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A welcome January return of our popular grammar sessions aimed at years 4,5 and 6. We have also had excellent feedback from teachers who have found our grammar sessions helpful in support of their own practice.

  1. Word classes – verbs (tenses) and adverbs; nouns and adjectives.
  2. Word classes – prepositions; determiners; nouns and pronouns including possessive pronouns; plurals and apostrophes.
  3. Phrases and clauses – noun phrases; prepositional phrases; modal and auxiliary verbs – verb phrases.
  4. Sentences – sentence types + punctuation; main and subordinate clauses; commas.
  5. Joins and Links – adverbials; conjunctions; relative clauses + relative pronouns.
  6. Sentences – subject / verb; agreement; tenses.
  7. Harder punctuation – colons; semicolons; ellipsis; parenthesis – brackets, dashes, commas; hyphens; bullet points.
  8. Cohesion – including fronted adverbials.
  9. Formal & informal – speech; audience and purpose.
  10. Active & passive – root words, suffixes and prefixes.

Tuesday January 16th
Tuesday January 23rd
Tuesday January 30th
Tuesday February 6th
Tuesday February 13th
Tuesday February 20th*
Tuesday February 27th
Tuesday March 5th
Tuesday March 12th
Monday March 18th**
Tuesday March 26th

All sessions will last 1 hour in duration and will begin at 11am (UK Time).

*Important note: Tuesday February 20th will be a repeat of the February 13th session. This is for schools who are taking an early half-term holiday. Schools should only attend one of these two sessions.

**Due to a prior commitment the 9th session will take place on a Monday

Here’s what one teacher said about TeachingLive!

“Every Monday morning the children bounce into class and take part in your sessions with a huge smile on their face. They long for their work to be read out and love the instant feedback they receive. I as a teacher just can’t believe how their attitude to writing has changed and I am so very proud of all of them.”

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