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LOST – Red Squirrels

Last week, one of Britain’s most endangered species, some baby red squirrels escaped from Bristol Zoo. 


The only information we have (from a passer-by) is that ‘one of them was seen running towards two other red squirrels’. 


Zookeepers have been frantically looking for the escaped squirrels as they are very rare and endangered. 


These squirrels have orange and red furr, sapphire blue eyes, they like to come near to humans as they are very friendly and gentle, but zookeepers have warned not to attempt to pick up the animals. 


If you see any red squirrels please call 446932.

The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel is an endangered animal because of the grey squirrel.  They carry a virus called Squirrelpox. It kills the red squirrel but it doesn’t kill the grey squirrel. Also the grey squirrel can eat green acorns so they eat all of the food before the red squirrel can get any, this means they could starve to death. There used to be around 3.5 billion in the UK and now there is only about 15000. Red squirrels like to eat pine cones, they also like to eat seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, flowers, eggs and insects.


Lost cat called Roxy. Last seen over 2 weeks ago in the Penmenner Estate area, on the 5th of January. Female, long haired, tabby cat with four white paws. She is really friendly with other cats and dogs, and LOVES chicken dreamies but not salmon! We miss her dearly; she’s are one and only pet who we’ve had since she was a teenie weenie kitten. She gives the best snuggles and always makes us smile when we feel blue. 

If found please call us (Mark and Poppy) on 975800. We live at number 7, Oak Hill Estate, St Ives, Cornwall. 

How to keep a pet elf

Are elves just for Christmas?However now you can be the proud owner of your elf.Follow these instructions and you can keep an elf as a pet.And keep it healthy.

What you need.

Four small candy canes.

A cosy bed.

A toilet and toilet roll.

A board game.


1.First;get the cosy bed and put it somewhere like under the stairs.

2.next.;put the toilet and the toilet roll next to the bed .

3.then ,the board game on the bed and if he wants you to stay you should it would make him happy.

4;Finally, get the candy canes and put them next to the board game.


Spiders live in plug holes because they like the darkness, they like making their webs down the drain. They love how easy it is to get into the bath and scare us. Spiders like the plug hole cause it’s warm and safe.

Spiders like living in the plug hole cause no one knows they are there. They like it as they have endless supply of food.

They can have easy access to the house and more food like bugs and flys. It’s also a safe place for them to lay their eggs and when they hatch into the world.

Why spiders live in plugholes.

1.Because they like dark,damp places,and the plughole pipe leads to the dark,damp sewers.

2.Because flies like eating gross things, mainly poo, and sewers are full of…poo.

3.Because spiders need close things to weave their webs in and out.

4.Because spiders are gross themselves.

5.Because spiders have a weird habitat.

6.Because there is only one danger if you live down a plughole…water!

7.Because some people put flies down the plughole.

8.Because when you cut yourself in the bath,that’s free food for spiders!

9.Because there’s lots of hiding places.

10.Because there’s almost no noise down a plughole.   


I was walking down the stairs and I saw a black box on the dining room table. I walked up to the box to open it when suddenly my grandad shouted “DON’T OPEN THE BOX.” I ran away scared. A few hours later while I was sleeping I heard a noise coming from down stairs. I crept down stairs trying my best to make sure not to step on the creaky floor board because I didn’t want to wake anyone else up. I went over to the box and opened it and found a koala, I went back to bed happy.

The box

I went into my house and in the living room on the table there was a box.The box was blue with yellow stars.

I edged forwards to lift the lid and mum shouted, “don’t open the box”. It was to late, the lid shot in the air with a loud band and a huge cloud of smoke filled the room. I couldn’t see a thing!

Mum screamed and next thing I knew right beside me was the most enormous Christmas tree I’d ever seen. It was that tall it went through the ceiling and Santa was standing next to it .


The smart dragon

One day we were doing math in the class room when the head teacher Mrs Woodhouse came rushing in out of breath, “whats the matter?” I asked. She said a dragon had landed in our school. The class was open mouthed in disbelief as it came in to the class. The dragon cried “I just want to be smart I don’t want to hurt you all”. Mr Mitchel took this seriously “okay” he said. He pulled a chair up for dragon and made it do math and………….IT WAS A GENIUS!!! and he only got star of the week too!!!

My letter


I arrived at the cottage of the three bears yesterday. Mummy bear has been very kind  to me. And the baby bear loves to play with me.It’s a very sunny day. This morning, as a very special treat, mummy bear cooked us a berry and nut pie, with honey nut sauce glazed on top.Right now, I am drawing with baby bear with one hand, and writing this with the other. I like this lovely new life, lying in the sun, relaxing and playing.                              

I Love you so much, can’t wait to see you again,

From Olivia.