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Jessica’s hair curved like angry waves across her forhead. A tornado of confusion was spreading up her body,her eyes clenched . Her fingers wrapped around her hand gently. Jessica carried on , still hanging on to that very memory.


The old lady was drinking hot chocolate by the fire place and her name was called kitty.

Her grandson Kate barged through the door and said “sorry i’m late”




Jack stood silently staring at me like a hawk our were strained not knowing what to do ran away and shut myself in my room and no one ever saw me again and no one ever knew happened to me.


Pennywise got up in his base that was so dusty and bloody he slipped on all of the blood and zombie and vampire bones.

The moon watched him like a giant eyeball waiting for the gore.

A little boy came by and it was pennywises time to shine…


blood bunny

Olivia glanced at the painting on the wall scared at wits end she ran away but in front of her was a blood stained no wait blood oozing pearl white  bunny very scared Olivia sprinted back home ran to her room and bounced on her bed phewwww

story opener

A deafening scream that chilled every listener to the bone was heard. He was an inch away from death as a bullet shot past his ear….. his friend dropped to the floor….dead……



Bob opened the front door and jumped outside.

As soon as he got outside a man run straight past him.

He was running to the car and the car door just randomly opened.