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Sammy the Squirrels Big Adventure

Once, there was a baby squirrel named Sammy. Sammy was tired of living in the same old oak tree, so he set out looking for an adventure.

He scampered through the forest, dodging branches and leaping over streams. He met new friends along the way, like a family of rabbits and a wise old owl. But the best part of his journey was when he reached the top of the tallest tree in the forest. From there, he saw the entire forest.

Sammy realized life is an adventure that was just beginning. He scampered home, ready for his next adventure.

Endangered Red Squirrels

Red Squirrels are an endangered species in the UK with numbers falling dramatically over the last 100 years. This is because grey squirrels have been killing them by carrying a virus deadly to reds. By 1997 the numbers of red squirrels on Anglesey was close to extinction with less than 40 living in one woodland.

Work has been done to get rid of grey squirrels and increase the population of red squirrels on the island. Today 60% of Welsh red squirrels can be found on Anglesey. In 2016 the island was said to be free of grey squirrels.

Hunter the wild cat

This is Hunter the wild cat. One night in the woods Hunter was chewing on a bit of wood. “OUCH!!! MY TOOTH HURTS!” He cried. In the morning Hunter woke up and he went to the vets. When he got there he said “MY tooth hurts!”. “It is ok” said the vet.

The vet and the cat went into the room and the vet said “ we have to take two teeth out” “NO NO NO!!! Please don’t please”. “Sorry we have to” NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The vet had a plan I will give him a treat if he sits still. Hunter did!

The golden eagle

The golden Eagle.
The golden Eagle  can reach up to 150 mph flying.The golden Eagle has a long life expectancy.The wild, golden Eagles have been known to live up to 32 years old, but in captivity   their lifespan has been recorded at 50 years old old or more. Golden Eagles nest in high places. Golden Eagles are large birds that typically nest in high places. This powerful Eagle is North Americas largest bird of prey and the national of Mexico. These birds are dark brown, with  lighter golden -brown head and neck. their speed and sharp claws grab bunnies, marmots.


Write about a golden eagle.

The Golden Eagle has the scientific name is an Aquila Chrysatos. The average life span of the bird is 14 years although 75% of the birds die before adult hood. Golden eagles have the wingspan of a king size bed measuring an amazing 2 metres horizontally. Eagles can see 5 times further than the average human with 20/20 vision. Eagles usually nest in the middle of March and lay eggs for 3-4 days during the month and no other times in the year. At birth the eagle has a 20% chance of surviving it is first few weeks of life.

Day in the life of a squirrel

Day in a life of a squirrel 

I can see the sun coming up so I guess it’s time to get up. I slept in a comfy tree.The plan for me today is to gather my nuts & acorns for the winter time and go wandering to see if anyone is in my territory.I was climbing up a tree looking for acorns and I saw lots of humans with dogs some on the lead some not .lots of people were looking at me and then a dog started barking at me so I jumped on one branch to another

The stray cat

“Meow.”The brown cat is at my door again. He has been here every day for the past   week. I’ve been feeding him for the past four days. I don’t think he will be leaving any  time soon, so I may as well let him in. I could do with the company anyway. Maybe he’ll bring me some good luck. Everyone knows I need it. Opening my door, I let him in. He’s now sitting down in front of the fire. He will not be leaving in a long time, so I may as well get used to him.“Meow.”

Red squirrel fact’s

red squirrel


What is a red squirrel ?


With sharp claws for grip, a bushy tail for stability, and strong hind legs for strength, red. squirrels are expert tree climber’s.

What do red squirrels eat ?

Red squirrels feed on flowers in spring, and nuts, fruits and seeds from cones in autumn and winter. Summer months are when they eat lots of nuts, fruits and conifer seeds, before winter

Where do red squirrel sleep ?

Squirrels are den builders and they’ll build themselves a den out of twigs and branches in the hollow of a tree and there’s many opportunity’s for a den.