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Kaleb never returned

Kaleb walked in the night as the dark overcame the light. As Kaleb walked he had a frightening chill down his spine. In the depths of a forest there was a howling growling wolf getting ready to attack. Kalebs heart pounded faster and faster. “Bubump. Bubump. Bubump.”went his heart. He scuttled as his little legs could carry him.He tried but he never returned.

The DEADPOOL dumpster

In an old dumpster,Harry became really scared as heard a loud rattle in the bin full of junk.                               The rain became coming down hard as the noise got 10 times louder.                                                                     Suddenly, a silly red guy  popped out of the disgusting gunk and shouted…peekaboo,then slithered back into the dustbin full of junk and green goo.





Dumpster Moods

In a park Bob saw eveyne  playing in the park but he was just the one that was alone in a hallween night.When he went home he saw rain dripping dow his old haunted house.The  house was haunted and mostly 10000 cobwebs spiders walkingon the rust old floor that was as dusty as dust a wicked witch.Bob heard a loud knock on the door and he dint know who it was but he was as scared as a ghost and why he is scared is because that he lives in a haunted huse and everything has spirits in there he thought it was a person but it was a vey tricky ghost who was as wicked as a lighning .The ghosts is very annoying and keeps playing with the lighs ..boo!The haunted hous smells of nothing preatty much wood i think it coes from the basment…

The Creepy Old House

The old house was full of rats and huge black widows. Emily stared at the black widow in disgust. She looked at the ceiling  and saw a huge hole with cobwebs going across it. Everywhere Emily looked there would be a cobweb or a rat. She turned on the flickering lights  to find out how dirty the windows were.As Emily walked up the stairs the floor started to creek. When Emily touched  the wall there was dust all over her hands so she went  to the sink but it wasn’t working. Emily thought she was doomed.

The Haunted House

George gazed in fright at the haunted house. A black cat as black as night prowled on the tree and leaped into the window and in the house. George jumped. He opened the door frightendly. He went in . it was dark so he got his blue and green torch. George heard scratching from the main room. He thought there was a monster! it was alive so he hid in a box and was playing on his phone until he saw the monster.

Dead body

The wind howled as the dead body was laying in the sand.

The foxes were full up from eating the dead body’s flesh.

The greedy  mosquito’s drinking the blood of the dead body.

The wolf ‘s that are chewing on the heart of the dead body.

The great white shark ate the dead body whole.

Creepy house

There was a creepy house inside of the creepy house is a gost saying boo  hoo to people. Inside of the creepy house was a zomby trying to eat flesh and brains and scareing people out of the creepy house.Inside of the creepy was a werewolf working with the zomby trying to eat people.

Mr Jake & the Rude Teacher

As the children came in, Mr Jake instantly sat down, pretending he didn’t do anything. Everyone came in silently. “Well done everyone,” Mr Jake said. Then a rude teacher came in the classroom for no reason.”What on earth are you doing Mr Jake?” the rude teacher asked angrily. “I was just teaching everybody,” Mr Jake replied. “No no your’e NOT supposed to do that!” the rude teacher screamed. “Your’e fired!” Mr Jake shouted. “Never do that!” They both started fighting and the rude teacher ran away. It was very late due to the rude teacher. “Sorry everyone,” Mr Jake apologised. The children got angry because it was already time for break. Then, Mr Jake had to go to the Headteacher’s office. “Why were you late to teach?” she asked. “Erm, the rude teacher was rude to me. So, I fired him.”Right,” the headteacher said. “That’s okay. But you have to do the maths AND literacy lesson after break so you won’t get in trouble okay?” “Right,” Mr Jake agreed. So, Mr Jake started doing the 2 lessons and he did.

The and he

The weather changed in just a second.

The wind was howling like a roaring animal.

He had blazing eyes like a shining star.

The golden star standed right next to the golden star.

The The little shark was with it little mummy.

The Great Holiday

Tom was feeding the enormously ,fat ,big bird as he realised that he was late for his coach to Berlin Airport so he grabbed the big fat bird and ran to catch it. He thundered past a farm with chickens and their coops then he tripped on a rock heading heading as fast as a bullet violently hitting his head on the drivers cabin “OUCH!” He said. Then he met his friend Bob. Tom strolled on the coach to Berlin and went upstairs to the other seats and sat there with Bob. Tom rushed to the gate where he boarded the plane to Poland with Bob and took off! When he landed Bob called a taxi and they drove to the nearest Hotel.