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The Day I Met a Bear

A few weeks ago I went to a creepy forest. I quietly crept to get a drink of water from the river, worried something would hurt me. On my way back ,I spotted a shadow. A bears shadow! I didn`t dare move a muscle. It started to creep nearer and nearer to me, what should I do?! I panicked but then I realised the bear looked more scared of me then I was of him. He also looked lost and I was about to help him then two bigger bears arrived. They looked liked his parents. I started to go but then I felt a warm hug, the bear was hugging me!!!

Sister for sale

Do not miss out on an exciting special offer! If you feel lonely and you want someone to talk to, or play with, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the ultimate chatterbox for sale. Everybody must want a loud, funny, very talkative, energetic sister, right? She also gives lots of surprise tickles, plays a very loud trombone (very good at two notes over and over again) and comes with a free massive hairy tarantula (cage not included) and lots of messy playdoh. Get bidding quickly now because we only have one sister to sell. No bid is too low.

My worst nightmare

One sunny day, I was getting ready to camp at Willows Farm. After I put my bags in the car I drove off to my campsite, I was really excited because I was going to hold all the bunnies! Then I randomly met my friends.We all put up our tents and then put our sleeping bags in.It was getting dark so we went  to bed.

All of a sudden A bear came out of the bush we ran but he ran faster oh he was getting food wait we were food aaaaahhhhh!!!!

My Biggest Fear – Face To Face With A Living Doll!

One day I was out in the garden watering the summer plants, when I heard an unfamiliar noise. I turned around but saw nothing. ‘’It is just my sister playing tricks on me” I thought. Then I heard an extremely creepy voice say, ”hello”. I looked over my shoulder and saw a terrifying looking doll. I SCREAMED!! AHHHH! “My name is Ava”, said the doll. There was a deadly silence! “Hold my hand”, she said in a croaky voice. I did not want to but she grabbed it! Then we were teleported to a Creepy, old house. ” What is this place”, I said. Then it all turned black…….



The End……..or Is it?


Captain Catherine Diary-Saturday 30th June 3070

This Evening,I was forced to separate the crew into four groups to explore for our helpless friend.I announced to our neighbors if they had seen our friend Alex and gave out some banners.Then I checked the ground for a lost shoe or a wrecked jacket that might give me a clue of where our friend could be.


First we made our way into the woods.We put sticks on the ground so we could find our way back.The woods were very silent.You can hear the crunch of leaves underneath your feet,the wind whistling through the trees and the smell of damp wood after rainfall.


Later on, you could hear the leaves crunching. Outside, sharp claws scratched across the trees.Inside it was dim and the smell of the pouring rain.


We discussed and made a plan on what to do. Half of the crew are thinking he might have been eaten by a dangerous creature.As we were discussing, the wind rushed past us like a racing car, the dragons landed.It shaked its head and looked at us with a smirk.


But then, it was only a baby dragon.These creatures have scaly skin that glitter in the night, it’s heart was beating fast.Then suddenly, it spoke in a squeaky voice.We asked her if she had seen a Sky ship land but she shook her head and there was no sign of our lost friend Alex.

Dear diary,

Dear diary, 


This morning, I sent out my crew to search the  local grounds, 

To find my missing friend. I asked some locals if they had seen him and I also put up some notices about his height, eye colour and name. I then went off to tag along with my crew working hard to try and find clues of where he could have vanished to.


First, me and my crew made our way further and further from the edge of the rainforest making our way into the middle. I placed various markings on rocks and in the dirt so that we would make our way back out alive. The forest was creeping with insects. Bolts of light made cracks in the trees’ shadows breaking the darkness. One moment there would be complete emptiness and next, the forest’s trees seemed like they were hotels of  birds and parrots.


After a while, we came to a glaze where there was an opening to a cave. Outside, there was a huge patch of teeth marks carved by teeth on the  entrance of the cave. Inside it was light except from the deep dark corners at the back of the cave.


We stood having a conversation about what to do. Some of us felt as if ermatige had met his end.B As we stood we all heard a rush of wind and the clapping of wings  clapping like hands applauding we all spun round to see a beautiful elegant dragon. It looked at me with terror as if it was scared. 


Luckily, it was an ice dragon with flames of blue. These kind creatures have silky skin that reflects in cold water. It breathes in a low calm tone and it also speaks like that. It asked if it could help so we explained our predicament to her and she said she hadn’t  seen the sky ship or hermitage. With a splash of cold water  the dragon warned us that she had seen a swarm of sky goblins heading our way. Without hesitation we headed back to our sky ship…

M.Qadri’s Diary

     Captain M.Qadri’s Diary-8 December 2019


This evening, I had to make an emergency announcement to the crew because today was the day we were going to look for our lost friend Giga Chad.We broke the crew into two different groups so it would be easier to look for him ! I made posters and printed multiple to give to people. I even told our home town what he looked like with a long nose, pointy chin and hairy eyebrows.


