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Blue Whale’s Stomach

few weeks ago I was eager to go fishing, and the day came ,I was dressing up, when I was done, my dad and siblings were already in the car so we drove to the  open sea and then we got into our boat  and started our journey. waves came and I was so frightened and then the boat lost control and if fell and immediately a whale swallowed me without chewing me I ended up in the stomach of a whale . It was weird and I was so scared ,my dad called an ambulance and I was saved.

Convincing a Snowman to go into the Kitchen

Once upon a time in my hometown Iceland, it was my birthday in the coldest place I Iceland I went and saw a big snowman I wanted to become friend he agreed. I told him about my birthday he said he couldn’t leave he will melt. I went back and made  huge ice cooler perfect for a snowman I brought it to him the snowman tested it, he entered. I brought it to my parent they allowed him I went back home I immediately put him in my fridge and I celebrated it happily I enjoyed my birthday party .


How I ended up in a whale’s stomach

On a sunny day I was so happy because me and my friends where going to the beach.

When Whe arrived I played with my friends in the sea. Then my friends told me that

I could not hold my breath underwater for 5minites. I agreed and dumped my head


They shouted that I should come out from the water but I didn,t know that

There where not joking. Then I saw a big blue creature coming near me,

Then I saw a giant whale I screamed then I saw my self In a belly of a giant whale.

A dragon has been found in my school.

One day after breakfast, I saw a fire breathing dragon in the middle of the football field.

At that moment I was scared and nearly fainted. A teacher came and asked me what happened and

I said I had seen a dragon and then fire started on the football pitch. The dragon started to talk

So I ran away because I was so terrified. The dragon said, “Do not be scared. I am nice but I am

hot-tempered.” I got to know it can change its colour and it is the last of his kind. Many students saw the dragon.

Dragon Dragon

A  very large dragon has been found at the field of cherryfield college Jikwoyi and has been said to be one of a kind .The animal agencies confirmed that if it is locked up there is a 99% chance it will break out and destroy people life and properties and if it is released it will cause more heat  and we can die .It is said that the principal of the school is trying to the wards under control parents are calling if they could come and pick their children from school away from all the harm and danger there.


This is my cousin brother for sale he is smart but annoying ,he has a weird smell but is very intelligent. I am selling him because yesterday I was given a tough assignment and I finished. Then my cousin brother just had to rip it off. I promise you he doesn’t cause too much trouble, he can help you with some household chores. Your kids can learn some stuffs and you can also learn some useful things from him and he is also very kind nice and his name is Stephenson  and he is very cheap. COUSIN BROTHER FOR SALE!

Dragon War

It was a summer day in London and Joshua was having class in his school. Joshua was having his last class when he overheard some teachers saying that there was a dragon at the back of his school, Joshua saw the dragon as it breathed fire.

Everybody had evacuated the school except Joshua and his Chemistry teacher who were both working on a way to melt it.

Finally, they worked on a poison to melt it, found the dragon and started to pour the poison on it. The dragon started melting and now the dragon’s bones are in a museum.

the dragon in my school

In beast the world of human and  Beast there live a fire breathed  dragon  that on one have seen in is world  one the I was out side with my fiend as we was play ball  in the field so as   we was play  I saw a baby dragon I called my friend so the sad were  did  get it form so I  tell them that I found  the baby dragon so I said that  let us take care of the dragon and I told  my friend  that we found  the mother will  come one day the baby was big


One Tuesday I was going for a class so on my way to yhe class I saw a dragon tail so I followed that tail and an I saw a dragon I was shocked then I ask the dragon why are you in our school the dragon told me that she was fiying up in the sky and just fell down her tail got stuck in tree and she could not move yhat is why she is hear so rushed down to the security post and I called them and they came and they helped the dragon she came she down and she thanked me for helping her and she went

When Kelly The Dragon Was Found In My School

One  day ,in my school we were having a festival and we were using dragon costumes because it  was dragon day. As we all came to the bouncing castle, we all saw a flashing light from inside the castle and we all saw a beautiful dragon .The dragon said  hello  I am Kelly the last dragon in this universe and I am here to celebrate dragon day with you .The dragon gave every one of the students a chance to get one best se it wish . I wished that there will not be any harm in this world again.