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the magical, mysterious doors

Chapter-3 Through the magical door

It was a long run, due to the fact of him not from this place but after 4 minuets of running Harrington entered and ended up in a line. He was second in line when he got to the desk he had to give his passport and was given a room and there was a bed, living room, kitchen, bathroom, a garden and a balcony. Just when he was settling in he heard a voice call to him ”come back” was the words he had heard.

The Arcane Emporium chapter 3 by Aum

Chapter 3: the sub-realm

He ascended from the depths of the void and raised back to the heights. He reached a place called ‘the ride to atoll.’ In front of him was a diamond, shiny motorboat. After the ride he reached paradise atoll, a place where there are many places to explore, the towers here are meant to be a deserved break for those who either somehow managed to come to this place from zone 1: sea or those who beat the nil difficulty citadel of void, either way you came here, you still deserve a break. Sam met a couple individuals who managed to get here, and had a good talk with them, they talked a lot about their journey in the spatial system. After passing many easy obstacles that were like cakewalks and lots of chilling, he finally beat all the 19 towers that the paradise had to offer, he went on the boat ride back to the emporium, going through many hours that crept by like years. After a long wait, he came back. He met the owner again and after lengthy talks and whatever they talked about, Sam came back to home in time and thought about everything that happened, he even had a dream about it and knew he would come back.

The secret emporium

There are some mysterious places where no person ever dared to go. The secret emporium was like that. Even though at winter the lights on the window sill would sparkle and flicker. Even though the wooden toys sitting silently on the window would attract you to come in. Even though, you could smell baked cake or the drifting fragrance of sweet popcorn . Even though, you hear the sound of the wheels on the toy train. Even though, the shelfs were lined up with treasures and sweets of all kinds. But no human ever entered the emporium. Many people said it was dangerous to enter the emporium. No one ever entered but except one girl who’s about to enter…

*Chapter 1*
Lia was a young girl about the age of 13, she lived in a small cottage near the sea. One day, Lia was coming home after school but then she saw a glimmer on the emporium’s window. She reminded herself that she was built with courage and that she should go inside. She opened the massive doors and stepped in. It was very dark and before she knew it the lights automatically turned on. She stood in awe while sweets would send their aroma to her. Lia started to munch on some candy but then her eyes got fixed on a glamourous book filled with gems on its cover. She got closer to it until she heard someone say “I see you’ve found my book of marvels’’. She saw a tall, ancient man whose eyes shone like diamonds. On his shoulder a hazel squirrel from the wild sat. It shook its head at her disapprovingly.

*Chapter 2*
Lia gasped in shock when she saw the man and got very afraid. ‘’you are welcome here but do not touch the book’’ the man hissed, Lia nodded. Before she could say anything she looked at the man’s face, it looked very crooked and he had an old cane.  ‘’I am going now let my squirrel guide you around”. Lia waved goodbye to the man and then look at the book she opened it and she saw pages full of wonders. She began drawing a field in the summer with a swing. Then she had to go for the tour she closed the book and went. She stepped into a room and it was looked like the drawing she drew in the book..

The undiscovered Emporium

 The Undiscovered Emporium

There are places barely anyone visits, it’s just like the Emporium, but a great place…

Chapter one-The entrance

Once, and just once, a girl named Ophelia saw a poster fly by, and quickly caught it! She read it and what it announced had muddled up her brain to mystery. “The undiscovered Emporium has now been discovered, but we need to find its unknown location and its mystique key.”

She couldn’t believe it herself as so she thought it was actually true, although other people thought it was just a random bluff. She had a recap in her mind, her mother had told her this Emporium is a place nobody should enter, not even worlds bravest people, its undiscovered so it shall stay shut.

Ophelia didn’t want to listen to her mother’s words, so to find out the Emporium, she must keep it a secret.

She was a happy, and healthy girl who lived in a tiny cottage with her mum, although her dad was gone, completely gone.

The next day, she went for a walk and suddenly spotted a sign carving out ‘Fairy town’. She was curious about it and carried on and stayed cautious. To be honest, it wasn’t that scary, it was like taking a stroll by a peaceful town. Ahead, I suddenly saw people with wings! Reminds me of fairy’s! She bolted as fast as she could and suddenly bumps into a brick wall. She rubs her head in pain and turns but suddenly spots an open door.

