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Save today

Save today -The Emporium

Have you ever wondered there is a place, where you can shop for all you goodies and essentials in one place. We have created that place for you called

” Save today not tomorrow!”

We have several offers on:

buy 1 get 1 free

buy 3 for a price of 2

This is the place where you can save that much you can go for a “mini break” holiday! said Mrs. Smith shopaholic

You can find us: St Helens town centre




Come to the magical emporium? if you are bored on monday come and visit? be amazed by it all and be thrilled because its all free. Bring the things you want and get ready to follow your dreams.

we offer

  • free car parking
  • rooms for free
  • bar

Don’t miss our shop and shops and please come for a lifetime.Please visit and treat yourself.

Our experience is

  • magic rooms
  • art room
  • and follow your dreams


You won’t regret coming to our magical emporium.

“A good trip can do you good” replied Miss Ava and Miss Molly .

  1. 100/off!
  2. play area for kids
  3. you can have your money back if you don’t like it.
  • we are open 7 days a week from 9:00am and close at 8:00pm.
  • Find us just of the M6 on stanley street, witherington,WA11 9QB

Visit our website for more details or email or call on

@ magical emporium.hotmail.co.uk

we are waiting for your email or call!


Sweet Treat Emporium

Are you looking to have fun this weekend?
If your answer is yes, make your way down to the Sweet Treat Emporium, visiting us will be the best experience ever.

Come and explore our fantastic wonderland for a fabulous and fun-filled time. Take a leap for treasures to keep.

– fun for all the family

– easy to find

– cheap and cheerful

“We had so much fun, we will definitely be coming again”, said the Platt family.

We have lots of sweets, the world’s best chicken nuggets and 5-star surprises for everyone.

We also have an amazing gazebo with alfresco dining just for you.

Book one visit for £20 and get your second visit for FREE!

We are open everyday of the week, phone us on 144342 to book your space.

Come see the exiting Emporium

Are you bored of doing your every day tasks? Then come to our Emporium and don’t worry about kids because we have a SUPER PLAY AREA!!! We guaranty you will have an amazing time. Just feast your eyes on anything you want. You really don’t want to miss out. The number one attraction is the farm area which has animals such as  goats, sheep and ponies this area is at the back of the Emporium.

One of our customers, Max said, ” It was wonderful.”

We sell a range of antiques like Roman helmets and swords. You can check us out on Twitter and Face Book. We open at 8:00 PM and close at 7:00 PM.

A trip to Extraordinary Emporium

Are you ever bored of the same ads on tv, try my Extraordinary Emporium. Are you looking to be thrilled by an amazing experience. For a rollercoaster of joy visit here. You snooze you lose , you will be flabbergasted!!

Don’t miss out because we offer:

  • Majestic meals.
  • Stunning soda.
  • Tremendous toys.
  • Free Slush Puppy.

For never ending fun hop to our shop and lend to spend. We provide:

  • Amazing rides.
  • Frightening attractions including dangerous dodgems.
  • Amazing service.

All kids under 10 go free and an adult is B.O.G.O.F. ”Best experience ever “ said Mr P Arty. Visit us online at WWW. Extraordinary Emporiums. Com.

We are situated at Junction 44 on the m96 and are open Monday to Friday 11 am til 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday 8 am til 8pm.

Visit the Emporium

Having a boring weekend? If so, why not visit the Mystical Emporium and be stunned by the experience of a lifetime…… and astonishingly, this is all very cheap. Take your imagination and be prepared to experience your wildest dreams.

Get some tasty tantalizing terrific treats at the food hall! Yes, we offer:

Rare artefacts from around the world

Magical wonders

Delicious food

For a day of total pleasure ‘stop at our shop, look at our stock, your eyes will pop’. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Treat yourself to an awesome day out!

We can provide an experience of:

Travelling to any wonder that exists

Replicating any extinct thing in this universe

Time travelling to the future or the past

You will not regret coming here. “I recommend coming here!” said Barack Obama.

Kids go free!

If you change your mind, you can get your money back.

Learn more on our website. Open Friday-Sunday 24 hours.

A whole new world by Archie

James noticed a video game console. he looked down at it, while perched on the end of his chair. He started to walk over to it.while perched on the edge of his chair. He started to walk over to it. When he turned it on he picked a random game up and when he pressed play it went off. It had dust all over it; and a few scratches on the sides of it.

”I see you have found my game console” shouted the owner
”how about you look around the rest of the shop because this is not for SALE”

”but I-it has the price tag on it so could I buy it?”james said with a frightened stutter

”I suppose so, good luck”

the owner unplugged it gave it James gave the man £26.66 and then took it home

The room of books by Deiter

Deiter noticed an abstract looking door in the emporium; he walked up to it and opened it, it was pitch-black an abstruse voice beckoned him into the darkness. The lights turned on and all along the walls were venerable books which had a sort of force coming from them; he walked up to the book ‘the everywhere emporium’ inside was a portal to another world however the world was a picture of the front entrance of the emporium Deiter was in…

“Nosying around are we? This is my room!” The cloaked man placed his arm on his shoulder and spun him round. He took down his hood revealing an alien face. “I’m sorry for touching your book, I’ll go now.”He cried.
“No… your going to stay here!”He replied. Deiter hoped he was nice.

“What’s your name human?” The alien questioned.
“M- My names D- Deit…er.” He stuttered back in disbelief.
“Don’t be scared… Deiter.” He replied ominously. Deiter thought he was dreaming so he went along cautiously.
“Why don’t you put your arm in the book?”
“That’s not possible… is it?”
“Deiter, you have no idea what’s possible…” Deiter put his arm into it and… he was in the book, he pulled his arm out and thought ever book went to a different world, he was right…

The portal by Tiffany

Liv noticed a venerable pair of goggles in an ancient, dusty, glass cabinet, along with a gas mask.She slowly crept towards the cabinet and cautiously opened it with fear of the items breaking.Liv loved the world war and was urging to try the goggles on.They we’re beckoning her to try them on ,however, she tried to resist putting them on; it was almost impossible.She had had enough and reached for the goggles.

“I see you found our goggles and gas mask from the war; they are very precious you know, so I wouldn’t touch them,”an old mans voice murmured from the shadowy corner: it sounded like he had a bit of fear in his voice.He ran up to the glass cabinet and slammed it shut.

“No one is to go in that cabinet, they a..are too precious, do you understand?”the man mumbled as the girl nodded her head in fear.The man began to wonder what would have happened if she had put the goggles on then he began to show Liv out of the Emporium.

The Grand North Emporium by Charlie

Ron noticed  a tall green wall, standing steadily: its head was full of words( old words) it was all clean; it looked like it had been there for 100 years. At the bottom of the wall there were precious patterns and old bold words. Ron glanced at the wall and saw some sort of magical language.

“ I see that you have found my tall wall,” quoted a mysterious voice as a tall man came out of nowhere. He hoped Ron hadn’t touched the wall without hearing the warnings. He was a young  man who had a lot of money.
“Ah! Who are you?” Ron screeched moving away from  the wall quickly. Who is this man.
I am MR Willson, the owner of the Emporium and who are you?” MR Willson replied moving towards Ron. Why is he so scared? MR Willson thought to himself.

“ I am Ron and I want to go to a magical place,” spoke Ron nervously walking towards the wall. I think I will be ok.

“ go through that wall!” Bellowed MR Wilson.
And Ron did.