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Safety at last!

Moments later, the small foxes had been dragged into a small, wet cave where they were bound by ropes. On guard stood several unpleasant looking crows, led by wolverines with shaggy fur and blunt claws. As time moved on, the crows became restless and wolverines more inpatient. The moment the sound of the wolverine’s snores filled the cave, the crow left the foxes to search for food. They flapped through the tunnel gossiping and laughing.


“ By my great grandpa’s bushy tail,” muttered Rook, tugging at the tight cords that bound him. “ If we reach Lightning bolt we can free ourselves!” After a while he stopped wriggling. While they lay in the dark thinking of how to get free, Rook heard a noise. Wren gave a little yell as a wolf’s snout popped out of a hole.


 “Shush now,” said the Wolf. “ We don’t want the Cavian hearing us do we?”  With a swipe of his claws, the ropes fell apart and the little foxes followed the wolf, who was called Avary, into the tunnel that had appeared. There were other wolves, badgers and even some moles blinking at the light that came from the Cavian’s  hideout. “We must get to the surface before the flood,” whispered Avary. “We’ve planned a little surprise for our buddy Sith. Everyone has been digging and scratching. We’ve dirtied the waterfall and are going to channel it down into the cave.”


 “I wonder if Sith can actually swim,” giggled another wolf and everyone started to laugh. The group of animals led the foxes through the tunnel. Slowly, they made their way through, stopping every now and then while a badger or mole ate a sad looking worm.


Finally, they made their way to sunlight and stood still to adjust their eyes to the sun. In the distance they could see the cut steep hills.“ Look,“ said Jackdaw. “ That’s where we’ll be the most safe.


”At that moment grass and turf from the hills sprayed everywhere. At the same time the waterfall had finally been directed towards the gorm camp. Water splashed everywhere right where the cavian were. Unsuspecting an attack.


 Moments later the gushing water met the hills. The hillside began to shake and animals began to bolt towards the field below. There were horses, polecats, squirrels, voles, stoats, rabbits, badgers, adders and wildcats alongside the little band of foxes who had wisely hitched a ride on a red deer with giant horns that curved into sharp spikes.


 Once everyone was far away from the hillside a few soggy looking Cavin streaked back towards their cave. The animals laughed, sang, whistled and hooted. Eagles, buzzards and ravens swooped down to pester the wolverines in great pleasure. Then suddenly the sun was blocked by something enormously large. Rook looked up and finally realised what it was. A crystal dragon! As the shimmering dragon landed with a thud. The crystal dragon gave a nod and the three foxes clambered on ,led by Wren who was the most excited of all. Slowly, they took off, soaring through the air as they clung on tightly. Rook sighed “ what an adventure we have had.” As he looked over the darkening plane. 






The Journey

With a hiss, what Rook thought was a shadow rose. It was Sith, the Cavian general. His teeth dripped with blood and his armour glinted in the sunlight. Ferociously, he beat his tail on the ground. The closest Wolverine gave a mournful cry and in a few seconds thousands of Wolverines surrounded Sith, cracking their knuckles.


When the fight had ended, all the wolverines were dead and Sith was nowhere to be seen. Carefully, Rook tiptoed back to the warehouse. A cold tingle ran up his spine and made his breath heavy.


As the sun rose, Rook, Jackdaw and Wren left Wolverine Warren and headed North,West through Dark Scare Wood. The journey took nearly the whole day and they settled down just as the stars were coming out. They found a large hollow oak tree and decided to stay there for the night. Jackdaw was uncertain if they were far away from the Warren but Rook showed him the map.


Outside the tree, the wind swept leaves and moss everywhere. Inside, Jackdaw made a light out of fireflies and Wren cooked rabbit and fell asleep. Nervously, Rook unwrapped the only item his Father had given him. It was a small sharp crossbow by the name of “ Tintreach” (lightning bolt) and it was glowing red. Even Wren knew it was a bad sign.


The walls of the tree seemed to crack and splinter until with a great boom, crowds of Wolverines poured in. In a few seconds , the young foxes were  bound by tight cords that only wolverines could make. Rook struggled to hide lightning bolt.


