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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The summer holidays stretched ahead like a sleepy cat.  Every morning, Jennie would wander the beautiful forest. She got to know the different parts of the forest very well and would wander for hours without stops.

In the evenings, she would walk down into the dark parts of the forest in search of Leo. When they find each other they would run around and play in the fields. They would also watch the sunset and the stars begin to appear.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The winter holiday slithered along like a exhausted snake. Every day Joe went the the fence and the forest. He then set snares to catch rabbits and shrew. Day after day he realised he was growing further

and further away from the city he once lived in. As he was about to turn back Ivy should the fence indicating that she wanted a rabbit. As jack tossed the rabbit, he realised a man was repairing a drain inside Ivy’s area. He tried to shout to him but Ivy was already charging towards him.

Just in time a fox ran past Ivy letting the man escape.

Chapter 3

“Hello?” Asked the boys . It was summer term and they were very board. He was lost. They went to the woods to find him. The boys went different ways . Harry went right and mark went left. “Harry”! Screamed mark. The woods had more trees than usual like green trees and light blue water like a blue soul. It was very nice. It was covered with green.

He found a lost dog. “ Harry”! Screamed mark. Harry founded him . Panting for breath, harry ran as fast as he could. He gased at the dogs eyes . It was pitch black at night and home was 5 miles away. The dog was scared but they took him home. It was the good thing to do. When they got home water was dripping from the bedroom. 

They were scared and didn’t know what to do. There was a shadow. A tall one to be exact. They looked at the opposite side and saw a scary man with a dog . It was the dog they founded. He took it with him but he lost it and they got it back. The dog was safe and sounded. The dog was called Lucas. They gave him a big hug but then there was a knock on there door and there was a key hole and they saw a man not a women. It looked like there old dad.

They opened up and saw a huge man with no arm only one but also a man with on arm it was there dad. They were jumping with exitment but then this happened …

Chapter 3 – The rise of Covu

Aimee sat down beside Monica and stared at Covu.

She noticed the soft and silky fur on Covu’s back 

and her green and yellow eyes.

“Why should I not tell my father and mother that you are giving away 

food that we could have?” Aimee questioned 

“Because she is warm and caring just like my Ma , and I’ve never felt right here.”

Monica replied

Covu was still chewing on the meat with her pearly white fangs.

Aimee stood up as Monica spoke “Aimee , please don’t tell anyone.”

She turned to look at Monica and nodded.

Covu let out a low growl.

She tensed her body as if she was about to pounce.

“It’s only me,” Aimee whispered “I brought back some deer.”

Covu grabbed it gently. “Should we go to your cave?” Monica asked

The carnivore lead the two girls to her cave. 

Aphenix and Jennifer

Jennifier ignores Mr Racksmith. The creature appeared out of the darkness. It had sharp claws,sharp enough to pierce your soft skin, its eyes as glorious as the setting sun, staring deeply into your innocent eyes. Its roar called dozens of people in seconds. It is a furry creature with big blooming teeth bigger than the candle Professor was holding. The life of Jennifer was frozen in fright. She would have never thought of a creature like that to be up to  Mr Racksmith. Its ears were pointed, digging deep into the tree above it. Faster than a cheetah it spun around her. Birds in the tree fly away in disbelief of this mythical creature. Jennifier was only a child; the creature sent her horrified, shivers darted down her spine. She was really frightened about what would have happened if she didn’t watch her actions.

“Well I can’t keep it a secret anymore, but don’t repeat a single word of this.” Mr Racksmith sighed in fear.

 His name is Aphenix. Long time ago he lived a normal human life, the God Propen,Byapo, Chrpsu and Lpaq were very powerful. He was very selfish and hated children, especially his little sister, who is now the God Amino. He would punish innocent people. Putting them to death. He tortured his sister and thew her down a well, she was there for 100 days and 99 nights. Until, one day in the temple everything changed, he threw his sister’s ashes at the picture of Propen, and it began to change. The Gods give Amino power of a God. To take revenge on Aphenix. She transformed him into a mythical endangered creature, and faced the consequences as he grew older. He raced through the woods and Mr Racksmith caught him and decided to guide him. He built a shelter in the woods to keep him safe, and now Mr Racksmith comes every night to spend time with the creature.

“And just like that, the whole story was explained.” Mr Racksmith mumbled and turned to his left. “ But remember, don’t repeat a single word.”


