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Star Shiner Contd

The next morning, Charlie woke up and found that Sophie was already up and about and had started to make her breakfast. They both had bread and jam together with a glass of orange juice; they would need a lot of energy today because they would be flying the sky ship for a long time today.

Charlie and Sophie clambered up the ladder to get to the deck of the Star Shiner. Sophie was checking the sails for damage while Charlie started the powerful engine. Sophie then called out to Charlie to come and see something. One of the sails had been damaged! Charlie knew at once he had to repair the damage so he went down below deck to find some canvas. Soon after he went below deck, he successfully returned with a large length of canvas.

After half an hour, he told Sophie that he had mended the sail and that they would be ready to take off.

The airship

The airship was getting chased by dragons one of the dragons shot a fireball that skimmed just past the airship and blew everyone to the left then a giant turtule came behind and bummped the ship to the right the ship hurrled to the grond picking up speed every metere of the way soon they were close to close.



Stary journeys. part 2…

PART 2..the airship’s landing.

Jay hopped off first, holding his sword.Me and my space pet got off last shaking with full fear.”Why are you guys shaking?” Jay exclaimed.”WHY ARE WE SCARED?! A DRAGON COULD ATTACK US ANY MINUTE?!” I shouted. “good point”

Walking slow and steady me jay and luna went to do our mission. it was dark and gloomy.. and quiet. I was clutching on to luna (space pet) as if I would never let go..I wasn’t expecting this, I thought it were going to be bright with shiny fire hanging from the sky.. but no. Black.PITCH black…

Jay was scared but he didn’t give one single clue.Jay were never scared. But he felt it.

Landing the ship

We landed the ship. We were in a forest. It wasn’t like every other forest though. It was a forest made of sweets! But because it was so dark we couldn’t go and explore. We were told to stay in the ship as we were kids. But Ted didn’t listen. Instead he went to explore. I told him not to but he didn’t listen. I really wanted to come with him but I listened to my parents and stayed where I was. It was very boring in the ship. It was scary by myself. The ship was gloomy and dull. About 5 minutes later I heard a scream coming from the forest. I thought it was Ted but just before the scream he came back to the ship. What was it?

Landing of the space ship

As Max looked down and saw the ground rushing up to greet them . They were falling at an alarming rate . ‘ Hold on tight!’ Shouted Maria to Max . All of a sudden they stopped still floating in thin air . Max turned around to ask Maria why they’d stopped falling . Maria just pointed a shaky finger suggesting Max turned around . When he turned around he saw not one but two big green eyes blinking back at him . Whose were they …



As we safely landed it stared to snow really 

hard when it came down on the crass it was

thick when me and Ted walk we both fell

over. Then we got to some cave we sat

down and i had some food that i got 

last minut before we jumed out of 

the airship.


Where I am

As Noah grabbed my arm I saw the sky grazer fall to the ground and lets just say the sky grazer was no longer here. I looked around me and saw a stone tower with moss reaching to the golden prize. Me and Noah grabbed our bags filled to the brim with our most loved belongs and held them close, I saw a house with a steaming chimmney that held warmth and comfort, “Noah… Noah” I whispered as pirated murmered unbearible things “what do you want know?” He said tiredly “thanks for saving me mate earlier mate and also look” I pointed the house in his direction. We started to walk thats when i saw IT.