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The hospital

70 minutes later, Jake entered the abandoned hospital. Jack was trying to find The operating room, it was a stormy day.

Jack rested on an old operating table, he dozed momentarily, dreaming of doctors and nurses.

The Pond

Luca carefully crept downstairs grabbing his coat and umbrella trying to be quiet.

Eventually, he arrived just by the old river as the rain gracefully hit the top of the water – it was a beautiful moonlit night.

It was here that Luca normally came when he was stressed and he hpad a big maths test tomorrow so he decided to come watch the fish swim and jump in the water to  calm himself. A few minutes later he started to get a funny feeling something was there, but he ignored it.

Suddenly, the rain lashed of his head he couldn’t see much but he could make out a small figure in the water he thought nothing of it and got his umbrella out. But then he realised it was getting closer and closer and closer…

The abandoned school

He never forgot that night noticing he forgotten his phone in school. Leaving the party he wondered to school. He stepped into the room hearing a creaking sound. It was misty. There a glass corridor. He came back the next night. He had a sinister feeling he was being watched darkness fell.

The old hotel

Running out of the house, Matt dodged the sleeping dog in case it barked. At the gate he paused but all he could hear was the silence that filled the house with sleep. Jumping over the fence the street cat walked casually past him.

One hundred and twenty minutes later, he reached the abandoned hotel. Mysterious pictures hung up and watched as the other sides pictures changed secretly. It wasn’t wrong before he came to the deserted ball room.

Content, Matt sat on the ball room stage and watched as the shadows on the walls waved at him. It was here that he had been looking for the magic guitar. He picked it up and a few minutes later he fell asleep dreaming of flying dogs.


Later, he woke with a start something or somebody was spying on him. What was it? He started to run and hit something and gasped in discussed.

Matt started to sprint and he could hear a sound following him. A, he went to hide the sound grew louder and louder and then he screamed and went back home.

He did not know that the monster and he jumped into bed and the monster was right behind him…

The golden egg

Creeping out the house, Kacey tried to be silent but awoke the dog. At the door she stopped, but all she could hear was the snoring , that filled the house with sleep. Begging to leave, Bella wound her way round her legs .


One hour later, she entered the dead animal farm. The lifeless wood pillared over head as the moon shone through the fence casting deadly shadows. It wasn’t long before she came to the ruins of the murky stable. Spider webs glitter in the moon light it was a Beautiful night.


Content, Kacey sat down on the bail watching bird flutter and horses run. It was here that she had first seen the golden egg. All night she waited, until in the end her eye closed dreaming of  the golden egg and dragons.

Later, she woke with a fright.somebody or something  had been watching her sleep.At end of the stable a silhouette was was creeping towards her. Frighted, tired and troubled Kacey watched in alarm. Cold sweat fell down her spine. For at that moment, she heard a stomp and seen a blue eye. Kacey screamed!


With dreams of dragons behind her she began to run. The more agitated she became the more she began to run.She Could hearsomething behind her,Feet stopped at the soil. Silence…


It was if running made her calm , she listened .nothing.  Silence. The farm had swollen its secret…


The barn

Five minutes later, she entered the murky abandoned farm yard. It was creepy and dusty she walked to the ruins of the old barn. It was damp there were cracks in walls and old saddle hanging on the moss and dusty hanger.

Content Lucy rested on a damp lifeless chilling hay bale. It was here that she had first seen the ghost of a horse then she slept dreaming of animals.

Later, she woke with a start. Somebody or something was creeping through the stables towards her. Tired, petrified and confused, Lucy watched the shadow between the stable doors. What was it? She bit her lip but not from bugs. For at that moment, she herd a panting noise and then a flash of brown fur. Lucy gasped!

With her dreams of animals behind her, Lucy began to sprint. The more shocking she became the more she ran. Damp wood wiped at her hair and puddles splashed Into her feet. She was sure she could hear someone sneaking after her, it’s paws splashing in the puddles. Someone breathing it was only when she reached the field that she stop and listen  nothing, quietness. It was the ate the Truth.


The Farm

Jogging quietly out of the house,Dan tried to be quiet but ran into the cat.The cat leaped around the drive way making a loud crunch on the gravel drive way so he ran past the cat.

