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The Creepy Tower

We come to the dark, creepy tower and we went up to the big, grand door of the tower, then we went in and there was a big, enormous swirly, pink stairs(which looked like it was never ending) we can see a purple roof at the top of the magical tower as we clime up to the very top with out a second thought.


You look around and see a strange place with tall rough, rocky walls that keep you in as a prisoner, then you see something very strange, above you there is a small patch of light it was becoming larger and larger. You feel strangely warm; you smell something burning.

A ship dragons

In the distance upon the snowy, crystal mountain peaks, two fire breathing, scaly dragons were racing through the fog at us. I pressed the small, interesting, red button with seemed to make the airship faster; we zoomed through the sunlit, magnificent sky to find mysterious, enchanted land of …DRAGONS!

night sky

I am going to take a water bottle because if you don`t drink you will die

I am going to take a football because if you don`t have anything to play with you would have to do nothing except from drink and do  science about plants.







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































What I would take on my adventure

I would take a magnificent shrinking potion so I can squeeze though anything possible,

I would take a crimson, sinister dragon who would breathe horrific fire with a temperature of 1000 degrees,

I would take a generous, kind buddy who would always stick up for me and stay with me.

what I will take

I would take a diamond  that would form into anything you want

I would take  a jacket that could protect you from anything

I would take a backpack that can have anything you want in it.

Six things you would take on a skyship.

1:A map to travel and know where your going.

2:Some magic dust to fly do high in the sky if you fall off.

3:I would take some food so if i get hungry i can eat.

4:I  would take a water re filler so i can have water if i get thristy.

5:Some clothes if i want to change my clothes.

6:I would take some entertament like a phone or games so i wont get bored