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The friendly Robin

One snowy morning, the robin hopped out of his teapot home.  The courageous adventurer glided into the frosty breeze as the other robins sang their cheerful morning song.   As the tiny, abandoned hut disappeared behind him, snow fell swiftly from the endless grey sky.  As he shivered, the determined robin begun his long journey to get to his true love.

The bike

The bike is so old and rusty and the wheels are spinning like racing cars and looks like it has been thrown into a lake.

The bike is a old blue bike with a broken seat and a flat tire.


The bike

The steering wheel looks like a spaghetti shape, the bell looks like a big old meatball and it  does not ring as good as it should do, the back wheel is like a steering wheel, the bikes seat  is a comfortable place to rest .