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A whole new world by Archie

James noticed a video game console. he looked down at it, while perched on the end of his chair. He started to walk over to it.while perched on the edge of his chair. He started to walk over to it. When he turned it on he picked a random game up and when he pressed play it went off. It had dust all over it; and a few scratches on the sides of it.

”I see you have found my game console” shouted the owner
”how about you look around the rest of the shop because this is not for SALE”

”but I-it has the price tag on it so could I buy it?”james said with a frightened stutter

”I suppose so, good luck”

the owner unplugged it gave it James gave the man £26.66 and then took it home

The room of books by Deiter

Deiter noticed an abstract looking door in the emporium; he walked up to it and opened it, it was pitch-black an abstruse voice beckoned him into the darkness. The lights turned on and all along the walls were venerable books which had a sort of force coming from them; he walked up to the book ‘the everywhere emporium’ inside was a portal to another world however the world was a picture of the front entrance of the emporium Deiter was in…

“Nosying around are we? This is my room!” The cloaked man placed his arm on his shoulder and spun him round. He took down his hood revealing an alien face. “I’m sorry for touching your book, I’ll go now.”He cried.
“No… your going to stay here!”He replied. Deiter hoped he was nice.

“What’s your name human?” The alien questioned.
“M- My names D- Deit…er.” He stuttered back in disbelief.
“Don’t be scared… Deiter.” He replied ominously. Deiter thought he was dreaming so he went along cautiously.
“Why don’t you put your arm in the book?”
“That’s not possible… is it?”
“Deiter, you have no idea what’s possible…” Deiter put his arm into it and… he was in the book, he pulled his arm out and thought ever book went to a different world, he was right…

The portal by Tiffany

Liv noticed a venerable pair of goggles in an ancient, dusty, glass cabinet, along with a gas mask.She slowly crept towards the cabinet and cautiously opened it with fear of the items breaking.Liv loved the world war and was urging to try the goggles on.They we’re beckoning her to try them on ,however, she tried to resist putting them on; it was almost impossible.She had had enough and reached for the goggles.

“I see you found our goggles and gas mask from the war; they are very precious you know, so I wouldn’t touch them,”an old mans voice murmured from the shadowy corner: it sounded like he had a bit of fear in his voice.He ran up to the glass cabinet and slammed it shut.

“No one is to go in that cabinet, they a..are too precious, do you understand?”the man mumbled as the girl nodded her head in fear.The man began to wonder what would have happened if she had put the goggles on then he began to show Liv out of the Emporium.

The Grand North Emporium by Charlie

Ron noticed  a tall green wall, standing steadily: its head was full of words( old words) it was all clean; it looked like it had been there for 100 years. At the bottom of the wall there were precious patterns and old bold words. Ron glanced at the wall and saw some sort of magical language.

“ I see that you have found my tall wall,” quoted a mysterious voice as a tall man came out of nowhere. He hoped Ron hadn’t touched the wall without hearing the warnings. He was a young  man who had a lot of money.
“Ah! Who are you?” Ron screeched moving away from  the wall quickly. Who is this man.
I am MR Willson, the owner of the Emporium and who are you?” MR Willson replied moving towards Ron. Why is he so scared? MR Willson thought to himself.

“ I am Ron and I want to go to a magical place,” spoke Ron nervously walking towards the wall. I think I will be ok.

“ go through that wall!” Bellowed MR Wilson.
And Ron did.


Skyler and the magic emporium by Madison

Skyler spotted a rusting bird cage that was covered in black paint; it perched on a wooden table in the corner. The bars, that were painted black, were ripped off, the metal on the cage was rusty. It was a venerable cage, the cage started to speak to her.

“wow”spoke skyler, she looked at the bird cage and wanted to touch it really bad. Not sure if she could, her heart thumped in horror; she took a few steps closer.
“hi why are you here?”hissed a mysterious voice.

“who are y-you?”replied skyler

she walked more and more and got to the cage…

The teleportation mask by Josh Mc

Dave noticed a torn gas mask perched on top of a wardrobe as he put it on. He was teleported into the Second World War. It was difficult to get it on, it was as dusty as an ancient attic.

“Oh I’ve seen that you have found my gas mask”Creeped the ancient man, with one eye “You are free to look around my shop but do not put the gas mask on it will teleport you to WW2,”

Dave was frightened to put the gas mask on but as a usual man of corse he puts it on

“HELP!” bellowed Dave

The big door by Amyl

Poppy noticed a door, a big tall door. It was as big as a plane and as tall as a giraffe. She here’d a mysterious voice coming from that direction.

“I see you’ve found my door of imagination,” announced the mysterious voice; as he appeared from the darkness. He wondered if she was going to leave.

The wardrobe by Ciara @ Ashurst

Amara entered Mr Luciano’s room and found an unusual wardrobe. The wardrobe had wood carvings of flowers, lavender flowers. She checked the drawer underneath the top cabinet doors. The drawer was hard to pull and wouldn’t open. So she stood in the top cabinet doors. Suddenly the wardrobe shuck? What is this…?

“I see you’ve found my book of marvels,” mumbled the anonymous voice. As the marble floor creaked, a dark shadow. Amara wished she never entered and hoped that the man won’t hurt her. “My name is Luciano Gold…”

The magical top by Kian

Tommy noticed a very valuable football shirt that Kenny Dalglish had played in ; it was standing up in all it’s pride. It had a black signature on it with some brute brown and some dark brown patches of mud on it ; it was from the 1976 – 1977 season with a collar that was stained brown.

” Hi there,” exclaimed a mysterious voice. The figure took a glimpse at Tommy, then the shirt, then back at Tommy; the man hopped that Tommy didn’t try on the shirt. Tommy’s attention was no longer on the Liverpool shirt, it was on the man. He was a old harmless man with hair whiter than the clouds.

” Who are you?” Tommy asked with a surprised look on his face.

Lost world by Dillan

Billy saw an abnormal box witch had ancient symbols on it, that unlocks some sort sort of mystical portal to another world; it had drawings from the Stone Age on the side with dinosaurs like: Spinosaurus, Diplodoculous , raptor and triceratops.It was purple like some sort of dark evil magic had been put on it.

”This is crazy, I have never seen anything like it; it looks like some sort of chest that has evil demons inside! He stated thinking about everything he had done in his life, in case he died of the demons.

”I think you should forget you ever found this!”