She was super afraid to walk in, but she did and it was the Emporium…It was like a dream! Its like different realms in one. A beach, jungle, forest, island, and there was a shelf in each realms saying what’s for sale, but in the middle of all realms, there was a leather book laying down. Ophelia was eager to see what was inside the book.

Chapter two-The owner

Just before she opened the book a old man came from the darkness and approached her. “ My name is Richard Ambersteel, “ with a stuck throat “ I see you’ve come to my Emporium, everything on the shelves are for sale, not the book,” He advertised. ”Who are you? Ophelia asked frightenedly, “and what are you doing here?” she was as petrified as a hiding squirrel. She realized something unusual, Ophelia stared at him, his face was wrinkles with pimples, his hair was a explosion of bird feathers, his clothing was regular but dusty, and she saw a badge “OWNER” . Then she pretty much know who he is now, but Ophelia was still pretty surprised.

He looked around and then looked at her, then suddenly disappeared like a magicians rabbit. She noticed she was alone, holding my breath, but still remained in the same area. Staring at the book, Ophelia just opened it without warning. She was confused, completely confused. It was just a regular picture book with a picture pf a parrot, but no words.

The parrot turned in the book and Ophelia was screaming wild like a lions roar then shut herself. She looked back at the book then saw a sudden grey parrot flapping its wings above the book. The parrot said “this way,” and Ophelia followed it. She was lead to a closed book with pen beside it.

“Open it, pick you page, and start the art,” and she opened it. She picked the beach and drew a man walking with their dog. Tropical trees growing mangos, a pile of seashells and a giant sandcastle. “Now look.” And my drawings were reality. She was enthusiastic to draw more. She turned to the forest , drew a tiny path leading to a tiny cottage, and ran to the cottage like meeting her home again .


The Frosty Emporium

*Chapter 2 – inside of the emporium

As they walked closer to the door, you could hear a noise…. but it was an unusual noise….it was a mix of a screaming pig and a cat that is terrified of a dog. They boys where even more scared now, but the gate already closed behind them. They were at the door and beside it had wooden planks that say “GO AWAY” and “LEAVE NOW”  but they went in anyway. The first thing they saw was another door with a keypad needing a passcode but luckily they can do as many try’s as they want. The first code they tried was 9473 but that didn’t work but they weren’t surprised because it was just a random 4 number code that they thought of. Next they tried 0000 because they thought it would have been that hard of a passcode but that didn’t work either. After that they thought that 3rd time is the charm so they tried 1234 and surprisingly it acutely worked. So they were inside the emporium and they first thing that they saw was a massive pot it looked like a witches pot so they were extra scared now.


As they went past the massive pot they saw a kitchen it looked pretty innocent and decent, so they decided to investigate the kitchen. The first thing that they did was open the draws and it was pretty normal so far, there was just stuff like spoons, forks and knifes basically some stuff that you would normally find in a normal persons kitchen. Then they decided to look inside of the cupboard and it was alright… I guess. There was frog stew, turtle stew, an rotten apple  so they just closed the cupboard straight away. Then since there was nothing else in the kitchen they went upstairs. The first thing that they saw was a sign that says “ My Room” so they knew straight away it was the witches room.

the Mystery Emporium: Chapter 2… By Sahib

‘’UGH, I HATE MY LIFE’’ moaned Jack kicking the stern wall. Eventually Jack started wandering hoping to find his way to glory and freedom! Jack was already creeped and he eventually stumbled upon a skeleton but at the same time he kind of expected something really creepy from a place like this. Later Jack found some food which was good news for him because he was starving and later he notice that some time he’d get bad luck and some times he’d get bad luck. Using his iniative, Jack plotted a plan. His plan was to wonder till he found some good luck and camp out there and keep on getting the good stuff as the good luck would keep on respawning. But after he tried out his plan he never got any good luck or bad luck which was strange. Then it occurred to him this place is magical. He also remembered that his Mum would say no one has ever come out of that horrid nightmare. Now he regretted not listening.

