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We’r trying something different for TeachingLive Grammar in the summer term 2023. The program will consist of 10, 40 minute,  daily sessions of grammar practice before SATs week. We will be using our favourite online tools to encourage children to practice sentence writing live throughout the sessions while offering immediate  feedback in the style that existing TeachingLive subscribers will be familiar with.

We will be covering the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum over the ten sessions:

  1. Word classes – verbs (tenses) and adverbs; nouns and adjectives.
  2. Word classes – prepositions; determiners; nouns and pronouns including possessive pronouns; plurals and apostrophes.
  3. Phrases and clauses – noun phrases; prepositional phrases; modal and auxiliary verbs – verb phrases.
  4. Sentences – sentence types + punctuation; main and subordinate clauses; commas.
  5. Joins and Links – adverbials; conjunctions; relative clauses + relative pronouns.
  6. Sentences – subject / verb; agreement; tenses.
  7. Harder punctuation – colons; semicolons; ellipsis; parenthesis – brackets, dashes, commas; hyphens; bullet points.
  8. Cohesion – including fronted adverbials. 
  9. Formal & informal – speech; audience and purpose.
  10. Active & passive – root words, suffixes and prefixes.

Session Times

TeachingLive Grammar: 9:30am for 40 minutes

Tuesday April 18th
Wednesday April 19th
Thursday April 20th
Monday April 24th
Tuesday April 25th
Wednesday April 26th
Thursday April 27th
Tuesday May 2nd
Wednesday May 3rd
Thursday May 4th


Single class booking option available

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