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The Water Dragon

There are a lot of different dragons but there is only one Water Dragon.  We know very little about it because it lives at the very bottom of the sea.  When he does come to the surface he is carefully camouflaged.

Would you be able to recognise the Water Dragon if you saw one?  Well, you will know it because the Water Dragon has beautiful light and dark blue scales.  It has beautiful dark blue eyes.  They have long wings and short claws.  He has tiny spikes on his tail.  His body is a mixture of light blue, dark blue and purple.  When he swims in the sea he looks like the Northern Lights.

The Water Dragon mainly stays in the water because it keeps him warm and it is safe for him.  When he does go out of the water he can only stay out for an hour.  The Water Dragon eats seaweed but when he dives to the deepest part of the ocean he eats plankton.  He sleeps deep, deep down in the ocean and stays amongst the fish.

The Water Dragon is not dangerous.  He is a very friendly dragon.  He catches whatever his friends want and searches for food for his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Fire Dragon

There are many different breeds of dragons but the most interesting of all is the Fire Dragon.

The tail is on fire.  The eyes are red with a dark black glow in the centre.  The scales are red and black.  The snout is covered in glitter.

The Fire Dragon lives in the sun  because the sun is hot and so is she.

The Fire Dragon is friendly even though it is a Fire Dragon.  It hides in the sun because it is shy.

The nebula dragon guide

The biggest of dragons species is the nebula dragon, if you want higher your chances of seeing this magnificent creature.

How could you recognize a nebula dragon when you see it? Nebula dragons have very unique scales, it looks like a star map of the galaxy but sometimes their scales can change to there surroundings most sightings of nebula dragons are seen with suns and planets appearing on their scales. They have three eye’s on each side of their head.

The habitat of the nebula dragon is always changing they live all across our galaxy and are a lot like modern day whales they migrate to cooler patches of space to mate and thrive during the summer and in the winter they land and fly close to mars and hot planets.


The behavior of nebula dragons is neutral though if provoked they can destroy hole stars with ease they are also like deer and elk male nebula dragons have horns that grow on their heads

The Love Dragon

There are billions of species of dragons but the most eye catching one is the beautiful Love Dragon.  People don’t know that much about it because they live in the heavens.

Can you recognise a Love Dragon?  The answer is yes!  If you look carefully in the sky in Spring, you can see pink which is its scales.  You won’t be able to tell but they have love heart shaped scales and a pink snout.  Their head is snowy white with a gradient of pink mixed in.

The Love Dragon lives in the heavens.  In fact, it comes down to Earth to spread love in February.  It breathes love dust.  They are somewhat easy to tame.  Some are not easily domesticated as you need to give them a Valentine’s  Day card and either flowers or chocolate.

Are Love dragons dangerous?  The answer is no.  They only love and they don’t bite.  They breathe love on top of people who are near their true love.

The Mountain Dragon

There are many different types of dragon but my favourite is the Mountain Dragon.  It is not very well known because nobody walks up the mountain where it lives.

Would you recognise a Mountain Dragon? Firstly, Mountain Dragons have a tail and a spiky back.  Their snout is really ********* They are cool because they only come out in January, February and March.  Their claws are sharp.  Their tail is so sharp it is almost like a claw.

The Mountain Dragon lives on the tallest mountain in the World.  Mountain Dragons are shy because they only come off the mountain for 3 months.  The Mountain Dragons find a cave on the mountain and build hide inside.

The Dragon is grey and dark.  Also the Dragon is very angry.

Are Mountain Dragons dangerous?  Yes, they are dangerous.  They are fierce.  When Mountain Dragons are angry they can kill.

Fire Dragon

No one has ever seen a fire  dragon because he lives in the desert.  If you ever did see one you would never make it out alive.

Would you be able to recognise one?  Fire dragons have sapphire eyes.  The dragon has red fiery scales.  When it walks it sets a trail of fire.

The fire dragon lives in deserts.  The dragons lives off the other animals in the desert.  They are in big schools of dragons and they never move for winter.  There are 5 – 8 dragons in a school.

Are fire dragons dangerous?  Yes, they are very savage.  Fire dragons will rip your limbs one by one.  They fight for their territory.

Golden Treasure Dragon

There are different types of dragons but the most known dragon of all time is the Golden Treasure Dragon.  It is not really known because he lives somewhere where no-one has been before….

Do you think you could recognise a Golden Treasure Dragon?  In fact, some Golden Treasure Dragons have sparkly spikes that glow in the dark, others have tails that twinkle.  It’s eyes light up when he is happy.

No one really knows where Golden Treasure Dragons live because not many people even know what they are.  They are only seen in the forest at the summer time when it is really hot.  They are only in the forest to catch food.  After that they fly back home.  Now you might be wondering where do Golden Treasure Dragons actually live.  Well they actually live at the end of a rainbow where the treasure is.  They only come out at the summer because most rainbows come out in the summer.

Are they dangerous?  Some dragons are dangerous but the Golden Treasure Dragon is certainly not!  So if you see one do not plan anything to harm them.  They are not lonely they have big families.  The Golden Treasure Dragon is just a bit shy.