Too late! A shadow made its way into the hollow oak tree and even the wolverines shrank back. Sith sneered at Rook. “ Going anywhere?” he spatt through his steel mask. “ Right now I don’t think you are!” he added, smacking his tail twice on the ground. Immediately, Wolverines scurried forwards, bundled them through the forest and into a cave. In it was where the Cavian waite in there millions safe and preparing for war. Terrified, Rook looked at Sith. It looked like the army was waiting to attack the one place the foxes thought safe – the Cut Steep Hills. 

Chapter 3 – To the Snow Storm Moutains

With a flourish, what had so happened to be a silhouette, towered. It was Shadow, one of the Spirit’s chieftains. His muscular body was encased in metal iron, his mask was made from clockwork rust and animal spinal bones stood on his head like a crown. In his paw, he grasped a darkening black dagger. The street giants made a war cry to the other giants, in seconds the street was jammed with hundreds of giants of different colours, shapes and sizes.


When the battle had ended, many lifeless & gargantuan bodies lay down the alleyway and there was no sign of Shadow. With caution, Scar went back to the cabin with trembling knobbly knees, sweaty paws and a thumping heart after seeing such an intense fight. A strange coldness had crawled into him and gripped his soul. He was sure that Shadow would find him and his younger siblings.


By early morning, Scar, Sapphire and Scratch had left the Village Of Giants far behind and were heading to the Snow Storm Mountains. The journey took them around half a day so when they arrived it was the evening, they found themselves sheltering in the Cave Of Snow. The cave glistened in the dark and made  peculiar rumbling noises as if a frog was pouncing through its stomach. Sapphire was worried that the giants were close but Scar showed her the map and the route took them to the Snow Storm Mountains.


Outside the cave, a blizzard took place sweeping things here and there. Inside Sapphire made a homemade exotic salmon salad,since her and her siblings were hungry. Anxiously, Scar unraveled the one item his parents had given him before he set off on this life-ending journey. It was two miniscule, elvish blades that had the name “Moonpaw”. It glowed an odd navy blue in the hardly-lit cave. Even Scratch knew that it meant the giants were nearby.


The walls of the cave groaned and billowed until there was a dazzling flash of light and through the gap the giants poured. In a minute, the young  wolves were tangled in sticky thread that had come from a tamed blizzard silkworm. Scratch cried, Sapphire glared at the giants in dread and Scar struggled to hide Moonpaw’s blades so they’d have something to defend themselves with.


Too late! A familiar shadow squeezed inside the cave and the giants stepped aside. Shadow snarled at the wolves. “ Leaving the cave?” he hissed.”I guess not!” he added, snapping his fingers. Scampering forwards, the giants bundled into the snowy mountains and carried them to the Spirits hiding place, the Black Cavern. Inside, the Forest Queen grinned like a devil the said “ Shadow I see you’ve brought me young wolves,”.  He replied earnestly 

“ Yes, I did me queen with the help of the giants,”.

“ Shadow be a dear and bring the giants herbal tea,” she said with royalty in her voice. There the Spirits were sharpening there weapons and preparing for a battle. Baffled and terrified, Scar stared at Shadow. It looked like the army was waiting, waiting to attack the safe place – the rock caves of the Secret Chambers!

Chapter three – Peril

Chapter 3 – Peril


With a flourish, what had seemed to be a shadow, unsheathed its dagger. It was Peril, one of the generals of the claws of power. Her body was covered in a strange armour that had green crystals coming out of her breast plate. Her face was covered in a mask, which was garnished with pitch black obsidian stripes and two shards of green crystal next to her eyes. In her hands, the sword’s obsidian, serrated point was held to the first badger’s throat. The other badger guard blew a horn and the streets filled with foxes and badgers. 


When the blood bath had stopped, there were too many bodies to count in the blood spattered street, but no sign of Peril anywhere. Cautiously, Amber Scale crept back to the cottage, badly shaken by what he had just witnessed. A cold, horrible dread slithered down his spine and began strangling his heart. He was sure Peril had followed their tracks, and come for them!


By sunrise, Amber Scale, Arcen Claw, and Feather Swift had left the fortress far behind and were trekking up the claws of the clouds mountain range. The journey took almost a day and so by nightfall, they found themselves huddled up in a cave, close to the red hot tip of the mountain called “fire” in the claws of the clouds mountain range.


Outside the cave, the warm wind whistles and churned, inside the cave, he siblings were starting a fire and preparing to cross dry scale desert. Warily, Amber Scale unwrapped the last thing his father had given him before being turned into a soldier for the claws of power. It was a small dagger, that glowed gold in the dim light, warning him that there was danger nearby. The handle was engraved with words, Gold Dragon. 


