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Chapter 2 of the precious book by Aiza

“My name is Loren,” Came a hallow voice again. “I’m the owner of this shop and I sell very valuable items so you better not do anything” Quietly replied Loren. “And don’t you dare touch my book” Loren added and swooshed her black her and disappeared. Bella then obviously didn’t really care what she said and stared at the book thinking what she should do.

Bella didn’t understand why she shouldn’t open but the book must be that important thats why she isn’t letting her open it. Then she felt like she had to open she flipped open the first page ripped some pages out and then put it in her backpack. She then felt something nudge her shoulder she didn’t want to turn around but she did and there she found a owl sitting on her shoulder. She deiced to follow it and it took her to a red light door freshly painted.

Chapter 2 the YouTube emporium

“Who are you?”said may
“im mr laini The owner he replied
“i’ve got to go but don’t touch the book

and he went with a BANG!! then she thought i need to make a room she  picked up the book she saw a button that said speak mode she pressed it and said “space room” “this way” Said a voice she went to her door and opened it. she shimmering UFO zooming past her “wooow” she said with sparkles in her eyes


Emporium story chapter 2 by Riley

“You can look around my emporium all you want but don’t touch the book”. Then the owner of the shop left hoping he would not touch the book with his black leather coat dragging on the floor. When the shop keeper left Harry noticed there was a pen glimmering in the sun. It was so tempting to touch and he tried to resist but he couldn’t. He grabbed the pen and headed towards the book. 

   He grabbed the brown leather book with ancient writing on the sides and flicked between the pages until he found a clean page. Then Harry started drawing a beautiful jungle with a lagoon in the middle of it. When he was done he closed the book and out it back on the only broken shelf in the entire shop. Then a toy parrot came to life and started to lead the way to something behind the red curtain. 

   Harry followed the toy parrot even though he was very confused and then he was lead into a room of doors but there was one that stood out. At the very end of the second hallway there was a freshly painted green door. The parrot landed outside of it and harry grabbed the door handle and flew the dung open and it looked exactly like harry had drawn. Then he started running towards the lagoon.

Chapter 2- the mysterious world

Chapter 2

“Hello” a small voice whispered behind him “my book of wonders is never to be touched or who knows what will happen” the same voice spoke. Malcolm who had been standing there for nearly ten minutes was looking at the mysterious book of wonders thinking what could be inside the book. “It is the wonderful thing I have ever seen” Malcolm whispered the quietest voice he could 

Just a second later the shopkeeper said “don’t do it or something dangerous could happen” he shouted and the next thing he knew was that Malcolm had touched the book and was nowhere to be seen, on the other side Malcolm was in the world he had always dreamed of. It was a dream for him, there were nobody hut him and lots of animals, you could even see a dinosaur if you were lucky. 

Then he saw a cottage in the large field but he went to look for something because he saw what had looked like a dinosaur. And what do you know it was a dinosaur that he had never seen before. “Another amazing sight” he said as he added it to his book if incredibly rare things to see 

Chapter 2 – TWE

“My name is Stefiano Silver. I am the owner of this shop. I made everything it holds. Do you like it?” Mr Stefiano asked. “Please say something.” Valerie didn’t know what to say. She lifted her bottom lip back to her top one, and tried to speak.
“Y-yes it’s amazing. Y-you really made everything in here?” she asked curiously. “Even painted that painting?”.
“Yes I did. She really is amazing,” said Mr Stefiano said, gazing up at a well detailed painting of a beautiful woman, hanging on the wall.
“Who is beautiful?” question Valerie, with her curiosity growing by the second.
“Hmm? Oh no one. Never mind,”  he said “Just remember, do not touch that book. It can be very dangerous. Especially in the wrong hands.” And with a bomb of dust, he disappeared behind a scarlet curtain next to the counter.

Valerie quickly glanced around the room, to check and make sure no one was watching. She once again picked up the book, and flipped through the pages and for a slip second, it must have felt like she had gone back in time.

June 1864:
Dear Diary, I’m not entirely sure of what I should do now. My only wish, is to live forever with my daughter Katherine. It doesn’t feel right now that Elena’s gone. It doesn’t feel normal without her. I miss her terribly.

Valerie continued to read, and soon came to the conclusion, that maybe he did live forever. She took a pen from the pen pot on the counter, and began writing a diary entry of her own. When she finished, in her neatest handwriting, she signed at the bottom. Valerie put the lid on the pen, and suddenly each word on the page, began glistening with silver sparkled. Then the boom slammed shut, and wouldn’t open again. 

Chapter 2 by harley

Chapter 2 My name is Mike and this is my shop, do you like it?” Leon did not know what to say so he just nodded his head. You are free to look around but do not touch the book a minute later he found himself alone. Then Leon found himself writing inside of the book then the dog said follow me so Leon closed the book and followed the dog and then Leon started to walk towards the wonder that he drew. The wonder he drew was a football match so Leon walked through the door and started to play football and when the match ended he rushed back to were he started in the lobby waiting for mike to come back through the red velvet curtain. When mike came back he looked at Leon with concern he said to Leon did you draw in the book that i told you not to touch yes sir i did you can only write in the book when i am with you but when i am gone you are not to write inside of the book. So Leon decided to follow mike so he does not write anything inside of the book. When mike and Leon got back mike asked him what do you want to write in the book next. I want to write my parents back because i never got the chance to see them so Leon went through the curtain and opened the door and when he opened it he saw his parents waiting for him but when he went near them they disappeared so Leon never got the chance to go near them because every time he went near them they disappeared.

