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Vegetarian Viking

Have you ever heard of a vegetarian Viking? Well, I have. Once there lived a little girl called Tiddlywinks who absolutely adored her mother pig stew but one day the tables had turned. This was no ordinary day, this was the day that she realises animals did not get enough respect so she had to change this, it all started at the age of 15.


The rusty attic creeking the boy named joe is in the attic hiding from his mum he scared your probably wondering why we’ll he get a f in his exam then his mum called his auntie because his auntie is so strict she came in less then 3 seconds she tiptoed up stairs joe didn’t know she grabbed joey he was prettified she was really angry at joe she got down stairs and made him sit down she said explain yourself said mum angrily she was so mad joe explained.


The mysterious room

The old nursery room had red stains on the wall and knives on the wall the door crept open and a voice said”GET OUT” the room went pitch black and a noise said la la lalalal I screamed in fear the attic floor was clean but the roof was dripping blood…

The haunted night…..

Lucas and his friend’s backed up when they saw a HUMONGOUS dragon the size of London.Moments later zombies raised from the ground ugly eyes, weak bones, brainless stupid.out of no where they hear many loud footsteps and those footsteps are skeletons but something unusual happpens they don’t attack they instead start singing spooky scary skeletons

The mystery of the screaming boy

Kyle scurried into the attic. He screamed with terror,”What’s that in the corner” he cried with a jump of fear. “Mum” he screeched but there was no answer, he sprinted and found that his mum had fainted. Kyle was stumbled on what to do. He decided he was going to call 999/ambulance but there was no answer. He felt like the whole world had gone of the grid…

The dark room

The dark mysterious empty room and a spooky  girl appeared out of nowhere and she walk into the room waiting for something to appear .She stoped like a wolf waiting for it’s pray.