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Last TeachingLive demos before Season 10 begins!

Please note, all  times listed are GMT.

  • Tuesday 12th December, 9:30am (UK Time) – Writing*
  • Tuesday 12th December, 11:00am (UK Time) = Grammar**

*This session was originally scheduled for 5th December. Due to illness, it is postponed and will now take place on 12th December.

**This session was originally scheduled for 7th December. Due to illness, it is postponed and will now take place on 12th December.

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Our sessions are for KS2 and lower KS3 classes only and must take place in school (no remote learning children).

To take part in the sessions you need a whiteboard or TV that can project a Zoom conference and a class of children with internet connected devices (1 between 2 is fine). Devices can be laptops, iPads, tablets etc. The children do not need Zoom on their devices as they will watch the session on the whiteboard/TV. No app or sign in is required, the children just need to access a web browser.

Please note that the content for each session will be the same so please don’t sign up for multiple sessions with one class – as many classes from your school as you like are welcome to join one of these sessions.

School Website Filters

TeachingLive is a fully interactive creative writing session and the children will be writing online during the session. All content submitted by your class is fully moderated before being approved, but in order to take part you need to check that the following websites are allowed by your school web filters:


Please note, if you have already subscribed to TeachingLive then you should not sign up for these sessions.

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  • Please note that this session is only open to groups from KS2 and lower KS3 only.
    Each session is 1 hour in duration. Please note, if you have more than one class wishing to take part, please fill in the form separately for each class.

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