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Welcome to Lily the Ladybirds Lively Circus!

Roll up Roll up, come to see Lily the Ladybird flying on the trapeze. Barry Beetle playing the drums with Craig and his singing crickets.

There will be a juggling act by Woody the Woodlouse and a marching band with Adam and his army of ants. For those who want to stay late after dark, come to see Gavin the Glow Worm and his fabulous fire flies.

All hosted by Clive the Centipede on the night of 20th May at eight o’clock.

See you there!


Avoid trying to steal because it harms the person you take from and it harms you.Think of someone’s hard work they have done to earn the money.

Be aware of being confused or curious while looking at a shark because sharks are known to be attacking humans and hurting them when humans look confused or curious to them.

Carefully look after your parrot because they can fly away and get lost,also if they don’t get treated as they want to be treated they will start to bite your fingers,lastly make sure you avoid holding the parrot on the back,wings,and tail.

Disguises are a good way to hide your identity because if someone is trying to find you or you are wanted, disguises are probably the most important thing you will need to hide your cover.

Enemies are probably not the greatest people but you have to do these things in order to get better. Try to understand your enemy because all of your enemies have not been created the same,observe them carefully,avoid your enemy as much as possible and try to learn how to defend yourself.

Family is important because some advantages of having a family are increased happiness and satisfaction.Studies have shown that spending time with family can reduce stress and anxiety.

Guards are important to have because they will provide protection and a sense of security like for your,family,business,personal assets and employees.

 Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy,satisfaction,contentment,and fulfillment.

Independent means that we share information that is independent.This means that the resources and referrals,and facts and figures we provide are always truthful,impartial and free from bias.

Journals are important to have because it helps you create order when the world feels like it’s in chaos.You get to know yourself by revealing your most private fears,thoughts and feelings.

Alphabet Poem

Axes and hammers such as Thors are best to take on an adventure like this.


Bypass blue books in the forest as they contain crushed magical mushrooms inside of them.


Carefully, tip toe into a crystal cavern and take a crystal but be aware dragons awake with one step.


Defeat dangerous devils with Thanos Gauntlet.


Exit places like an old couple’s house or a ship in the tree, these might seem nice but they’re not so it’s best to stay away. 


Fearlessly, climb up a tall tree and break the branch that you’re sitting on.


Giants will let you stay with them in their golden house.


Happy hamsters should stay happy if not the consequences could be catastrophic.


Ice in the forest is not normal.


Jaguars are found often in the forest so make sure to have some meat.


Kindly ask an elephant to give you a ride on its back.


Long walks like this can last for days, months or even years.


Mischievous monkeys love attention so don’t look.


ABC checklist

Avoid the ************ and haunted house which has scary and terrifying noises in there.


Be aware of different birds like a vicious,hungry eagle.Make sure that the eagle does not see you.


Caves-If you do find shelter,because there might be a hungry dragon that might be living there and it has fallen asleep.


Dear’s may be a bad idea because sometimes in the dark/night they run away and you can never see them again.


Elves may be a bit mischievous, but who ever fight’s orcs/giants and they will bring you to shelter.


Family is the most important choice to pick to come with you in the forest.


Goblins will try to capture you in the night.


Hedge hogs will try to tackle you and bring you to the ground/floor.


Invisibility can help you to hide from dangerous and horrible animals.


There are journals about the forest and how haunted it is. Keep any spare keys so they make a loud noise then you can put it on you’re donkey.


Ladder might be useful so you can cut down wood for some shelter.


If you see a mountain and do not climb up there, you might not know what is up the mountain.


Be careful that do not step on any nukes from 1915 and world war 2.


Make sure you do not get spotted by any owls in the night.


Parrots might try to take you down by flying at you.


Quietly tip toe tree to tree one at a time. 


Spiders might come out of small holes and try to crawl up  your legs.

Letters Handbook

Avoid any apple trees, as they are poisonous and each have a human soul trapped inside it.


Be aware of Big Bears, If you happen to see a Huge bear it is most likely not to be a bear it is actually an evil robot.


Calmly tiptoe around the area you are at and do not make a sound.


Delicately Take a Dandelion as it well help you as you go along


Elves may pop behind you but they are epic and harmful.


Flies are ferocious so you better avoid all of them.


Goblins are a caution where you are so stay safe.


Hazel Brown chocolate is venomous and deadly.


Ignore any Iguanas because they are the worst animal ever.


Journals will be very handy as you will want to share your adventure


Kings and Queens do exist so make sure not to do anything bad.


Lakes are very enchanted so If you see one make a wish.


Mountains are very high so don’t climb any .


Narwhals are a very rare animal so if you see one, keep an eye out.


Orbs are very dangerous but are super common so keep an eye out.



Avoid people with weapons with them because they are probably planning to kill someone

Be more careful when walking home from school you never know whats gonna happen to you or somebody.

Carefully walk to the field where daisy’s and sunflowers sit,talk dance and prance all around.

Dance in the sunlight dance in school no ones gonna stop you from having fun.

Elves can help with your kids get toilet paper and wrap them up like a Christmas gift ( be careful)

Flap around when its paytime annoy your siblings when there with there friends.

Grab a book sit don with your coffee ignore your kids and there you are no annoying little kids picking there nose.

Have a go at riding the bike it wont hurt you just put your feet on the peddels and cycle WOOHO YOU DID IT WELL DONE  it takes alot of practise.