After that day, Jennifer would sneak everyday and every night to the place where Aphenix was hiding. She knew that if Mr Racksmith found her out of the dormity he would tell Mrs Graling who’s their new headmistress. She was strict and would wack people with a cane. On the other hand, Jennifer admires Aphenix. Whenever she is upset she would go straight to him and give him a big hug. Aphenix liked it when Jennifer would rub his tummy and take him out on walks through the forest. Until one night when Jennifer was looking up at the astonishing sky Mrs Grayling caught her awake. She wacked her and told her that she should go to bed, or face the consequences in the morning. That night she was afraid of what Aphenix would think, leaving him in the cold to shiver in the abandoned woods. 

“Ughhh I should have never come to this place!” Jennifer uttered, balling her eyes out.

Later that night in the dark of night she packed her bags, tip-toed downstairs and scurried  to the very forest to spend time with her beloved Aphenix.

“I thought you would leave me,” Aphenix roared.

“I would never, in fact I came to stay with you!


“I forgive you but…belly rub?” Aphenix said with a great grin on his face tilting his head.

The Dodo bird. Chapter 1.

The dodo bird


Chapter 1


Mira Mitchell never wanted to leave home, but he was forced to. She sat on her bed, glumly. The room was a browny beige colour that smells smelly. It used to be where Mrs Sperling’s son used to sleep. Sadly, due to the war, he had died, so Mrs Sperling ripped the wallpaper and all down and now it was like the tip. Mira didn’t really mind though, she was used to living in a small, cramped house, this was just messy, but it was a rather large room. Whenever Mira mentioned the war, if she even asked how her mother was, she would burst into tears and it would take hours for Mira to make her feel better. Mira had learnt not to talk about it after a few days.


Her first day at school was a bit different to how he was expecting it to be. She would have at least thought the first day at school would be fun, however, Mira thought wrong. The teacher was really nice, but the lessons were boring, her teacher was called Mr Taylor. He had discovered what Mira found hard and soon after many weeks, Mira had learnt how to read. She sat at the back, a desk to herself, sulking, missing her mum and wishing the war would soon be over. 


The weeks came and went, she had created a routine and everyday was the same old. She spent most of her days scratching her nails on the table. The garden was covered in junk and Mira spent her free time clearing it all up. 


Before night, Mira would do all the evening jobs, while Mrs Sperling would be cleaning the dishes. She would watch Mrs Sperling go out for a jog late at night. After her jog, she would go somewhere. What was she doing? Why did she leave her every night for hours on end?


Mira started to get really annoyed, she wanted to know where Mrs Sperling was going every night. One day, in the middle of December, she asked Mira to go with her. 


The lights from houses gave them paths of light, she stared up into the sky that looked as if a giant had chucked a blanket over the village. She had clearly stopped, she glanced around for Mrs Sperling and there she was, far away, what felt like miles. 


She stopped by the forest. Mira ran on, peering through the bushes of leaves and the piles of berries hurdled together. Then, a pair of eyes appeared out of nowhere! A beak gently wobbled its way out from the millions of leaves pushed against a tall tree. Mira’s mouth steadily opened. Her mouth wide open. “Meet Chip!” Mrs Sperling smiled as Mira gave the dodo bird a little stroke. “I’ve seen her lots, she’s my little pet, I found her when she was a little baby bird.”

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


They were pursuing their brother, he was running as fast as lightning he could hear the screams, the roars and the suffering. Cautiously the three young chipmunks found their way back to the burrow, the hole they escaped through was non existent and now the fighting was outside. There were bodies scattered over the floor. One of them their mother with their dad Sparrow crouched above the body crying. Then they saw the Muckga’s there were now six. They did something no one was expecting they picked Snowdrop up. Dad urgently stood up and threw a spear in their direction but when he threw it it slipped of his hand it was heading in the direction of Snowdrop with lots of force and power, silence, the spear went straight through Snowdrop. The family of five. Was now a family of three. Blood squirted out of Snowdrops body. Suddenly the Muckga saw Whistler, it was a deep stare. It came in their direction crushing everything in its path. Whistler and Windy ran as fast as their little legs could carry them. Leaving their heartbroken dad behind.


