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chapter 4

Sajid led them to an abandoned room in the basement, the water leaked and the cracked old looking ceiling. Sajid stated “This is where I live!”

Kazi replied “Oh um, not that comfy looking-”

Samir interrupted, “Very nice!” Sajid smiled, suddenly a bang came in from the door, the door was ajar, they quickly hid Kazi, who was hiding under the bed, spotted feets. He shivered, the unknown man asked in a deep voice “Where on earth did that brat go?” 

Kazi, Samir and Sajid heard another voice saying “Did you lose the vesel?” she continued in a scary voice “You worthless worm, you can’t do anything right!”

The man replied in a petrified voice “S-sorry boos, I’ll do better.” 

The anonymous woman replied “There won’t be a next time,” she continued as she pulled out what seemed to be a gun “For you!” A gun shot was heard, Samir gasped as he saw it was Tamim, he got out of hiding and shouted “You monster!” He tried to punch her but she was too fast. Kazi got out and so did Sajid. They attacked her at the same time but she blocked and dodged. Sajid kicked the gun off her hand, Kazi spotted, he slid down to get it, Kazi commanded “Stop!” he stated“Or else I’ll pull the trigger!” The woman held Samir hostage and replied “Well, if you do, your friend will die.” she put out a villainous smile, Sajid punched her in the nose without her noticing that he was there, they both ran behind Kazi. He demanded “Go leave!” he continued “Take Tamim to the hospital, NOW!” They did as they were told.

The woman stated “Do it and I’ll blow the place up!” Kazi shot her hand so the bomb remote would fly out. Kazi shouted “This is for Tamim!” he shot her head then ran outside they both were waiting for him the necklace shun at Tamim, Kazi placed it around his neck. Tamim’s eyes slowly started to open, he asked “Where am I?”

Samir replied “Outside the museum.”

Kazi stated “Let’s go and find your guys mum.” They nodded and headed back to the cafe. Luckily the rain had stopped, Sajid grew taller, his arms turning bloody, he had red eyes and sharp looking teeth.


Chapter 4 : Safe at last


They had only just woken up.

“What is happening,” “Where am I?” Spencer questioned.

“Oh babe you’re awake, shhhh don’t talk.” Spencer’s mum replied.

She nodded at her mum. She was very confused. Why was she in her bed when she was just driving.

“Where are my friends? I need to see them.”  Spencer told her mum. She got out of bed and went to her walk-in wardrobe. She took a pair of blue jeans with a white shirt and her blouse, got  dressed and went to Aria’s house. She was in bed as well. Aria got clothes from her closet and went with Spencer to Hanna’s house. You could guess that she was also in bed so she got out of bed, got dressed and went with Spencer and Aria to Emily’s house. Emily was also in bed so she had gotten dressed as well. They went to the coffee shop they always go to. Inside was the place they always sat and it was vacant. They pulled the curtain over and spoke with the cups of coffee in their hands. 

Slowly sipping, Spencer sat and listened to the others story of what happened that night. She was confused on why their stories didn’t fully match hers. One thing had to be missing from there’s. In her one Jenna was there but for the other girls they hadn’t even thought of Jenna being there. 

“Guys, something is missing from your stories.”

“What nothing is missing.” they all replied back to her.

“Yeh well something has to be because we were together the whole night and my story has Jenna in it but you’re ones have nothing to do with her.” “I don’t get it”Spencer continued.

Sophie the sheep and danger her worst enemy the fox.

After hours of waiting in their boring old house, a letter had finally arrived at their front door,  not knowing that the letter was for bad news. Excited to see what it was, the mother happalley opened the well-made letter.‘’Good heavens,’’ their mother bellowed whilst gasping in fear. It was their worst enemy.’’What am I going to do?’’she questioned herself whilst looking around her house. I knew that the house would be able to keep them alive at all. Hearing footsteps of her two little kids coming down the stairs Sophie the mother sheep quickly hid the bad news.


Minutes later Sophie could know longer keep the lie in so she told her kids and daddy sheep and immediately had to leave their homes. However the only safe place they could ever go to forever away from the bad fox was on the other side of the village and to get there you would have to go past the  witches grave where know could ever get through from. Everyone calls it the deaf spot; anyone who ever entered that haunted place had never returned and that’s not the only thing they would have to walk through a maze full of bear traps.’’Where  going to die,’’ one of the kids cried.Don’t worry we’re not how the kids yelled. Cause we’re still going. ‘’What,’’ both their voices echoed in their heads.


