. Next to the book was a clear glass pot with a brown feathered quill dipped in dark blue ink with silvery glitter in it. She picked up the quill and started to write in the book.

There was a squawk from above her and she looked up. The shop owners crow was hovering above her. It started to fly away and although she didn’t want to follow it curiosity got the better of her. After a few minutes of walking the crow landed on a door frame. The door underneath it was dark blue with silver glitter on it. She realised it was just like the ink she wrote on the page with. She opened the door and walked in. It was exactly as she had imagined it. As she looked around her eyes widened in wonder.

surprisingly, ocean unicorns do not live in the ocean

The Ocean Unicorn



The ocean unicorn is more likely to be scaled with golden and silver scales which shimmers when the sun shines. It has ghostly white,transparent wings and sometimes makes it look like they are flying without wings. Their emerald green fur is very useful to keep themselves warm and amazingly unicornologists have found out that their fur can change colours into dark blue and white depending on their emotions or feelings. 


Where can it be found:


Surprisingly, ocean unicorns do not live in the ocean but they do live on the moon and mainly they are called ocean unicorns because they look like the ocean water.


What it eats:

 It eats carrots and apples like all ponies and horses do and they eat once or twice a week. Their diet is very healthy but sometimes they stop eating for a whole year so sadly they die. Now just 120 ocean horses are alive.

The secret book


There are some places where you never want to go and nobody will ever go there. You might go in because you are either brave or you have the courage to do it. In the house, it is dark, gloomy and terrifying. All of the people think that it is scary and petrofying in there. No one until Peter.


Chapter one a visitor


Peter’s mother had always warned him about not going into the house. One sunny day, he was walking down Exeter road and came across the dark, gloomy house. The door was open and Peter went inside…


Everywhere he looked all he saw was, darkness except for one bit. This bit was really bright. He saw a cage of tarantulas, a cage of canaries and an old russian doll. A miniature lighthouse beamed with light as Peter went to the russian doll he saw a mysterious book that glowed with light. As he turned the pages, he heard a voice saying “ I wouldn’t touch that if I were you!”

The No – One Emporium

There are some places where barely any people go. The No One Emporium was like that. Even though at Eid, Diwali and Vaisakhi, the colourful lights in the casement would sparkle like diamonds shining. Also, the toys in the window seemed like was alive. You could even smell the mouth – watering scent of crumpets topped of with 24karat gold Nutella with sanding sugar. You can hear the sound of laughter as you walked by. Even though, the display pictures were piled high with rainbow coloured cheerios of every flavour it looked like a pile of treasure. But no on ever entered. The No One Emporium wanted you to enter at any cost and no one ever did. No one that is until Poppy.

Chapter 1 – Trough the door.

Curiously, Poppy and her mum had warned her that you would get into deep trouble. One bright day, she was skipping down Snowy Road when she noticed something suspicious about the Emporium. She took a deep breath and without thought she went inside. She took one blink and saw wonders and things she wanted desperately. She saw a herb or irate lions, which were hungry and they were roaring as loud as 10 people screaming altogether. An ancient tree, which 5 owls hooted at each other whilst snoring their heads off. To one side, stood a Harry Potter book with all the spells you could imagine. As she turned the pages, the writing felt like sugar, but the sugar never came of the book of spells. “I see you have found my book of spells,” hissed a voice. Poppy was shocked and as fast as she could she closed the book and look at the owner. He was very old and his eyes shone like crystals. On his shoulder was an owl, whose eyes were hazel. It shook it head, disapprovingly.

The Treasures of The World

If I were summoned to create a

treasure, I would take:

The mustiness of an old book, the click of

a keyboard typing out a new bestselling book,

the drowsiness of an early spring morning and the days on an out of date calendar,

The petals of a flower crown,

the vines of a humble cottage,

the smoke out of a piping hot chimney,

the colours of a puffin’s beak,

a leaf of a dying maple tree,

the love of a newlywed couple,

the numbers of a ruler,

the bacteria off a disposable mask,

And the closed sign off the Nowhere Emporium.

Behind the doors at Hogwarts by Brooke

Behind the cyan door, Professor Flitwick waits to greet the anxious first year students; Luna carefully writes her next Quibbler and second years huddle over in the corner of the dormitory, practising charms.

Behind the seaweed green door, Snape snaps at the terrified children; the snake watches their every move and Voldemort’s robe sways in the heavy wind of defeat.

Behind the canary door, the loyal third years wait for their chance to care; Cedric tries to open the golden egg and professor Sprout hurries back from her herbology lessons.

Behind the crimson door, professor McGonagall transforms into a tabby cat; Harry stares over to the end of his bed where the invisibility cloak lays, beckoning for him to use it and Ron irritably follows Hermione around the common room, begging her to help him with his homework and eventually doing it all.

Behind the penny brown doors, Dumbledore sits at the end of the hall, waiting for the sorting ceremony; banners line the stain-glass windows and above their heads, candles float on charcoal clouds.

I Have Never Sung…by Megan

 I have never sung on stage before…

I`ve never designed a marvellous, magnificent dress like coco Chanel

but I have designed a birthday cake for my sister.


I have never sunbathed on South Beach in Miami but I have collected scuttling crabs on the Tenby beach in Wales some waiting to be rescued.

I have never travelled in a hot air balloon over the hills of Los Angeles like a celebrity          but I have travelled on Paul Stokes’ coaches to Sandbach Leisure Centre.

I have never been on Strictly Come Dancing, demonstrating the Foxtrot with Oti Mabusa   but I have performed a freestyle dance to the song ‘High Hopes’ in my dance lesson on a Wednesday night.


I have never sung on stage before

but I have sung in front of my parents like a professional singer.


I have never seen the spectacular Lion King on stage at the London Lyceum Theatre

but I have seen Snow White at Danside Theatre.


I have never swum the English Channel in a swim suit

but I have swum in the Charity Swimathon with Mr Rowe.

My Grandmas Bungalow in Zimbabwe-by Charles

I have never eaten at one of the Queen’s fancy dinner parties but I have smelt the aroma of my magnificent mums cooking.

I have never flown a Boeing 747 but i have operated my BMW RC car outside in my green garden .

I have never played at the Camp Nou but I  have dribbled in the scorching sand at my grandma’s bungalow in Zimbabwe .

I have never ran through the bustling streets of New York but I have trekked through the mud at Sunday League .

I have never tried tangy Thai food but I have devoured a bag of chips from Ossies.

Cyprus Sand

I have never manipulated a unicorns tail

but I have handled a baby turtle.

I have never ridden a dragon 

but I have ridden a plane.

I have never caught a gnome

but I have seen a gnome.

I have never walked on the moon during Christmas

but I have walked on Cyprus sand.

I have never handled a lizard

but I have held my puppy.