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Should Grass Dragons Be Pets? By Noah M @LPS

People say that grass dragons should be pets. I agree because grass dragons are harmless dragons that burrow in the grass. They eat bugs, thats great because if you have bugs in your house they will be eaten by grass dragons! They don’t fly, they run. The grass dragons run fast if they are in danger. They are good swimmers and they can’t drown! On the other hand they do poo allot so you need somewhere for them to do that.People also say water dragons are good pets because they look cool do you believe that? Anyway back to grass dragons… Oh thats all folks. Back to you Patricia!m

The Dragon Vote

We think that dragons should not be hunted because they will help build fires and build heavy houses and cook barbecues in two seconds. We can also ride them and have the best  time ever some of them are kind and just want to play have fun but some are a bit to harsh . So that is why we think that we should keep them and do  them no harm. Further more we should build them caves in return and they will always be nice to humans so everyone can see that dragons can be nice and help people not just there selfs.

the season

                                                Marshmallow Dragon!!!

Some residents have been complaining about this peculiar marshmallow dragon for getting absolutely everyone covered in marshmallow fluff ,on the other hand it is a brilliant bouncy castle for all the children parents are amazed and children are so happy some people are saying that we should make a petting zoo full of marshmallow dragons therefore we shall never hunt them.


                                                                  Shadow dragon!!!

People say these dragons should be got rid of but lots of people say that we should respect these majestic creatures for not harming us. Shadow dragons eat ********** and rodents. But other dragons just eat fish, they respect us because we respect them.

Lifton story

We are seeking the finest dragon hunter to rid our town of these vile beasts so that we can sleep soundly at night without fear of dragon attack. First, imagine becoming the most famous person in the land with songs sung about you for many years! Furthermore, we will be offering a guarantee of protection from future goblin attacks by building you your own castle. Our unimaginable offer includes a lifetime annual salary of one sack of gold, a free donkey to carry you about town and the famous invisibility cloak of Summerstown. Additionally, we will provide you with a free breakfast for the rest of your life consisting of porridge and hemplefoot juice. If successful, you will be crowned as dragon catcher of the year and have your image posted in the Dragon Catcher monthly magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime! Grab this chance, apply now and live your dreams.

The Dragon Advert

A mystical lava dragon has been spotted. Mr Branch was the first to see it. It is in the abandond town of Acomical. The tourests say ‘Kill that ugly Beast WE WANT IT DEAD!!!!’ the public has voted… The tourests have 211 and the hunters have 999999999. That means the hunters win! Are you a hunter? Call 876 543. To have the chance to kill the beast.

Wait we have another group of votes.. They are the Wizzards who want the beast alive they have 999999999 votes. Thats means it is a draw. Call 876 540 to be in  this massive debate! This advert sponsers I’m a celebrity get me out of here!


How wants to be a dragon hunter!

Your wadge is £5000 every moth & you get food & water!

Best Job Best pay!

 Sigh up when want but be fast the price will drop.


To dragon whisperer,

 A myiestic storm  dragon is destroying our town and we need it to calm down, not kill it because it lives near the town and it was here first. If you do this you do tame it or just make it calmer, you will get a chest of gold and diamonds from the hills.


                                                 WANTED DRAGON HUNTER!!!!!

Dragons have been spotted we need a dragon hunter to hunt them down if you want to live the rest of your life being a millionare then apply now we need your help please visit us within 4 days did we mention we will buy you a mansion and give you 200000 pounds and an imensce cake.






The Frost Dragon

Like most frost dragons they have cold white scales and a frost breath that could put out a super volcano. They have been spotted in the southern hemisphere. The main feature of these amazing creatures, are there distinctive black spots on there belly. They are peculiar spots so you can not miss them! There are numerous types of dragons but these are my favourite! Thats all from me, back to you Patricia!