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The escape…

Alice needed to get out. fast. The guards were closing in on her and she needed to speak to her brother Bob. As she sprinted down the narrow corridors her mind whirled and she quickly realised there would be no time to do everything. Suddenly she caught a glimse of more guards around the corner so she sprinted the other way. To come face to face with the guards….

The wolds fastest pig

The wolds fastest pig was just a normal pig at first but he gained power and bacame the wolds fastest pig let me take you back to the begining  Jeremy the pigs owner was 10 years old and said “ow he’s so cute.”


In the sky, lightning clouds ran along the stone cold sky and the Magic Mushrooms scattered around the forest.One day,  a human came and picked a mushroom up and they began to grow…

The happy snow

In the sky, the silky smooth snow scattered across the sky, the snow sleeping after landing on the soft ground. Kids ran on the snow and threw the snow (which made the snow happy) and after hours the kids got called in for dinner.

Dark magic

Lightning cracked its claws around the world, draining all the joy from life. In the flash Petrova thought she saw two figures sheltering under a bush. The cloaked figures drew closer with every stride. Petrova could see the smirk of evil ,to be carried to the grave, on their faces. She had never really believed in dark magic before this…

Summer Haiku

The warm Summer breeze
Burning against your skin
While rummaging for your sun cream.

The click and clacks of ice
In the cup of cool lemonade
Waiting to be drunk.

The smash of waves
Consuming the beach
As it slowly rises up.

The geese flying in from Canada
Bathing in the warm sunlight
As they fly to their spot

The rummage for your goggles
As you and your best friend
Dive into the ice cold sea.