Thirty minutes later,Dan entered the old farm grounds.Tall hay silos towered over head and sunlight peeked around the barn casting  beautiful shadows.It wasn’t long before he came to the decaying old barn next to the stale crops.Sunlight bounced off of the wet fence:it was a beautiful day.

Tired,Dan ,lay in some old hay and stared as the spiders spun its way across the dusty old roof.It was here he had first seen the skeleton of the the dead farmer.All after noon he waited till in the end he slept, dreaming of the spooky scary skeletons song.

later, he woke with a start.Somebody or something was above him.Tired,uneased and confused he looked around.But at that moment he heard a rattle then a foot bone appeared above one of the cracks in the roof.

With his bravery behind him, he began to run.The more agitated Dan became the more he could hear a rattle old wheel barrows hit his ankles and old dead tree branches whipped at his face.He was sure he could feel the chilling cold hand of the skeleton on his shoulder.

It was only when he crossed the threshold the rattle stopped and the hand disappeared he went home and slept for the rest of the day.

Deadly doom

Alex was a 10 year old girl who loved to watch horror films, she loved to explore haunted lifeless places such as misty rotten forests or abandoned streets. One night Alex had a idea, she wanted to explore that haunted hospital down the road. The reason why is because she had been hearing stories about a deadly doctor in one of the rooms that will kill anything in its path. But Alex wasn’t afraid of anything.

Alex put her coat and shoes on and left the warm house. It was Pitch black outside due to the fact that it was only 3 o’clock in the morning. She ran down the street towards the hospital. When she got there she had to squeeze through the gaps in the shattered glass. When she got inside all she saw was scrap paper and tipped over furniture.

Alex started sneaking through the narrow  hallway as the lights flickered. When she reached the right hallway with all of the rooms in she began to search all of the rooms. When she was just about the leave the last room until at the corner of her eye she noticed a green light coming from under the bed. She silently crept towards the bed but all that she saw was a blanket are rather mysterious blanket. Alex shoved  the blanket out of the way. She kept from under the bed and ran out of the room heading towards the lift without hesitation she turned around and saw a huge metal creature with a ginormous green hood and cape with toxic green glowing eyes. It started smashing the walls and the lights trying to hit her.she reached the lift and run outside through the gaps in the shattered glass She ran up the street and back into the house she ran back to her bed saying to herself “I am never going to leave this house”Alex clutched her cover and suddenly herd growling….

Abandoned hotel

Sneaking out of the house, Sarah tried to whisper but she bumped into the dog called Coco. Sarah let Coco outside and then Coco came back.Sarah quietly closed the door behind her.

15 minutes later, Sarah tip toed Out of the drive way. Sarah ran through the forest and at the end of the forest there was an abandoned hotel. She really exploded the bedrooms first. Then she explored the kitchen and the rest of the rooms.

Sarah went to the back garden she gasped in excitement! There was a theme park Sarah sat against the abandoned roller coaster. It was here that Sarah had first seen the ghost holding treasure and Sarah wondered if she could find it again. Sarah fell asleep against the roller coaster.

Sarah woke with start, there was somebody or something watching her behind the roller coaster. Then Sarah ran into the forest.

Leaving her dreams of roller coasters behind her Sarah stared into the darkness. When Sarah  reached The end of  the forest she couldn’t see creature that was watching her it was like it had swallowed its secrets.

Sarah made it back home and ran up stairs and fell straight to sleep. She woke up because she heard somethings say BOO!!! BOO !!! BOO!!!

The Abandoned House

Slithering down the stairs Summer rolled over the first step in case it squeaked, when she finally came to the bottom she got up and brushed herself off. All that she could hear was the sound of footsteps which filled the house with shivers. Hoping to be let out the bird flew around her.


10 minutes later, Summer entered the old house. Summer shivered. All that she could see was old rotten wood that covered the floor. Was she safe? Summer could smell something it was moss that covered the walls. Bang! Bang! Summer heard something, there was a dangerous taste in the air.

Scared, Summer waited and waited to see if she could see the ghost again. Her eyes are slowly started to close. Boom! Summer woke with a start. Something was watching her. She listened nothing. Terrified, shocked, worried summer backed up into a corner. Who was it? A storm started to brew she ran into the into the room that was safe to get away from the red eyes in the background. Summer was breathing as heavy as a bulldog. She didn’t know what to do…