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I have NEVER outran a cheetah

I have never captured a man-eating lizard coloured green,slithering through the Savannah, but I have captured an alligator in a lake with gooey, green grunge as sticky as the most disgusting thing you have ever smelt,touched or seen.

I have never outran a cheetah in roller skates with fire rockets sticky taped to it’s back making loud whooshing noises louder than the loudest thing you have ever heard,but I have beaten a lot of  Year 5 children in a running race sprinting on the school field along a running track.

I have never ridden a brown horse with white shapes covering it’s long, arched and flexible body,but I have seen horse rider’s ride all different horses with personalities as wild as a thorn bush in the middle of a forest in the country side.

I have never swam with a vicious shark, witch had spiky, long teeth looking like monsters claws digging into a pregnant woman’s stomach, but I have gone snorkelling with turtles in the deep, blue and wavy sea which looks like a sea away in Turkey, not in England or The United States.

I have never personally seen all of the sea animals in this planet, but I have seen some farm animals when I was younger on a farm in Northampton.

I have never stroked a squirrel that is really cute looking and is extremely wild, it was also defiant,but I have captured one cheeky, little rabbit sitting in the long wavy grass hunting for carrots or it’s prey.

I have never been hurt by a staffy, but I have been attacked by an Alsatian biting my calf viciously through a brown, wooden fence.

I have never spoken to or seen an alien  from a different planet, but I have  met an octopus because I have been to the beach and I was shocked when I found one, but it was not a very exiting colour as it was clear!

I have never touched a bird’s coloured velvet feathers,but I have seen a cake labelled red velvet-it was delicious.

How to train your 3 headed dog



Have you just been given a 3 headed dog to look after for your friend? Do you need some top tips? Fear not we will help you. Read on further so we can help you look after your magical friend… you will learn how to train them what to feed them and so much more.

What you need: you will need quite a lot of food and water for them, some toys for them to play with, a comfortable place for them to sleep and all the other things a dog would need like (poo bags, dog lead, collar and treats, this may need to be extra-large).

What to do:

First, make sure you have a big space for all the dog’s blankets and pillows and things like that to keep it warm during the day and night.

Next, have an enclosed space where your dog can be happy and safe so it can’t get in danger if people hurt him when they came around to your owner’s house.

Then, talk to your 3 headed dog so they get used to who you are and start to recognise you instead of thinking you are a stranger.

Also, daily you need to give it clean water and more food so they will be fresh for it to stay healthy and not get ill.

After that, exercise your dog by taking it for walks around the block so it doesn’t get overweight and fat.

Later on, make time to play fetch and other games with it so it doesn’t get bored when it is inside the house with nothing to do by itself.

Finally, sing your pet at night so it can go to sleep easily and want make you stay awake all night and the dog want bark.

How to look after a a unicorn by Freddie

How to look after a baby unicorn by Freddie


Firstly, make a secure, safe, southing shelter with all the supplies listed for a unicorn:1 pint of unidust, 7 kg of grass for one week and warm cosy furniture.

Secondly, make sure it is 10m tall and 100m wide so it has space.

Next take it for daily walks and if you want let it run around in a silent field.

Later on you may let the unicorn watch a full Harry Potter film and then let it sleep.

Unicorns make wonderful pets but eventually when they turn 5 years old you will have to let them free but if you treat them how you would want to be treated they will come back and visit every few weeks.

How to look after a baby unicorn…

How to look after a baby unicorn!

If you are in my problem this is what you need to do

Firstly you need to take the unicorn to your home.

Once it is home you need to wrap it warm.

Then you need to feed it in case it has not been fed in a while.

After you have done all that you need to make a bed for it.

Now, if you have enough money go buy him/her some treats.

Have a lovely time

Now play with you unicorn!

How to look after an ice dragon?


Firstly, you would need to make a small but spacious enclosure (please make sure that the enclosure is very cold so you ice dragon does not burn). Make sure it is big enough for it to move, sleep and play.