The walls of the cave seemed to grow veins of green pulsing light and exploded, revealing Peril, and millions of wolves and foxes, clad in the same armour as Peril. Cold, hard metal surrounded him, and he was trapped. Realising he needed to keep Gold Dragon safe, he tucked the dagger into his cloak.


Peril laughed and said “Going somewhere?,” ”Going nowhere I think!” She snapped her fingers and 4 guards stepped forward, they cornered Arcen Claw, and Feather Swift tried to make a run for it, but was stopped when a guard used the flat of his blade to knock her out. Both of them were thrown into the cage with Amber Scale and the guards began to push the cage deeper into the tunnels.


The Claws Of Power were in their thousands, sharpening weapons and stabbing training dummies. WIth a sudden jolt, Amber Scale realised they were waiting, waiting to attack the very place they thought was safe – the indestructible tree fort!



Surprised, what had thought to been a goblin was Salidifier the Deepers chief. Her metallic armour glistened as her skulls of animals bagned on the armour. As a few goblins called our a deathening schrick. In an blink of an eye all goblins shapes and colours ran towards the dark alleyway.


When the fighting came to an end, many bones lied flatt on the floor. The Depers chief picked up a skull which was from one of the goblins and clipped it on went of. Carefully, Mayra ran and went back to their hiding place. Mayra had told them what she had seen and she told them they needed to leave as soon as possible.


By dawn, the foxes were all ready to leave making a move to the nearby cave it took them a day by they new it was worth it. As the day came to an end, the band of foxes reached their destination. They had spotted the cave. When they got in the cave they saw pitch black cave. They could smell a whiff of a unone smell.


Outside, the wind  whistled and the trees swayed side to side. Mayra made a fire so she could warm up the left over food from the previous day. Mayra took out a little present that her gran had given to her. When Mayra opened it, it was a swiff army knife and imbraded on it was the  word run. Confused, Mayra had seen it glow. Suddenly, goblins had jumped out behind a rock and had wrapped  thew in rope.


Then Mayra had realized what the word was glowing! It meant that there was danger nearby. In a blink of an eye, Salidifyer had jumped out behind a rock and said “ Running away? Oh wait your captured. It was to late for the foxes nothing could save them.


With a bang,there was a shadow that stood up tall, it was Slimeface,one of Shaw’s helpers. His body was covered in gold armour,his mask was shiny from the metal and bunny skulls hanging from his armour.in his hand, there was  a gold,sharp sword.The trolls called out a warning and in seconds the streets were full of them of all shapes and colours.


When the fight had finished there were loads of bodies in the allywayand there was no sign of Slimeface. Scared,Leo went back to the basement hoping a troll wouldn’t see him.Leo,who was tired,tried to get baby leah to sleep.A coldness sneaked his heart.Leo was sure they came for the little rabbits.


  When the moon showed,Leo,leah and lara set off away from Shady Mountain,heading towards Glory Mountain.The journey only took half the day,they got there within 7 hours.It was night,there was the moon shining and the thing they shelter with is a cave close to Glory Mountain.The cave Glowed and made weird banging sounds and cracking as if there was a giant in there. Lara was scared,they were too close but Leo was sure this was the right place near Glory Mountain.


Outside the cave,the wind pushed the trees.Inside the cave,Lara made leah a nice warm bed.Carefully,Leo got out the one thing that their mother gave them before she left them with their father.It was a small necklace that had the name sunshine onit.It glowed lilac colour at the cave.evan leah new it was dangerous trolls were close.


The walls were cracked and through a window trolls stood. Within seconds,the little rabbits were in danger.Lara hid with leah and leo hid the necklace.


It was too late,a shadow appeared quashed into the cave and even the trolls. Slimeface looked at leo.’’Going anywhere?’’ he said through his cold mask’’Going nowhere’’he added looking at him.Running forwards ,the trolls bundled the bunnies into the cave.Carrying them right into the center until they got to a seat. It was where Shaw waited, safe in the hiding spot,sharpening their weapons preparing for War.Scared,Leo looked up to shaw and Slimeface.It looked like they was ready to attack or go to war to the one place leo thought was safe-the cave of Glory Mountain

Chapter 3


Chapter 3


It came closer, what seemed like a shadow, stood tall. It was Clock-heart, one of the Death Droppers leaders.  Her body was covered in iron armour. Her face had a skull mask on and eye holes as big as a peaflake. Bones and skulls hung from her belt. In her hand, was a dark green sword. Clock-heart threw the sword up into the air and caught it. That set the Meeps off. They screeched and wailed and suddenly the streets were crammed with Meeps of all shapes, colours and sizes. 


