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6 things I would take with me on my sky ship

I would take magical chocolate that can never end, because I like chocolate.


I would take a fluffy blanket with me, because that can help when I am cold.


I would take as many pillows as possible, because it would be more comfortable.


I would take a bookshelf, because then I can store all my books.


I would take all the beast quest books that I have, because they are fun to read.


I would take as many toys as possible as I like toys, because they won’t make me bored.

Adam – I would take…

A  majestic  sword, which is sharp gigantic, and would break down the ship. 


A wand, that would make a big car, and will fly away.


A big torch, which is red, will help me to see the people.


A strong tiger, which has a sharp teeth. 


A huge bag with the treasure is inside the bag.

Yahya – I would take

  • Lucky boots,  that can spring me up in the air, so the enemies won’t touch me.
  • An enchanted rose, that can shoot red balls, to knock out sky pirates.
  • A super metallic hoover, which has infinity storage, to suck up anything in the sky.
  • An enchanted book, that can cast a spell and  blind sky pirates.
  • A foggy cloud machine ,that can make fog and put the dangerous sky pirates to sleep.
  • A magic carpet, which glides on the deck and takes me swiftly to the clouds and back on the ship.


Hammaad – I would take

A magical pot, that can help me duplicate my weapon’s 1000 times to defeat enemies.


A golden ball, that can help me be protected if I throw It and catch It also nothing can break through It.


An invisible spray, that can make anyone invisible for an emergency like you’re surrounded by enemies.


A magical magnifying glass, that will give an alert ,then check how far the enemy is.


A parachute, that can help me go down from the sky ship to the ground if another sky ship captures mine.


A superhero power, that can help me do different kinds of powers like speed , fire and electricity.

Riva- I would take…

A ripped notebook with old rubbish poems, that can appear lots of my Mum’s childhood poems, so she can remember her childhood.

  A purple shiny pouch, that is full of darkness not a single thing in sight of the pouch, but when my mum’s stomach rumbles it gives my mum food on her hands.

A red jacket, that can hold up as much as things you like it to hold, so the skyship does not get a hole on the centre.

A detective diary, that grants all my mum’s wishes when she writes her wishes in the diary, so my mum can have anything and everything she likes without any permission.

  A box full of wands, that can cast any spell, so my mum can turn me into a frog and other things too.

An unusual pocket, that brings unusual things, so this unusual pocket brought all these unusual items


Puneet – I would take…

I would take a powerful hat, which shows what is going to happen.

I would take a cat, that scratches everyone who is bad.
I would take a magical bear, which can control the ship.
I would take a powerful dog, which give me anything I want.
I would take a hours, which can fly and tell everything to me.
I would take a magic toy, which can give me more toys.

Zehra – I would take

A teddy bear, that has sparkling eyes, to guide me during the night.

Magical spectacles, that will make me invisible and to help slay dragons without  them  expecting it.

A black leather wallet, that appears light and empty but magically produces money with the snap of a finger.

Adi – I would take…

  • I would take a dinosaur, which can shoot out lasers whenever it roars, to break down any metal door.
  • I would take a green slimy goblin, who has electric morphing powers, to fool the bad guys.
  • I would take a creepy wrinkly witch, that can make healing soup, whenever I’m in danger.
  • I would take a saber tooth tiger, that has a little backpack, whenever it gets angry a diamond metal sword will pop out of his tiny backpack.
  • I would  take a floating snack, just in case I get hungry.
  • I would take a Time Machine that can walk and shoot out heavy incredible bullets.