Meet The Team

Pie Corbett

Pie Corbett is a poet, storyteller and teacher. He’s told stories, performed poems and worked with teachers around the world, edited and written over 200 books and is well-known for ‘Talk for Writing’. He is incredibly excited to be involved in TeachingLive because it encourages everyone to use their imagination and to play with words.

Deputy Mitchell

Deputy Mitchell is a former Headteacher of two schools and has 22 years experience in the primary sector. Since leaving Headship in 2013, he has been working with 100s of schools across the globe on projects linked to audience and purpose, making learning relevant for students of all ages through effective and proven strategies involving technology. In 2011, DeputyMitchell founded QuadBlogging.Net, a simple and free project for teachers, connecting writers and audience. To date, over 750,000 students in 80 countries have used it. Deputy Mitchell is excited to work on TeachingLive as this brings together children across the country using simple and accessible technology in a time when children and teachers need this the most. Deputy Mitchell now supports schools implementing blogging safely across their curriculum whilst ensuring teachers are using social media safely.

John Sutton

John Sutton is a former teacher and ICT Leader in a number of schools. John is the MD of Creative Blogs Ltd and has been building safe blog sites for schools for over 15 years. Passionate about developing Digital Literacy in schools, John spends his days supporting teachers to build these life changing skills and is the technical mastermind behind projects like ‘Blog The World Cup’ and ‘Blog The Leap Year’ both of which had 100,000s of blog posts, comments and interactions. John is a qualified Carbon Literacy educator and works with Speak Carbon and the Carbon Literacy Project to deliver training on climate change in schools and organisations.

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