When the fighting had died down, there were many bodys on the ground of the market. There was still some fighting but then it stopped. But there was no sign of Clock-heart anywhere. Cautiously, Widow tip-toed back to the crack, slipped through and found herself inside. Shaking, Widow had an odd feeling inside her. She sat down. She knew that Clock-heart had come for the small hedgehogs!


By midday, Widow, Sammy and Diesel had left Meep palace behind and were heading across a field towards the windmill. The journey took almost all day. They found themselves standing outside a cave. They all shuffled into the cave but it was cold and wet so the three hedgehog siblings huddled together for warmth. The only light came from outside but they all wished that they would rather have some warmth and light instead of being cold and having light. Diesel was worried that they weren’t far enough from Meep palace but Widow showed him the map. Luckily, they were standing in the cave that was inside of the hill and that on the other side was the windmill. 


Outside, the wind howled. Inside, Sammy had started to collect twigs and rocks so they could build a fire. Nervously, Widow unwrapped a present that their mother had given to them before they left. It was a small, dark blue dagger that had a word engraved on it. Helen. Widow didn’t understand why it said that but she didn’t need to know about that just yet because the dark blue on the dagger was turning into a light blue. Even Diesel knew this meant danger. 


The ground shook and then a loud thud and then suddenly a giant flash of light.  Before they knew it, Meeps were pouring into the cave. Scurrying towards the siblings, Meeps had their hands sticking out in front of them heading towards the hedgehogs. Within a few seconds, the siblings were tied up against the cave walls. They must have used Meep string… they had to use the strongest string… Though Sammy. Diesel wriggled and Sammy sighed. Widow struggled to hide the ‘ Helen ‘ behind her back. At Least they would have one weapon.


Too late! The shadow of a tall creature strided in. Meeps hurried backwards until they had made space for the creature to walk through. Clock-heart grinned a Widow. “Escaping?” She announced under her dirty mask. “I think not “ she added. She clicked her fingers. The meeps hurdled towards the siblings, grabbed them and carried them out of the cave. The siblings were pretty small and the Meeps were giant and so was Clock-heart so it was easy to carry Widow, Sammy and Diesel. Violently shaking, Sammy looked at Widow then at Diesel. He knew what they were doing. They all stopped at the top of the hill and stared. Not at the siblings. Not at one another. The Windmill. The place that they thought was safe.

Bob, BIlly, Petrica

With a flourish, a creepy shadow appeared in the corner of the room. It was the deadly hunter. The deadly hunter had a horrific gun in his huge hand.


At one am, there was a scary fight. After three hours the fight had cleared up. Bob crept back to the house where the deadly hunter had been.


When the sun rose, Bob, Billy and Petrica had left the destroyed Fox palace. Far towards the amazing destination. The journey took almost three days. It was around the evening. They found themselves in a small cabin in the woods.


Outside the cabin the wind swept by. Bob burned himself trying to make delicious mushrooms for them.


The cabins walls collapsed onto the muddy floor but the reason why the walls fell onto the muddy floor is because the deadly hunter destroyed the walls to kidnap Bob, Billy Petrica into a small cage across the humongous pointy mountains. Within seconds Bob, Billy and Petrica got kidnapped by the deadly hunter.


Suddenly a pitch black shadow appears behind the deadly hunter. Bob, Billy and Petrica were terrified. The deadly hunter kidnapped Bob, Billy and Petrica across the 

 humongous pointy mountains. As soon as they reached over the humongous pointy mountains they put Bob, BIlly and Petrica in a small rusty cage. The hunters left Bob, Billy and Petrica in the small rusty cage to live in forever. When they left the dropped a whole bunch of keys on the floor, Bob was the only one who noticed the keys on the floor when the deadly hunter left them in the small old rusty cage to live in forever. Bob, Billy and Petrica picked up one of the keys from the floor. Bob had a jet-black key and Billy had a pretty baby pink key and also Petrica had a ugly revolting vomit looking key. Bob tried his jet-black key, Bob’s jet-black key didn’t fit in the keyhole, then Billy tried his pretty baby pink key but in was also too big to fit in the keyhole next up was Petricas ulgly revolting vomit looking key, it was a mirical Petrica’s ugly revolting vomit looking key worked it fitted in the keyhole and they set free in to to freedom!