Jack muttered to himself ‘’I wish someone was here’’ As soon as he said that the ground RUMBLED… And something appeared it was holding a golden object but it was alive…! The gold was as bright as he su- ‘’BCACK BCACK’’ Jack got interrupted in his thoughts. But when hi eyes adjusted to the light… he… saw …a… DEMON. His jaw dropped and his eyes popped out. He wasn’t ready to die but he had to. But to his surprise the demon didn’t kill him he said something but in a quite voice and he muttered solve my question and you can have the chicken answer it wrong and you die ignore and I shall release my dragon. Hs question was 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9 Jack was a  mathpetion and he answered the correct answer which is 362,880 Now he had a golden chicken maybe something that he could sell when he got home.

Jack was exited about making 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, (Pounds, dollars etc!) Right now though he had to get out of this place. Sadly he was trapped and there was no way to get out of this place….

The Secret Emporium

The Secret Emporium Prologue

Have you ever heard of a story where there is a door and you are not supposed to go in it and then someone goes in the room and then something bad or good happens, Well If you did the Secret Emporium was a bit like that but a bit more interesting you will never know what will happen to the little girl who went through The Emporium…


The Emporium was never very color full, well not if its Christmas! On December the 1st, An old man will secretly but on the lights in the window which looked new but never was, the lights was used over and over again, that kept happening for 8 years and still is. The old man isn’t very wealthy he will re-use everything until it turns into dust, that’s why he uses the Christmas lights for almost 14 years and he will never put anything he owns outside in to the word. The place he lived in was called an Emporium, well that’s the name people of the villagers call it, nobody has never stepped a foot in the Emporium, until a girl called Lizzy Chamber did something that nobody has ever dared to do. Yes you guessed it she went in the Emporium.


Chapter 1 – Through the door

Lizzy has always wanted to do the biggest dare in the village, since she turned 14 she was old enough to go with her friend’s houses go to sleepovers so Lizzy was allowed to go anywhere by herself. That’s when she went inside the unknown house she sneaked in the house at 11am she told her mum that she Is going to a sleepover. But actually, he is going to go to the emporium, when she got the door was open for some reason. It was really weird at first but when she took the first step in the house she was shocked the Emporium was spotless! Inside the house was so interesting and old fashioned she loved everything about this cottage she wanted to touch a lot of things, but she felt bad because she broke in to someone’s house but when she found a staircase leading up to the attic. When she got up to the attic she found a book, a book that cached her eye…


The Secret Emporium CHAPTER  2

Lizzy carefully kneeled down on her knees blew all the dust of the front cover and when she was about to open the book she saw a silhouette of a man.


Chapter 2 The secret Emporium

“Oi Who are why are you here young lady?!” Shouted the man who lives here, “-I am L-Lizzy sir,” Lizzy was terrified. The old man sat down on the chair and smiled. “what made you to visit here Lizzy?” Lizzy gulped and said “ sorry sir I was wondering why no one came I was very curious so I saw your front door was wide open and decided to go I even closed the door for you” replied Lizzy with one deep breath. The old man smiled and said “ Thank you Lizzy and my name is Mr. Granger I never had visitors before!” Lizzy smiled and Asked Mr. Granger what the attic is he said that it was his old shop and he let Lizzy look around but he said loudly “WHAT EVER YOU DO NOT LOOK OR TOUCH MY BOOK” Lizzy wondered why she couldn’t look in the book what is in the book that she couldn’t see. Once Mr. Granger left the room to go back to his bakery Lizzy found a real-life owl with treats beside it she took some treats and fed it to the owl when she fed the 2nd last treat she heard Mr. Granger’s footsteps Lizzy quickly took 5 steps back and fiddled with the last treat. Mr. Granger looked at the Owl and said “ah I see you fed my owl” Lizzy nodded “thank you Lizzy I was going to tell you that I am going to the market I need you to look after the Emporium.” Lizzy nodded. When the Mr. Granger left she opened the book some Drawings she took out a pe and drew a picture when she finished she heard the owl say follow me so lizzy stood up and followed the owl when the owl stopped it looked like the owl wanted to open the door so lizzy opened the door and found her drawing inside the room

Through the Door

End of chapter 1


When the owner goes somewhere he locks it with a very strong lock so people think it is  a normal shop that has been closed by a person that lives in a village .


