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wanted- Dragon Hunter

Are you currently seeking employment? Do you have the skills of a dragon hunter? If so, we need you! An awful disaster has struck in the highstreet of London. An enormous fire dragon has been eradicating the whole city. We have been looking for a profficent dragon hunter to end these problems. Many people have tried but unfortuantley failed. First, think about all the rewards you could earn. You would be renowned and crowned bravest person of all times. People would admire you and kids would be encouraged to act like you. We guarantee you a free breakfast for the whole of your life including anything from our 10000 choice menu. You will also have the first 50 best knights too help you deafeat the dragon. Dont miss this chance and apply now so you can live your dreams!

The snow-white dragon

The snow white dragon lives in the depth of Mount Everest. It comes out every single night to watch the stars. Each time a star goes missing, one person is attacked viciously by the hungry dragon. It is the size of a crocodile. The prize for catching this is a Wagu steak made by Gordon Ramsey and £10 million!

Dragon Job

Have you been searching high and low for a new career? Want to try a new direction in life? Why not apply and become a dragon slayer? All you need is:

-to be fierce

-have the determination to succeed

-be the bravest in the land

You will be rewarded with:

-the finest armour and equipment

-the opportunity to learn dragon skills

-a handful of precious, rare dragon scales that will make you indestructible.
Apply now!

Ace’s nightmer

Ace snuck out the house like a slippery snake, he try’s going to a friends house when a figure started chasing him Ace started speeding up the figure did to he ran faster than ever before he went into a alleyway so did the  mysterious  figure he could see its face…Ace reconized it strait away…

Dead town hall

Marina stared around the hall. Floating candles hovered in mid air dripping with deep crimson blooms. Cobwebs clung onto the wall. The air smelt stale. From an uncertain place came a noise. It sounded like someone was scraping a fork against a plate. The sound was deafening. She had no time to find out what it was. All she knew was that was not what she was looking for. But in the corner of dead town hall there was box; inside the was a pendant she was seeking.

The bug

John peered around the corner of the shed. He had the shock of his life. There was a beetle crawling out of the old rusty shed.It was very messy and dark but he didn’t care about that because he came to the shed to grab something for his uncle.His uncle was a mechanic and fixed cars.John heard something rattling in the shed.He waited behind a cardboard box and waited till the sound went away.And then he heard a low whisper from right behind him. It was a dark lurking shadow that leant across him.


Sally went in her bedroom, a bedroom that was pitch black, a bedroom with a nasty smell. She’s not been in her room for months since she was scared. scared of the unknown. She peeked at the black hairy spiders, many of them in every corner, cobwebs cuddling the chandeliers. She glanced at some cockroaches crawling on the ground. Should she enter the room or find another place for herself?