                                                    Chapter 2   

As the weather had strangely changed from a  hot weather to  a cold weather.They knew they had to find shelter quick.Pure white snow  had started to invade the cobblestoned ground as the satisfying sound of the crunching snow had followed them everywhere they went.

“There one of the kids,” one of the kids chimed.

“We can make shelter right in between those beautiful plants right there,” she repeated herself but  just with a little bit more description.

“Wonderful,” the dads voice echoed.” We will make it there, he continued. Carefully setting up their new home for now they diced they would go fetch for  food later on the day.


After hours of comfortably waiting, they started to get really really really hungry.So hungry that they felt like something was eating the inside of their body.”Lets go,” the mother yelled.

“Go were,” they all replied at the same time.

“Outside to go get some food,” the mother exclaimed.

“Oh coming ,” the sheeps bellowed whilst looking for their coats and shoes.

Stepping out of their house to go and sniff for some food they heard a peculiar sound.crunch crunch crunch.the sound was getting louder and louder.”boo,” the figure  chimed whilst laughing at their faces because of how it looked like after terrifying them.It was like they had forgotten where they first were.The figure had two horns like sticks poking out from both sides of its head white circles taking over some of the orange fur and brown eyes.

“Hello,” the figure chimed or should I say the reindeer chimed.

“H.. h..hello,”they whispered.still terrified of what had just happened.



Before they could even say their own names the same rustling sound had come back.

But this time they didn’t get worried or scared of what it could be. They just predicted that it was another reindeer again just because it made the same noise the reindeer did when it was coming out the bush.Well I guess they guessed wrong.In a blink of an eye Bam they were now trapped in an ‘enormous’ bag with no way out.”Mmm..m.m.m.m mum our we going to be eaten by the humans for their diner,” they asked her whilst wishing her answer would be no.

“Sorry kiddo but they most likely are,”she replied in the sadested way you could ever imagine. Before they could even tell that the time had come they were prisoned in a huge dungen not knowing what to do but then there was another rattle coming from under the bed.Who is it?


“It’s me your enemy,” the wolf cried 

“i’m here to save you,” he continued to speak in a quiet voice.

“Follow me,” it demanded them. Crawling down the tunnel where ever the fox was going like follow the leader they had finally arrived to their destination and lived the most happily ever ending you could ever imagine any other book could have.ii

The Goblin’s Cottage

The Goblin’s Cottage


Chapter 1


Looking forward, Iris caught a glimpse of light out of the corner of her eye.

What could it be? Her enemy could not be following her, could she?

It was her treasure and she was to be the first one to find the map.

A branch lay on the way and caused Iris to trip over. She had to get it or all her money would be gone and no food would be cooked at home as they were very poor. She got up and ran, she was sure now no one could follow her as she was one of the fastest runners in the whole town.

Surprisingly, no footsteps were heard nor crunching leaves from far away in the depths.

Iris slowed down her pace and walked. Two more kilometers and the money will be her’s.


She had arrived at her destination. A red cross was marked on the dried ground. She got out her shovel and started digging. After hours of digging, her shovel touched something hard, Iris’s face glowed. It was a treasure box full of diamonds, gems and gold.

Then, she heard something, something like footsteps.

She turned around and someone was there holding a knife. 


Chapter 2    21/06/21


Knowing that death was next, Iris closed her eyes, she waited for a while and nothing happened. She opened her eyes in confusement, a pile of sand lay on the ground in front of her cheap shoes. But did she know, inside the treasure box there sat “The Lost Ruby of Kindness”.  Iris’s face glowed in pride; she knew there was something in the box that she can use to shield herself. The strong girl shifted the heavy box into her bag and dragged it up to her back. She had to run for shelter as the army of goblins might have been following her. In the distance Iris could make out the outline of the rundown palace, she could spend her night there.

Tired of all those carrying and running she sat down in front of the oak tree for a rest. A shadow moved. Iris took no notice. It emerged like a ghost, what could happen next? Will the ruby work?


Chapter 3 28/06/21


The shadow revealed a skinny little boy emerging slowly step by step. He kneeled down in front of the sleeping girl and took off his hat knowing that if he woke her up she would get a fright. So he did it gently and her eyes opened slowly. He whispered quietly, “ Are you lost? The woods are not a safe place to sleep in.” Iris rubbed her eyes and looked at the shy boy, he didn’t look dangerous. Iris smiled and explained everything and asked, “ what’s your name?”

He answered shyly, “ My name…my name is Marcus.”

