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The dragon have been extinct but some people have seen dragons a lot and they blow peoples houses down and kill people to bones and dust and they also go to the dragons cave but the dragon is always there and waiting for them to come and blows them away 

The debate for dragons hunting!

We have been debating weather or not we should keep the Shadow Dragons in Russia. They have harmed not as important people as they could be and that is what we will be debating about.

We think we should keep the Shadow Dragons since they have injured the less important people.

We should not agree for keeping the Shadow Dragons because they still have harmed some people. It doesn’t matter that they are less important the people that they harmed.

Now this is your debate we will inform you about more information tomorrow. Bye!

Debate about the Cloud Dragon

Welcome to the 6pm programme about the dilemma with the cloud dragon. It has been witnessed transforming bus stops and lamp posts into balls of thick cloud being impossible to use. Many people think that it should be hunted down since it has been spotted feeding of some grown vegetables and local animals such as: pigs, cows and even lamb.

On the other hand, they suck up all the extra clouds to make it sunny and not a single speck of cloud. Ever since it came the weather has been nicer than ever what will the government chose find out more at clouddragon.co.uk

Thank you for listening.

Dragon Hunter

Are you looking for an exciting job but still well reward? Well this is the place for you. We have an adventure if a life time to seek the mysterious creatures, dragons! You will be able to experience free trip all around the world just for this job. We WILL provide you with free meals for the rest of your life and have fame and fortune if successful. £1000 pounds per hour so you better come with empty pockets since they will be pack to the brim. They are dragons escaping right now to become the best of the best of dragon hunters.

If you are successful we will reward you with

  • The rarest, rainbow phoenix’s feather.
  • A genie with endless wishes.
  • £1,000,000 worth goblin coin.

Thank you for understanding.

Wanted dragon hunter

We want a trust worthy dragon hunter so we can sleep with out fear.you will need torches, a bag, batteries, a gun and a axe if you want this you will have to stay up till the next morning from 5:00 till the sun risers you might get kill but it is worth it you will get 1,000 pounds every day if you want this job call 989 1842 please call!

The winter dragon

Good morning everyone my name is Louis and my assistant Jake. Today we have bad news and good news.so let’s start with the bad news, suddenly a winter dragon transformed into snow and whoever touches the snow they die. Now the good news’s is that ,the winter dragons body was caught before the transformation and only its head is left.if you find the winter dragon transform try to catch it and don’t be scared cause it can only kill when it’s transformed into snow. Thank you for listening and see ya later.


WANTED dragon hunter

Wanted dragon hunter

If you want a secure palace protected by specialy trained guards with electric staffs and etc then look no further.If you catch a golden dragon with red fire then bring it to our village.when you do you will be awarded with breakfast for the rest of your life a lifespan of gold just for you and songs about you that We will sing for years.But if you don’t enter for this job you will be disappointed.

Dragon Advert

We are happy to announce that we have a free space in are dragon army if you catch one it might change your lifetime but first you have to sign up only then you can contact wecatchdragons.com and then we will give you further info if you got into the army! Remember that we have all the equipment you shall need and don’t forget be careful searchers!

fire dragon

In the darkness, the fire dragon swooped over the hills the shadow the wings and the tail was as wide as an aeroplane and as tall as a double decker bus.It breathes out fire balls and fire flames ,BUT THEN there was a problem in the distance there was a water dragon the fire dragon said “oh no” but the water dragon said “ohhhhhhhhhh yes!” As soon as the water dragon was gonna squirt the fire dragon with water another dragon came it was as big as anything you could see a chain hanging from its neck and one eye and red drewled out of its mouth the water dragon and the fire dragon both exclaimed “oh no.” It was a lava dragon it threw lava out of its mouth and the water and fire dragon flew away in the same direction and was never seen again.

The night dragon

The night dragon is a silent murderer that has made a lot of people disappear if you want to track one DONT because the dragon will see you and bite you to make you disappear.