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the winter wood

Natalie and her best friend Nick went on a scenic walk through the wood,They decided that they were going to make it frightening by going deeper in the wood but…

When Natalie walked further down the wood she heard the crunch of the autumn leaves.The sound of the big black boots meandering through the arm like twigs.

she didn’t know how to act

The attic…

Ben was locked up in a cold,dark attic and he seen a scary,creepy shadow. The shadow eye’s was in lava and it’s mouth was lava because inside it was filled with with lava.”HELP”,cryed Ben. The shadow came closer and closer. Ben cryed again ”HELP”,no one came to help him.The shadow grabed him and eaten him and Ben was never seen AGAIN…

The old hotel

There was once this old creepy hotel. It stood in the middle of a huge town called Castle town. A boy lived in one of the flats named tom. He searched the hotel and found a giant room it had amazing things in there starting from small things to big things. it was amazing

the summer sky

Gerrard and Luke was walking in the woods and they both saw some gorrilas. The summer sky was really hot and sunny so they were really hot. They both walked in their girlfriends called Maddie and Sophia.They also joined on the walk and they found a… UNICORN and it bought them one gallon of water each. They were so grateful and thankful.

The Road

Tammy stealthily made her way down the stairs and out the door so her mum wouldn’t ask where you going.It was dark outside pitch black, and there was a tiny bit of thunder and lighting she had always been curious to find out more about the road she lives on.Suddenly she caught something in the corner of her eye.What was it?She had to explore.The silhouette had gone into the parked he was a vague figure that was making really strange noises,his head was on his shoulder.What was it?Was it a person?Was it a skeleton?She didn’t know.She took a minute to have a talk with herself but all she could hear was her heart thudding with nerve…

Mr Linger 2: History isn’t for the hairy!

November 11th

Today we have history with guess who, Mr Linger. He clearly hasn’t bothered cleaning his beard, I can see noodles ad cake in there. “Good morning class, today we are doing history.” he wheezes out. We chorus out “Good morning Mr Linger.” He pulls out a picture of what seems to be a self-portrait. “This is a viking, we are learning about them for the term.” OH. Now i can’t not imagine him without a shield and helmet! He puts a picture on the board and looks back at us. “This is Kyle, he was my great great great great grandson.” I can see him shedding tears down his beard, and a noodle slides out. He runs out, crying. Now I know why he hates history! Greg signing out once more.

the old mill

Stealthily, Jo crept down the stairs, dodging the fourth step in case it creaked. At the bottom, she paused but all that she could hear was a silence that filled the house with sleep. The cat wound its way round her legs, begging to be let out.

Twenty minutes later, she entered Deadman’s Forest. Tall trees towered overhead and sunlight filtered through the branches, casting ebony shadows. It wasn’t long before she came to the ruins of the old mill. The pond glittered in the sunlight. A few bees buzzed busily.

Jo sat down under the trees and watched as the dragonflies flitted across the mill pond’s surface. It was here that she had first seen the unicorn. All morning she waited, till in the end her eyes closed and she slept, dreaming of crystal towers and goblins .

Later, she woke with a start. The sun had slipped behind the trees, casting charred shadows across the water’s oily surface. A cold breeze whispered through the reeds. Jo shuddered. A twig broke, leaves rustled and something moved towards her! What was it?

Cautiously, Jo stared into the darkness between the trees where her imagination warned her that anything could exist. A vague silhouette darted! Again, Jo shivered but not from the cold for, at that moment, she heard a sudden hiss and a red eye flickered. Jo gasped.

The strange teacher

It wasn’t the first time Tom was late to class,but today he realised something awfully strange,there was a different teacher.Tom had only been at this school for a couple months,so this was the first time he had had a new teacher.Then a few minutes after he had came in his best friend Cam had come bursting in,Cam was full of excitement,but Tom was a shy kid.He realised something off about the new teacher she wore boots that were up to her knee and also wore a hard hat…

Mr Linger

November 9th

Mr Linger walks into our classroom, he has a picky pong, straight from his neck and armpits; a long bushy beard, stuffed with last night’s leftovers, and a beady glass eye. He hasn’t washed in 2 weeks now, i can tell, he’s called Mr Linger for a reason! He says “Good morning class.” in his monotone voice, we say “Good morning Mr Linger.” and Martin coughed in a way that we knew it was fake, he hated school and always wanted to fake being sick to get out of it. I zoned out and couldn’t hear what Mr Linger was talking about, but i heard ‘Early Break and Lunch’. YES!! This is Greg signing out for now!