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Ready to go!

“Lets go!” exclaimed Barry, his stubby fingers grasping the door handle. “ I DON’T WANT TO GO!” screamed Phoebe, her voice was trembling. “We have to go now or we’ll miss it. COME ON!”


They rushed down the street, Barry dragging his sister behind him. Just as Barry thought his legs wouldn’t work anymore ,they saw it. Filling up the whole field, the magnificent wood planks wrapped around the oak floor, beneath the mighty zeppelin.  


“WOAH” said Barry in awe. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen, let alone that he would soon be traveling inside it for two weeks.


They went to inform the captain they were there but he was there to greet them. Captain Gerald’s big figure filled the doorway of the ship ,his beard as grey as steel. The steps to the door seemed to tremble as his big booming voice said “Welcome to the Star Grazer”


They followed Captain Gerald to their cabin, taking in the surroundings.  It looked… well marvellous.  There were pictures of all the captains there had ever been on the Star Grazer – in golden frames, their names listed below … Captain Gary Fitzgerald, Captain Tom Morris, Captain Sandra Goth.  Barry wished that one day, his picture would be there too.


In their cabin were two beds, with sheets of blue velvet as warm and comfortable as a mother’s embrace.  Maps of places Barry didn’t even know were on the walls.  Barry knew he was going to enjoy this next fortnight.  His sister’s face didn’t look quite so sure.


The engine slowly grumbled into life like a lion waking from a long slumber and everything shook.  The ship was ready to go.

the adventure begins

Fin, Hazel and Isaac lived in the town of Togur with their parents. Isaac and Hazel were twins while fin was on only child. One day, Fin received a letter. ” What’s this?” He asked as he tore open the letter. It read ” meet me at the lake at 10pm, and come alone “, so Fin wore his Mum out so she would go to bed early. At 9:30pm his mum told him ” I’m heading up to bed, you can stay up a bit more if you want “, as she heaved herself up the stairs. When he could hear her snoring, he quickly packed his duffel bag and set off towards the lake. As he burst through the bushes he heard footsteps behind him. ” Stay back foul beast, I warn you, I’m armed ” , he said as he pulled his hockey stick out from his bag. Suddenly, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. “Boo!”, said a familiar voice. As he spun his head round he saw his best friend behind him. “Isaac!”, exclaimed Fin as he saw a small boy, with blonde hair and a navy shirt with a picture of a griffin on it. ” Gotcha ” , he giggled as he started to laugh his head off.” ” How did you even know I was here?” Asked Fin. ” Hazel asked me to follow her but we got separated in the forest, when I finally got out, I saw you and decided to scare you”, “Oh”, replied Fin. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the lake started to drain. “What’s going on?” shouted Fin. “Don’t ask me!” replied Isaac. At that moment, a skyship rose from the drained lake and they saw a dark haired girl standing at the front. ” Hazel! ” exclaimed Fin and Isaac. ” Hop on! ” she exclaimed ” I’ll explain everything soon ” , as soon as she said that, ropes shot down from the skyship and the boys started climbing.​

part 2- skyship adventure

The captain burst into laughter, smacking his hand on the railing. John wondered how they were going to get down. He stared below the skyship and his jaw dropped. Below him, was the ruin of what used to be an ancient fortress, but was now only an outline.


Suddenly, the oars snapped in two, and the skyship fell. It spun in circles, and black smoke trailed out of the engine room. The Haniver crashed into the misty trenches with an ear piercing thud. Max, John and the captain stumbled out of the ship and inspected the damage.


Max decided to wander off, and get a better view of his surroundings. A fallen drawbridge flopped lazily on the floor in front of him, and spears were stabbed into the ground, as if there had been a long-lasting battle on this very spot. Doors and windows sagged downwards, and large drains lay open, like they had been used recently.


When Max got back to the Haniver, No-one was there. He knew they were searching for supplies. All of a sudden, he heard a cough. Anxiously, Max ran towards the sound. He turned a corner and… John was collecting bits of metal for the ship.


Without warning, a ghastly shadow loomed over them…


The adventures of two kittens continued… ‘Robomobile Lands’

On the fast flight the two kittens heard a loud beeping noise, the engine had no fuel. The problem was they didn’t have a fuel can, they were in big danger. “What can we do?” asked the dragon.

The two kittens were hurrying to find fuel with no luck. They had no choice but to parachute out, scared to see another giant!

Suddenly, the ship came crashing down, they nervously got the parachutes and started jumping. They landed safely on the bumpy ground but the Robomobile did not. It was broken, they were all crying because they couldn’t go on another exciting adventure.

In the distance stood a tiny cottage built in to the hill, they were quite excited to find out what it could be.

A mysterious creature tiptoed out and led them in to his house.

The Sky Ship – Part 2

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The air ship landed with a bump, as Moro dumped the dead dragon’s cut up corpse over the side. From above, the pink sun was blaring down on them, as Moro steadied the ship and looked for somewhere to anchor. Unfortunately, they had an audience of about 70 fishermen, dragging nets and hauling strange looking sea creatures out of their boats; they didn’t look impressed at this spectacle.

In the distance, they heard a voice call out, “Stranger, welcome to the Island of Sea. What is the purpose of your visit to out peaceful land?”

“I seek the cave of the Golden Dragon,” Moro respectfully replied. “I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here to be honest, my ship was attacked by that beast there,” he pointed to the pile of flesh on the dockside. Tox looked around suspiciously. Tall. slender houses lined the road above the docks, fishing boats in varying sizes and states of repair bob up and down in the harbour, while men load and unload crates, cages and nets. She held back, wanting to assess the situation they had landed in before revealing her presence to the crowd, gathering around the ship.

