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Dragon hunter

We are in need of a dragon hunter so if you are:

  • strong
  • flexible
  • immune to dragon venom
  • young
  • Not afraid of dragons?

if so call 07729 56396 dragonhunters11@icloud.com


The forest dragon

Some people suggest that the forest dragon should be allowed to live in the forest because it will never cause any harm however if it is not allowed to live in the forest it will be the most dangerous dragon in the world.

The fire dragon

One cold night Tom went to the window he saw a yellow eye in a tree wondering what it was, he knocked on the window it moved and flew away it was an owl he saw a figure flying through the air Tom thought it was a owl he lied back down a roar came from the tree a tiny spark of fire kept ,lighting red eyes appeared out the tree fire set more and more . What was it ?

Dragon hunter

WANTED!do you have the ability to tame dragons? Can you calm even the most dangerous of dragons? Are you in need of a great amount of money? If so, apply for this job. It will change your life forever. Every month and you receive £1000600700. Apply through Dragonhunterjob.net or text +446077894 or email Jess.sowiak@gmail.com apply now your town needs it.

Dragon hunter

Do you want to have a very good job ? Do you have the ability to tame dragons ? Then this is a perfect job for you ! You Will be expected to:

– Tame a  Dragon/beast;
– Fly a dragon;
– have control under the Dragon;

in return , we will reward you with:

-a stack of gold


Call 0764 921439 to apply !

The Christmas Dragon Finder Crew!

Are you strong enough to fight DRAGONS!? Do you have a Christmas felling? Than this is the job you need! What is the job?

You willl be hunting Christmas dragons. You’ll be going to the Christmas dragons cave you will be going there to give it some Christmas food so it does not inturupet our Christmas!

Message Christmas dragon finders crew and you will be on the crew so good luck!