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Wanted dragon slayer

Are you brave?

Are you fearless?

Are you strong?

Do you possess the power to take down the mighty beast?

If so we want you. We are searching for a fearless dragon hunter to bring the lightning dragon down and to save our lives. So if your a hero join now!

If you are successful you will be gauranteed your own castle to protect you from future goblin attacks. Furthermore, we will promise you 2 sacks of 1000 bars of gold(500 in each sack),2 sacks of 1000 finest ruby’s (500 ruby’s in each sack)we will also make a statue of you and erect it in the middle of the park at town hall. In addition the best chef in the land will cook the finest meals in town for free delivered for free to your castle, every day for the rest of your life.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, if you have what it takes to slay the dragon get in touch today.

Dragon slayer urgently wanted

Are you in need of a job?

Do you have experience in dragon hunting?

Do you want to be the richest person in the land?

If this sounds like you,apply now!



We are looking for the finest dragon hunter in the land so we can sleep in peace and live our normal lives again.First imagine becoming incredibly famous and richer than the richest person in the world. Futhermore we will be offering a guarantee of protection with a massive castle plus a free horse to carry you around town. Additionally you will get freedom to the town and become mayor of the town. This is an opportunity of a live time dont miss it,apply now!You can apply at the town centre,do it now!

Wanted:A Hero

Do you want to be rich?

Do you want to be famous?

Are you brilliant at catching mythical beasts ?

If so what are you waiting for join the fight today !


We are looking for hunters to rid our beautiful world of deadly beasts that roam the land , we need to sleep soundly tonight and every night. Our offer includes castles guaranteeing  your safety,diamonds, rubies and riches beyond your wildest dreams .Songs will be sung for centuries about you,  statue’s  will loom over towns and cities()we may even get in  all the record books.All of this and much more if sucessful!


Are you really  strong, smart and brave if succesfull you could be really rich.

Do you want to be come famous for killing the dragon in the town.

Do you want to go down in History if this sounds like the job for you, if so come down here to stop being in the shadow and be rich.

We are seeking for the best dragon slayer to free people of being a frayed at night and day by killing the ice dragon if you like the sound of this then sine up now!

first you will be rewarded with statue in the middle of the town , 10 bags of gold , £900,000,000, 6 bags of diamond, your own sword, your own castle and free food for the rest of your life also we are offering 6 peaces of land.

Wanted urgently- Dragon Hunter

Are you brave?

Are you strong?

Do you posses a capability to slay mythical creatures?

Do you want to be the richest man alive?

If so we have  the position for you!

We are seeking the best of the best dragon hunter to slay our dragon infestation, so that our town can be safe again,  so we are no longer constantly having to keep worrying about dragon attacks.

If successful,  we will reward you by making you famous with praise from the entire town. Firstly,we will  be offering free meals for the rest of your days – breakfast,lunch and dinner  – you name it, it is yours! Additionally you will be given so much money, a life times supply!You will never want for anything again in your life, this is an unbelievable offer some would say a once in a life time opportunity. This is a chance to get in the record books.

If you are interested ring 70800 we will be looking forward to your call.


Do you want to live in luxury for the rest of your life?

Do you have outstanding knowledge in the arts of dragon hunting?

Do you have the guts to kill the eraser dragon?                                                                                                              Then read on if this sounds like you                                                                                                                                  Our city of Bamburgh is being demolished by the eraser dragon we need you to help for the Queen and country if not the mighty dragon will erase all so please help.Do it for the country.                                              If successful you will have riches beyond your wildest dreams like your very own type 40 TARDIS ,your body weight in gold each day a castle – which will be a replica of Bamburgh castle – Further more you will have a never ending supply of books.You will also be knighted by the current Queen,additionally you will get your very own classic car of your choice – free of charge – You will also get into the record books.We guarantee that you will have your picture in it every year!This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.Sign up now while you still can to save thousands of lives!GOOD LUCK!

Dragon slayer

Do you feel like a nobody? Are you brave and fearless? Do you believe in mythical dragons? If you do believe then what are you waiting for?

We are looking for the finest and best dragon slayers in Dodworth to fight and protect our town ,so we can sleep in peace without being attacked by dragons.First, imagine becoming Mayor of our town and being more famous and richer than anyone in the whole wide world. Furthermore , we will give you a little help from the goblins, more gold than you can ever dream of and we also attempt to enter you in the record books , you will most definately go down in history. A statue will be erected ,in your honour, in the town square. Finally ,we will provide a  lifetime of free breakfasts .Last but not least, your very own tower for you to come and go as you please!

This is a once in a lifetime offer don’t delay,                                                                                                                  Sign up now.

Wanted-Now-Dragon hunter


Are you tiered of being a someone who no one knows?

Do you have courage,bravery and strength?

Dreaming to slay a dragon?

Well its your tine to shine!

If you feel your ready for an adventure and fame read on!

Were seeking a one of a kind dragon slayer to defeat the crystal water dragon at the mythical crystal pools of wonderland.They have baby blue skin with a main of crystals. there almost impossible to defeat but I bet someone with your expert abilities could defeat these foul creatures before they return to Neverland and destroy us all!

If you manage to slay them we promise that you will get a mythical mansion , a house elf , a life time supply of chocolate frogs and Berty bots every flavor beans!

This is a once in a lifetime chance you don’t wanna miss! Apply to the dragon hunters now!Don’t be the only one who doesn’t!

Wanted Goblin killer

Is killing goblings  your passion?

Do you have the courage to change lives?

Are you brave enough to slay the ugliest goblin?

If so we have  a perfect job for you

The village of crystal palace is seeking a fearless goblin killer to rid the streets  of these violent creatures. First, imagine becoming the most celebrated person in the land; with villagers flocking to see you. Furthermore we will be offering once in a life time gaurantee of 10 sacks of gold a year for life! Additionally we will reward you with your dinner in your favourite resturant this is an opportunity not to be missed. Apply to Xaviers wood work shop Crystal Palace in the mountains.

Dragon Slayer Wanted

Are you tired of your current job? Have you the skills to be the next top class Dragon slayer? Do you want to earn more gold than you could ever imagine? If this sounds like the job for you, then read on. Dodville are looking for the bravest dragon hunter that ever lived. Our village people are frightened. First, imagine being as rich as a King. Further more, we will build you a brilliant castle filled with wonderful things. Additionally, delicious food will be served forever.