They ran through the Tinsy trees, and they suddenly came to a holt. Ten layers of massive mountains stood Infront of them, it would take hours to climb to the peak let alone get back down the other side. Whistler remembered something his dad told him. There was a gap in the middle, but it was guarded by a stone Golem. Whistler was willing to take the risk. He told Windy and she was willing to take the risk. They were alert and ready if anyone was to jump out on them. Windy decided to look in the bag, there was a letter from their mother with a ring taped to it. She read it out loud “Hello kids I knew this was going to happen, and you’re probably wondering what to do with the ring. If your ever in trouble just tap the ring, and get to safety just carry on going up to the islands of terror. I love and just run for your life and goodbye.” A tear came into Windy’s eye. They knew more than ever they had to keep moving. Whistler saw an opening with a little mound. He stuck his little head over the mound and saw a huge stone Golem sleeping on the mountain, his snores were louder than a foghorn, then suddenly he saw a movement. Whistler slid down the mountain scared for his life. Would there only be one chipmunk left or would he survive?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


As they wandered a little further, they found themselves a bit stuck in a cloud of thick candyfloss like mist, Mavis quickly looked at the map, “According to this map, we are almost at… Misty mountains!” “I couldn’t tell before” announced Michael. They edged closer towards the mountains and slowly the view became clearer, they could see huge caves and cliffs, and best of all… an abandoned roller coaster! Michael squealed with delight; he could not stop begging for a turn on the roller coaster. “No! shouted Melissa, “We have a quest ahead of us!” “Now I didn’t think of that one…” murmured Mike. “Wow look over there! There are four little hedgehogs staring at us,” In an instant Mike galloped up the cliff and onto the minecart. Mavis and Melissa gasped as they turned around, there in a small cave was the cowboy cat, he had a silver glittering sword which made Mavis very nervous. Suddenly, Mavis and Melissa raced up the mountain and jumped into the cart with Mike, and it sped off like a rocket down the bumpy tracks. It went up and down and left and right, it went loopy and some of the tracks were broken! “When will this end??” shouted Melissa at the top of her voice. That moment the cart jumped off the track and flew through the air, “Were not going to make it!” To late the cart slipped, and they all landed flat on top of the soft grass. “No time to lose the cat is still after us.” They were right, the cat was right behind them and then it grabbed Mavis’ plait and she was forced to the ground. Melissa fainted and Mike was frozen with fear.


They awoke the next morning in a forest, Mike was tied to a tree, Mavis was in the tree and Melissa just, I have no idea what she was doing. Mavis looked once again at the map, “were in the ferocious forest?” “Why on earth would he bring us here?” added Melissa “I don’t know, now untie me please, thank you.” Complained Mike. After getting up they were completely lost and spent the next day trying to find their way out. Finally, they were out, and Mavis said, “Right then, I think we should go to the… creepy castle, surely, we can find more weapons and resources there!”

Off they went, they had so little food and water, how would they survive?



Rose and Mia

Chapter 1

Rose was so furious and irritated that she had to leave home and start a whole new life,even with a different family as well.Rose  was only 9 when she left and didn’t know what was happening until she overheard her family and heard various bombs getting closer and closer.The day after, she was told she is going to go to a new family, which were caring, nice and the place they live in was way more calmer than were we are right now,once she heard this she broke into tears and ran to her room.She got a suitcase and started packing her ration book,a few toys,clothes,gas mask and more boring things.


Rose absolutely loved her old school,she had so many friends and she was really focused in class too,the teachers loved her.She hates her new school,but until the second day of school she has tons of new friends and teachers like her as well,she’s passing all her tests too.At home Mrs & Mr Berry are taking care of her,they absolutely adore her and she adores them to,but not as much as her mother though.Mrs Berry is literally a professional at cooking,especially her chicken lasagne. When I got down I was surprised as how crispy and golden,brown the chicken looked,I was dribbling.

Dinner was over,and Rose was getting bored.Then she was about to ask Mrs Berry to watch telly with her as Mr Berry was at work,but the door slammed shut.She ran back up and went to her room window,she went to the garden shed which was massive.After that she did it every time since ,it was very weird.Outside, thunder crashed and the wind blew the bins away.Inside,my nostrils were filled the scent of homemade turkey,and the cosiness filled my heart with love and joy.


After a couple of days,Rose had enough.This time,she followed her into the shed.She cried “Mia,Mia your food is here!” and a bright light shone the whole shed.Then she said ”Rose I know you’re here!” I was surprised that even though my hiding place was nice,I still crawled out of my hiding place.“This is Mia,my very own fairy who gives unlimited wishes.She’s yours too.”as she introduced my jaw dropped.

Chapter 2

The genie looked at Rose with the happiest expression she had ever seen. She wore a lovely shiny dress. It was like a world of sparkles. She had brunette and blonde hair and a beautiful shiny dress made from glitter glue and a long piece of cloth. Mrs berry said she made it just for her.Her voice was squeaky and sweet, like that of a mouse. Her eyes were a mix of sky blue and crystal green.She’s wearing stunning makeup and looks like a professional makeup artist. She’s so polite and sweet. She always puts others ahead of herself, even strangers.She wore a pair of tall, gleaming high heels and even had wings. She was the most beautiful woman Rose had ever seen. 