“I am Tohiba, this is my island,” he smiled, “You may stay as long as you need, I have no knowledge of the cave of which you speak. Or the outside world at all, I’m afraid.”

“We will stay for one night, thank you Sir, but then we must continue our quest,” Moro replied. “Oh, and I will dispose of the mess shortly, sorry.”

“We?” asked Tohiba. Inside the cabin, Tox rolled her eyes, then stepped out into view.

“We,” she sighed, “But I’m having nothing to do with that mess!”

Tohiba chuckled and bowed low to her, “Greetings fair lady, it is an honour to meet you. I trust you will both join us for dinner this afternoon? As for that,” he gestured towards the dead dragon, “It will make fine bait, the dock masters will deal with it.”

“That sounds wonderful,” enthused Moro. “Forgive my manners, this is my sister Tox, my name is Moro, thank you for your kind hospitality,” returning a bow to their host.

Standing by the guard rail, Tox tilted her head, squinting into the distance. There was something fishy about this place, something beside the actual fish and fishermen. Looking around her, she felt a definite sense of unease, creeping into her bones.

“Hey Moro, do you think that statue looks a bit like me?” she queried, “There’s something very odd about this place, I just know it…”

the rocketship

Summer turned puzzled as the rocketship started to burst into to space and started to go to the ground whipped round and round. With a crash it started to fall to earth into a big been hit by a big meteorite.

The Adventure Chronicles

Scarlet reached for the rope and tugged it, her feet nearly slipping off the deck. The rain battered hard against her back, causing her to crawl to the hatch which leads to the cabins. The wind howled around her, making it twice as hard to get there. She undid the bolt and clambered in, her clothes as wet as if she had just spent hours in the deep, blue sea. The skyship flew faster and soon the bad weather ceased and all was calm, for a minute.


At that moment 3 hungry dragons burst out of the clouds like a dagger cutting through butter. Fire poured out of their mouths engulfing the skyship in flame. 


‘Get out of here!’ the captain yelled turning the skyship to avoid another deadly river of embers. Scarlet, John and Milly climbed onto the deck with their fireproof cloaks and big buckets of water. The rest of the crew were already fending off the dragons with cannons and guns or helping by putting out the fire. Scarlet and Milly ran with their buckets over to the fire while John ran straight to the guns.


Captain Rover made a quick cut into a big cloud, sending a big, damp puff of air into everyone’s lungs. They teared out of the cloud, gasping for air and looking behind for the dragons. Had they lost them?


Scarlet suddenly realised they were falling rapidly. She scanned the sky ship looking for the cause, the wind tugging vigorously at her cloak. She stopped eyes wide in amazement, there on the balloon was a ginormous, gaping tear, like an angry wound. Wind keeping the air ship afloat was seeping out of it. They were going to crash!


They tumbled to the ground in a small clearing, in the centre of an abandoned forest. Scarlet stumbled out, dazed. John and Milly scrambled after her.

‘Are you alright?’ they cried.

‘Fine,’ she replied.

Scarlet paused for a second to take in her surroundings. Tall, dark pine trees dominated the view and small, holly bushes with bright red berries hiding, in their spiky depths. The clearing was dull and boring, rotting grass and withered flowers crushed under her boots as she went to go help the rest of the crew. 

the rocketship

In the Rocketship -I packed a  magic  wand so that I can make baddies  disappear or put a spell on them that make them goodies.

In the Rocketship-I packed a shiny torch to help me go to places that i really want when it is Dark.

In the Rocketship-I packed a Talking drink and food to annoy dangerous creatures and people.

In the Rocketship- I packed  a spiders web to use as a fishing net and a hat.

In the Rocketship-I packed a story telling book that shows information  to find out some facts about aliens, who lives on space and more.

In the Rocket ship- i packed   clever caster sugar to clean and scratch the floor clean.

this was  for two weeks ago  sorry it is so late


Skyship adventure- The Haniver.

John tugged the riggings, his hands sweating wildly. He choked back a scream as the Haniver lurched closer to the mountain. Suddenly, the skyship was tugged upwards, dodging the cliff by millimetres. He reached for Max, but he wasn’t there. Instead, he was staring confidently at the sky in front of him. The Haniver creaked and groaned like an 100-year-old bridge.


Without warning, 3 monstrous shadows flew past the ship, spewing fire from their mouths. The ship started to lean to one side, and smouldering wood toppled of the starboard. Max tugged out his telescope but saw nothing but endless storm clouds. The captain flung the wheel left and yelled, ”Hold onto your hats!”


The engines cut. The sails retracted. The air hissed out of the dragon- skin balloon and the Haniver toppled out of the sky. Horrible screams echoed from behind but no one dared to look back. They were too busy clinging onto the railings for dear life. John’s fingers ached like they were going to explode.


Abruptly, the wailing stopped. Had the evil dragons lost them? John had other things to worry about. Out of the blue, everything started up again and the skyship came to a halt. It was hovering 10ft above the ground with 2 shivering crewmates and a crazy captain.


Billy gripped the railing tight, his lips turning blue as the sky. He gulped and moved closer to his sister Maddie, holding onto her to stay warm, scared as the ship was engulfed by the galaxy.

Suddenly their spacecraft; Aries29 started swaying side to side. Billy looked over the side to see ruby red dragons smashing themselves into the walls of the ship. He looked around and looked at Maddie in horror.

Out of the blue Aries29 started to fall apart. Maddie stared as shards of metal began floating into the sky.

At that moment there was only one thing they could do. Maddie shouted at Billy “Grab the wheel! Hold it as straight as you can”. Aries29 descended sharply as as the power was lost and the ship plummeted into darkness. With a load crash they hit something and the ship came to an abrupt halt. The only sound they could hear was their own breathing and a strange swishing coming from outside the main door.