Secondly, make sure the enclosure is strong enough to handle the kicks of this beloved creature because ice dragons are very mischievous and cheeky. Make sure the enclosure is full of ice, toys and food if not your dragon would starve (remember to keep topping up the food, which is frozen fish).


Thirdly, remember to take your ice dragon for two walks per day (only take it for walks when it is winter or very cold, at least -10 degrees). Make sure to play with your dragon for at least 2 hours every day.


Then, train your dragon to allow you to fly on its back and not to attack any other living creatures such as: humans, bears, lions and all other species. Also show them that now one will harm them and not to be scared.



Next, play your ice dragon music to remind it of its family. If you are lucky your dragon could dance allow you to dance with it (if it does you will have to dance with it if not it will freeze everything in its sight).


Finally, make sure it loves you  if not there will not be a proper bond between you and your pet dragon and it might leave you forever and create a massive ice burg that traps you on the spot. If you take care your dragon, it will love you and never ever leave you.


How to look after your unicorn.

First make sure you have a safe environment or a safe place for your unicorn to sleep.

Next make sure you have a comfortable area like blankets, hay, straw and fluffy pillows.

Then make sure you take care of the unicorn like wash it every 3 days and when it rains put it’s coat on.

How to look after a wide-eyed puppy?

Firstly, before you obtain your puppy you must emotionally prepare because if you do not your puppy will cry if you cry and then it will be almost impossible for you both to stop crying.

Next, buy a whole box-worth of toys these types of puppies need entertainment 24/7 and will not relax after that, they will keep bawling until you at least come and stroke them they need you.

Now, make a hanging palace, not outside as this is going to be its bedroom, it will need to be snuggled up with its toy otherwise it will not go to sleep.

Following on, to make the perfect dinner for your puppy you must go to your local store and buy wide-eye biscuits, made by the magical pet feeders.

Your dog needs a pampering area and needs a certain shampoo, dog fresh, made by The/Clean/ Dog/supplies.com.

Finally, when your pup is older they will need even more attention and especially more dog food from your local supplier.

How to look after a new-born unicorn?

How to look after a new-born unicorn?

Have you just got a unicorn? It will improve your helping skills? Are you ready to be it’s owner? Do not fear. Read the instructions and you will be able to take of a new-born unicorn.

What will you need?

You will need: a blanket, food (chocolate/cheesy chips) and water (or Pepsi), shade and  plenty of love.


What to do:

First you need to find the unicorn a bed, made from wool and pieces of hard wood so it won’t break.

Next, you will need to give it a soft blanket and place it in a shaded area- if it gets to hot it will get dizzy and may faint.

Then, make sure to play heavy metal music for your unicorn-it will enjoy the strong beat.

After that, make sure to feed your unicorn chocolate bars and cheesy chips on special occasions. If it is fed too much it will explode- you don’t want that happening.

Finally, make sure to allow your unicorn to run on the dunes- this will help him get stronger bones. If you have time you can always take him around the block too. To get your unicorn to sleep make sure to stroke it and sometimes they will require you to play the easy 80’s playlist.


Unicorns make wonderful pets but will have to be let free because they grow too big. If they like you they will come back and visit- fingers crossed.

How to look after a baby dragon…

How to look after a baby dragon…

Firstly, when you first get it make sure to bottle feed it because It’s most likely not going to be able to digest all the meat that older dragons eat. Then you must bath it once every day to make sure it stays healthy and clean. Later on in the evening, you need to take it to the forest on a lead to let it exercise and tire it’s self out. Also if you want to have a good bond with your dragon you need to cuddle it, play with it and surely look after it very well.

How to look after an elf.

How to look after a free house elf

Do you want to know how to look after an elf? To look after your elf you should find nice cosy clothes to put your elf in instead of wearing rags, but mainly put your elf in frog hoodies. Then you should feed them japan food and sweets that’s all they eat. After put on Harry Potter films to entertain the elf they are obsessed with it. Finally let it play a game of Fortnite or Minecraft but lastly take it to Mc Donald’s or Dunkin doughnuts then you have a kind happy house elf that will help you.