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The mud pile is me,

and a big ball of knots.

I run around like a crazy bird

with rocks.

People call me weird

with a stinky smell of old cabbage.

I am so famous,

I make my own grub!



I love Frisbee’s

And running like a mockingbird,

Chasing up and down the driveway,

I have eyes like Frisbee’s

My super speed is as crazy as a cheetah,

Last but not least,

I am golden like a trophy.

I am Frisby, the golden Labrador.






My name is Arlo.

I am an English pointer that hates fireworks –

To think that people do them for fun!

I am partial to JAMESWELLBELOVED pet food from Pet’s At Home.


I love doing the foxtrot, my long white tail flowing along with the music.

But if it were the rumba, my long, skinny legs would be sure to get in the way.

The jive is my style, as I am energetic, my ears can count every beat.

Strictly is dazzling, a great entertainer, although I don’t think it is quite right for me!

My legs and my tail would be quite sure to fail, Strictly really isn’t for me!


Eating is brilliant, though I am quite sure you’ve heard I have expensive taste,

For I only eat James Wellbeloved.

Grains make me sick, make me groan, make me kick –

Wellbeloved is really the best!


I really do hope that one day they learn some sense,

Stop feeding me rubbish and making me dance!

Because I am really not made to prance and to dance.

I am not meant for bangs or for clangs.


I am meant to me: the energetic, the bold,

I am meant to be Arlo, the English Pointer,

No matter what you may have been told!

Dolly the Dino

I am Dolly the dinosaur

dancing the disco.

I love to

boogy the ballroom,

twirl to the tango,

swirl to the samba,

trot to the tap,

jiggle to the jazz,

jabber to the jive,

wiggle to the waltz,

bounce to ballet,

chat to the cha cha cha,

quack to the quickstep,

listen to the Latin,

Race to the Rumba.

I’m Dolly the Dinosaur,

auditioning for STRICKTLY!


Green Describes Me,

it is new, young and innocent

it is growing, fresh and clean

Green can also be dark and musty

it can also be wrong and angry

Green best describes me, for I can be anything.



Who am I ?



Darkness. That’s what

crawls over the forest

like a spider, when midnight

flops, lazily onto the treetops.


Then, they slip, nimbly

out of their warm, dense

dens like shadows, thick

fur, dark as ash.


Fire, dances in their sunset

eyes, beautiful, yet swimming

with a silenced pain, never

to be freed.


Soft paws patter over smooth

rock like raindrops, and their

black fur shimmers in the

mystical moonlight.


They keep on going, without

A rest, before pausing, finally

To drink from a crystal-clear

pond. Staring, vacantly back

at them, standing out against the

deep blue sky are the blazing eyes of many wolves.



She blinks open her coffee

brown eyes and opens her

prawn-pink mouth wide,

revealing rows of pearly-white



Stretching out one sand-coloured

foreleg, her muscles ache in a satisfying

sort of way.


Rising to her paws, she flattens her

ears and arches her back in

a long stretch.


Curling her tail, she flexes

her razor-sharp claws and her

ears ***** up, alert for danger

or prey.


She throws back her glossy

shoulders, allowing the sunlight

to pour onto her whiskery face.


She feels contented and energetic.

there is only one thing for it. The little

golden blur pulsed, excitedly, across

The open ground, spraying

sand up behind her powerful



The innocent young prey

with a heart as delicate

as a butterfly’s wing didn’t

see the lithe ball of flame

shooting towards them.


As the breeze ruffled her

Whiskers, and her muscles

Rippled under shiny pelt,

Nothing could stand in her way.


Tell me, can you name an animal

As gorgeous and speedy as

A cheetah?













Swiftly, her miniature body

Scurried, busily over the silky

Thread which was stretching between

Two tree branches,


Eight soot-black legs flex, happily

As her back half bobs up and down.


The finished edition of her scintillating

Cobweb glittered like a smashed mirror,

Intricate patterns designed to look

Inviting to flies.


Now, all that was left to do was

To wait for prey to fall, absentmindedly

Into her trap.


As she watched in silence,

The symmetrical orange swirls

On her back stood out, shockingly

Against her jet-black body.


Many people may fear her kind,

But I don’t think you will ever get

Something so swift and agile, as

The arachnid.





Vibrant colours swirl,

dramatically over his

textured skin, looping

and spiralling down his

eight, flailing arms.


Gliding, swiftly through

the whispering water,

he keeps his eyes open

for signs of a juicy crab or two.


Flashing, ominously, he scrambles

towards a rock, all three hearts

beating before shivering into

a smoky grey. Curiously, a rusty

red crab scuttles out from under a rock.


Spotting an inviting piece of algae

sitting on a pebble, he didn’t

notice the predator.


As the crab snacked, he

zoomed off the rock, snatching

out with his tentacles.


The crab was gone in a flash,

and the octopus glided away,

his emerald eyes blazing and

his lumpy skin glowing.