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The tale of the chosen two!

Gorange slammed the glass window open and climbed into the basement of the old rickety building

“Sorry I’m early Grand Master Funa, I had to make sure I got here on time so.. I,because you see sometimes I lose my toothbrush or shoe,so I got up early but I didn’t……..”he jabbered before being cut of by an echoing voice

“Silence” it boomed “It dose not matter,we just need to wait for the other chosen one!”

“Wait,there’s another chosen one? So we’re the chosen two then, were going to be an amazing duo” Georange screamed physically jumping for joy “This is going to be soooooo amazing I really can’t…….

“I SAID SILENCE”repeated the voice slightly louder than the last time.


Just then a wooden door creaked open and a strange red haired teenager stomped down the broken staircase and flopped on the desk next to next to Gorange with a bored look in his eye.

“Why didn’t you go through the, window that ways way cooler and can help us practice to defeat the Bad guys so why don’t you just……”

“Ugggggrrrrrrrrrrr just shut up ,won’t you ,blah blah blah is all I hear , shut up about random things that no one cares about”moaned Daren


As soon as the pair were both seated ,a hooded figure emerged out of a cupboard at the left hand side of the room.

“Look, look there’s that man with the cool hood look!”squeaked Gorange as he leapt out of his chair.

“UUUUUUUhhhhhhh Shut up!” whisperd Daren to himself desperatly wishing he’d stayed in bed.


Character Scene

Joe sluggishly ambled out of the front door trying desperately to get away from his big sister, who often teased him mercilessly.  Deciding what to do, he strutted up High Street. Squinting through his warn out glasses he spotted an unusual shop squashed between two enormous, yet dull buildings.

“Oh, look who it is!” Screamed Josh Jefferson from across the road. Josh was a nasty piece of work. The horrible school bully who had a group of students who always followed him around like sheep. “Where you going?” He asked in his usual sarcastic tone. He turned to see what I was looking at. “Oh, your going to Crystals shop are you!” A wide smile spread across his face.


The ally way horror.

Dez dashed into one of the many ally ways on Silver Croft Road and pushed himself against a wall. slime and grease cover his back. There was a derelict 1950’s police box near him and a over flowing bin which looked like it could break any moment and spill out everything it had ever eaten. The fresh air no longer reached this damp ally way. It smelt of grime and grit. There was a slight scratching sound coming from the back of the ally way, it’s just a rat Dez reassured himself. But it was getting louder screeching, scratching and shrieking; Dez closed his eyes, held his breath and waited…..

The …… whisperer !

Mazie stared in awe at the Borneo rain forest in front of her. A flock of toucans flew up elegantly from the canopy,lizards scattered behind a cluster of rocks and to the side of her there was a wasp nest hanging off an old mossy tree. A heavy aroma of passion fruit lingered in the air. In the distance there was something waiting,something sinister,something was coming closer. Mazie hid behind a tree ‘what was that?’ she wondered. She desperately tried to process everything. CRACK! a twig sapped beside her.

Its here

Enola peered through the window of the abandoned house at the end of Castle road.As she opened the door,an  unsettling, frail looking web greeted her. Amongst  the web was the biggest the hairiest and the most fearsome spider she had ever seen.Despite her appearance at the window,the spider made no attempt to move. Shattered  wine bottles covered the table,below a skeleton lay deformed and dismantled. She screamed out in fear,no one heard,no one came,nobody at all.In the distance a faint cackle was emitted from upstairs.The flesh smelling air clutched at her lungs.One the stairs to her right,something  creaked,something whispered,something wanted her to leave. “GO” a voice whispered.”Go before its too late.” It already was.

Prison life

Ian peeked through a tiny crack in the prison wall. Outside, London looked as amazing as always. The glistening river wound around the towering buildings, London Bridge standing strong as tons of people strolled on over it and Buckingham Palace stood as elegant as ever. Ian breathed in the fresh frosty air, he was soon distracted by the annoying repetitive whistle from the wardens. He swiftly turned around and glanced around his damp and dusty room, something caught his eye, what was it? Ian froze.

The trucker

Marty peered through the grimy windows of his Mark Smithson truck.A dirty old bag lay on an abandoned mattress,a pile of rubbish was strewn across the road and leaves had engulfed the pavement.Choking petrol fumes filled  the air.From the back of the trailer,which was dark and dingy,came the sound of something breaking,something snapping,something violent.Marty had no time to worry about that.A car’s headlights were heading straight for his truck.Frantically,he pulled a handle to open the door.It wouldn’t move.Suddenly,an icy breath touched back of his neck.

The abandoned bakery.

Rooney burst open the wooden door and stared inside the bakery ,which was completely derelict.An old dough machine  sat in the corner, the windows  were blocked out by thin card board and there was dust all over,the air smelt of old dough. Rooney could see something under the table ,it was a hole about 60 inches tall. All of a sudden Rooney heard some thing behind him  he knew it wasn’t going to be friendly,he knew it wasn’t human, he knew this could be the end for him……

Lost in the mine.

Jerry stared into the abandoned mine.Cobwebs hung from the black sooty roof.A broken cart lay in one corner,a pile of shattered glass on the floor,the air smelt fusty.From out of nowhere there came a sound of something squeaking,scratching,something moving.Jerry realised his time was running out,he moved further into the mine. Crouching down, Jerry felt something, it was a dead rat, he froze.

The abandoned mine

Jeffery stared around at the entrance of the abandoned mine.Leaned against the walls were a stack off old pickaxes and around a dozen rats, which were scuttling across the ground. In the corner,  a small leather bound diary which looked like it had not been touched in decades, lay on the floor. The heavy aroma of gas lingered in the air. From the very back of the mine Jeffrey heard a whistling sound. The sound grew louder and louder, near and nearer. Panicked he desparately searched around for somewhere to hide.