He then told her that he knows a safe place to stay in as he was lost too.

Then off they went yet again to reach another destination.

Iris obeyed every single instruction so she did not get lost again. Marcus was surprised by how much attention a girl like Iris paid to a boy like him.

He liked the feeling. After walking for 100 yards they reached Marcus’s place. It was quite good for a forest. They sat down and had some food, and that was the time she really looked at Marcus, he looked: shy, little, funny and smart.


Chapter 4


Marcus and Iris went to sleep ,each of them had their own beds made of ; potato sacks and a soft, milky white, sheet covering the sacks. Iris instantly fell asleep and so did Marcus as they had a long journey. 

The next morning started with a big rack as Iris woke up with a big headache and they had nothing for the cure but they had herbs at the back of Marcus’s cottage. So Marcus made Iris a herb mixed tea which helped Iris alot. Marcus then asked very shyly, “M, Can I see…M, your box?” Then it hit Iris. She got a box yesterday and hid it in Marcus’s Cottage, already she forgot about it, “ Yeah sure, I will show you.” ,Iris stammered. She got up and looked in the cupboard, it wasn’t there. Iris’s eyes got big as saucers. “ You saw me put it in the cupboard ,didn’t you?” asked Iris. Marcus then nodded with a grin. Iris stood there still like a statue, “ You took it. Marcus, how could you?” questioned Iris in shock. “I,I am not Marcus, I am Goblin Idange” smirked the Goblin. “Marcus, who is Marcus, I played him all along. Now you, you have lived for too long, your mum is dead and you’re next. Ha Ha Ha!”crackled Idange and then nothing was to be heard again of Iris.

Big hole

Ava’s alarm clock rang, then she woke up, brushed her teeth, then had breakfast ( toast and jam) then finally went to school thinking it’s going to be a normal back-to-school day and hopefully her enemy Lila wasn’t in her class that day. Suddenly there was a loud noise BANG! There was something going on, she thought. Ava ran home sitting on the bed thinking what was happening that day. She thought that there was a problem at school and everything was totally normal but she wasn’t so sure. The next day she went to school again worried what would happen and what would happen to her. As she entered the school she saw lila ( her worst enemy). She stood  there like she was waiting for Ava or something. Ava just walked past her, but she felt like she was getting followed so she walked out of the school and then walked back in the classroom. She turned around and saw Lila but she walked away as she turned around. Now Ava was even more worried and sprinted home just like yesterday.


Chapter 2


A few minutes later, she arrived home shivering like it was winter and stayed in her bed thinking she would be safer there. Two days later she strolled to the park to have a picnic since nothing could go wrong at the park. She ate her waffles and her fruit while thinking about whether she should go back to school. After ten minutes it got dark and then it started  raining so she walked happily home.


Chapter 3


After 3 days Ava walked to the park again and sat down on a bench putting on some lip balm. Then a girl came up to her and    asked  if they could be friends “ sure i’d love a new friend”, Ava   replied. They both went on a slide and pushed each other on the swings. An hour passed and they walked to Ava’s house. They sat on the couch and watched a movie together then ate a sandwich and some fruit. A couple of minutes had passed and they walked home but something unexpectedly happened…. They fell in a deep hole. 


Chapter 4


Ava tried to climb up the hole and Ruby was shouting for help hoping that someone would save them but neither of them worked. Two hours had passed and it was getting dark but nobody came by to help them. The two friends were hungry and didn’t have anything to eat so they had to look for food which was the hardest thing to find in a deep hole but they looked for food anyways. Ruby found some bread crumbs and Ava found a packet of crisps that had 3 pieces in it but they had to eat it;;. or else they would starve to death. Meanwhile, They played lots of of game in the hole but then luckily someone asked what they doing in a hole “ can you help us please we’re stuck”, Ruby asked.

“ Sure, why not”, the young boy replied.

“ Thank you”, Ruby said. The boy ran to find a long rope to pull them out of the big hole.” thank you again”, they said.

“ no problem…. If you excuse me, I have to go home now. “ later”

“ bye” they replied.

Blue Koala II

In my first book, I taught you how to take care of a blue koala but now this is the adventure after that.

Wandering helplessly around the emerald forest, Stitch  found a compatible place to stay so he made shelter and slept there. Waking up, he heard rustling from the bushes and went to investigate. A figure stood there staring at Stitch. “Aren’t you adorable, you little fluff ball,” claimed the figure. Stitch sat there staring at the figure. They took their hood off and there stood a girl. She had long red hair with light brown eyes and was wearing a skirt that reached just above her knee and a crop top. Reaching out, she stroked him and he didn’t even fight back. “JESSIE! JESSIE!” yelled a voice. “COMING!” she screamed back taking Stitch with her. This was just the beginning .

