8th November 9:30am Session 5 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example written by Pie.

Visit Neverbelieve Island

Yes, visit Neverbelieve Island and you’ll never believe what fun there is for all the family!

Are your children ever bored at the weekend? Do you ever long for something exciting to do? Why not visit Neverbelieve Island and enter an amazing world? Yes – fabulous fun for all the family.

Marvel at Washies Wonderful Water Park.
Be amazed by Peter Pan World.
Wonder at the Dragons’ Cave.
Be surprised by Golden Valley.
Admire the Ravenhorses at Zealous Zoo Park.

On Sunset Slopes, your children will have hours of fun as they learn to sledge like an expert. They will:

  • use our Z380s – the latest sledges made of lightweight titanium;
  • have coaching from an expert;
  • learn to steer downhill;
  • sledge at speeds of up to 40 kmph
  • learn the thrill of the downhill obstacle course;
  • be taught safety procedures – wear protective clothing and hardshell hats.

Sunset Slopes is where your dreams begin. Many of our visitors have gone on to a career in sledging – sledging postmen, sledge-doctors, travelling conservationists and penguin trackers. ‘Be amazed’, said Bob Eaglestone, Olympic champ when he visited.

There is also ample parking at each attraction, plenty of wonderful cafés and restaurants where kids eat free and a full range of stunning shops.

©Pie Corbett 2021

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