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What is Dumb

What is dumb? A hilarious chicken, a minion smacking his friend and Homer Simpson hitting himself.

What is clever? A diving dolphin, the song of a bird and the creation of the car.


What is fragile? A china pot, peoples feelings and the lens of binoculars.

What is robust? The plating of an armadillo, a brick wall and a sledgehammer.


What is tall? The Empire State building, the neck of a giraffe and the great kapok tree.

What is short? A hamster on its hind legs, a baby and a twig.


What is loud? The roar of an engine, boots against gravel and the purring of a cat.

What is quiet? A rat scurrying in the attic, the soft whimper of a dog and a slowly closing door.

















What is hard?

What is hot? The steaming bonfire blazing the wood, a roasting toast sitting on the side and a sizzling sausage waiting to been eaten.

What is cold? A chilly night at midnight with freezing PJs, a snowy day with the radiator cool at a gusty darkness and a bitter day coming on its way.

What is tall? A bushy green tree with brown bark on it, a house with hard bricks painted with brown potatoes and a giraffe eating the scaled green leaves.

What is small? A teeny tiny mouse with a sniffling pink nose, a golden beetle with antennae flopping everywhere and a bright green pea glistening with steam.

What is fast? The steam of a race car flashing past, a herd of deer careering past the terrifying humans and their hair swishing in the wind as they are sprinting past. 

What is slow? The bright sun moving dreamily through the sky, the sticky slug trying to climb the toadstool and the waving plant as the wind is drifting past.

What is soft? The feathery sofa with spotty spots, a cosy sock snuggling my foot in and a onesie cuddling me as I walk downstairs.

What is hard? The solid rock leaning against my head, a fork spiking into my fleshy back and a harsh door shutting upon my arm. 

what is big? what is small? by Fred

What is big? A ten ton truck eating up the road like a hungry tiger, the Mercedes bus outside the school, resting it’s legs for it’s next travel, and the battered H.M.S Belfast dwarfing the little sailing boats as it pattroled it’s territory.

What is big? A ten ton truck eating up the road like a hungry tiger, the Mercedes bus outside the school, resting it’s legs for it’s next travel, and the battered H.M.S Belfast dwarfing the little sailing boats as it patrolled it’s territory.


 What is small? the tiny door mouse staring into the distant eyes of the mouser cat, the last drop of beer dissolving on the desert floor and a sunlit speck of dust shimmering as it glides along.


what is

What is heavy? An elephant’s foot, my bad mood and the rain outside my house.

What is light? My yoghurt as an afternoon snack, a dandelion’s head bobbing away in the wind and a drizzle of rain on a nice sunny day.

What is slow? Tortoises fighting for their food, a snail making a silvery trail and a sloth chilling on a comfy tree.

What is fast? A cheetah trying to catch its pray, a speed boat running a race and my dog max polishing off his dinner.

What is dark? My room at night, my anxious mind and my dress for tonight.

What is light? My room design, a soft glow from my night light and a nice frilly dress for afternoon tea.


Question Poem

What is dark? An abandoned coal mine, a sky without a sun and an evil heart.

What is light? The sun reflecting on the Queen’s diamonds, a kestrel’s feather on the north wind and a kid skipping out of school on the last day of term.

What are dead? A decaying stag corpse in a field , a T-Rex tail bone and the rainforest collapsing in a heartbeat.

What are alive? Newborn lambs springing around, a bundle of kittens clambering over each other and Miles Cyrus on Glastonbury.

What is hot? Bubbling lava straight from Mount Vesuvius, my pizza oven cooking a margarita and a midsummer sun high in the sky.

What is cold? An ice cube from the freezer, a winter night with a full moon and raindrops on my face.

The chimming tower of Big Ben.

What is tall? The chiming tower of Big Ben reaching the stars, my friend Tyler who can reach the cookies on the top shelf and a bold and beautiful skyscraper in Dubai that looks like it reaches the boiling sun.

What is short? My old friend Ayla who could not go on the outstanding obstacle course at Flip Out, my cute puppy Widget who can only just get onto the sofa and a ruler that can fit into my glasses case.

What is fast? The blink of a human eye that flickers and flutters every few seconds, a red Lamborghini zooming through Midhurst and a cheetah that can get to the end of the jungle in one hour.

What is slow? The slugs from slug ally down the road, waiting for a test for ten minutes and a baby tortoise taking its first few steps.

What is pretty? A fashion model that wears River Island clothes, a bright colourful makeup pallet worn by Anne Marie and a new born purple high heel from forever 21.

What is ugly? A dirty doll with no eye or leg, a 5,000 year old bin that has maggots and slugs sliding around in it and an old street dog searching for food.

candy floss ice cream

What are heavy?

A grey elephant stomping in the jungle and a monster truck crashing over lots of red cars.


What are light?

A big long feather that is all the colours of the rainbow feather  falling softly from a pheasant and the breeze from a little gust of cold wind.


What are hot?

The Orange sun on a summer’s day in Ancient Egypt and lava as hot as the desert exploding from the mouth of a volcano.


What are cold?

A delicious black and white oreo Ice cream on a cold winter’s day and chilly winter rain falling in Antarctica. 


What are strong? 

Big muscles from a wwe wrestler and a gorilla charging through the jungle.


What are frail?

Colourful china plates in England and china tea cups in Portugal with pictures of the Queen on them. 

What Are by Rebekah

What are hot? A bonfire at forest school with burning sparks coming out of it and a volcano with boiling hot lava as hot as a dragon’s breath.

What are cold? A freezer as cold as a penguin that has just been in the Antarctic ocean and a ton of snow covering up the cold grass. 


What are heavy? A red London bus with 19 passengers in it and a giant T-rex with sharp spikes on its big back rampaging through a hot desert.

What are light? A long, colourful feather falling from a peacock in the zoo and a bubble floating around the wintery air with a little snowflake trapped inside it.


What are strong? A black, hairy, scary gorilla beating its chest really hard and caring friendship between husband and wife.

What are fragile? A china teacup that has been waiting on its shelf for someone to fill it with hot steaming tea and a beautiful vase full of flowers, with pollen that smells lovely.

What is and are

What are


What are really big and heavy? Snowballs in the snow, When it’s christmas time.


What is shiny? The sun in the sky lighting up the world.


What is cold? In my drink on a summer day.


What is small? Ant as my small handwriting.


What is large when my cat walks around with a fat tummy round like he’s the boss.


What is silent? When You go to the woods with a river. 


What are hot when you go on holiday at the beach when its a hot day. 


What are loud

What are loud


What are loud? A PS1 when you turn it on, My bothers when they shout at me, a motorbike as they speed across the road.


What are funny? Friends when they tell you a joke a video that someone sent you, having fun at easebourne park.


What are fast? An SSC Tuatara going full speed, a cheetah chasing down its prey and the speed of sound.