I dont know where to start well clean your room pick up things that are yellow,black,red,blue,pink,blossom,green then do your bed and then finally pick up other things that are not in there normal place.

Jump around laugh heehhehehe watch funny video’s and there the perfect day you have.

run away


Avoid some giants as they may think 

that you are an ant so they will try to stand on you to kill you.


Bridges are very dangerous as 

there might be trolls waiting for you.


Carefully walk on the brick stone path because if you step on the wrong one you will get a scary surprise.


Do not listen to goblins as they will give you fake news.


Elephants are very big there so you have to never step foot into their cages.


Fiery flowers are very poisonous.Never touch them or pick them.


Giants will try to attack so make sure you have a weapon to use.


Hurry up and run across the bridge as goblins will pull your feet.


Ignore all of the advice from trees.


Join an army of people as they will help to protect you.


Keep on running until you reach the end of the rainbow.


Look around for any spies.


Move the crown as there is a door behind it.Go inside and there will be a magical flower.


Advice handbook

Avoid all goblins  in the area because they could erase your memory and put you to sleep or put you in a deep dark cave.


Beware of aliens as they might take you to another planet.


Carefully be cautious of the trolls that are waiting for you under the bridges that might have you as their meal.


Do not listen to gnomes as they will tell you  fake news about the world.


 Dragons can attack you with their fearful breath.


Elves can be very helpful when you have problems or if you are upset.


Flowers can boost happiness into you so keep a pack of flowers in your bag so when you are sad you can smell the flowers and it will make you happy.


Giants can stomp on you and make you flat if you annoy them so don’t annoy them or they will stomp on you.


Keep your head down and don’t look at any one.


Look out for any spiders because they are poisonous.


Magic is in the air so be careful you don’t get hypnotized.


Goblins are near so if I was you I would keep a lookout.


Octopuses can scratch your face with there arms so it’s best to stay away from them.


People can be dangerous so don’t talk to people that you don’t know.


Queens tell you what to do so you should do what the queen says or she will make your life hard.


Rings can get lost so you should keep it on your finger at all times.


Shields can be very expensive so you should bring one from home.


Towers are very high so if I was you I wouldn’t go inside them because you can get stuck in towers.


Underground there is a secret hiding spot where you can’t get caught so if you are in trouble you can hide there.


Some villages have no water or food so it’s best to not go there if you want to starve.


Weapons can hurt you so very carefully use them.


 Wolves howl when there is a full moon so you better hurry home.


Zebras can make you blind by their black and white stripes on their body.


An explorers booklet



Firstly, if you come across an ancient trail, do not go on it, ancient trails consist of Adders and Dragons. Adders can kill you with just one bite. Dragons will breathe fire at you so stay away from them.




Now, let me tell you about Elves, Fairies, Goblins and half-mens. You will want to get on an Elves good side because they can magic you up potions and spells. Fairies can fly you places and also help you so be nice to them. Goblins are horrible creatures that eat people so do not approach them if you don’t want to die. Half-mens are really nice so if you do come across one don’t be scared.




Invisible bridge spell, this spell is dated back to 300-BC and is used for when you find a deep canyon and it doesn’t have a bridge. Jacket of invisibility, when you put on this jacket, your whole body will turn invisible so it is perfect for when you find a troll. Kabouters are little dutch people that look like gnomes and they live under-ground. They cause mischief so don’t be friendly with them.

Finally, the lightning spell, this spell is very dangerous so don’t play with it!



Magic staff, this staff is used to do all of your spells so do not break it and do not lose it. *******, these annoying mini people will beg you for stuff but don’t give into them! Ogres, these people are horrible, they eat other people so if you see one RUN AND HIDE!

Lastly, Pixies are always angry so dont even look at them. 




Beware of Qalupaliks, they steal people but not for a bad reason, it’s to keep people from drowning. Watch out for mythical Reindeers; they run really fast so move out of the way for them. Moving onto Sprites,believe it or not, they are actually horrible little things. Next up, trolls, these very very very annoying creatures are very naughty so stay away from them.




Unicorns, the most magical creatures, can help you with spells and potions. Vivitation spell, this spell is very easy but only use it when you have to. Wizards, they are useless but very funny and good to keep you company. X-ray vision, a pair of glasses that help you see in the dark.




Yoyos can help you climb tall trees and swing across canyons they are very useful and always handy to have. Zebras, these beautiful creatures are very good at running.

advice for an explorer

Have you ever thought of going around the world?if so take note of the following advice .its important to know like to not to go to speak to someone and useful items you need for your adventure .


While a  raid is happening,always take Armour in a bracelet  for protection from the arrows of the raiders and the swords ,carry a bar of chocolate [which is endless]will make sure you’re never hungry,a cout of invisibility The cause if you wanted an account so you cannot be found   


Beware the  Dangerous creatures :purple eyed teleporters ,when looked at there eyes they get angry , the hydro powered dragon that has five heads and uses water attacks ,and amputee zombies ,which are quick on their  hands and can kill you.


Take a knife [that’s  indestructible] to carve off meat of dead animals to eat ,Take the staff  carrier to hold the staff while holding something else take the shield with pockets to pro text yourself and have the knife near you,get the stiffening rope to make a tight rope to get to another  side of buildings, you definitely need the water bottle of speed for a quick escape .


Therefore if you decide to explore the world remember to travel with essential items suchas your staff and wings ,observe your surroundings for danger;and look out for the hydro powered dragon,by following this advice you will be kept safe and have a great trip and good luck on your adventure.