The Fox Booma Goblin

The fox booma, that is a goblin, has a tail that can change colour every season. In fact, their claws are soft but sharp. Also, their eyes can turn white in winter, yellow in spring, orange in autumn, baby blue in summer!                                         

What do they look like? 

Strangely, the Fox Booma has a flower head shape. Also, it has really puffy fur, it wears shoes, socks, a top and trousers so it can be disguised as a human and then claw your face to eat it. 


Where do they live? 

It lives in a wild forest in Alipix street. There are a lot of trees and flowers. Lots of other goblins like to live there too like the Flower goblin or the Monkey goblin. 


Surprising fact 

They sometimes go into kid’s pools and hide and when they are floating, they bite them mostly on their fac or back. When they bite them, they drown and then eat them 


Another fact 

Normally, they like to have a power nap so then they would not be grumpy. Then go to Mrs Alivia’s house then feed them strawberries and pancakes. 



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