Mr Berry is aware of her existence as well, and has returned home early from work.

Mr Berry cried, “She knows! But how?”

“It’s fine, she won’t tell anyone,” says Mrs Berry.

Of course, I wouldn’t tell anyone because she’d be captured.

I promised myself that I would keep my mouth shut.

After that, we fed her and returned her to the shed, but not before making sure she was comfortable.Mr. and Mrs. Berry told me everything once we were inside.They moved in and refurbished their home, but something wasn’t quite right.The couple had enough of hearing noises from the attic.

They discovered Mia and hid her in the shed, where they discovered she could grant wishes.As a result, they wished for me.Mr. Berry and his wife were so delighted that they didn’t want to get rid of her.


After a few days, Rose couldn’t stop thinking about Mia. She really wanted to visit her,and even spend more time with her.That same morning,Rose went downstairs,and the first thing that came out of her mouth was “Mrs Berry please can I visit her!”

“Who,do you mean Mia?”whispered Mrs Berry.

“Yes!”Yelled Rose

“Fine,but don’t make it that obvious!”

So she grasped onto Mia’s and her breakfast and went into the cozy shed.Once she flung the door open Mia was snoozing away. Rose screamed “Wake up!”Mia woke up and was surprised that Rose was here.They had breakfast together and they were really bonding with each other.After breakfast,they played board games that Rose had wished for.From that day on, they love each other,they are the best est friends I’ve ever heard of.After a while,it was lunch and the both of them were tired and hungry.Rose rushed outside,and grabbed both of their lunches.They then went to sleep,it was so comfortable and they had the best dreams ever.

Embers in Harmony – Chapter 2

Hermes glared at Joe. Her eyes were a fiery red and seemed to look like little embers dancing in harmony. Her white fur looked as though it shimmered more with every step, as pale as a cloud, like a blank hole. Joe could make out jagged teeth like serrated  daggers, as frightening as death itself. Claws curled like massive arches as thin whiskers shot out like a newly grown tooth. Her ears jolted, suddenly hearing everything .To Joe’s surprise, she opened her huge gaping mouth. Honed teeth shot out, as ferocious as a hunters trap. She paced forwards, sniffing his hand and licking him with her blood red tongue, hard as rock and volcano level hot. Joe was terrified.  

“She might like you more than me!” Miss Anna exclaimed, as the bulky figure of the  cat turned and paced  the other way. Joe looked at her in awe  and couldn’t hold back a smile. On their trek back to the small village, the wind wildly howled like a werewolf in a full moon at the Spiders Den making the nearby bushes quiver. Stars studded  the way ahead. Joe  felt as though he was being stared at. He froze and glared at the trees behind. For a moment, he thought he saw those same embers dancing in harmony.

“She doesn’t want you to go,” joked Miss Anna. “I found her a few years prior to your  arrival abandoned in the mountains. She was merely an infant at that time left to die. Her parents must have died. I reckon hunters killed them for food, stuff with the war. I took her in , a secret, and brought her back to full health. My goodness she grew quick” Joe listened very carefully, astonished by the story. “ She is our secret now. If they saw her or even heard about this I don’t even want to talk about what would happen.”

That dusk, Joe wondered about the massive cat. Hermease, charging through the frightening forest, little embers piercing the gloom. When she licked his hand, he shivered. Her eyes were like massive supernovas, yet they had made him feel at home; soothed his soul . So it was every night, Joe came to Hermes, taking any leftovers he could get in his  grasp. He learnt from Ayan how to set traps for animals and, often he captured the one mouse of which Hermease would snatch the second it came into his hands. then disappearing back into the forest, giving a satisfied roar. Obviously she hunted herself snaring rabbits, mice and the odd boar. She also liked sprinting, she would run as fast as a flash zooming through the forest picking off prey without retaliation . She was beastly but learnt to accept him.

One day, Hermease let Joe stroke her bulky body. Within the span of months, she would look into his pockets trying to find meat, always making a cheerful roar.She would lick him contently and even lie on his body. Joe changed too. He no longer caused tantrums  and once his daily errands were done,was off walking  through the small village, checking his traps. Miss Anna would hear him singing and even laugh. Over the long months, Miss Anna watched how the wild cat calmed the wild boy and their secret brought them together.