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Gingerbread Dragons.

Amazingly, there are very few gingerbread dragons as many were hunted down for the silver candy canes attached to their wings. Many people believe that this species of dragon only come together on one day, however, this is not true. Many gingerbread dragons come together in the month of December.

10 fun facts about dragons

  1. Dragons are seen as a huge reptile like creatures .
  2. It’s not known where dragons came or started from.
  3. Dragons are known to have green, scaly skin and red eyes.
  4. Dragons can breath fire and some blow ice.
  5. Not all dragons can fly.
  6. Some people say that dragons are actually poisonous.
  7. Stories from centuries ago explain that knights would have gone out and battled dragons.
  8. Many humans believe that if you take a bath in dragons blood, you will be able to see the future.
  9. A dragon’s tooth was believed to be good luck .
  10. There are many types of dragons.

Sam’s nightmare

One night, sleeping on his cold, shivering bed, lay Sam who was tossing and turning in the middle of a horrible nightmare! Just as he was about to wake up… a wolf had pounced on the windowsill and it looked hungry! But just one second before Sam could scream at the top of his lungs, the wolf leapt furiously at him!…


All week, Phoebe was looking at the full moon. The thunder could be heard. It ripped half of the world.      She shivered and stopped. The rain began to bounce off the road. Howling wind made the flags sway.          Phoebe was scared. Who will get her?

The Mysterious Creature.

Tony was hiding under his bed . He knew IT was coming . He was quivering with fear . He felt it’s presence around him. His heart was beating so loudly he thought IT could hear . [IT couldn’t]. The howling wind screamed at the house as the rain LASHED against the house. Will this mysterious beast find Tony or will he outlive IT..?






















The friendly Robin

One snowy morning, the robin hopped out of his teapot home.  The courageous adventurer glided into the frosty breeze as the other robins sang their cheerful morning song.   As the tiny, abandoned hut disappeared behind him, snow fell swiftly from the endless grey sky.  As he shivered, the determined robin begun his long journey to get to his true love.