Chapter 2 by Anabelle

There was silence and then the owner of the shop said, “you must never EVER, touch my book of amazements!”. “I-I understand,” stuttered Keira. “Now get out!” Shouted the old man. Keira ran out of the shop without a backwards glance. All the way home she pictured the man in her head so that she wouldn’t forget him. She didn’t know why she wanted to remember him but something told her that she should. She pictured his grey hair, escaping put of his tall top hat, his dirty chipped fingernails, the wrinkles on his skin and bushy white eyebrows. And she knew she could never forget the feeling of those sapphire eyes as they stared through her.

The next day, as Keira was coming home from school she reluctantly walked into the amazing but creepy shop. She had a quick look around and the owner of the shop was nowhere to be seen. The curtain in the corner of the room moved slightly and Keira went over to investigate it. She pulled it back and poked her head around it. Her mouth opened when she saw what was behind the curtain. There was a thin corridor with millions of doors. She couldn’t think of a colour that she couldn’t see. On a table on the left hand side of the soft velvet curtain Keira saw the leather bound book of the mans book of amazements. She looked around but no one was around. She walked over to the book and opened it. Next to the book was a clear glass pot with a brown feathered quill dipped in dark blue ink with silvery glitter in it. She picked up the quill and started to write in the book.

There was a squawk from above her and she looked up. The shop owners crow was hovering above her. It started to fly away and although she didn’t want to follow it curiosity got the better of her. After a few minutes of walking the crow landed on a door frame. The door underneath it was dark blue with silver glitter on it. She realised it was just like the ink she wrote on the page with. She opened the door and walked in. It was exactly as she had imagined it. As she looked around her eyes widened in wonder.


Once John was no one was there he opened the book was filled with wonderful ideas. Without a clue of what he was doing he began writing in the book. He wrote about a mountain where everywhere you look there is a trail and all the bikes are free there are jumps that are the width of the motorway, there were drops as tall as houses and best of all they would burn so big planes could drive round them.

Once he had finished writing into the book A snake swiftly slithered into the room and said follow me. Without thinking drunk raced after the snake twisting and turning down corridors finally it stopped at a lime green door. ” Go on open it,” the snake said, without thinking John did as the snake said and stepped through the door.

Exactly as John had written. The trails beautiful, and in the shops all the bikes were free.

The book By Natasha

Raven edged closer to the counter. Until, she was right next to the counter. Slowly, moving her pale hand closer. Just as Raven was about to touch the book. A voice spoke.

“You shouldn’t touch things that aren’t yours,” hissed the voice. Raven sprang back in fear. An old man appeared from the shadows.


“My name is Mr Adam Luthe,”he said, staring at Raven until two rabbits came running towards him.” This is my shop. Did you come to browse or to steal?” Raven didn’t know what to say as her anxiety took over her.

A moment later, Mr Luthe had disappeared with a clap of his hands. Footsteps echoed behind the onyx black curtains. The rabbits had found a black and white basket. One of the rabbits had snow white fur, one of its eyes were a dove white colour and the other a midnight black and on its white eye there was a black spot. The second rabbit was the exact same, but it had opposite colours. They reminded Raven about yin and yang.

After a few minutes, her anxiety had gone and she was left alone with the rabbits and the book. She opened the book and started to turn the pages. The pages were full of drawings of oceans, forests, sky-ships, castles, cities, villages, mountains and more. In each drawing, there was two rabbits similar to the ones in the emporium.

The next thing raven knew, there was a pen next to the basket. Raven picked up the pen and started drawing. In the drawing, she drew the rabbits and something she longed for.

Just as she put the pen down. A black and white fire engulfed her and the book. She found herself in a forest. Sunlight filtered through the trees. Then she heard something.

My emporium chapter 2

“My name is Tyler Glasses,” he said, staring as Jacob unit he o most fell over by tripping on his shoe lice “This is my my shop. Do you like it?”

Jacob just said yes, he dis not know what to say. “This is my book of wounders. Your free to look around, just don’t touch this!”

A few seconds later he had disappeared with a sent of bacon following him. Behind a curtain Jacob was alone. He had been holding his breath. He was going to leave but the book called to him he saw millions of rooms as he checked if the coast was clear lava rooms, sky rooms, water rooms, space ship rooms, and a planet were a water fall of magic rained down from the sky and more.

The next thing he knew he had a pen in his hand and was drawing a planet, it had caves and large rocks, black sand with specs of gold.

This way a bird said and without a thought he followed the bird. He stopped at a door with the bird snd knew this was it! Without a waring he ran through the door. He stopped and crouched down to pick up specs of gold. Exactly what he had written down then he saw a cave and without looking back he ran towards it.