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The Ghostly Figure by Bailey@Belmont

Although Jason was petrified, he took one step into the bedroom.  Jason could make out a ghostly figure in the distance, it looked ashen and unearthly.  The young girl, who appeared to be wearing a pale-white dress and clutching a rose, looked lonely and afraid.  She had glazed, black eyes and dry, silky lips.  Her shaking fingers smoothed her long, ebony hair, but the rest of her body stood like a statue.

The Dark Disaster

Steve sprinted over to the scuba diving club and put on all of the gear as Savannah walked slowly over… Once they were ready they both tip-toed cautiously into the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean.

Savannah, who was as shy as a hedgehog, hung back at the shore, watching anxiously as Steve ventured deeper and deeper into the unknown.

“Wait for me! Slow down!” Savannah bellowed.

Unaware of Savannah’s panic, Steve, who was as brave as a lion, continued to swim deeper until he was met with a sight nobody expected to see…

THE TITANIC! All of a sudden, Steve started to lose oxygen while Savannah shouted anxiously after him…

Vile Villain

Grimy Nick charged onto the boat, pulling Jim by the hair behind him.
“Be quiet!” he snapped as he tied Jim to the side of the boat.

Snipe, whose as small as a brick but as fierce as a lioness, charged at Jim, biting him viciously on the leg…

As the sun rose, Jim waited for another horrible day on the Lilly, quivering in the corner. “Why does it have to be me…” he said, before beginning to sob.

Before he knew it, the sun rose and awoke Jim from his slumber.

Grimy Nick

Grimy Nick struggled onto the boat, pulling poor, innocent Jim behind him and tied him to a wooden pole.
“If yer dare move, you’ll be sorry!” he threatened as he strangled the poor boy.
Snipe, whose as dangerous as an angry lion, sat viciously at Grimy Nick’s feet, sharpening his teeth, getting ready to cause some serious damage. Hours, that seemed like days later, when evil Nick had gone to bed, Jim thought of a plan to escape.

The next morning. Jim cried “I wish.. I wish… I wish I have a brother…” and without warning, he bolted away…

Emily and Jack-by Natasha

Jack carefully opened the door, hoping no one would notice him. He sat himself down on his plastic chair. “Morning Jack,”grunted Mr F (the English teacher). Jack let out an unhappy sigh. Mr F carried on with the lesson, whilst Jack slouched on his chair.

Emily, on the other hand, flung the door open. “Good morning Mr F!”shouted Emily. She pounced onto her chair, pretending to listen to what ever Mr F was saying. She started to plan her next step. Amy drank in every word.

Nasty Nick

Grimy Nick stormed onto the dock, into the boat, searching for innocent Jim.
“If you run or even think of it, I’ll hurt yer, so yer better not!” he growled whilst he tied poor Jim to a big, metal pole. Snipe was staring down at Jim with his dagger sharp teeth showing, as if Jim was a chicken in a field waiting to be eaten.

Afterwards, Jim was left alone, all the pressure built up, it was at that moment that he knew it was his change to strike. He tried to escape but Snipe caught him… he wailed in pain..

“What did I do to deserve this?” mumbled Jim.

The next morning, they were working when suddenly Nick grabbed Jim by the arm and asked if he was tired. “No..” replied Jim.
“Good because your work is never done!” Nick replied.

Contrasting by Phoebe

Julie opened the door, slipped into the classroom and sat herself down behind the others.”Sorry I’m late,”she mumbled, staring at her feet, trying not to be noticed.Miss Taylor droned on about drop in clauses while Julie chewed over what had happened.She could not forget the look on her fathers face when they had slammed the door.

A moment later, Kate shoved open the door, ambled in and threw her bag by her chair.               “Morning,” she groaned.She interrupted the lesson.Kate pretended to listen. Jade drank in every single word.

The swing

Barry sat at the top of the King Swing. He swayed his hands to and fro. This caused his hands to be drenched with sweat.
“Ready wimp?” yelled George, using a flood worth of mockery.
Barry stumbled to his feet. He almost tumbled off of the stand. He unclipped his buckle and decided to miss this opportunity. OF COURSE THE BUCKLE WENT TO GEORGE.
“Watch and learn wimp!” screamed George.
George took a few steps back, did a runner up and a final leap of faith!! It was the best experience of his life. The tree top view made him feel like a bird. He gave a sinister smirk when the tour came to an end.

Theatre Madness by Lena

Fleur stormed in, raging into the theatre. “ Why? Why am I here?” Fleur groaned. The show was about to start, Ariana ( ballerina ) was a professional at dancing. She could dance The Nutcracker,The Tempest and the hardest dance in Japan (Tokyo) The Haiku. Fleur sat down with a grin on her face. She thought if she would ever become a dancer. Would she become one herself? The show started. Boos came from the audience. Apparently Ariana disappeared into thin air. Someone had to replace her. But who?

The dance by Kezia

Lola slopped down onto her chair at the performance area and started to watch the show with a big grin on her face. “I hate this,’’mumbled Lola feeling distrustful. Lola’s parents were not happy with her. Lola could not forget the moment that broke her heart.

A moment later and it happened. Lily went on stage with the brightest smile anyone had seen. She started to dance as elegantly as butterfly.  “Well done, “ exclaimed Lola and Lily’s mum.