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The room of magic

I stood in the room of clocks,

 trying to see what the time is.


I stood in the room of planes, 

as I fly up.


I stood in the room of storm

as I got soaked.


I stood in the room of cars, 

whizzing past my face.


I stood in the room of suns,

The toast burned.


I stood in the room of humans,

I couldn’t see so I got lost.


I stood in the room of paper,

As I got a paper cut 


I stood in the room of rusted metal,

I tried to avoid touching it.


I stood in the room of jumpers,

I wear it.


I stood in the room of wishes,

I made a wish.


I stood in the room of air,

I took a deep breath.


I stood in the room of paint,

I started colouring.



I stood in the room of light,

I could barely open my eye.


Finally, I wandered  in the room of  fathers,

Trying to pick me up.

The wizard tamer

Do you want to tame dragons? Well, this is your opportunity to get the job. This is the rewards you will get

the jobs you will have to do

protect the village

Tame dragons

patrol the village
and this is the rewards you will get

100k money

sacks of berry’s

lots of water

breakfast for free

private house

You will be the best the best dragon tamer if you apply. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be the best protecter and the tamer master

But when you apply you must pay 10 dollars to enter. So, this is your chance to enter if you do apply you will be famous and the richest person in the world! And you will be the king of the kingdom  and you are the best so this is your chance to apply or don’t this will end in 1 day. Like I said YOU will be famous you will be richest of all you will rule our kingdom and rule the world so you must enter. And you will be called the tamer dragon master of the kingdom.

What, Who, Are You?

I am death,

as silent and as dark as a moonless night.

awaiting peoples’ final breath.



I am nightshade,

disguised as a blameless berry.

because of it animals’ lives fade.


I am winter,

bringing sickness and hopelessness with me,

with frostbite I bite off toes and fingers.



I am arsenic,

taking the lives of  of artists,

in the form of green paint.



I am a gun,

spitting bullets at the innocent or guilty,

reaping souls is my inevitable fun.



I am a tyrant,

slaughtering ones who speak truth,

spreading lies and enslaving the poor.



I am plague,

 mercilessly massacring children and elderly alike,

remorseless and vague.



I am a criminal,

proven guilty in court,

waiting for freedom.



I am war,

the machine-guns rattle,

felling soldiers like trees on the bloody floor.



I am love,

anyone can shatter me,

anyone can reinforce me.



I am a birthday,

gathering friends and merriment,

always a special day.



I am Christmas,

snow in streets,

the masses of people make other people nervous,

and red stockings filled with savouring sweets.



I am springtime,

with bunnies and flowers of every colour,

a sunny and luminous season.



I am Holi,

a colourful and fun day

to enjoy.



I am friendship,

sometimes broken most of the time restored,

a bond between a person and another.



I am school,

arguments and fights take place at break or lunch,

other than that, a good opportunity.



I am summer,

trips to beaches and swimming pools,

no woolly and itchy jumpers,

a bright time.



I am a child,

whole-hearted and innocent,

naughty most the time.



I am me,

who might you be?






Agent Oink

You are a squealing pig, with a flat nose, a curly tail and

some little black clothes.


You are sneakily creeping,

to your mission at Oink Inc.


You are brown with mud,

but you are still very pink.


You have big black eyes

and and little pot belly.


You are the best agent around but you are a little bit smelly.



Hillside Primary School wasn’t on the list

You are

You are a perfect penguin waiting to be fed.

Sat in your fathers legs waiting for mum to return with the food.


You are a football waiting to be kicked.

The empty goal is right in front of you waiting to be filled.


You are a eagle gliding through the air looking for food.

Trying to spot the little mice in the ground.


You are a clever dolphin jumping through the waves.

Joining the surfers and enjoying the day.


You are a hungry shark looking for fish.

Trying to fill your tummy.


You are a poor turtle stuck in plastic.

Trying to get out slowly dyeing.


You are a boy picking up rubbish on the beach.

Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of junk.


You are a  hyena laughing at your nemesis meanly.

As they shake in terror.