First, we made our way through the town of Rose Hill and every tree I saw I made sure to leave an arrow on it so it would be easier to come back from our exhausted journey. Rose Hill was magnificent with beautiful rivers and lakes. But when the sun started to set it was dark. 

Pitch black. Ghosts surrounding us , jumping into our souls. In one second it would be quiet but then the rivers moved like they were alive and trees waving their branches.


After a long time, there was a dead end and instead of a wall or tree’s blocking it, there was a cave. Outside, there were gray rocks, large muddy footsteps and claws which were as big as a dinosaur.Inside, it was pitch black except for the red fire on the walls.


All of the crew stood discussing what to do. Half the crew thought Giga Chad was eaten by some mythic exotic creature. As  we kept on thinking large footsteps and noise were coming and all of us went quiet.

Out of nowhere  a lion appears out of another future.


Thankfully, it was Musty Mufasa and this lion was so rare it could talk to humans. The creature had orange scales instead of fur and a beautiful hairy face. It talked very quietly and he understood we needed some help. So, we told him what had happened and how Giga Chad had been lost. He quickly told us some venomous goblins were arriving outside the cave and suggested we head back to the skyship so we don’t get hurt…


Captain Ibrahim Ali’s diary-sunday 23 May 20 23.

This afternoon, I had split the crew into two groups to look/search for our friend.Joe, was our friend who had been stranded in the middle of nowhere.We asked people in the town to help us find him.Then we checked everywhere in the town and we looked for footsteps which could give us clues.


First, we had kept on looking for footprints.I had made sure to put little flags on the footprint so that we would not forget where we went. The streets/villages were dark, having to use the torches.Next, the light’s had turned on.


After a while, we came to a place where it was all dark and nobody was inside the building.Outside there was blood everywhere and red claws on the walls.Inside,It was haunted,scary and terrifying.


We were all nervous of what would happen to us, some people thought that our friend Joe was gone.The wind was pushing were the ocean was.Behind us there was a big half bad and half good wolf.


Luckily, itf it was 100% bad then it would have already eaten us but it did not instead it winked at us and was making his eyes look up.Which means we were to late and we had to run.


Captain Shafiqes Diary entry

Dear Diary 


This evening Me, Myself and I sent 3 different groups out to look for our dear friend Aiden then I sent out a search party. I also gave a bunch of posters out and then sent a few search dogs to see if they could track down Aidens scent.


Firstly me and the crew went on to the dessert. I made arrows to make sure I didn’t get lost. It was boiling hot! There were sand tornados all the time. One second the wind would be calm and the next it’s going crazy.


After a bit, it stopped where a huge tunnel appeared. Outside it was sandy and horribly bright. Then we entered. Inside there were beautiful birds and super colourful rocks. I’ve never seen anything like it.


We had a big conversation on whether to go inside even more, or just stay. We even though he is living the life.  BUT THEN a beautiful moon creature arrived!


Amazingly, it was 1 out of 5 of the world’s moon dragons. The creatures sparkle and glisten. It fluttered and suggested to help. I explained what had happened.It told us there was a sighting of a person but the Goblins were seen too……


Dear diary,                                                                 5/1248

This late afternoon, I went on a search for my missing 

friend, Alodie. I traveled to the unknown islands of ovalshki, 

I searched through the mountains,I suspected she had been

eaten by the spawn monster Juigare, but that was most unlikely. 

I continued my journey through the haunted caves of darkness

and found nothing. Only 1 last place I had hope in, the Tropical

Jungle, I swung on vines and climbed trees. She was nowhere

to be seen. 


Then, I searched deeper into the jungle. The jungle was very

colorful, sunlight was slowly creeping in. Birds sang while flowers

blossomed into bright colors of pink. 


That night, I found a huge cave. Outside, there were various

cobwebs and spiders. Inside, bats slept while spider eggs

hatched and snakes slithered. There was a bed of leaves,

was someone living here? Was it my lost friend? If it wasn’t

her then who was it?


I stood there, what should I do? I thought. Maybe my lost

friend was there or maybe she was eaten by the swamp

monster. I felt a sudden gush of wind from the cave. A

a small, baby pegasus appeared from the darkness. 

It gave a blank stare.


Luckily, it was just a midnight pegasus. It had dark sky 

skin and dots of golden stars. It’s eyes were a universe of

purple and gold. It warned us of the sky dragons approaching. 

It said it’d be best if we got into the skyship and were prepared.