Chapter 3 – to the rocky range

Stepping out of the darkness, what had looked like a mere shadow stood tall. It was skull-crusher, the drotch’s main leader. His muscular body was fused with steel and some say the metal reached his brain and heart. He had fox skulls in his belt and was clutching a diamond tipped broadsword dripping in blood fresh from one of the wolf’s chests. His mask was made of pure titanium and completely concealed his face. He took a warhorn from his pocket and blew it so loudly the trees shook. Bears, wolves and lions were now crowding the street.


When the battle had finally ceased, blood covered the streets and was abundant. Cautiously, Helter crept back to the bins in the alleyway. Suddenly, a pang of fear spread through him. Skull-crusher was probably here for Skelter and Pop.


By dawn, the three fox cubs had left the town of terror and were now trekking across the anthill plains, heading for the rocky range. The journey took at least 8 hours and so, when the brightness of the sun drew to a close, they found themselves building a hut to withstand the cold night air. Glowing, the air was filled with fireflies which hummed gently, unsettling Pop. They could hear a faint rumbling coming from the volcano. Helter checked the map to see if they were on the right path but skelter told him not to worry


Outside the shelter, the wind started getting more violent and cold. Inside, the fire Skelter had started was nicely baking the apple and toasting the bread. Scared it would get lost, Helter unpacked the only gift he got from his grandfather before he passed away. It was a small, serrated blade encrusted with a glowing, white gemstone. Some say, when you hold it, you get telekinetic, invisibility and clairvoyant powers if you were worthy. Helter grasped the handle and felt warmth spreading through him like a flame travelling through his veins. Suddenly, he saw a repeating video on his head of bears and wolves pouring out of a cave.


There was a thunderous noise coming from the mountain and the rocks seemed to creak and bulge until it sounded like a bomb being blown apart and many different beasts poured out of a newly created cave entrance. Within moments, the cubs were bound up with sticky, red ropes. Pop nestled closely to her older sister and Skelter gave the beasts withering looks but Helter was busy hiding the blade.


Too late. A shadow strided out of the cave and the beast crouched down, either in fear or respect. “Thinking about making a run for it?” Skull-crusher taunted. ”I’ll do what I’m known for if you do manage, not that you can go anywhere.” They were carried into a spacey cavern and layed down. They realized this was the motherload of drotch, waiting to be deployed. Petrified, Helter glanced at Skull-crusher. It looked as if the drotch were preparing to raid Handen’s hideout, the one place they thought they would be safe.

Chapter 3

A shadow stood tall. It was Blood Flesh, the leader of the Army rabbits. His body had grosem cuts all over. Bones of bunnies were hanging from his neck. The goblins were behind, nervous and worried. In his hand he was holding a black sword. Soon goblins swarmed around the street in seconds. 


When the battle had finished there were many dead bodys down the alleyway. Tensely, Leo cared on creping back to LIly and Layla. He thought Blood Flesh obviously knew where he was.


By sunrise, Leo, Lily and Layla had to leave the goblin palace. They sneaked away and they were heading for Ghost Forest. Their journey was tough. Soon it became night fall. They went in to a cave to build a shelter. They made for the night till sunrise. That night there was growls and Lily found it really scary to sleep. Leos map got them closer to Ghost Forest and further away from the goblins. 


Outside the cave, the wind blow hard and moved the leaves in side the cave. Inside the cave, Layla tried to make a small fire to roast some mushrooms and nuts. Cautiously, Leo unwrapped the gift that his dad gave him before he disappeared. It was a gold sword with writing on it “Believe” It glowed in the cave which meant the goblins were closer.


The walls of the cave started to crack and get holes. Within a flash the goblins appear out of nowhere. They grabbed on to the children tightly and Leo struggled to get free. He tried to hide the sword so they would still have one weapon.


Too Late! A shape squeezed into the cave. Blood Flesh sneered at Leo and said “ You going somewhere I think not” The goblins moved to the back of the cave.They took them to where they live in Army Burro were they all live in there on burro that they have built. Leo stared at Blood Flesh wondering whats going to happen next. They thought the Magical Forest would be the safes place for them.