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The Best City in the World

Dear Elon Mask,

I hear you are building a new city.  Can I help you?

You could put a big theme park with a pool and waterpark in the centre of the city.  It is easier and more close to the people wo will live there.

I think my parents would love it if everything was cheap so that they don’t need to spend all their money.

There should be no shops but lots of McDonalds.  I hate shopping.

The houses should be big and have 4 storeys.  Everyone will be able to buy them.

Best of Luck

From Caius

Summer Apology

Dear Hayley,

Sorry that last summer it rained lots and that you couldn’t have a BBQ because of the rain.  I am sorry that your day out to the Safari Park was spoiled by the wet weather.

This summer I will try to get it sunny so that you can have fun in the sun.  You’ll be able to wear shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and can go to the beach.  You can go to a waterpark,  have a picnic, go outside and play with your friends all day.  It will be fantastic and super hot!

love from,

the summer xx

A letter from the Sun

Dear Everyone,

It’s summer here.  I don’t know why it wasn’t that hot last summer.  It rained half of the days.  It wasn’t that hot – some days were a bit cold.  I am sorry if I rained on you when you were playing outside.  I am sorry I got you really cold when you were dressed in your shorts and t-shirts.

This summer I promise to try to not rain.  I’ll beg the sun to try to stay longer and the clouds to go away.  I am sorry if it doesn’t work out but I’ll try my hardest.