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What Is Hot? by Lexiann

What Is Hot? by Lexiann

What are loud? A Siberian tiger’s loud ROAR , the XF-84H plane’s jet in the sky and the cheers at a basketball game.

What is quiet? A mouse running from a black cat in a haunted house, a colourful Puffer fish jumping in the Atlantic Ocean and my thoughts.

What is hot?  Scorching flames burning the only trees of Africa , the Semeru volcano erupting with blistering lava pouring down and an angry thought.

What is cold? A snowman’s white frosty heart, a friend who isn’t talking and chocolate chip ice-cream on your teeth.

What are empty? A enemy’s soul, my feelings and a classroom at the weekend.

What are full? A packed classroom, a packed beans in a tin and my bedroom full of clothes.



What are soft/hard, cold/hot, heavy/light, small/large by Imogen

What are soft/hard, cold/hot, heavy/light, small/large by Imogen


What are ?


What are soft?      An adorable baby Mini Lop, a family of meerkats and a kind heart.

What are hard?      An armadillo’s scales, Al Sylvester’s expedition to Antarctica and a rubbish start.


What are cold?      The top of Mount Everest, an angry friend and Gordon Ramsey’s freezer,

What are hot?      The mouth of Kilauea Volcano, in Hawaii, Alain Ducasse’s oven and the sun.


What are heavy?      Emma’s heavy heart, bad news and an Indian Elephants foot,

What are light?      Good news, a buzzard’s feather and Dylan’s head after having laughing gas.


What are small?      A bumble-bee’s wing, drifting memories and a 1p profit.

What are large?      Windsor palace, a fixed-wing airplane and a 7ft giraffe.




Question poem Jasmine

What are heavy? A box full of gigantic picture frames, an ancient oak tree and a flat screen television.

What are light? a grey bird is feather, happy thoughts and a winning horse’s rosettes.

What are empty? A persons death, a filled heart with sad thoughts and being heartbroken.

What are full? A water bottle, happy thoughts and children’s laughter.

What are fragile? A glass coffee table my friends and my precious family.

what are in breakable? Love, a tiny baby, China cups.

Question poem

What are hot? Ghost pepper burning like a fire breathing dragon down your throat.
what are cold? A ice cream making your brain go cold like snow .

what are heavy? The earth spinning on my finger like a basketball.

what are light? Plates and cups and bowls .

What are loud? A baby crying and screaming for food and a drink. What are silent? A baby chipmunk silently sleeping.


Black heart by Kaela-Jayne

What are sad? A girls scream, silent tear and a girls disappointment.

What are happy? A girls laughter, animals and joy.

What are small? A sad soul, tear falling and a scream.

What are big? A black heart, deep soul and a girls fear.

What are hot? The sun, a fire ball and the oven.

What are cold? Pluto as a dwarf planet, sadness and a turned shoulder.

A Blanket That Brings Back Good Memories by Lexi

What are loud? The alarm going off when we have a fire drill at school and the sound of a glass bottle smashing into a million pieces onto the hard floor.

What is quiet?A silent forest and a blossom falling down from a blossom tree.


What is full? An eye when you are trying to hold back tears, a head full of worries and a packed football stadium.

What are empty? A lost thought and this line.

What is soft? A blanket that brings back good memories and the fur on a fluffy cat.

What is hard? The loss of my Nan Mo and letting out your worries.

What are deep? A stormy ocean, a worry that has not been told and the truth.

What are shallow? A lie and a fake friendship.



What are…. by Mia S

What are large? An Indian elephant’s  trunk reaching out, a  tiger jumping out at its prey and schools full of millions of children,

What are small? Jerry the mouse having a bath in its little house, a baby’s cry from when it’s lost it’s dummy and a spider looking for it’s lost baby.

What are loud? An Indian elephant trumpeting because it saw Jerry the mouse, a tiger’s growl when it’s ready for a fight and an evil witch with an evil cackle,

What are quiet? The wind swaying a piece of paper forwards and backwards by the window, a bird twittering a song somewhere around  the trees and baby guinea – pigs nibbling on some yummy food.

What are cold? The fresh water from the running tap, the hearts that are being broken and the atmosphere on a stormy night,

What are hot? The fire pit roasting marshmallows, a chilli pepper and the reflection of the Sun your eyes and the sun shining upon a a beach in Wales whilst you’re relaxing on the sand.



What are….. by Mia-Grace

What are happy ? Children playing in a park , a 4 week old puppy being adopted and a kitten playing its toys,

What are sad? A broken heart , a unpredicted wish and a single pebble.

What is soft ? A baby meerkat ,a brand new mattress and the cold wet snow ,

What are hard ? Looking after my sisters when they are being naughty, when I’m trying to catch my dog after when she has ran out of the house and when I’m trying to do my maths.

What are smooth ? Tiles of a roof , a road  being fixed and tiger’s fur ,

What are rough ? Jagged edges of paper , plastic chairs and a really old walls.

What are Memorable? By Matteo

What are easily lost? A  shimmering, silver set of keys on a cream coloured couch and a box of creamy, crumbling chocolates on the cracked coffee table.

What are found easily? A crystal crown from the Prince’s palace found by the royal servants and a crammed crack in the corner of the crumbling wall.

What are cruel? A wretched, wronged witch’s chilling cackle across the midnight sky and a turned solemn shoulder.

What are kind? A patient teacher, waiting for the student to join the class and a shining smile from across the sun-streaked street.

What are forgettable? A draining daily shop at the local Morrison’s and a slippery school day at Marlfields.

What are memorable? A family day trip to Alton Towers on a summer’s day and a childhood cat that passed away.


a demons heart

What are short? A cow’s life, a mouse’s nose and a pens tip. What are long? a storms light, a whale’s heart and sands warmth.

What are empty? a demon’s heart, a piece of paper unused and a sad mind. What are full? A bins mouth, a childes fun and an anemones full of clown fish. What are cruel? a brutal message, chimney’s smoke and a bird’s croak.

What are easily lost? a ring from a wedding of your mum, a hurt feeling and ice on a summer day.