100WC Summer 23 Week 4

Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge!

Taking part is really simple.

  1. Watch the video (if you want to watch us launch the challenge live, then watch the livestream below at 10:45am BST). If you can’t watch it live, just click the play button any time after 11:00am BST on Monday.
  2. Draft your writing carefully.
  3. Fill in the form below the video (we recommend that you copy and paste your writing from your own word processor) and submit your writing.
  4. That’s it!

There are a few simple rules to abide by, and we won’t publish any work that contravenes these rules:

  • Don’t use coloured text;
  • Don’t use emojis and text speech;
  • Don’t use the spacebar to move to the next line-use the return key;
  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish any writing not related to the instructions;
  • TeachingLive will inform your school if you abuse our system.


Watch Week 3  (Live at 1045 BST Monday 22nd May)

Note: if you are not watching live, click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the black box below.

Pie’s Challenge: choose an object and reveal what it is thinking.

David’s Challenge: a suspense paragraph beginning, ‘At that moment, the mirror spoke…’

John’s Challenge: an emergency letter from Earth to the people of the planet.

100 Word Challenge - Submit your writing

Use this form to submit your 100 words. IMPORTANT: Only submit your writing once. Once you have submitted your writing it may take a few days to appear on the site as we moderate every single piece of writing submitted.

  • DO NOT CALL YOUR POST "100 WORD CHALLENGE". Think of something original
  • Remember to double check your writing before you submit.

Teachers: Register for 100 Word Challenge

Registering for the 100 Word Challenge offers several benefits:

  • We will keep you in the loop with 100WC and TeachingLive news;
  • You will receive a unique 100WC tag for school so that you can find your entries easily.
  • You will be invited to take part with your class in free TeachingLive sessions at 9:30am exclusive to 100WC registered schools.

100wc registration

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