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Anna letter

Dear miss,

I am writing to inform you that the upcoming events on the local calendar. There are some good things in the pipeline.

First, there will be a procession through the town, consisting of a wide variety of contributions.


The explorer named jimmy had a list of items to find: a golden goblet, a beautiful button, and a magical wand that can grant wishes. His mum and dad always said he couldn’t do it, and that he wasn’t good enough. But that didn’t affect him, he also heard of these 2 mythical items that people think are fake; the dragon scale and mermaid tail. If anyone finds them they will be very rich, but before he could get in the cave, the walls closed.

the old man

The car stopped then the wind blew after that the old man hit the griddy then he made his way to his mancave after that he sat down on his couch then he waited for his kid to get home.

the dog and the cat

As the German shepherd barked, the burglars sprinted for the door but the owner’s orange tabby cat named Garfield bit one of them and then the other burglar grabbed him and ran through the door.