Chapter two – warned not to touch the book


The noise of silent wind came rushing and it was night time and the mysterious book that was inside an unusual place took no sign and it was shining as if there was a real diamond being put in there and the book flicked page after page as it took into a page make you disappear and nobody goes in that room unless the owner of that book. But  nobody touches it if they do they get vanished somewhere you don’t go or live and one day. It was a sunny day where the sun rose and the special room was locked and the key was with the owner which knew about that and that room was in the middle of the forest where nobody can get to it.


There was a sudden noise and everything got quiet and the noise got toward the special door and when the owner heard he ran like a flash to get to the room and when he opened it with his special keys he found out that the book has been stolen he tried to look everywhere for it. But he didn’t find  it and he had a chance to find it in the forest then suddenly he had found the book. That he was finding the book of him and there was an important message in there so the owner didn’t show anyone his message that he had been hiding for two years in his secret room filled with lots of other books he had been hiding too.


A man with a hat came to the owners house that was hidden in the forest but the owner didn’t know who it was and the book had the owners name in it and he knew what to say when a person comes and visit him he says ‘Hi this is me and I live here  because I don’t like living in cities’ and the man went away. The owner was opening the book but then a banging sound came from the room and he heard so he ran until he got there. Then he opened the book for his name and his name was sharp and he finally found his name and he danced across the room and then he thought  I should tell about the book that I have been hiding from everyone.


The thing I have been hiding from and I had a promise that when I found my name from the book I will tell everyone about my life and I can’t break that promise and I will tell them and suddenly I saw someone coming through the forest and then it was someone strange and then it was a man and his name was Luciano and I did know that person because I met him two years ago and this is the first time meeting him and he was not the  same one when I saw him years ago.  I felt suspicious who it was and it was a robber that was just dressed as Luciano and he was trying to steal the book. That I found my name from and I knew what to do and I went to my room and got the idea what to do so I went up and got a paper out and drawn a circle that was filled with ideas what to do and the robber didn’t know that I knew he was a robber so he sat down and he looked around to see what gold thing was in then and then I realized that I had no gold thing in the house so I went to the robber.


Then I saw a bird that was calling me and I went to it when and he said to me that follow me and I didn’t know that a bird can talk then I realized that the bird was magical and I went with him and when he showed me a door that was the same door that I used to put my book in and there was a picture of a big business man and then I knew that I have forgotten about the robber that was in there in the house. Then  I was nearly going until the bird stopped me stands in front of me and says that don’t go but I did want to go  Then I suddenly heard a thumping sound and that was the person that was drawn in the door and the bird turned me into a bird to so that the man thinks that it is the helper for his bird and we ran out because they were next to the door that he lives in and we ran until we found a safe place to live in.


They went in the safe place and we stayed there for two days and we went back to the normal place I lived in. Then the day came where I went away from there and into my home where I lived and when I went there everything was normal and the book was where it should be and the special room keys was with me. There was nothing odd about it and then there was the forest that I used to be in the rain and the cold wind blowing the trees with made a whooshing sound and everything was the right way when I went with the bird and the same silent place I heard.




Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed

Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed


Still unspecified, the man was dressed in the finest obsidian-black tuxedo and chinos with an indescribable color nobody has ever seen  in the eternity of all life.  “Who are you?” Jimmy questioned, gazing around the place again as if trying to show him that he only just came in. 

“My name is Mr. Antony Coleman,”  exclaimed the man, staring at him, surprisingly changing his mood into a proud and excited smile, waiting to amaze him with more than just a name…

“This is my wonderful emporium of my mystical imagination!”  he proudly stated . Still confused about why he wasn’t in trouble, Jimmy just nodded, slowly. 

Mr. Antony announced, “That leather book over there is the  phenomenal Book Of Imagination. You are free to look, sense, smell and touch everything around here, but whatever you do, don’t even think about touching the book.”


