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Question Poem

What are Shiny? The rainbow reflecting on the see through water rippling away from the old oak trees.

What are dull? The days when rain is drip dropping onto the stone cold pavement making you stuck inside suffering from boredome.


What are hopeful? The luminance in one’s eye knowing the courage and strength of them and knowing they can and will do it.


What are strong? gods that oversee the multiverse with care and that can destroy their  creations with ease.

Question poem

What is strong?my dog pulling my arm and a giraffe

What is fragile? a glass on a ledge of a building


What is hot? The sun which is bright yellow

What is cold? The antarctic ocean with chunks of ice

What is heavy ? a school with lots of people in it


Question Poem

What is hot? Molten Lava in the body of a rocky volcano,  pizza straight out of a oven at 200 degrees and the sun, the warmth of the world.

What is cold? The Antarctic winds, ice cubes out of the freezer and the Arctic snow.

What are large? A massive elephant coming from africa and a giant lorry driving down the A1 at 100mph.

What are small? A tiny mouse emerging from it’s hole and a blade of grass, re-planted in fresh soil.


Question poem

What is cold? A penguin in the middle of the Antarctic and the ice fresh from the freezer.

What are hot? A bunny’s fur after being in the bright, hot sun for 5 hours.


What are heavy? Fifty hundred weights that weigh 5oo Ib and a weightlifter from the amazing circus tent.

What are light? An empty plastic water bottle and the duvet of your bed.


What are small? A Doormouse and the nail you dropped on the floor while working.

What are large? A Giraffe and the school, which teaches you lots of things.

Question Poem

What are cold? A window on a winters day, Ice from the freezer and A snowflake landing on my tongue.

What are hot? Coal from a burning fire, The blinding sun in the sky and an angry tear running down someones red cheek.


What are fragile? Long broken finger nails, Crispy Autumn leaves on the ground and a hair tangled around a brush.

What are strong? The rough skin of an elephant, A snakes grip on its prey and the ground bellow.