CHapter 4 The end? Ayman

Chapter 4 The end?


“King Julian, why are you smiling? We are in a real dangerous situation,”Snowflake instructed.
“We aren’t in  trouble, we have wings, we are birbs and I can see the place over the horizon.”King Julian boasted of how clever he was.”UGH I guess you guys are bird brains after all see you there!”The cat magor scuttled a way.The two birds shouted at him”KING JULIAN!”

“Oops sorry,” He apologised. Come one, let’s go.




“Ok”Sun whispered to the  other budgies”here’s the plan…..READY!”

“Ready”Snowflake said energizer.

“But I need a…”King Julian stuttered
“GO”Sun shouted.

King Julian swooped down and dropped a cucumber next to the cats and they when crazy zooming all over the place as cats HATE cucumbers.Snowflake used her feather to open the cages as Sun keeped watch and was the maker of the trouble.And the big birds did what they were told swooping and gating every cat in their own cages.”Now let’s get ready for war birds,” Sn chirped two her new soldiers,”We will get our freedom!” 

“FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM!” the big bird chanted at their new little commanders Sun Snowflake and King Julian.


                                        The end of Birds a like

                                           To be continued


by Amina

Chapter 4

Pipkin needed help so he and his friends asked the forest animals for help since they were friendly animals and they did nothing to them they thought why not help fellow animal friends out. The animals showed Pipkin and his friends the tunnel and all the animals had to go across the tunnel. But they needed food and water so they went and searched for food and water. They were split into two groups one group went and looked for food, the other for water. They had to face some challenges to get the food and water but eventually they got it. When they arrived at the tunnel they had to start walking so aloof them some of them fell and broke a leg so one of the other once had to carry them and some didn’t even survive so had to be left there. The floor was all wet and they arrived in the middle of the tunnel and had a break of sleeping and eating some more food so the next day they carried on walking and heard water coming through so they all started to run and some died but the rest made it to the other side but they still had to climb up the mountain and they made it to the mountain but had to get up to the top they still had food they had enough time to sleep so they did  the next morning they heard water and started running up the mountain some died and some made it to the top of the mountain.

Chapter2-The search of Pipkin’s mother Chapter3- The end of the adventure

Chapter2-The search of Pipkin’s mother

When Pipkin and his siblings arrived to the Goblins kingdom they were ready to save their mum but the problem was that there was a guard and the guard would kill his enemies if they came near him and that’s when Pipkin and his siblings got stuck they didn’t know what to do so they sat there and they were thinking until…


Chapter 3- The end of the adventure

They found an idea they could secretly get the guards keys and save their mum. As they got the keys from him they entered the building and went to the dungeon to save their mum so as they did Pipkin,his siblings and their mum came out and went back home and Pipkin,his siblings became the hero of their village because they saved their mum.After there father came and Pipkin told his dad that he became the hero of his village.


Escaping this mysterious stranger – Nafisha

 Moments before she could be murdered, Ezira used her skills to escape the stranger from strangling her. She Turned and ran, glancing back with a silly face. The stranger stood for a moment: “Maybe I’ll get you next time..” Seconds after, the place was flooded with water. Ezira had been drenched, clothes soaking and streaming. Indeed she had witnessed the power of God, but this was not God. The girl fled all the way into an unknown forest. She hid herself behind a bush and clogged her top.

 “Oh what am I going to do now? I’m just a little,” she whispered to herself, “girl who’s lost in a random forest and I cannot even find the direction back to my home.”

 Maybe she could just run all the way to the exit of the forest and try to find a signal since she had her phone with her. Ezira knew that in the forest, any forest, there would be no signal for her phone to reach – it was nature, no satellites, nothing, just nature.

 “AHH!” she screamed as the bush rustled. She quickly put on her top as she did not want anyone or anything to see her. She paused. Ezira had a lightbulb moment: what if there was another adventurer out there who could literally lead her to her house. Wait, no. Giving a stranger her address was dangerous.

“Nevermind,” Ezira thought, “I could just stick to plan A.”


 Quickly, the young girl ran and exited the forest. She then pulled out her phone and opened up the navigator. Finally, she plotted in her address and followed the directions. Atlast, she had arrived at her door and performed an elaborate knock.