Out of thin air, Mr. Antony Coleman vanished, and Jimmy was left in awe, alone in the room with just him and that tempting book. Amazingly, he felt like the book was whispering to him to come and turn the pages, almost forcing him too. Jimmy realized that the man would never be able to find out about it if he put it away when he came… Right? It wouldn’t hurt just for a minute. He flipped a few pages and was presented with unbelievable places that he had never seen before, so he just could not believe what was in front of his eyes. After that, he decided to walk towards the gold entwined, velvet curtains and Jimmy peered through them. Through the curtains, a hundred different doors were waiting, impatiently, to be opened and his imaginative mind wondered what lay beyond…


Turning back, he saw an immaculate, golden pen that of which, he had held in her bare hands. Jimmy had never held this much power in his hands before. Without any second thoughts, for some reason, brandished it high as if it were a sword and then brought it back down as the pitch black ink brushed against the paper. Jimmy loved everything about enchanted forests and thought that just maybe, once in his whole life he would be able to visit one, and so he drew exactly that. 


Out of nowhere, a tawny owl appeared through the curtains and called him through to the many unknown doors. Extraordinarily, the owl looked as if it was painted and mixed with a fire orange and a dull yellow to create a beautiful fade with the color of a setting sun. To top it off, around its slim neck, was an intricately designed wooden necklace with an emerald of pure vivid green that shimmered in the light which came from, supposedly, Mr. Antony’s pure imagination. It tapped its beak on an acacia wood door and Jimmy knew precisely what that meant: This was the door to the place he drew into the pages of the leather book, An enchanted forest. With glee, he bolted towards that door and rushed to turn the knob. Nothing had seemed to happen at first, but then, out of nowhere, it started sucking him through a portal and into a tunnel to another dimension. Slowly but surely, he could see the end of the tunnel and at the end was… a tree… more trees… a forest! This wasn’t no ordinary forest, though, for this was an enchanted forest with azure crystals and giant-sized mushrooms and more to come. Suddenly, he came to a halt and he was lying on the lushest grass Jimmy had ever seen.  Cautiously, he stood up, regaining his balance,  and then rushed towards the glass-like river and dived into the unknown beyond.  Presented before him, was an underwater ravine bursting with life of any sort, such as apparently the best fruit such as ‘Cartonean grapefruit’ and when his teeth sank into it, he was mesmerized, because his taste buds exploded with pure delight.  At that moment in time, Jimmy felt as if this was just a really deceiving lucid dream, but as the water touched his skin he knew that they were drops of pure imagination, and in the Mystical Emporium, all imagination is transformed into real-life memories. 

The Viscous Emporium

“I think I just saw you find my book of heroes, “said the deep voice near him. Bobby was shocked, shut the book and looked up at the creator. He was an young man had eyes shaped like a diamond and had a shiny head. On his shoulder perched a small owl. It jumped , weirdly. 
Chapter 2 – A warning 
” If you don’t know my name is Michael Gold, “he said, looking at Bobby weirdly until she went from one step to another step, oddly. “This my area of selling. Do you like it or not?  
“Bobby just was silent full of silence  and said yes. “Here is my book of Heroes. You can do anything but DO NOT TRY TO TOUCH THE BOOK! 
10 minutes after, Mr. Michael Gold had just vanished like a lighting with a swirl of his short, brown, over coat, behind a window and bobby was with herself. She has just recognized that she hasn’t been breathing. She had meant looking around the shop but there was some mysterious the book… She wanted  to look at what was hidden away from her the book had secret  pages. She looked around the windo and saw a 200 meter corridor  that had aleast 2 doors. She thought what does it lead to? 
Turning around, she did the world’s most worst choice She just opened the book. Every single page had different subjects. There were notes about what happens to this ship or city and cities  that looked like heaven a beach that had the coast of heaven there were pictures that  were very hard to imagine and had the best food. 
Bobby  had a 1880 pen from old times and she made pictures of sand and the ocean  and draw the best drawing in the whole world and the owl from before. 
“This direction, ” exclaimed the owl.  
Bobby shut the book and followed the owl. It went down the corridor until it was a mysterious suspicious door and stood on the floor and had weird paintings on the door. Bobby has just opened the door and entered very brave of her. 
She walked in, not in to your average room, but a beach into a room. Sunlight came and it was vivid outside and she listened to the wind. It was silent full silence. A path made bobby frightened it was towards a closet. She walked it looked the exact same in the book of marvels the thing what she draw was a closet she entered and runned down the path…..